Thursday, February 20, 2020

In the process of homemaking porn, I came across a cute pornstar. I know in Japan it's like the girls apply online, agree with the compensation and the work, and then go to the studio on their own for a couple of hours and that's the end of it.

There will be enough porn for two movies or more, I guess. If the response is good the studio may call them again to make more. The studio may be a guy with a camera in an apartment.

So the typical casting at the beginning is for the girl to introduce herself not only to the audience but to the crew as well. They probably never met.

I saw something interesting at the end of the movie. The director walked the cute girl to the underground station to take the train home. And she said goodbye to the director on camera and of course to the audience.

This is somewhat how I feel about my girls. Despite what they do, I don't feel that they are different once outside of the bedroom. I can take them dinner or shopping just like any girls. And I do care about them as acquaintances or friends.

And that's how I feel as captured at the end of the movie. They have been through a lot; every girl has a story. We got really really close and very intimate if only for an hour or two, maybe a few more times. I value the good times they bring but when we wave goodbye, we know probably we will never see each other again. We can hope. And I hope they go on to bigger things or comfortable life.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

The Ginger Ride

This is the first video I shot with Miss Yolo, or Linsey. Perhaps the best. She is so natural. It's like I'll have sex with you, I'll make you happy, buy me dinner.

I must confess in the process of rediscovering her videos I went off to masturbate. I could have called someone but why? There's nobody else like her. I could save some money. And if I'm not satisfied there's always tomorrow. And in the process of editing this video, I almost went off to masturbate again. Good times.

YOLO is her moto. I think that's why she sells herself in the first place. She often wants to talk me into doing something that I'm not interested in, just for the sake of "done that". I think that's her client did. If it's not difficult or dangerous, she will do it if the money is good.

I have to marvel at modern technology. I made a lot of video in the DV days! Anybody remembered? The cams were already handheld but they were huge monsters compared to a piece of thin metal. You don't even notice the difference because now the video is always focused, always stabilized and in 4K if you want to. I remembered I had to bring 100W bulbs into hotels to enhance the video and switched to power-efficient CF bulbs so as not to fry up the lamp. Some of the bulbs are still around in the garage! Now you can get good quality at night.

On the other side of the coin, you need the top of the range PCs to edit and recode the video so you don't need to wait forever for the whole DV tape! Now even the cheapest Chromebook can do the job if you put Linux in it. Of course, nobody still shoots clips an hour-long or more.

On the software side, I remember it was a good reason to upgrade Windows when Movie Maker came out. But there was only one freeware that can do multi-tracks and obscuring moving faces. It was very difficult to use with no support and no updates. But I hang on to it as there was no alternative.

Now you can run everything fast and free even on Chromebooks. It was so easy to obscure the things that you don't want others to see.

And not long ago no free editors can handle vertical videos well. Now it's mandatory. Any editors and players and websites that can't handle it are out.

Now I hope the WebM standard is universally accepted so you don't worry about the codecs and formats. There should be no royalties that all machines and websites can handle the one standard at the very least.

The Ginger Ride

Out of prison

I don't remember why exactly I picked Miss Yolo, most likely for her boobs picture. Although I'm not a breast man, outstanding pairs always get my attention. But you have to be careful to see if all the rest fit in and that if she delivers.

I know she is an also-run when I got a last-minute appointment. I found out later that she didn't even have a credit card to get a room all for herself. How old can she be? How experience can she be? But what got me going was that video was on her menu. If only her pictures are accurate ...

It was a pleasant surprise when I met her. She was a cute rag doll without trying. Her hair was messy but it was even reddish. She made it poorly into two ponytails if I remembered correctly.

She was wearing something like from the thrift store that I had no recollection of, very well fitted a rag doll. Her face isn't attractive even if you have a great imagination. You won't be proud of her as your girlfriend; indeed she confessed that nobody wants her in highschool.

But if I can pick her for sex I can do it every day. She was young, fresh, in good shape without workout, nice skin, and big natural boobs that looked great. Her pictures checked out and more.

She was unenthusiastic when we first met. She knew she wasn't anybody's first choice it was just a quickie to satisfy my last-minute desire. She knew she wasn't like the other girls, polished models or tiny skinny schoolgirls. But she delivered anyway. I liked her attitude. I had no doubt that she would deliver what she promised. I left happy and hopeful for the future.

Soon I booked her for the full video package. I didn't bargain but asked her to throw in anal. That's the sort of money she couldn't refuse and she happily accepted. The rest is history. I saw her once just to discuss what she would do in this video shoot. She was trying her best on her makeup and was quite disappointed when I wasn't going to shoot.

I brought everything she wore. Only the skirt was from a sex shop. All the rest were the real thing that I mixed and matched. The best is the elastic top that I handpicked because I was never satisfied with the sex shop ones. It's similar but rarely anybody can fit the sex shop ones well. This top looked great on her, or rather her boobs. Her boobs are big and natural. It's already elastic fit and you can tie it up as tight as you can at the front. You will see it.

White panties and white socks, aren't they pretty and cute? Other than playing with her top and boobs all together, I also instructed her to pull off her panties, but only halfway. You can see a glimpse of it because I was too busy enjoying myself and forgot to video it properly. I like to leave the panty halfway there, enjoying her with my nose, lips, mouth, tongue and face, until I was fully erect. How often did I have the chance to do that?

Now about the shoes. Once I saw a schoolgirl wearing that and I couldn't lift my head. If I were a player then I would have booked something like that immediately, or anybody for that matter. I'm not that picky. I always liked to revive that experience but few women wear those shoes. Also, I had to choose between her toes and a pair of cute socks. I picked the latter just to be certain. Honestly, I never noticed her toes because of her boobs perhaps. And once she asked me not to take off her socks while having sex. I don't think they are bad looking; they were just not well-trimmed perhaps.

By the way, the other time I couldn't lift my head was in the zoo. A schoolgirl type was wearing a slipper in front of me in the line. She wasn't any blue-eyed blonde with long legs. It was just her feet and toes on slippers. I was so reassured that it wasn't just me looking at this girl in the zoo like a pedophile.  The zoo cashier chatted her up right in front of me.

She liked the outfit so much that she asked if she could keep it. I was all satisfied so I thought I wouldn't be seeing her any time soon if ever. If I were going to see her next week I would keep everything to make sure that no one else can use it. And that she couldn't forget to bring them back. I would clean them thoroughly and made sure they were in good condition for filming.

If I gifted it to her, of course, she would show them off to the next client. I would be jealous but I am also generous. Why not help her out? You may not know but it's a lot of work. I had to slave over Amazon and eBay for hours for the mix and match. When you picked something you may totally change your mind the next day. Then it's all over again. Sometimes you wonder if you can get something cheaper. You keep checking if you are still horny regularly until the last delivery day.

The top cost a bit more but I doubt if anybody can fit that better than her. My usual kind of girls won't look good on that. The rest are rather cheap. I did hesitate on the shoes. They cost me the most and I would love to find my schoolgirl Cinderella. But then I never found one of those who offers video shoots.

This video is just the beginning. I had 3 cameras, some on mini-tripods and I had booked her several times.

OK, if you feel strange I told her we were on a bus and she played along well. The storyline wasn't about prisons but it turned out that I looked like it. If you are curious about what I was saying ...

"You are so big when you are still at school!"

And then she played along and made it up, "Thank you!, I am just 16."

Out of prison in a bus

Where are all the activists?

There are always more important issues than what you care about. But the consensus is that you do what you can contribute and the world will be better. Now it looks like that we are all doomed when the leader of the free world doesn't care about the ice, nobody can be passionate about anything. Except for some IG models who are still going out to clean their local beaches. "Their network is more important than their networth!"

In the past, it was very difficult to share porn, particularly video. Now you just upload it. The guys in charge must have found out that those who make poor homemade porns will be prone to watch much better professional ones. It's really a small price to pay when storage are worthless.

And soon after FOSTA, everything seems to be returning to normal, business as usual. Offshore sites are untouchable. TER is back with limitations.

Near the weekends, the same types of girls aren't avoiding each other and battle it out, blue-eyed blondes with super long legs.

When you are doing God's work, for life or for freedom, aren't you feeling hypocritical for your own vote or feeling hopeless for other's votes? Maybe you are not. But you just can't motivate others.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Why I couldn't miss anybody too much

I lost sleep when Julia quitted. But it wasn't really about her. It's about wasting so much of my time getting into her home and possibly enjoy some home cooking. It's not a waste; I enjoyed every bit of it. But I would rather spend my time with another equally nice girl so I have the option to keep or abandon her.

Now for those I don't remember much, I do remember their best parts.

Wicky is perfect in the artificial way. She is twenty something at least but run around naked showing off like a 18 year old. She has a pair of perfect work of art boobs. She has laser smooth skin all over. Her air is ass length, fit for any shampoo commercial. Her limbs are slender and long and her waist is tiny.

She is not that pretty but she did some face job so it's not far behind.

She asked me why I didn't visit her on Valentine's Day!

We didn't click much because she would blow me forever but wouldn't kiss.

I think she left this part of town when I gave up on her and has been doing very well on the other side of the city.

Linda is the most perfectly natural girl. She is at most early twenties. Whatever you want she got it. She is even pretty without much makeup on.

I liked her from head to toe. The problem is, she put extra lubrication inside and outside the condom. Other than that she is very eager to please.

I was going to work my charm on her and see how far she can go. But I just didn't have the chance to do it. She was there for a long time, visited the east coast, back, and then disappeared together with her mentor. I don't think she can trust anybody else.

You can't see much in this picture but trust me that I can masturbate with her pictures. But whenever I wanted to do that, I called her instead. Then I regret it. But I guy confessed that he did just that, masturbate on her pictures.

With a twist of fate she got a face that makes me want to forget. She's not ugly. I don't remember anything attractive. So when I am with her I would tell myself this is the last time. There are just so many pretty girls with a nice body. But when I come aross her pictures on the website, hers just stood out. And I couldn't remember how not attractive her face was. And then I wanted to masturbate. But I called her instead. The cycle repeats itself.

She is a bit moody. She is a tiny schoolgirl but she would talk dirty or talk you into revealing your deep dark secrets. She did a lot of things but she would tell me that she wasn't in the mood to do that on the day.

The last time when I was pinning her down on her arms and legs, I fucked her as deep as hard that I could manage. She is the type of girl who will swallow your cum but won't kiss you. On that day she was like semi-conscious. She turned her head to me and kissed away, until I came deep inside her.

Just when you think that the selection is a bit depressing, Cat pops up. Isn't she beautiful? Although she is wearing the exact makeup when I met her, I actually like it.

I don't know what she choose to makeup like that. Maybe she likes to be a model. Actually, she is a 100% pretty school girl. Her hair was shorter like a schoolgirl cut. She didn't kiss at all with that lipstick on.

When she rode me she looked perfect all over. I don't know why she like to put on a robe when she moves around in the room. Yes, she has some tattoos on her forearm. Maybe her legs are a bit weak. But it couldn't be. Maybe she is not proud of her height, about 5'3. But that is perfect for a schoolgirl.

When I couldn't come and asked her to give me a handjob, she stayed close to my cock instead of my face so I could take a good look at her. So I stretched her leg and put her feet on my face. They are lovely and I had a good examination on them.

She has a very very nice pair of breasts, good-sized for a schoolgirl. I thought I was dreaming when I licked them. Her pink nipples raised up in front of my eyes. Oh my fucking god!

Not only that, she fucks hard. If I didn't tell her to stop she would ride me hard until I come. She would hold tight to the headboard and deep pound me. Same for the blowjob. If I didn't tell her to stop she might allow me to come. But I wouldn't risk the misunderstanding. It's not on her menu. If I was about to cum and she ducked away, that would be a real waste.

She was the right size for a sex doll. I was so enthusiastic that she almost moaned like screaming for help. I paused to see if she was OK. She was. She kept moaning for help. Oh my fucking god. Maybe she was faking it but she didn't need to and it was very plausible.

In the end, she was a bit cold for me. I had to pull her bra and panties off. When I got close to her she was like, "what are you doing?". On the second time, she was wearing light makeup, exactly like a schoolgirl. When I tried to kiss her she didn't duck and gave me a lip kiss. When I lips stayed there she understood and gave me another lingering lip kiss.

The last time I saw her it was as if we never met. She hard fucked me just the same but I didn't even bother to kiss her.

I knew she is good with clothes on. I was shocked when she took them off. No offense, my legs were trembling so I kneel humbly before you. Oh my god, I believe you made everything. Finally, I found your holy grail. With knees on the ground, I was admiring her extraordinary hips, raising both my hands up straight into the sky, as high as I can reach. No, not one, I was holding two holy grails. And I drunk from them, one and then the other, and the other ...

But she was elusive like angels. I can't have too many nice things. Oh, please god, please ...

Honorable mentions

Michelle got me crazy for her for a little while. Once I was waiting for her in a fairy castle, I was drooling on this sugar baby model with a short sexy dress suit on who catwalked to the front desk asking for a room for daddy and her.

When I got into Michelle's room, I saw the same suit on the chair and the extra high heels on the floor. It wasn't the surprise of my life but one moment that I can't forget. (The other similar moment in the lift of a Beverly Hills apartment building with a blonde Russian girl.)

I took her shoes in my hands and joked about it. She was genuinely happy at the time, top hotels, walking right out of a beauty salon, model shoots, lots of clients waiting.

She offers a lot if the money is right. But the problem is, she is a bit robotic. I could kiss her, did whatever I paid for and fuck her like a sex doll. I could also be her sex doll when I felt like it, with her doing all the work. That's about it. She didn't have the mental capacity to make it personal. She only knows to follow what her mentor told her.

This is her still with a little baby fat on. She is more like Chanel II with longer legs, bigger eyes, and wider sexier lips. Perhaps not as pretty as Chanel II but really not bad for a sex doll.

But then it was a bit tired, the same old same old, treating me as just another client. She got me excited a bit when she left her mentor and gave me a call. But then she just couldn't make it on her own. The motel turns me off. She couldn't handle appointments and too eager for quick money.

When I met her the last time she was like standing at the door waiting for my approval. She didn't have makeup on, wearing cheap clothes trying to be as fashionable as possible. I gave her that. She is perfectly OK without makeup on, that is rare. And she didn't need clothes. But it just enhances my feeling that she wanted me to get in and get out of the door as soon as possible.

Again there was no personal connection even though we had a lot of history. In the end, I gave her a very good tip because I was sorry that I had to abandon her. She saw the money and gave me a sweet smile. It would be different if she called again. But she didn't.


Abbey was just what I was looking for. She made it perfect in every way. Perhaps it's her experience. She is in her 30's, was low profile and avoided direct competition with much younger girls. This may be her pictures in her prime days but she ages very well. She really still looks about the same.

I can't say she is beautiful but her makeup is nice, attractive and most important, kissable. She has barbie blonde hair and botox lips but her makeup makes her feel natural like a surfer girl.

As you can see she is a full-sized sex doll. She is always in a nice boutique hotel hidden off the main road. She could have ordered room cleaning after each client if she allows herself to be that busy. She is too classy for me to try my fetish the first time.

She never hesitated to let me kiss her. Her lips and makeup are always ready. I couldn't resist licking her whole bottoms and she told me indeed they were legendary. I did everything in front and asked for the spoon. After that, she encouraged me to flat iron her as a natural follow-up. I liked her feet too because they are always clean with the perfect pedicure.

There is only one flaw that I cannot overlook. She chose the hard type of implant. She is a full-sized girl so when I was right on top of her I could that her boobs were getting in the way. And there were no joys in sucking them. Breasts, big or small or flat, fake or natural, they can drive me crazy. Just not hers.

Even better, she wanted to go further. She proposed that I supported her relocation with a monthly payment, which was a discount on what I had been paying her. I could see her privately at home in her off days. We ended awkwardly as I am afraid of commitments. If she invited home anytime for less I would have happily accepted.

It was her miscalculation. I live beyond my means and I return to my cave often to stay afloat. I'm in no position to be a sugar daddy. Luckily, she wasn't that good enough so didn't feel I had to go broke or I felt bad not seeing her again.

Friday, February 14, 2020

My Valentines

This is a stock photo of course. But this is how I feel whenever I saw Chanel I. She has the killer eyes, possibly a rare enhancement to her natural beauty, double eyelids. She also has an unfair advantage with a quarter of European genes that aren't recognizable as such.

Most beautiful girls look like a different person without makeup on. But not for Chanel. On occasions she didn't wear makeup, I enjoy staring at her eye to eye. She would stare back at me smiling, proud of herself.

I met her at 19, flawless with nothing to complain about. She even has a pair of C that I still couldn't tell if they are real or not. At about 5'4, she can wear a bikini well. Her hip and thighs are slightly thicker than a catwalk model but I never noticed until one day she tried a schoolgirl outfit for me. Emma looked so like a tiny schoolgirl in that when she is several inches taller.

Look at her legs, Chanel II! When I met her some 5 years ago she had a chin-length schoolgirl cut plus very humble streetwear. When I wrote her up I just call her Chanel II for a very good reason. I thought she had a lot more to offer than Chanel I and would go places if she played her cards right.
Maybe she was very good at disguising already at the time but the schoolgirl cut couldn't be mistaken. Maybe some daddies like it but you can't go shopping like a pretty woman by yourself with that on your head.

Little did I know she would become 10 times better (or worse) than Chanel. All the top labels sent her cards regularly. Even if she doesn't have half a million cash, she has a Porshe, probably an MBZ and a BMW for daily commuting. Chanel I spent everything using her then boyfriend's super-duper card. There's no limit on beauty and classy expenditures. But imagine Chanel II can spend even on cars and houses! I'm so proud to have sex with her. And I still can any time I wanted.

She is every bit a catwalk model with the appropriate chest to go with. She's not flat for the model standard but a bit insufficient for general escorting. When I first met her she didn't even take off her top when she started to blow me. They looked so virginic when I dropped her top.

She is every bit a pretty girl, her face just not as outstanding as Chanel I. She did talk with me that there are so many choices, including for me that is very true. I thought she was grateful that I kept seeing her a few times. I think daddies just have too many choices. But if you want a model type, she's the one. And when she is on her full gear, anybody else will feel inadequate. Whatever you paid she is worth it. She can afford the top shelf of the top labels including the special editions that you just can't get if you are not a frequent flyer. And the special order bag named Kelly? How about arriving at your yacht with a Porshe?

I could kiss her enough but not after she remembered that she shouldn't give me too much for my donations. We never have much chemistry and I now I know why. Although she has so many haters, she is a good talker if she is onto you. She can talk about Chanel as much as modern architecture.  And she is so real. I still can't remember if she lied to me ever.

The closest time was when she complained that Julia's gym instructor cost $700/month while her boyfriend found her one for half price. So convincing. It's probably true though. Can you imagine what this girl is capable of?

The most passionate Valentine award goes to Caroline. And why would I include 3 of her pictures? She is absolutely gorgeous (except at some angles). She is absolutely every bit a model and an actress. And who could forget the dump that she lives? And her teen model disguise?

The fact that she is every bit a blue-eyed blonde model cost me more than Chanel II. This world is so twisted and messed up that it confuses even me. I have been wanting to see her again but I wouldn't bargain her down. I don't want the passionate GFE to become WFE, the wife experience.

Every time I kissed her my pants exploded. I had to unzip myself to continue. Yes, we kissed passionately like new lovers before taking off our clothes. She is a good kisser but no tongue, very natural girlfriend experience.

Her IG is the place for the old vocational school that she dropped out of, where she signed on for modeling. It's the place to take her mom to concerts and to remember her late dad. Also for her childhood ambitions. Sometimes I feel sad for her. But now she found herself a nice boyfriend. He seemed to be staying and she looked happy. But she tells me I can go to fuck her any time. Of course, I have to pay and while her boyfriend isn't around.

I could have seen her for most of 2018 but Julia turned up all of a sudden and trumped her for my last play money. I had a near-miss traffic accident. Actually, I reacted in time and she couldn't have possibly hit me. But it dawned on me that I could be gone just like that any time. Since Caroline is expensive and far away, I just took the chance to audition new talents. I saw 3 women at the weekend and the last was Julia. She changed her name but I picked the same schoolgirl type again and again. The rest is history.

Julia was the first girl I picked to replace Chanel I when I discovered my "trust fund". She can do mug shots in bikini front and back. I never liked her makeup but I gave in, not knowing how she looks like without anything on.

She is so good and confident that she mostly takes selfies right at the hotel for advertising, before and after I see her. So her pictures are a few memorabilia when the candle I smell is still burning right there.

Other than her makeup she is flawless, a schoolgirl with small tits but not flat. She is warm but barely kisses. I tried but didn't get anywhere. I lost her when she is known to disappear for months when daddies are plenty.

When I rediscovered her I didn't know if she was desperate or she missed me very much. She was all smiling and dived down to kiss me during the cowgirl. She was all out to get me. It was hard to do or pretend. And it wasn't just kissing. There was tongue and I went on to suck hers out.

It was also the only day she had makeup on that I could see her real face. She is a pretty girl after all. I just couldn't stay away from her for long even though I tried. She was closer and cheaper than Caroline. She is also a lot younger and prettier.

I went on to get invited to her home. It was all or nothing. I saw her enough at hotels. She began to feel like that I was a candidate as her daddy. But I didn't try to mislead her that my trust fund was unlimited. I think that's the end of us. She really did quit everything but she could have kept me if I were richer or spent like it.

Although I was like crying when I lost her, even though she is stripper class now, I have no feeling for her anymore seeing her updates on IG.

I didn't even know why I didn't save her pictures. Avery showed her face and even her old pictures at school with a cheerleader outfit. She was very cute back then. And she is beautiful.

She is my rebound. At the time she was the only attractive girl who offered the back door. I paid dearly for it.

It was such a pleasant surprise when I met her. How often the girl is as attractive as her pictures? She is tall like 5'6 to 5'8. Slim and athletic at the same time. She could be a Victoria's Secret model. Indeed I asked her dress size so I could bring some lingerie the next time.

There is always something off about her. She looks great in her fancy big curry hair. But then another time she could be having straight blonde hair with insufficient volume. She can't be too beautiful with too many eyelids but she is cute and pretty. She legs and short shorts were killing me but she was always wearing half a T-shirt greeting me as if she was trying to hide something. Her boobs are too natural. Nothing wrong with them but they didn't drive me crazy.

I don't know why she picked the 19 category to compete. She was at least a few years older than that with more maturity. It's a little odd when she talked like 19. I like her character and maturity. I prefer her to speak more naturally.

When I was flat ironing her ass I asked if she was OK. She wasn't. Because she isn't a tiny girl, I wasn't deep enough so I slipped out on occasions and then pushed back in. That wasn't good. So I tried to stay deep.

She kissed but I didn't know how passionate or good she was. Because I just vacuumed her. Even though I was fucking her front and back, I felt that she had class. That prevented me from examining her ass or licking her legs, not too much anyway. She did notice that I was interested in her feet so the next time she showed off her pedicure before I noticed.

I thought it was a one night stand but I couldn't forget her. It got better each time. When I asked her dress size when we first met, she was brushing me off, not thinking that I was serious or she didn't think that I would be back. She just told me medium and sent me away.

The 3rd time I had a plan. I closed the door, grabbed her and deep kissed her as in Gone with the Wind or any other movie scene. She saw what I was going to do and she received it well. Though she often complained that I messed up her lipsticks at first and then her whole expensive naked look later. But it was her appreciation for me rather than an actual complaint.

I can feel that she is genuinely happy to see me and to be kissed. I can see that in her eyes that is hard to fake. Maybe it's the money but, well, at least it's not hard work.

I remembered her most on the day that I was oversexed. I booked her anyway because it was about time.  I couldn't come or misfired. Then I put her hand on my cock to give me a beautiful handjob. We kissed a lot and we stared at each other a lot. And the other time when we were on fire, the hotel alarm system went off. It was the regular weekly test.

I did what I set out to do. She didn't talk much about herself. I didn't think I could get any further. So I abandoned her but we could start all over again whenever I felt like it. I did feel I was abandoning her because I didn't think that she was that popular. She reinvented herself a few times and then disappeared. But the good thing is, if I don't see her again, she won't be remembering me enough like sitting in the hotel waiting and thinking, "why the player doesn't come anymore?" That will be sad. It's not like Chanel who would call me up telling me how she misses me. No, she didn't say that but I know she needed the cash.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Her IG becomes her

Boyfriend? No problem. Just don't tell him about your IG handle. She used mixed language for her name so you wouldn't know how to search. And I suspect her boyfriend isn't that sort of guy with an IG account.

She freaked out when her boyfriend wore a gold chain. She didn't talk with him. But she whispered into her story for her 100K followers

She doesn't interact with her followers other than clever comebacks. They are mostly her haters. It's the same for her "friends". They show up or not in her IG. Any other interaction will be in real life. So her followers get to know her more than her boyfriend and friends, including most of her body she posted without the 4 dots.

She also found a clever use of her IG account - as a date check.  Say she hang out with her gym instructors and his friends. Before she took anything she posted a story with his face in it. So if anything happened there were 100K instant witnesses.

As for her sugar daddies, she did post at least two of them. Another one was probably her client when she started the IG. "I hope to see you again soon" has a different meaning for her. But he's long gone of course and she didn't bother to delete anything. I also think that, like Caroline, her use of her IG changes with time and she doesn't bother too much or too dumb to be careful enough.

She posted a daddy's IG on one of her stories. He's a weirdo who had a tenured position so he's not going to bother. She held the hand of another one on a yacht. She called both of them daddy!

When I started to see her again she had been a bit weird. I think she was figuring out how much I know because she expects me to know Julia's account and so possibly her's. Why? Because I was invited to Julia's house.

She is pretty good because even though she told me a lot of things, they are mostly real while I totally had no idea who she really is. Like when she asked me to come back because she didn't have enough money. Little do I know she was spending $1,000 each day when she still had half a month to keep up.

I had no idea why she invited me to see her new house. Most likely she thought I'm Julia's daddy and it couldn't be bad. She changed her mind after she talked with Julia, who didn't seem to tell her everything. And Chanel may not even mention me to Julia. Chanel didn't ask me not to text her again but explained why she replied so coldly. It was her boyfriend. She couldn't afford him to find messages left in the car. It was plausible. And the boyfriend is real with 100K witnesses even though we can see his face or anything. Also, she pretended not to remember when I texted her. But it didn't work because I booked her again.

When she said I could visit her home when she decided not to move, I can catch her lie. Because she had time to prepare and knew it wasn't possible to let me into her home. She has a Porshe and I don't know how many cars she has. I don't know how she lives but it had to be a big house with a big garage. Or a low rise with parking right outside on each floor.

The only thing I know is that she has to have a walk-in closet. Cars, she can hide it. But it's hard to hide her nice things in her home. I will feel so inadequate. And wonder why she keeps turning up for a few hundred dollars each for all these years?

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

A tale of two birthdays

Julia went to a neighborly restaurant where you celebrate your birthday with your homies. It's a little bit fancy with a resident singer who is also her bestie. May be her boyfriend but I really doubt if she's into older men. A slightly custom birthday cake, nothing too fancy.

Earlier, Chanel II, took her out to celebrate. It was a famous fancy restaurant not only for food but also for the pops. You have some fancy custom made pops as the background so you can take pictures for your IG. The dishes are all for show, like using a flame thrower for the desert. The cake is extravagant.
Now for Chanel's own birthday, I don't even know how to begin. Months in advance she ordered herself a custom order bag from one of the most famous names. Nobody can beat that but herself.
Then she showed off her bank statement that on her birthday month that she has been spending $1,000 per day as a tradition! I'm not surprised but she told me her birthday so I booked her before that. I gave her a good tip instead of a present or card because I know my kind of things won't interest her or Chanel I. Cash is King. For that little extra she encouraged me to do outcall to avoid the pimp's cut. Failing that (expensive hotel), she even asked me to come back right next week even though she wasn't doing well at her job.
"What's the benefit", I asked. "I don't have enough money", she replied.
That's my last day with her because I didn't feel the chemistry even though I tried for a month or two. I felt a little guilty for not helping her out. But I know her lack of money means she doesn't have enough to spend her usual way. Little did I know that my fee didn't cover her a morning's spending. So my question is why she even asked? Should I feel superior that she asked me to come back next week for peanuts?
I know the feeling that my fee didn't cover Chanel I's half a pair of shoes. But at least the shoes last.
She did say she went on to a week's cruise and I could see the videos. It was with her besties and now I can follow them all. I wonder how much they know.
Then she ended her birthday celebration in Vegas, showing off her bundles of cash for the gamble, $5,000 each.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Outed on IG 3

Finally, her classified was up and she was back to work again at the website that I met her, the bottom tier of her markets. As I expected, some guys must be dumb enough to bring up her IG account. No please. She will freak out when you are paying a few hundred dollars or even less knowing that she has half a million dollar cash in her bank! Even if you feel that you picked up a huge bargain her other market tiers will collapse when words get out, starting from you.

She must have realized that I wasn't kidding. Her account was gone. Just like that. Even though her stories were all stored on the bet permanently. I don't think she knows that for all the years. For Julia, it's stories as usual so I don't think Chanel told her anything, not yet.

She must have been pretty screwed up for now. She quoted, "your network is more import than your networth!". I don't see how she can keep her 100K network. And I don't see how she can even start again because her face is still all over the internet out of her control.

Her IG started the year that I met her. So I can catch up with her all those years. I think in the beginning her IG were used briefly for being a sugarbaby. A few comments were from her daddies and they are long gone.

Now I'm quite sure her IG can't be used for any clients or daddies. I think very soon after she started her growing network got into her head. It became something else. It became her. She wanted every man and woman to envy her. She can show off whatever whenever she wants to, unlike friends and neighbors. Her online friends are better than her friends. She can't talk much to her family. She doesn't have many friends because of her work. She wants every woman to be jealous of her. She wants every man to desire her and admire her like a boyfriend. She can't find love but that is the closest that she can get.

I think her photographs weren't careful enough or they even sell her pictures. The Chinese aggregators got all of them. So she is everywhere in China and hence the world. On top of that, she likes to take pictures. Her boyfriends may help. But she does like to take pictures herself. Most of them she took were in hotels when she is waiting for clients. She is so naive that she posted these pictures on her IG and on her escort sites. WTF! She just cut off her head in the latter.

Even if she alters her escort pictures so Google can't find the altered pictures and their originals side by side, any person who sees these pictures will know that she is the girl in the escort pictures with her face.

I think she doesn't know that stories are stored forever especially you have 100K followers. I can see that she smokes something and takes something. So I can understand why clients, including me, thinks she is talkative. And I got the short straw. Who else she talks about her boyfriends and dating failure?

300K a month income? Totally expected for the good months. But for me personally, I wouldn't care about her, because she wouldn't care about me. That I found out before I got her IG account. She is just like Chanel(1) the professional lier, but a lot worse. She invited me to her new home but then she decided not to move. And then I found out I couldn't see her at her old home because she wouldn't mix her private life with her business life. Understandable. But she gave me her number, then complained that I bothered her when I didn't. I'm a pro.

Her sex pictures and luxurious life is good for high-end business. But she is known to hang out with a large group of young men, taking video when she is totally wasted, on something, and didn't know what she was doing. And too many pictures in hotel bathrooms and bedrooms without faces. What are those for?

I think both Chanel's are started similarly. Chanel I didn't make it that far because her friends have "websites" but at that time the sites were porn sites and they were pornstars. Chanel could never show her face like them.

Chanel is far from a catwalk model but her face is comparable to a Korean popstar. And she cares about me. If I don't see her enough she would call me up. Though after our lunch meeting I sometimes caught her at the parking lot calling up her other clients, LOL. Good times.