Wednesday, July 27, 2022

The rare find

 I noticed her because her top is just about one inch thick horizontally. It's a strip 1.5 inches thick barely enough to cover her areola. It's actually less than a strip because there is a big ring in the front center.

Her breasts are small, next to flat, but sexy as hell.

She was wearing a short, or two pieces of it, held together by strings on her tighs.

She is tallish at 5'6, has brown skin, nice legs, and is healthy all over.

Her hair is all wrapped up except for a piece of twisted string dangling down, rather stylish.

She wasn't topless but I bet she isn't an addict and she had no babies. Both will determine the shape of her breasts and nipples. But there's very little I haven't seen yet, so I went for it.

I couldn't figure out how to take her top off. It wasn't like a bra. So I just pull it down. Wow! But she wouldn't let me suck. So I was upsold. But still a bargain. She has some sort of reverse nipple so it's fun. I was very gentle sucking since she seemed to be not at ease. 

When I gradually increase my suction, she bounced. It's like jumping backward away from me, who is sitting on the bed, onto the wall at her back. So I gripped her harder between my legs and closed my arms on her butt. But when I exerted more force on my tongue she would bounce again. Since she wasn't blocking me I soldiered on. She bounced a few more times.

When I came in I noticed that the tacky motel room is a little different. Now I can see that there was a mirror as the headboard. By reflex action, I went for a doggie even though I am usually too lazy for it. Sometimes it's good to go for the bullseyes right away. And she felt better that way. With her face on the bed, ass high up, I pounded away.

I used her as a giant flashlight. I would squeeze her butt for a tighter experience. I would steer her ass for the angle of penetration and the area of my cock's stimulation. I was able to hold it until I couldn't, ending in a big explosion.

My phone is in the car so I asked her if she wanted my number. I saw her sort of entering it but I never get a message to confirm. And I doubt if she will come back.


 Another redhead. Her deep red color goes well with her pale skin. Another schoolgirl type, 20 or 21. Again I noticed her last year. She has smallish breasts that look good. Half of her face seems promising. She has a little baby fat so her body outline isn't as sharp as skinny girls. But she looks young.

She aims for higher volume but she sells videos too. It was a hotel. She always leaves the door open. 

She looks better than I thought. The little corner of her mouth makes the difference of a pretty girl and a supermodel. Her booker once flash her full face picture on the website for a while. It still excites me after I met her. But it must have been last year when she took it. 

She was business-like but actually friendly. She doesn't speak much. She didn't ask me for a rinse. So I got naked and sat down on the bed. She came at my cock.

Before that, I tried to kiss her. She ducked and got a little lip kiss. She kneeled down to blow. Her technique was like brushing her teeth. It was quite nice.

But in the middle of it she stopped. It seems that there's something wrong. I realized that it's the sting swap. I normally rinse first so there won't be any transfer. Otherwise, it's odorless and tasteless. I rinsed it quick and carried on.

Before I turned on the camera, she went into the bathroom to put on a mask. It took a while. I always thought it was some surgical mask on Tiktok. But she blew me away when she came out. It was a lacy masquerade mask tightly tied to her head. That's why it took so long. That turns a 7 into an 8, a 9 into a 10.

The main camera was facing the side of the bed with a full view. I also use my phone to inspect her on close up. When I was doing some important things, I asked her to hold the phone. She did it dutifully. In the end, the camera was on the wrong side of the lighting and the phone was rarely turned on or facing the right places. The 2nd time because I was in a rush, the camera battery died. And the phone was even less used because I didn't bother to ask her to hold it. There was little to show for. I actually ordered LED shooting lights and tripods. But they arrived too late. The third time I seemed to get it right.

Since she is more business-like, I concentrated on my own business. I sucked her like a hungry baby and then licked and nipple her like some desert. Went downtown. Then back door. 

Her starfish isn't as tight as Josephine but it's pinkish with more meat around. I just wouldn't let go.

She has some shaving problems. So if it's not smooth enough, she would wear long socks. Otherwise, it's a short sock. She always wear socks.

She let me shoot how I want it. So much fun that I ordered some LED and tripods. The way she does it I don't think she will last long. But then she turned up in another city. So I decided to catch up with her. It's a disaster. I mean it sincerely.

First, my car has no battery left. I drove a few miles to a slow charger. Then to a fast charger further away. I was way late when I'm done. I told the booker I will pay for the hour whether I get there on time or not. I will still get there to pay her no matter what. Soon after I entered the toll road that I rarely used, I got a ticket. There was traffic near the end. I would have a few minutes with her probably she could jerk me off. better than nothing. Her booker says she is fully booked and I took her word for it. It doesn't really matter if I offered to pay that particular hour.

But when I got there it's underground parking. When I got to the lift it was over for a few minutes. So the booker decided to skip me. But then he offered me to come back in 90 minutes. No problem. I can just watch something or blog. When I returned he offered me 30 min. Better than I thought.

She is easygoing, staying there napping when I finish. I would like some cuddling but the maid knocked the door.

The 3rd time I was all ready. But she seemed to be a different person. I think she skipped the eyeliners and lipsticks. She was in a good mood, smiling all the time. She didn't smile before. Just get it over with She even danced and strip teased in front of my phone camera.

Before that, I took full body pictures when she stopped me. While checking the rules, she told me it was video but not sure if pictures are allowed. Silly her.

Since she was a different person I tried to kiss her again. Absolutely no resistance. I let myself go and didn't stop kissing her. Usually, I go for spoon when there's no DFK. I am too lazy for doggie. This time I'm squarely on top pinning her down. In the middle of it I thought she said something that I was too rough. Actually, she was whispering, "harder!". And so I did but regretted it. I ended the session earlier than I would have liked.

This time I expect some serious cuddling. Before I made my move, she threw my arms open, dive into me, and held me tight. So I reciprocated, face to face, chest to chest. She didn't just want to cuddle. She wanted more. But I rarely deliver.


 I noticed her last year and she is 20 now. She is my type, a high school senior. I hesitated because somebody said she has a very nice body but is ghetto. Now she is the rare girl who put up a lot of photos including topless. It looks good at a medium resolution so I bite.

Many girls put up one or two when they started. Most girls stayed with 4 or 5. All non-topless. A few have more pictures including topless. Some have a paid photo album. And I'm talking about the group of girls who compete at the same level. Without further evidence, I will take that more free pictures mean better-looking girls.

Some are indiscriminate with too many irrelevant pictures that waste people's time. Do they have something to hide? Different angles are fine but on different occasions?

The most common practice is a few pictures including at least one with lingerie at some flattering angle. I would think that's the best they can look. Why no topless? Is there a non-competition clause so you can't show off too much so everybody get some business?

Some force you to buy pictures to get a good look. How interested are they in selling themselves? their pictures? The best have enough free pictures and sell you souvenirs with full nudes or more posts.

And why there are so many redheads? Are there new movies or TV with a popular redhead? Her deep red hair doesn't go too well with her skin, sunkissed.

The guy who said she is ghetto must have some vendetta against her. Her bare breasts overcame the color of her hair. She is thin, small waist, flat stomach. But her cups are relatively large but in good shape. Nippples check out. The areola looks a bit swelled in a good way. If she is not that young and her stomach is not that flat, I will believe she has/had a baby. Also, her ass is famously large and firm. All in a schoolgirl package.

BTW, I had sex with 4 girls in about a week by accident, the Father's day week. No, I don't have daughter fantasy or issues. I'm always in search of the fountain of youth when I'm getting older.

When I came in I triggered a split-second reaction in her face. I don't know if it's my expensive glasses or that I'm too old or too ugly, lol. Then she gave me towels and asked me to rinse in an almost uncomfortably high-pitched voice like a schoolgirl. So I don't see how she is ghetto. No piercing. No tattoos. Well-groomed. Pedicured but wouldn't let me see closely. Wore a sock the 2nd time. Talk to me politely like students to other parents.

Her facial features are thin like pencil marks on paper, thin lips, eyes, and eyebrows. It's rather delicate. Where's the ghettoness? It's also a good base to make over.

I DFKed her and it was well received. I tried more. She wouldn't use her tongue but otherwise deep. I kept on for a while but limited myself as she has a reputation as a dead fish. I wouldn't want her to push me away but I really don't care.

I caught her with a facial reaction for a split second when I changed my way of sucking. It was probably too long. But I love it.

Eating her pussy was well received. I put a finger into her but not allowed more. So I turned her over and try to penetrate the impenetrable with my tongue. I love it so much that I wouldn't let go. It was well received too. On the 2nd date she gave out a faint ahhh. That was lovely.

Then I let her blow. I never wanted a mind shattering blow because I will shatter everything else. When she is tired, she will also use spit and hand. That's as ghetto as it goes. I stopped her hand and went on top. There was a cowgirl first to warm her up.

In the end, I was making sure that if she is my girl. I was shaking her with my stick while kissing her. She didn't turn her head. She just received it until I cum. 

I took my shower and was ready to go. But she wouldn't let me. I know it's fast but not my record. So I stayed without getting too close to her. And she showed me her new car. That's probably because she saw my fast car. And she asked what I did earlier in the week. That's probably because I cum too little. The 2nd time she got closer almost face to face. My hand was on her body but still, I wasn't wrapping onto her. So I was napping with my eyes closed while she kept looking at me splitting my hair.

It was therapeutic like a massage. She kept on it for at least 10 minutes. She can't split my hair if she closes her eyes. I must be very easy on her eyes.

Feel like James Bond

Infractions are dropping out from my DMV record. The injury lawsuit that could claim my house is just gone. I have no credit card debt. I have spare money. I am even thinking about some long-term problems, like neighbors requesting me to tidy up the border areas, student loans, HOA fines, and reclaim the garage. Also, buy more cars. Already help my kid to get one. As we shall see, it will be a relaxing few months before the next storm.

Most girls I met are 19. We have historically a nice setup here. Bookers will recruit new girls to drive or fly here occasionally for a day or two. If you have to start, by the time you set up yourself in the normal way, if you know how, girls who come here would have earned tens of thousands and may not need the money anymore.

I prefer to go for girls at 19, physically sharper. If you look at side-by-side pictures, they may gain only a few pounds, but you can see the difference. Although they may be sexier with a little more meat, I prefer the sharper outline. Comparing the pictures that I took, a girl got bigger by one cup size in a year. It was smallish and ripe that will always take the chance. But now they are too ripe and I won't risk it if I see them. The shape and the hanging are different.

And of course the skin texture and the organs. It's hard to find the right shape with perky responsive nipples that are not pierced. The pussy swells a bit if you are not new. The starfish will be impenetrable. Of course, their face has to be very easy on the eyes. That's where I put my money.

I don't care what they do as long as they let me fuck and suck. Never get tired of it. If I do I will think of something. Breastfeeding and nipple stimulation is easy. They all let you DATY as long as you wish. Many will let you DATO as long as it's their ass. I can also suck toes if they have clean and lovely feet.

DFK is a different animal. This is how to get my heart and my money. Kissing me for 2 minutes at the start isn't enough. But I don't blame them for not doing it when it's on their menu. Many don't. When I became active again, I was losing confidence as half the girls don't.

Then came COVID. I quit the scene myself and saved up a lot of money. All the precautions I have it if you name it, box fan air purifier, UVC lamp, ozone generator, aqueous ozone generator. The whole family stayed in the house for a long long time because we can. There's no need to commute and no school. KF94 masks in a 4-day rotation. And discard after 3 or 4 times of use. It doesn't really cost that much when it's coming down from $2 a piece to less than $1. The protocols are still in place even though transmission via contact is unlikely. But it's a good idea to sanitize fruits and vegetables when there are so many outbreaks and recalls.

Now there are more girls in their 20's. There are fewer new talents so the girls can hang on longer. Many started in 2020, 2021.

Once I got the booster, I got itchy. And now even though the vaccines aren't that effective, the family never had symptoms so far. There were exposures at school or at work or the guest at dinner. We all test negative using the home kits.

The first two girls were a disaster. The 1st one was surprisingly good-looking. When I was getting on top of her, she told me "I don't like my feet touched." Kissing is not an option. Breastfeeding was at an awkward angle so I couldn't last long. I didn't remember much but fucked her hard and left.

The 2nd one was even worse. I came for her smallish breasts. I couldn't even see it. I'm not surprised that they didn't come back.

Then I retreat and look for more well-known beauties in their 20's. The difference is they are using their real age whereas some are well over 30 when they say 26.

I picked Kate because she showed off her natural breasts in pictures. A bit too big for my taste but they hang well and are rumored to be inverted. She doesn't disappoint. She is tall at 5'7, and model-looking. She is very easy on the eyes but I can't tell you any features. Just pretty. She does a lot of things that's why people are crazy for her. I tried hard not to kiss her too much on the 1st date and less hard for the 2nd. But in the end, I hold her head still to prevent teeth from crashing, put my tongue in her and vacuum away, while my cock was working fiercisely for the finish.

She saw through me. On the 2nd date, she did the reverse cowgirl and gave me lube. So I message her ass and penetrate her with my thumb.  She would be open to anal but I didn't prepare to spend more and I was already more than satisfied. I would love to focus on her but she has a funny schedule. She would advertise at 8:30 am. It's OK by me but if I got through my rituals and drive there, if she is still available it will be about her last session at about noon. And she is very popular. And she hinted that she may not be back after June.

Sally is people's choice number 1. Her curves are more exaggerated than models and she is shorter at 5'4. I didn't find her that gorgeous because she always put on a robe and then slip it off before we start. But I feel the difference when I held her for the spoon. She is well groomed. Her breasts are firm and her ass is tight.

There's an aura of refinement around her. Maybe she makes some effort to speak elegantly, slow, and with few words. But I don't exactly remember why I booked her again. She doesn't kiss. The area around the nipples is dark as if there's something wrong. I couldn't rim her. Not even able to turn her over to admire her ass. But she makes me happy, unlike some other hustlers.

So I was like meeting full-size bond girls, having great sex, and saying goodbye. Mission accomplished.

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

College Visitors

Two college girls wanted to visit me. Not what you think. Family connections. But why? Maybe they are mother's girls and her mother trusts us rather than hotels. They don't seem to be poor wanting to save on hotels. And they are so sure they will be welcomed by anybody. 

They did look at us in a special way when we first met. We still got it at our ages. So much so Mrs Player credited herself for my outfit mostly from Alibaba except for the old jacket. One already visited briefly our house.

Maybe they wanted to see us at hour habitat. I heard they are surprised by the safety ranking of our city and all the neighboring cities. Small cities are rarely counted but when they do they all go on top. Maybe they wanted to see where everybody lives in million-dollar houses. Maybe their home isn't any cheaper but a lot smaller.

When they saw my fast car outside the house I think they may have an orgasm or at least a fantasy about dad bods, lol. I had a heart attack when they walk in wearing barely anything. It was two of the most pretty ones. The tall one is like the Chinese thin models on Tiktok, often showing her legs and wearing body-hugging dresses on all occasions. And she does it naturally. I tried to avoid looking at her. When I do I can see that her face isn't perfect. Maybe that's why she hasn't got a boyfriend yet, I think. Not good enough for her.

The other one is always casual clothes covering up but obviously, she doesn't bother because her face is very pretty. When I see her in swimsuits, I think she is too good to have just a boyfriend. I think they are still waiting instead of double dating after graduation.

What am I supposed to do?  Stealing used underwear? Lucky, I have a very satisfying sex life. More so recently. So I have no time for them. I've been fucking girls just like that, but in separate bodies, lol.

And they asked how we ended up starting a family here. Fascinating.

Saturday, June 18, 2022

A very dark day

 I first got Valentine at 10 pm. I was very happy. But when I drove into the hotel parking lot, one gate was open. I thought I got a freebie. But when I got out, I realized the mistake. Basically, I'm as good as losing my ticket. I have to pay the max rate which is $28. I just paid it as I was happy and I wanted to get home quick.

She came out to work again after a day's rest. It was a bit sudden. I would have to do it Mon, Wed, Fri. I was worried about my performance. I decided against it. But she said she would work Sat too.

I had morning wood when I woke up. How convenient. So I sent her a message saying that I will have her when she starts the day.  I was thinking she slept late so she would be waking up and see me first. 

She would be ready at noon. She probably had some overflow bookings the day before. But she couldn't have seen a lot before noon.

So I prepared for the over an hour drive. I have a hunch she won't be back for a while after working the whole week. I didn't want to wait that long.

So far so great. If not for the morning wood, I would not have booked her. I didn't charge the camera battery. I struggled to find the charger, in the garage full of things like I just moved in with zero organization. Everything seems to be that I have seen it somewhere before but not where I expected. Luckily I found it. But then the plug is foreign. I think I threw away the adaptor not long ago. After trying to find an adaptor, I decided to cut off and swap the plug. Obviously, the charge isn't full when I had to go. I should have charged the half-full battery instead of the completely dead battery. So I decided to bring the whole thing and charge it in the hotel if the need arises.

The big mistake was that I had only 20 miles of range left on the car battery. I never thought of that when I changed my mind this morning. That was last night. It's like 14 miles this morning. It's very tight to go the supercharger on the way and there will be a long wait there on Sat. So I went to a slow charger 8 miles 18 minutes away.  Then I charged like 5 to 10 minutes to get enough charge to get to a fast charger in the opposite direction 10 miles away. It shouldn't need much time to charge to 80 miles that I need for the trip with enough spare.  But I over-relaxed like I always do on charging stations. I got to 120 miles wasting some time.

I told Valentine that I will be late. And that I will be leaving on time and pay in full, diplomatically. She asked me how late. I said 20 min but probably 30. Then I thought that she may be trying to slip another client in. I gave her options to add another half hour, or cancel me if you have other bookings. She explained to me that she is fully booked and the options won't work.

Also, I ordered a pair of bright, portable, studio lights with floor-standing tripods just for her. But it will arrive a day late. 

Now the race starts. I got into a toll road that I don't use that often. I was speeding up, getting to the fast lane. Then I saw a patrol car. I thought I braked fast enough but I saw the cops start their car. Then they pulled me over. A ticket.

They must be using radars. I haven't gotten a ticket this way for years! If it's that easy why don't they use it more often? And if I know that they still use radar, new or old tech, I could have brought a radar detector.

Money isn't really all of the problems. I don't want my driving record to look too bad. The current problem is that I will be terribly late if you can call that. 

I told Valentine that I will be able to make it before the end of my session to pay her in full. She sent me emoji's saying oh no, we have only a few minutes! But I think she was laughing.

I was hoping I still have 5 minutes, or she would give me five minutes to get off. For some reason, I'm horny all the way thinking about her.

But first, I had to get the money. The charging was the priority at the beginning; there's no other things more important. There's a gas station across the intersection. I got the money in one withdrawal instead of 3 in some other gas station ATMs previously, charging me 3 times as much and wasting 3 times the time.

When I crossed to the hotel entrance, the visitor parking is at the back of the block. It's underground. It's big. I couldn't park too close to the entrance; that's for valets. So I rushed with my camera to the escalator and texted Valentine, what do I do?

Unfortunately, it's 4 min past my session end time. She said her next client called her and he's now going up. But I could come back one and a half-hour later. If I can't, it sucks to be me. Of course, I'll wait. I could have written a story wasting 2 hours. I prepared for the worst; she could open a slit at the door and demand the money. I don't even have 5 min to jerk off. My main worry is my promise of paying in full - one hour plus video. I will honor that even if I never see her again. But I want to see her again.

I also had hope because she seemed to be leaving at 3 pm. It's odd but that's how she set up her bookings. I may have some time with her rather than just paying her for nothing.

I started relaxing. Very relaxed, very excited the whole morning. First, I had an important letter to mail. The post office is nearby. But the parking is impossible. There's road closure for some events. I had to park in some parking structure and walk to the post office. But then I found a meter on the side of the street; one vacant out of hundreds. Then I figured out that I had to install an app, complete the two-step verification, and enter all details of my credit card to pay 41 cents.

After all that, I had an emergency. The raw fish that I ate yesterday started talking to me. I had to give up 41 cents immediately to find a toilet. The guy in the first gas station told me that the bathroom is out of service. I had a $5 bill in hand but he surprised me. I  pointed to the bathroom to say I am going there. I didn't see any sign. Maybe he wanted to get rid of me because it's for customers only. If I didn't see the bathroom first I would have asked him with the bill in hand. It's a bit awkward for both of us if I try to bride him now.

Then I go to the next gas station on the map. Fuck. The right turn is closed or it's one-way anyway. I looped back but can't find the way. I started the map again and found one. I asked the woman and she pointed to the bathroom. What a relief. The bathroom is tolerable. Unfortunately, my pants got dirty. I wiped it with tissue paper and got on my way. I don't usually get that bad. But I had diarrhea a few days ago for two days non-stop. I don't feel bad but it just doesn't stop for 2 days. I picked up a can of code and left $5 on the table walking away. I should have let the woman scan the can.

I got back to the hotel 7 minutes before 2:30pm. I would love to arrive earlier in case her client leaves early, before the next one comes up. I texted her but now I don't have a cell signal. It happened that the signals are very different for the parking spaces. I moved and got a signal without going outside. But then I decided to go up to the lobby for a sure signal. 

That's when she texted me that she needed 15 minutes. Why she needs 15 minutes when she could have opened a slit at the door and got the full payment? That's when she told me I have 30 minutes. A lot better than 5 minutes that I hoped for. And indeed she is leaving at 3 pm.

When I saw her it was anti-climax. She didn't seem to know what happened. OK, usually I would have been talking to the booker all the time. But it's unprofessional to use heart emojis to fool me! Fuck you! I still have time to setup the camera. She only knew that I was given 30 minutes, and that she checked if I was paying for the video too before I brought out the camera. I did pay in full.

I did a quick rinse for the dirt and decided to leave my underpants there forever. Why I didn't think about that earlier?

BTW, she wore a cute little lacy black sock to match her mask, rather than the knee-length white lingerie socks last time.

I did about the same things last time but fewer and quicker. I finished with time to spare. When the maid knocked I packed my things and left after tipping her some more. She had a positive reaction then. 

Then I got a space right before the dropbox in front of the post office. It should have been a space for mailing letters. But someone parked on it when I came earlier.

Then  I charged the car. It didn't take long to get 100 miles to go back home. Any more will cost twice as much at the time instead of the low night rate.

I start to return home when the traffic is heavy. Sad. So I have all the time to think about the ticket, the fine, my driving record, all the things I didn't have time to do to her, wasting the whole day and a lot of money. But I am happy to see her instead of going home empty-handed. I had decent sperm donation in the condom too. Not bad for 3 days a week.

Valentine is so cute but lacks character so far. Even the reserved madam will wish me to get my phone back. My favorite is just so GFE. Talks but not too much. Do a lot of things. Her pictures look so much better and her natural girls are growing on me even though they are too big for my taste. The problem is that she is a bit elusive. She advertises early in the morning and works until lunch. If I book her after I finish my rituals, I will be her last client of the day. It's a terrible thought when she is fully booked.

But then I am sure I was Valentine's last client twice in a roll now.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Without love making, you and me are just flowing ants

 Last week, it was time to do it. There's not much of a selection so I waited until the next Monday. The star attraction came up at the right time so I hit her.

She wasn't my type but I ran into her before just like this occasion. But I feel the difference holding her in the spoon position. She doesn't do much. No DFK and doesn't like me to pay attention to her behind. She doesn't talk much. But I like the refinement. When I seemed to lose my phone, she would say I hope you find your phone after I was done. And that was it. I felt she cared, lol, as a client. I did perform well.

For some reason, I wanted more. One is the usual, that after you whetted your appetite, you want to eat more and more. The other is the med that is still in the system. A bigger cock.

I could have done it the next day if something right came up. But I could afford to be picky since I already had the appetizer. Then my Valentine came up. My only reservation is that I may draw blank since I had only a day's rest. 

She was new perhaps last year. She seems to be a Scottish redhead with pale skin. She seems to have a little baby fat and is heavier than a spinner. But I love her breasts. It's rare that girls bare them in pictures. Those who showed it are too big for my taste even if natural. And all the piercings and tattoos. Her pictures aren't high resolution so I can zoom in on her nipples. But I can bet on that.

The other reservation is her strange pricing and a long no list. She is about half the price of the star attraction. But she does video. That's a no-brainer. There's something to show for it - I'm not just a flowing ant.

I always hate the Hyatt near Disney. The many times I went in and out of it, it seems to be a near 5 star hotel. The entrance is huge and paved with fancy stones. It's big inside with a big parking lot outside. I hate it because of the bigness of it. 

It's a long way from the parking lot across the ballrooms to the lobby and to the elevators.  Once I wore a beach flip-flop and it took forever. And unfortunately, I gave the girl the wrong stack of cash. She discovered it when I left. I got her message only when I returned to my car. So I had to walk all over again to her room and back to my car. It took so long that she threatened me for scamming her.

Somehow she was hard to book. My turn was in the late evenings so I had time to search for the floor plan of Hyatt. Then I discovered that there is a possible shortcut to the lifts without going through the lobby. And I was right. Now I love it. I can wear anything at any time.

Unfortunately, the parking lot is full at this time. I had to park on the far side of the lot. I got straight to the lifts but there is a long line spreading into the lobby. There was a short wait but I didn't have my mask on for the full lifts.

I know people love Disney hotels and those near the other theme park. You can wear anything and lost in the crowd any time in the day, have visitors any time in the day. But it feels a little cheap. I always think this is like a 4 to 5 star hotel. I always park near the ballroom entrance during the day. And it's very quiet in the daytime too. But at night it's very different.

When I met her it was a pleasant surprise. Now I realized that she is the same type as my own porn star, Lane. A rag doll with a delicate body. New, naive, but rough and ready.

I was thinking she would greet me in Valentine's lingerie. And that I would have to check her bare breasts before putting up the video money. But she was naked so I had no worries. 

She left the door open. When I got in she was still in the bathroom probably shaving. Maybe redheads have a lot of leg hair. That reminds me of girls, "Oh, someone booked me! Shaving time." Or, "Oh, I got a VIP session. I need to shave!" But it wouldn't work. Maybe hairy legs are sexier. Having silky legs is a long process and you need the effort to keep it up. 

Some girls piggyback on other's hotel rooms. That's how they started without a lot of bookings. That's how I met Lane. But when she had enough client to be on her own, she discovered that without a credit card she couldn't get a room. So I had to go with her to the front desk to pay and sign something. On rare occasions, I do pay for motel rooms and leave them to my trusted girls. But I don't worry about bad things that could happen on big hotels. I just wanted to finish and disappear. I never saw her after that. I got my videos of several sessions. Her face isn't pretty enough to be my ATF. Her teen body is perfect. Immortal in my videos.

I was surprised at how unprepared or how unrefined she was. She wasn't new. Maybe she wasn't fully booked after all. She had to ask if the room was available before taking my appointment.

Once I saw her breasts, we were talking about camera positions. She wasn't worried about it but insisted on wearing a mask that she put on the classified. I wasn't worried about that; I worry about it coming off, limiting our movements and actions. How do we even kiss?

But we already kissed when I came in since she was naked. She wasn't into it so there's no problem. Before I could start my cameras, she went into the bathroom for minutes again for the mask. Why?

I was flabergasted when she came out. I was thinking about surgical masks as in TikTok. She came out with the cheapest but sexiest Venetian Masquerade mask.

Her pictures in the classified are all hers, at most a year old, probably current. She looks a lot cuter in person without mask on. She looks smaller, a lot more like a schoolgirl without the baby fat.

I was sitting at the end of the bed so she couldn't go anywhere when she got out of the bathroom. I grabbed her and sucked away while she was standing. I took my time. But when I finished her left and then her right, I couldn't go back to the left when she pulled out.

She made up for it when she suddenly kneeled down giving me a blowjob. It wasn't a blowjob. She was brushing her teeth with a thick toothbrush. That was when I remembered to turn on my phone camera for closeups. The stimulation and the visual part of it went off the charts. I could come just like that. But I had too many things still to do on camera.

That's when she discovered the bee sting med on my cock. She asked me about it but I blamed it on hand sanitizers getting onto it when I stimulated myself. She did see me holding my cock when she came out of the bathroom. I always rinse my cock before BBBJ. But I also checked that there is no strange smell and taste (possibly) if I don't. On this occasion, we all know that we don't have any clean towels. So I skipped that. This time, I had to go into the shower and washed it thoroughly before coming out for more toothbrushing. She did it like robotic clockwork.

I lifted her up and put her sitting on the bed. It was my turn to kneel down and lick her pussy. I can go on and on with a teen pussy, or the feeling of it. I licked her thighs too. But she refused to take off her knee-length sock. It must be the incomplete shaving. I didn't mind because it was like part of some lingerie.

Then I flipped her to lie flat on the bed. I licked her butt, her ass and her tights. And her back too. I just love redheads with delicate skin. She just laid there, perfect. She took care to hold the phone camera when I was eating her pussy. But I didn't have enough hands to hold the camera when I was licking her ass. When I was done, got up, saw her lovely ass again at some distance, I dived down again for a lot more.

It happened that I was standing at the end of the bed. She moved forward so I could fuck her standing. She seemed to be afraid of thick cocks. I kept asking myself, "she isn't new, is she?". It would be perfect if she kisses. But she gave it all, wide legging spreading without any possibility of a defensive move. 

I signaled her to turn over. She thought it was a doggy and I entered as such. But very soon I was flat ironing her on a thick pillow. Perfect again. It was slightly uncomfortable because of the high pillow. But the full cock contact was super. I still came a lot, not bad as I did the day before yesterday.

I laid flat on the bed to recover. She went to sleep. I could hear her breath. She didn't move a bit until after I rinsed and dressed. I will certainly go back for her. She has the face, the body, and the price range to be my new ATF. But I have a hunch that girls like her will come and go quickly. A year seems to be about right.

Monday, June 13, 2022

A story for the chronicles

 Last time I forget that my ATM card was frozen. It's about the worse thing that I have to tell the booker that I have no cash. I did get cash when the bank opens, the same time as my appointment. But the booker abandoned me at the last moment. I wish he did earlier. No complaint.

So this time all my mind was on the cash and my wallet and which ATM to get to.

I forget my phone when I got there! That's about the 2nd worst thing. I cannot commit the worst two offenses in the lastest two appointments. And just disappear and call the booker half an hour later to explain.

Lucky, it's a private apartment. Same building. Same room. I couldn't remember which room.

The problem is, many ladies and bookers had been operating that way for years - Koreans, Chinese, any other nationalities, and any setups.

I was lucky to remember the building. I'm sure I've been to a few at least. They all looked familiar. They are exactly the same in a big complex with different numbers.

So I walked around on the 3rd floor to remember which room. 3rd is the top so I can't forget.

The first few rooms are not. Our apartments are always well hidden with the least foot traffic. Either it has some odd decorations or minimal. It may be at a bad corner or next to the lift or utility room so rent is cheaper. There's no lift. 

I remember an apartment on its own on a short corridor with the door deeply recessed into the walls. But there's no such apartment in this building.

One apartment has only the matt on the outside. I may have picked it if it says welcome. But it says something else that is not special. But I think it's too customized.

There is an apartment with two small fake Christmas trees. They are not supposed to be Christmas trees because it's very slim to be able to put on two sides of the entrance. This could be it but there's another apartment with one Christmas tree.

One apartment seems to be tugged aside where nobody cared. But thee's not even a doorbell button. One apartment has a ring camera.

By the process of elimination, the most likely one is the two Christmas tree one, with a plain doorbell, by the corner, with a doormat saying something like, yah! you found it.

I stand back a little by the door, tidy up my hair and expensive aviator glasses, ready to press the bell. I won't be surprised if the door opens. Once a teen girl opened the door while she was home alone. She opened it as the most natural thing to do. No alarm. No hesitation. I mixed up the room number.

The door did open. That doesn't mean I was right. But the person was hiding behind the door. That is what I need to see that I'm right. They always do that, not wanting neighbors or nosy persons to see who they are and what they are wearing.

So I just walked in confidently. I was surprised that my girl shrank a lot. The teen hiding behind the door was totally naked and felt at ease being naked in front of me. Honestly, I didn't know what I was thinking. "Sasha?", I asked her. Maybe they are doing a bait and switch today. Honestly, I won't be surprised as Sasha is supposed to be very hard to book. She has been pulling her classified after an hour or two putting them up.

Honestly, I prefer this small girl, a teen with small natural tits when everything checks out totally naked. I was hoping she says yes and hoping that she is actually Sasha. But then she realized the mistake and I told her I dropped my phone. She didn't tell me what to do. She knocked Sasha's room while I walked into the living room trying to be unseen. But then the other gentleman arrived knocking at the door. I was trying to hide in the corner of the living room.

I heard she apologized to Sasha, who told her it wasn't her fault. Meanwhile, she walked totally naked around the house. I heard that Sasha is lake the madam. The apartment was her lease to make big money.

I was thinking that they were doing some sort of VIP club for high-value clients. But then it wasn't. The other girl put up her classified half an hour later so I didn't notice that two ladies were working at the time.

As for Sasha, she is mid twenties in her prime. Normally for escorts, she may be too old to compete with the teens. But Sasha has nicer skin and a nicer body. She seems to be more refined if she has time to prepare. I felt the difference when I was holding her for a spoon. She doesn't even DFK so there's no point to mission her. Her boobs are big and hang well. There's something wrong with the nipples but they don't turn me off.

For sasha, I need someone with an attractive face and attractive body to lick and suck and fuck. She satisfies all that and with a nice BBBJ to get me hard.

Where are they now?

 Caroline the teen model put herself on the market again after a few years. Sad. She now claims to be 35.

I met her when she was about 30. Little did I know she has a borderline eating disorder. Her breast is small and natural. She has legs. She knows how to make over and act a little. And so she looked like a teen model in a bikini. 

But seeing her for a while, she is pretty but her nose is a bit odd. Maybe just a little too big or possibly a bad nose job. Her short hair looks good if she styles my way. But her hair may be too damaged. To look good she has to kill it some more. Now she shaved her hair recently. This is the 2nd person ever I have seen being an escort with completely shaved.

Seeing her on the social media account that she gave me, she is too punk for my taste when she wasn't escorting. She sometimes puts on her trendy nose ring. Sometimes she got freebies for hair and makeover for photo shooting but it's very away from a delicate teen model.

She could still make herself pretty but her house seems to be belonging to a bag lady. She has some space and a bookshelf too. But her makeup desk is the tiniest in a dark corner full of junk. Her multiple plastic sheet closets everywhere and in the kitchen to store all her clothes for all possible occasions. A stack of 20 scarfs hanging on the bathroom rod.

Things were looking when she had a new boyfriend that is her classmate in kindergarten or elementary school. There seemed to be ups and downs but she met her parents and even went on a foreign vacation.

It saddens me that she came out to escort again at 35 with a completely shaved head.


Chanel 2 retired, claimed to be married, and disappeared from social media. It's a bit sudden when she always says network is more important than net worth. When she was outed, she would hide the account as private a bit and then come back. She cannot abandon her followers. I also know that she doesn't have a boyfriend long enough for that. Her situation is a big challenge for any boyfriend. Without knowing that it will work long-term, just finding a guy to marry seems to be risky.

Chanel is different. We had gone through so many ups and downs for years. If it dawned on me that I wanted to marry her and I am available, that will work. I only know at the time it will be painful without her.

She showed people half a million-dollar cash to deposit into her bank. She has admirers and haters. It's terrible if someone outed her casually but with so many haters. Rich daddies aren't going to pay big bucks to see her when she sees everybody for a few hundred.

When her buddy retired, she told me she should be also looking at exit strategies. She once played cam girl on --- Paypal! She streamed on IG and ask her follower to tip her on paypal.

Her last thing on her IG, and the only thing left, is a link to a porn video that was deleted. 

She was never outstanding with beauty. She is flat and tall enough to be a model. She isn't that sexy. But if you want to outdo other girls on a yacht, ask her to come in full gear. Most girls will be disasters putting on expensive labels all over.


Daisy the school girl never liked herself since she was a child. She is a loner too. Maybe a big poor family with lots of siblings. She got out of it through escorting. But she never liked her face and her body. That explains her heavy makeup whenever I saw her.

Once she has the money, she went for a nose job and a boob job and perhaps something else. That perfect school girl was gone. Even before the boob job, her body turned into a stripper while I wasn't noticing. She is hot now but I never liked her makeup, nor Chanel 2 did.

Once I PM her try to tell her who I am. She blocked me but did not delete me. I deleted myself to avoid being a nuisance again. But you know, one day she appeared on my suggestion list. I couldn't resist following her again. The strange thing is, her makeup changed slowly. She feels like the girl in Roger Rabbit. I actually like her face in some of her pictures.

And she seems to be doing fine.

Wednesday, March 02, 2022

The new era 2

 Not so fast. Just when I think I can throw out a lot of stuff in the garage, I found the box of music cassette tapes!

Do you know what is cassette tapes? How sentimental. I recorded two after being rejected by my first crush. She was in my mind for years and so are the two tapes, with me for many lonely lights. She wasn't on my mind since a long time ago. I can take a picture of them, trash them, and move on. 

One was made for me by a friend who happened to be her brother. BMFs don't try to be nice to each other but he did that when I visited home from far away. I appreciated that because I sort of miss the culture back home. If I throw it away I will probably forget all about it, even if I take a picture. I lost touch with my old friends and I don't expect to have reunions. We'll be busy with our grandkids anyway. But I won't have the same feeling that I have when I discovered something long forgotten in the garage.

There are tapes from Mrs Player. I'll keep that. It was her who doesn't like to listen to those classics again, now that everything is streamable on the internet.

There are some commercial tapes from my idols, who were long dead! Maybe they are worth something. People make money by organizing concerts for 10 year anniversary after their death. I have no problem trashing them. They live on the internet and their voice is better than the cover on their tapes.

Mrs Player also has an old high school diary and yearbook messages. I wouldn't have that sort of thing on paper. I have the internet and multiple identities.

Old maps. I threw them away without thinking. We don't need them ever again when we have mobile phones. But then when you are holding the piece of paper, you can almost time travel back in time, in space, back to the spot where you were. Happy times. Happy place. But since we have pictures and videos while we were traveling, they can go to the trash after taking pictures.

The problem is the box of video cassette tapes! I had been preparing for ages to convert them. I never had the mood to. I was fussy about what coding is best, what medium to use. But now I will be happy if the machine I kept still works and the tapes still work. If you can find people to convert it, it will be expensive and risky. But the NTSC and PAL standards are still alive because it's very simple for cameras to output a signal and two power wires instead of a digital bus.

Wow, the collection of jewelry and watch catalogs. The best money can buy. Mrs Player got them in person. Together with exotic vacation catalogs. Those things that you can find on the coffee table of a premium resort hotel.

If you decorate your home with wall of books, those will be what Mrs Player put up, lol. When I retreated from my workplace, I need spaces fast to put my things from the office. Those are the obvious things to go. But she was very reluctant. I had to hide them gradually but kept them in case she went crazy.

Books. A lot are hers. I kept her postgraduate textbooks in case she needed them later. But she is more inclined to read management for dummies. I also don't need my books. But some are obscure publications with my name hidden somewhere inside. The internet has records of everything but not all those. And the internet memory is limited when everybody forgets about it. I thought it would be easier to tell my kids and grandkids what I did. Maybe.

I also rediscovered my thesis together with the floppy disks of the word processor. I had been looking for those many years ago to archive it. Now in theory the disks might just work.

Tuesday, March 01, 2022

Still got it

 There was an occasion and Mrs Player showed herself off and dressed me up as well. But my usual outfits for the occasion were gone or didn't fit anymore. So I picked a jacket after trying several; out of many, Mrs Player picked the top and pants that I brought and shipped from China for cheap. She said that they aren't bad if you cover the labels, pockets, and some design details.

The reception was great. I wouldn't know but Mrs Player was pleased and claimed credit, even though I brought them myself.

Watching a movie, I remembered how sought-after I was. I matched all the checklists. Parents wanted to introduce their daughter to me. I picked Mrs Player. She was cute. I came 3 times once. I had no idea that she wasn't that interested in sex and chose early retirement, lol.

But I wonder if looking for true love is that great. Some lyrics you know are obviously written by females, crying all night, need a lifetime to heal.

In the assassin movie, the old getaway driver has a regular, a paid lover. She is GFE but he doesn't do much. If he does he may have trouble breathing. Once he took some stimulants; he almost died in bed and ended up in the hospital. 

He asked her to marry him but she rejected him, telling him to find somebody more mature, lol. When she announced that she is going to retire soon and get married, he was angry. She tried to comfort him; he said his last lover told him the same things. He left but returned days later to offer some cash for a wedding gift.

There is this angelic college girl that I noticed since last year. Unforgettable. While others may wear jeans or very casual outfits, she wears a body-hugging dress showing off her legs. And she feels at ease. Her body is like one of the stick figures in TikTok that I don't really fancy. But in the flesh, she is my ideal body type. But being with her all day face to face, I noticed that her face isn't as ideal as I thought. Like her elder sister about the same age has a more movie-star looking face with only casual makeup if any. But she is obviously bulkier. She may have a killer body in a bikini but I like her little sister more.

In their eyes, we are apparently somebody to look up to.  We still get the looks. Great kids. A moderate big house that their generation can only dream of, in a neighborhood that money cannot buy. There are few places in the nation like that.