Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Moved, but not convinced

Finally, the documentary about trafficking in the US was made and released in 2017. On this net neutrality day, I would like to comment; I doubt if I would bother anymore if nobody will be paying to come across my opinion in a thousand years.

There are two brave victims coming forward. I can only comment on one of them; the type of girls I could have met in my turf.

I am totally moved by her experience. I understand why so many State Attorney Generals want to close down Backpages. Now I'm for it. It was closed earlier in the year with fanfare. I did know the CEO was arrested. I think lawsuits are still going on.

Previously, I wasn't against closing down BP but I doubt about the effect. What's the point when they shut down Craigslist, people move to BP? Girls who advertise on BP are seen as inferior in my turf. More like desperate. Red Book was shut down because people were involved in offline activities. But if you close down BP, is the whole internet escort business at risk? That I have to defend.

I recall I might have read about the victim before. She was like kidnapped at random and then sold for sex on BP long term. At the time I think this is the exception and there's little to do with selling sex on the internet. It is the random act of kidnapping an all-American girl that would outrage any Americans, making US into a 3rd world country. Be it for sex or anything else. LE will solve it the best they can. And they did. But it was the parents who kept searching online and recognized her ad.

I still think this case is the exception than the rule. But the authorities and the media failed me. Why would they try to convince people that there is a large-scale trafficking going on? The facts don't justify the numbers. The results of raids also justify my thinking. When LE managed to catch dozens of people, most likely they couldn't find any trafficking victims. And when they claim they have one or two, they fail to provide details.

Instead, they should concentrate on the victims. One is too many. The documentary did a good job, other than the routine claim on the scale of the problem. There is also the story of a flight attendant who rescued a trafficking victim. So you might ask if she is the brightest FA in the land or trafficking by air is so rare?

Often criminals are so stupid that they plot their own inevitable demise. Even in 3rd world countries, there are so many ways to get girls working there's no reason for outright kidnapping. Even criminals have their code of conducts.

The criminals who kidnapped the victim should have thought that family and friends and supporters of the victim will search for her until the world ends and that every LE will go after them with or without daughters of their own. Even worst for the criminals, every state AG went after the big money too ending in the collapse of an empire. Now, who will be punished severely by all the pimps on BP who lost big money?

Maybe the CEO was thinking like me too. One exception doesn't justify shutting down the whole business, "helping" so many people. It doesn't matter for me though. I don't use it.

Without BP, it will be harder to make big money and there is less motive to become traffickers. I'm all for it. But then will the die hard traffickers hide the victims down the 18th level of hell?

Now CityVibe has been trying to copy Craiglist and now is pretty much like BP. What's the difference in principle? What can CV do if people move their ad to CV? CV even tried to start it's own review site. It was closed and rumors have it that they were warned by LE that would be crossing the line by playing both sides.

Reviews are actually a good thing. You cannot move around without trace when you depend on words of mouths. People don't just want a piece of prime cut meat. You all know about GFE. The private emails I receive for comments were amazing. "Is she passionate?"  WTF!? I don't know you and I don't know how you look and how you smell. You may be lucky if she even agrees to kiss you.

BTW, this may be a better way for reviews. I don't use TER anymore. You can't get the whole truth for public comments. It's better than nothing but I get bored about the person before I met her. The other site basically allows you to make a positive reference, and negative too. For details, you are encouraged to talk privately. Those who refuse to talk are very suspicious one way or the other. The site gets money by charging for the PM's and of course, the classifieds.

I noticed recently that CV is deleting the amounts from the advertisements. It is a big inconvenience because you know that the pictures are fake when they charge for $180 an hour. And before that previously popular words like GFE was all missing.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Bucket List

It may not be good because I have none. My little celebration on an average day may be on other's bucket list. That is when I have money to spare.

I spent trunks of my life being local around the globe. I've been to exotic places in people's dreams but I have no desire to return. It was overrated. I have a habit of roaming the world with my heart detached. If you want to go somewhere for the honeymoon, saved up years for somewhere, that's where your heart is. Without that, it would be more awesome to spend quality time with your kids.

I've also been to the Islands several times. I didn't look forward to it except the first time many years ago. And I have seen worse. A lone man checked in right before us. Apparently, he has nothing much to do for his vacations. He checked in the same hotel every time, alone.

What always gets me is the kids of Make a Wish Foundation. Little people have little desires. They may be happy going to Hawaii or Disney when they would be missing so many things average people take for granted.

Maybe I would be more like the woman in Five-O. Found some soul mate to accompany her on the last leg of her journey and got married. Visited friends and family. Guest appearance in her old friend's club when she could have started the career of a singer. A speed ride on a police car with sirens on.

Yes, I do wish and expect to have grandkids. But that would be one step at a time. After spending time with my kids, my dad told me the next step would be seeing the little boy carrying his backpack into kindergarten. He never made it. But I'm sure he had few regrets. His life story is rich and colorful and he went through it successfully with flying colors.

The one people I admire is David Bowie. Yes, he is very successful and he changed the world. I don't care much about that because I'm not his big fan. I wish I could be like him, prepared well for the eventual mortality. All his loved ones are well-taken care of. He had time to reflect on his mortality and made an album for it.

Hopefully, I'm far from preparing for the end of my journey. But being idle than I used to be got me thinking about things. I always told myself I have few regrets and I'm ready to leave anytime. An eternal rest will be fine for me. But with more thoughts into it, it would be hard to say goodbye. It's OK if there's afterlife too. I could meet my dad and my dog. That's why religion is so attractive. I don't care much about heaven and hell because like puppies in a house full of dog food, I don't have to be mean and struggling. I have few enemies if any. My mistakes are childish and self-inflicting.

The reason for being idle is that, what's the point of fucking other women when you found a model material? I've memories of a few, but two belongs to the type who would suck and wouldn't let go if you let them. The 1st time I was shocked. So I went to see her again in days. After I satisfied all my desires within her limits, I would like to see her again but there's always tomorrow. Then she was gone. The next time I saw her I was out of it. Her face didn't match her perfect body.

The recent model material is less perfect but more natural. Again I was shocked into seeing her again in a week. I bathed her and kissed (actually with tongue more like licking) her everywhere I wanted. I had to say it again, her legs are awesome. Why would I see anybody again? She didn't charge that much more. If she charged anymore she would be waiting for calls most of the time instead of working full time. That's player's economics 101.

But why I don't see her more often? What else is there to achieve? If I'm horny she is the best choice. I usually got horny when I think about sex and watch pretty pictures of the classified kind. But there's no point because she beat them all. If I repeat I could wait when I have a better schedule or I have more money to spare. She isn't the type that will get into more personal relationships like Chanel. She is your girlfriend, but not after the hour.

But then Chanel is not at all easy. I had time and money and got her personal number at the end after an on and off relationship. I'm not currently in the position to win her over. Even if I am, I might be trying those sugar baby websites. I just like adventures.

And there are always many other ways to have fun. Like my private video star. I could zoom in where I'm licking kissing. I asked for takes after takes when I wasn't satisfied with my DFK performance. And then there were the little friends with tits that I couldn't let go of, whether it is my fingers or lips. And then there's the fuller body model material that I could bang her bending down. I watched every minute of it at the mirror in a perfect alignment with the dresser she was bending down on. In the end, I made so many noises like in a tug of war.

Monday, July 03, 2017


CBS, I'm not renewing your All Acess without advertisement for the new season. After all, I subscribed to you because after binge watching 6 seasons of Hawaii 5O on Netflix, I decided to follow the 7th season directly on CBS. If I waited, I would have started season 7th now.

Now that Kono is gone,  it's not the same anymore. I don't have a crush on her but she's the most pleasing to the eyes of all the regular cast. Being able to wear a bikini helps. Watching her growing through her prime years made her family. And I am not watching anymore out of respect.

I watch the first few episodes of 5O live, maybe just two. Then I forgot all about it. I cut TV and movies. I remembered she was so fresh and young. I remembered her smile and of course bikini. But I doubt if a cast like this can survive the 1st season. Her chests are small and her face is asymmetric Maybe enough Americans have good taste.

After I binge watched Burn Notice and then some, I remembered five-o. I was so surprised that the series was thriving, and was still going strong. You know, it's not exciting to binge watch series with one or two seasons, just to watch them going down.

Damn it, if I only knew. I went to the islands 4 times but I never went to Oahu. 3 of the times it was the season break and I could have visited the set. Whenever I picked the islands, I asked myself, "why would I go to Oahu? To visit Pearl Harbor?" So I never went there. But Pearl Harbor memorial stares at me whenever I watch.

Looking back, the first season began to look like a low budget production as time went on. But then things began to look better and better. They wrote their own music, big guest stars, expensive sport car sponsors. It's a long way from Burn Notice where they drove small Hyundais. I suppose they have other big sponsors like the local hotel chains.

I think the director has a crush on her, and he like small chests. All of the females do not have big chests. Kono always got hits left and right, from the super rich villains to the ordinary geeks.

I can safely say Kono made history as a cop in a bikini on a surfboard pursued a female criminal in a bikini also on a surfboard. And the chase resulted in an arrest on the waves.

She also defeated a guided bullet intended for McGuyer, by blocking its path with her bulletproof vest.

She held her big guns well and her fight scenes were all OK. If you want to see how bad it can be, see the director of CIA in McGuyer in season 1. She was fired before the end of the season.

Not only is she a sharpshooter, she is a fast shooter too. Coming out of a bag, she shot about 6 guys with guns surrounding her before they can fire a single round.

She was obviously on and off in season 5. Maybe she was negotiating her salary or she was pregnant. She would appear for a short while in some indoor scenes far from Hawaii. I was so happy that she came back full time. But then not for long.

A hui hou, my darling.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The kisser

After I discovered the model, there are few reasons not to see her again and again. But it just needs the 2nd visit to satisfy my leg fetish for the time being.

Since I can't get away for the whole hour easily, that's a good excuse. I even solicited a few girls to do a very early morning session but all failed.

Incidentally, the model was off that weekend so I asked for recommendations from the agency. It was a total disappointment and the pictures were so blurred that you cannot argue that they are fake. She is all natural with a teen slim figure, though her face looks 30. Her body, with nice skin, wasn't bad at all but nothing stand out compared to the model. In addition, she wasn't beautiful nor cute.

Very soon she grew on me. Her body not only looks alright but nice to touch. She is, I would say, well groomed, so every part of her is appetizing. Somehow she must have known her popularity as compared to the model; she was very humble and eager to compensate with her actions.

She would go up and down the bed to find better positions to please me. But then I suspect that she was using delay tactics to avoid early penetration when she wasn't ready. Indeed, she seemed to be afraid of my cock.

Mrs Player seems to have a hunch that I was preparing for the next day. Maybe a few more seconds of brushing or the mouth rinsing. It was the occasion, once in a blue moon, that she kicked me and demanded for sex. If I turned her down it would be big trouble. Unlike Chanel, I have not a lot of incentive to turn her down. After all, if I were not horny enough, I wouldn't have book another woman to release my frustrations.

So, the next morning, my cock was erect and invincible, no matter how she tried to tame it. Running out of things to do, she brought out a condom and rode on me, so I couldn't move much and do damage. She was right to fear because I felt tight inside her. Once she warmed up, I did a lot of things, harder and harder until I came again! Not a bad date when you were short of time.

Because the agency disappointed me, so I went for another one going by my instinctive reaction to the pictures. I was so desperate that I emailed a scan of my driver license for screening purposes. Of course, crucial information other than my real name is redacted so that my ID cannot be stolen if some hackers got the data.

Before that, an agency rejected me based on my recent inactivity. I wasn't that inactive but that agency doesn't play like others. That's why this time I agreed to be screened so I could book at the last minute in an awkward time in the morning.

This date was even more disappointing after the trouble I went through. Everything is average despite her pictures, which is obviously fake. But if you believe that some pictures and some reviews are too good to be true, your chance of hitting the VIP model will be slim.

She wasn't pretty, not ugly, but good at some angles. She wasn't tall, nor short with a little plumb, as compared to model thin. She breasts are all natural with decent shape and size, but just not appetizing to my taste.

She wasn't even friendly to start with, probably sensing that I wasn't that pleased with her. But things just started to coming together when I tried to kiss her. She was rather responsive and soon I was kissing her non-stop. I did pause from time to time to see if I was over doing it. She didn't mind at all, or so it seemed.

There wasn't much to do after the VIP model. This one doesn't have the legs to look at, her breast, pussy, and ass aren't that outstanding. So I kissed her more. And I gave up some of my favorite positions to spend more time right on top of her. Kissing and fucking are more than the sum of parts. Time and time again, I met girls who weren't that receptive to kisses but turned their lips to mine to be kissed, sucked and tongued, while I was fucking them senseless.

On my way out, I thought that was the end of it, our relationship, until she opened the door a little bit, turned to me, lowered herself a little backward, tightened her lips a little, asking for a kiss. Did she have enough already? I hesitated a tiny bit because I was surprised. She wasn't asking for a peck on the face or a dry kiss. It had to be a wet kiss. And so I obliged cheerfully.

That did the trick. Against all the other temptations, I found the time and saw her the next week.

College tour

Imagine it was time taking Rebecca Moody to pick her colleges! It was a drill so the place was familiar and the diversity was so much that I thought it was safe.

Unfortunately, two naive schoolgirls decided to tour on the same date. They are the reasons that I tried to stay away from schools. They really stood above the crowd, at least 5'8, natural long straight blonde hair, young and pretty. They were in modest tops that I didn't have any recollection. And so were their shoes. Even if they were in slippers with beautiful toes, I couldn't have noticed.

They were in the standard CA hot pants, tight fit, short jeans. I couldn't notice anything else but their bare legs, light caramel tan, fat-free, far from having an eating disorder, the perfect BMI that I desire. The type of high school cheerleader that I am afraid of, the opposite of NFL types. You can say they are slim, small blondes, but tall Barbie dolls are just right.

They are not the loud type but like to walk quietly in front of the crowd. So, all I could remember was their two pair of legs, every step on their way. Even though their legs looked long forever, and they looked so tall, I realized that I was taller. I understood how smaller girls often told me that I looked so tall. And I could imagine walking shoulder to shoulder with them.

Before that, I have been trying to book that type. One is in her 20's with the right kind of hair, legs, and tits, but we have yet to meet because she can't do it in the early morning even with pre-booking. I told her that I was running out of excuses to see her in the day. I would reserve that for the sure thing, likely for a video shoot. Maybe she charged too much, too old with fake pictures, she wasn't around that much.

There are other blonde dolls, but they are tiny, which isn't a bad thing at all. But they are rather elusive, like turning up a bit and left.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Crossing Lines

I wondered how many Americans would want to watch the FBI version of the EU? I was right, not that much. A big American network was involved but they hardly screened it if any. It wasn't doing well in the participating EU countries either.

As for me, some of the European cast is cooler than the FBIs. The locations are pluses. In the US there are only cities and small towns. They also travel in style. Yes, the FBI also have their planes for travel, but the ICC team also has copters to go across countries.

Donald Sutherland is good but him running around like 007 is too much. The cast seemed to be unstable throughout the seasons. Some characters were killed before they were developed. It's not surprising that it was ended at the 2nd season. Netflix could have made it great starting from the 3rd. They tried but didn't get anywhere. The story line is a lot more interisting to me than many of the Netflix originals.

Critics critized that the ICC unit was fake. But it was a fiction! Are any FBI drama based on real stories?

Sadly, what was left is a Facebook page where the cast was promoting it hoping for another season as a Netflix original.

The worst compulsive watching TV series

Of course, it is "How to get away with murder" or something like that. I regret clicking on it and watched the 1st episode. It was so different and so compulsive to watch. The story line is a bit tedious if you only watch it once a week. For binge watching, you can always get as far into the story as you want. But I was wrong.

The story got old quickly. But they always bring up something totally unexpected so you know you are not getting any nearer to the end of the story in that episode. But that's not the problem. Either the writers have an ideology to promote or they just want to torture people because they can.

The gay couple is lovely but not the gay sex. Why would I want to watch gay sex when I'm 120% straight? Why can't they bring a Lesbian couple? Are you torturing me?

The lead lawyer is supposed to be the Venus, every man and woman want to be in love with her. But she is totally out of shape, old and ugly when the wigs and makeup were taken off on screen. Did they deliberately want to torture people? Did they want to find out how much they can get away with? No women wanted the job?

Appearance isn't the problem. I have to watch the Lesbian sex and when I have to turn my eyes on the black guy's gorgeous abs instead of her body and face.

Just when you don't think that the story cannot be any longer, they manage to have at least another season. Too bad, I'm not interested in the ending when I have to watch so many torturous sex scene.


I missed this little gem a few times because the introduction to the series didn't spike my interest. It looked like a white collar special crime unit taking on big corporations. It didn't seem realistic, which is one of my requirements.

I didn't remember how I rediscovered it. Maybe I clicked on it and soon found out that it was a team of cons. It satisfied a few of my binge watch requirements. It was the McGayer of cons, like Burn Notice as the McGayer of spies. I don't know if the writers consulted masterminds but I was willing to be conned into the series.

I think the producers made sure that every character is lovable and easy on the eyes.  And the actors delivered, including the thief. It was such an easy to watch time filler or waster.

I would think the Mastermind and the Grifter were veteran actors. The Hacker is doing it just right. And who wouldn't want a Muscle in their team who can knock anybody out in seconds? And he is a womanizer who can charm every woman that you don't dream of? The Thief may be a difficult character but soon anybody else will try to work with her on her feelings or lack of it.

After 5 seasons on a lesser network, it's respectable to retire. Any more will be too tedious. The formula without annoying long term threads serve them well but there can only be so many variations you can do on the cons.

I didn't see the end coming. Usually, there are hints when the season comes to an end. The formula in the last episode didn't change a bit until I saw the team dying. It was a happy ending after all. But I feel that the ending was a bit rush. The formula con had to be the main thing and the ending added little to it.

Spoiler alert. It was just another episode except for a minute that the Mastermind proposed to the Grifter all of a sudden and they rode into the sunset, leaving the rest of the team to carry on the torch.

The writers did leave something memorable - a secret black book that documents all the guilty parties in the financial crisis of 2008, when the series started. And it was the heist of all times.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Got hit again

At the supermarket checkout, I noticed a middle-aged woman in a skin-tight outfit. It was 3-quarter pants and 3-quarter sleeves where you hardly notice when the sleeve ends and the skin starts. I carefully observed that her line was the shortest before I joined her.

I moved around too much and I'm automatically sensitive to these things. The local population is quite cosmopolitan and I'm often being noticed in a good way. But the problem is when somebody recently relocated here from nowhere. It was coincident that I followed her out of the checkout and into the customer service area. She was a young wife wearing something comfortable but you couldn't say tight, short or revealing. She was just uncomfortable when I was standing behind her in the line. If it wouldn't look more awkward I would have stood a few more feet behind her. It was difficult to show that you are uncomfortable with the man standing behind you but she did. Finally, when I got to the counter the agent reduced my pain by joking that the color of my stuff that required special internet order was worth the wait. I proudly showed off my internet order leaving the store.

She was probably in her 40's with little makeup on, probably coming straight from the yoga / slimming joint a few doors away. But her body is really something considering her age. Of course, the tightness help but her butt and breasts looked so good. Not only that, you know 3-quarter anything was so hard to wear when you don't have a model body.  She doesn't but she looks good on it. I would hit it given the chance.

Maybe she noticed that I looked impatient checking the line length of the other checkouts constantly. I just didn't want to check out her butt all the time. She noticed that a new checkout was opened and told me helpfully. Why would she notice anything about me at her back? Why would she bother?

Maybe it was my colorless gray sagging pants. It was a nightmare to keep it on my waist all the time but it was worth it for my legs looking great. Maybe it was my well worn blue T-shirt that needed the whole factory to stitch the very few visible seams. Of course, my sagging breasts and beer belly weren't visible in any way. Maybe it was my voluminous long stylish hair that many alpha males cut themselves. I think my little salt and pepper looks good but maybe it was my Clark Kent glasses that made me look like a college freshman or single father getting lost in the supermarket.

She cared enough to start a conversation but I was never good at it. More, if I had an hour to spare I would have booked something. You know what I mean!

I took each fire alarm down, in turn, to listen to the one that gave out the low battery scream. I could have replaced the old 9V battery but then I found out that the alarm was 10 years old. So it was made about the time when I went to Argentine. I only remembered that they were cheaper single sensor types because I was saving money for the non-critical areas; I have different types of alarms.

For about the same money I ordered two new ones with dual sensors that use rechargeable AA batteries. Fire alarms are supposed to be replaced every 10 years. I could try those with 10-year batteries but I don't trust them much. Maybe next time. Looking forward to the next 10.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Where are they now?

Over the years I have some acquaintances in the blogging community. I stopped checking on them years ago partly because I don't want to find out that more blogs becoming graveyards. Partly because Facebook killed RSS and to some extend blogging.

For the same reason, I deleted my blog roll many years ago; it would be counterproductive if it contained lots of deserted blogs. And since Google killed Reader, I didn't have the records to visit my dear old acquaintances. But I still have a list in Blogger that contains blogs in Blogger only.

It's not surprising that many bloggers had stopped. I myself could have stopped many times and still may stop all of a sudden. The most active blogger seems to be blogging her totally new live for as long as I can remember. It's hard warming to see that some book authors are still blogging.

In this business, the opposite sex always tries to take advantage of each other. This is a very individual game so it's hard to agree how to best play it and form fan clubs. It's not easy to "friend" each other and follow each other closely. That's why I still like this Blogger format.

This is my own private corner of the Internet. In five years you may wonder what happened to this guy and you can come back to visit. You may catch up on my new adventures or it might become as dead as my own shrine until Google decides to kill old blogs.

There's no easy way to follow me. Google Reader replacements are either too simple or too complicated or too expensive (not free). So I linked this blog with Google+ to make it possible to follow. But we have to use Google+. RSS is about cooperation but FB got powerful enough to kill it. Google agrees that RSS is dead and didn't even fight. I wonder does AdWord makes any money at all?

Instead of wondering where are you guys now I will tell you where have I been. The publishing of the Argentina trip was supposed to be the start of my memoir. Should I say it was time to hang up the condoms? I remember very well that I got Emma's call in the first few days checking on me. It happened that I was on a compatible network but I didn't pay for international roaming. I could see her number but couldn't answer.

Before that I wrote a lot of things all over;  they are of course as "popular" as this blog :-( For a memoir I wanted people to read so I took some effort on the readability and the topics. If you find that unreadable and uninteresting, you can imagine what my other writings were. Even when I wasn't doing it, I still enjoying writing about it.

Over time, it's less about keeping friends and readers but more about myself and my past relationships, particularly Chanel. You need inspiration and motivation to keep writing. Incidentally, I was invited to write a textbook very early on in my career. The typesetting tech wasn't there yet and it would be a nightmare. More important, I have to keep my Professor for the heavy grammar editing I needed and hence his whole group will all be authors in my book. I could do it all by myself but it would take years and I had no clue how those publishers work. At the time I was worrying where my next meal comes from and how to get a real paycheck.

I regretted turning it down by not replying. It's so much worthwhile if only to put it on the bookshelf to remind Mrs Player that I'm not a fake and I'm a big deal to somebody.

Of course, if money and time allow and when the opportunity arises I will do it all over in a heartbeat. That's what I did and always enjoy writing all about it. And since my old readers and new readers will be few and far between, I naturally let my guards down and revealed more of my individuality. I apologize for your lost inside my own soul searching.