Tuesday, May 07, 2019


When she opened the door, Chanel (II) turned her head around quickly and walked back into the room as if she was in a rage. Wow! What did I do to deserve that?

Last time it was all good. Her invitation to her new home was still on. I asked if I could visit her old home before she moved. She said ok too when her boyfriend wasn't around. So I texted her before she moved. I didn't ask to go to her home directly but I gave her a chance. She gave me a one-line response and then none. I knew she couldn't text much because she then had to delete all the conversations in the car. But I gave up. It couldn't work that way. And for the unenthusiastic reply, I banned her for a while.

She then put up advertisements a lot more, several times a week instead of one. Today I woke up and noticed that she was still working. It should be the last morning before she disappears for a few weeks. I decided to help her out. But she had an appointment at the time I wanted. So I tried to rush to get the slot before. It would be silly to wait for the slot after.

I arrived very late. The lift didn't work and I ran up 3 stories high. It was the wrong wing. I never knew there was another wing so I didn't believe her when she told me to go right at the lobby. I ran down and rushed to the other side.

She opened the door like she never wanted to see me again. I proceed carefully. I put the money down and took a shower. And I got on the bed when she was there waiting.

I knew I didn't have much time because I had to leave on time. So I didn't attempt any kisses and conversations and went straight for her breast. She pushed me and left her sexy PJ on. WTF? I was a bit shocked. She signaled me to lie down and gave me a blowjob.

It was tough. If I had anything left in me, I lost it during the high-speed drive there, and then her angry reaction. I couldn't get an erection. Indeed, I was shrinking fast. At least she was patient. But I was afraid to look at her. She didn't smile or talk. She may even look angry. She kept her sexy PJ on. She kept blowing and I kept watching my watch. I was thinking about how to pull out of this. Last time I had good reasons to fail and asked for a handjob. This time I wasn't sure.

Before I asked for a handjob again, my cock began to get bigger. And very soon it was erect. Not the best but erect. She fetched a condom and put it on me without asking. And she started to ride me. No smile.

Almost as soon as she rode me, she said she couldn't do it - it was too big or it hurt her. Before I could ask for a handjob again, she lied down and asked me to do the missionary. OK, so I went in carefully, and minimize body contact in case she went crazy and pushed me. I asked her if she was OK when I began to charge. She turned her face to one side so I couldn't have read her reactions. She never smiled but she didn't say a word either.

I didn't have much time so I charged fast and furiously. But still, in the middle of it all, I whispered in her ears if she was OK. She didn't say a word. I wouldn't dare to DFK her but still, I planted a kiss on her pretty face.

Actually, it was a good fuck as I didn't have any distraction. I concentrated on fucking and I came, with time to spare! I gave her a little kiss on her face and rolled over. I looked at my watch and I still had time left.

Now, she was all smiling! And laughed at me for being fast. But it could also mean that she didn't have enough. She was like just eaten a ton of honey and started talking. She told me her schedule for the whole month, birthday, day trip, 1st cruise trip, family, period, boyfriend, etc.

I told her we should meet again for her birthday. She was happy to. So she does want to see me again. So this is what happened. She was jealous of Julia and angry at me because I didn't see her for so long. So I must have been with Julia. And then I was late for her.

Now I know her more. Can be two different persons.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Only yesterday

Thanks to one of my fans, must be the most patient fan, who reminded me that I often get the dates wrong, by years. I admit that's probably true for somethings. But to me a lot of things seem to have happened only yesterday. Because I still got it?

I meet a woman in a hotel lounge last month. When she was standing under the spotlight, The Lady in Red was written for her. She was standing tall, so intimidating that I didn't even try to take a good at her. She has short blonde hair, stylish. Her pale skin sharply contrasts with her very red dress. I didn't look at her feet but later found out that she was on heels. She left the others and came in for a break perhaps.

Actually, we started a conversation in a private dark corner! What's the chance? It was dark and too close so I couldn't see much. But she is the definition of slim and she fits her long, simple, elegant, body-hugging dress. If she fits the difficult dress like that she could be in her early twenties, thirties maybe. If she is in her 40's and above, she has to be one in a million. And I couldn't say she has a beautiful face. But if her face disappoints she probably won't dress to the nine's like that.

More surprisingly is her story. In no time she said she hate events. So even the dumbest geek in the world know how to take the bait. I asked her what was the event. She is in medical research and that day was fundraising. And obviously, because she is so good looking, they dig her out of the lab to socialize with the rich patrons. I was so in love with her right out of the bat, if only she wasn't so intimidating.

Perhaps she understands geek and she knows that she is just so intimidating, she just poured out her story. She speaks elegantly but managed to tell me a lot without any help from me. She is born and bred locally. Whenever she comes back from aboard, she hates the place and maybe don't like the country either. Wow, each and every one of her rants are so up my alley. We could have such great conversations. We could have been soulmates.

But I think what she sees in me is something I am not anymore. So I just listen without trying to score anything. I don't see what's her point talking to a middle-aged man with wife and kids. I know I look, and in fact, so intellectual but I am always the underachiever.

And she even kicked off her heels in the dark and walked a few steps on occasions like Cinderella. So lovely. I can't stop thinking that she was trying to impress me and not intimate me but encourage me. But I have no clue what she was thinking. She was totally sober. Maybe she was a bit older wanting to score a college student? LOL. Maybe she likes someone mature but not looking like a walking penguin? Maybe she brought into my stereotype - well educated and successful but good looking? Wait till I emerge from the darkness. And I'm the type who may buy a red dress and ask Caroline to wear it. Then fuck the hell out of her. She left everything open when she told me she is waiting table again.

The week before last. I overheard a few teens on my back. One girl was interested in a guy. The other mean girl shot her down, saying that his haircut looks like he's 30's but he is 50's. I was like really going to ask her where he cut his hair, Tony & Guy and the sort? But it dawned on me that she was talking about me and my Flowbee. It was so mean. But I take it as a compliment for the 30's bit and the compliment for my hair.

Not a month before I overhead a few Asian girls and a guy at my back. Obviously, one Asian girl is the leader of the pack; the others won't say no to her. She starts saying how beautiful her cousins are. Basically, she is boasting how beautiful she is. Once when she was in BCH, a popular Korean restaurant for Asians young and old, a girl came up just to say how beautiful she is.

But why? Your friends all know that. Your new friends? They all sat there like dummies. You can say you are the queen of America and they won't say anything else. I know where it is going. Maybe she starting all that because I never looked at her given many chances. And I'm not going to. What's the point. I don't think she has a father complex. I don't think she's the type looking for love over money.

She went on to say her cousins are cheerleaders. Good for them. It doesn't work. I was sitting tight, not moving my head a bit. Then she tried something else, her friends and relatives all go to universities like so and so, all the famous and not so famous CA universities. Well, I was thinking WTF. Is she 16/17 looking for a few mature brave men?

A woman tried to get me into karaoke. She was excited when I could do a line or two, "can't buy me love .... love..." Almost had to drive her home. Another one asked me if I remember when I was a baby being cuddled.

It was not two months ago when the girl next to me started talking; the place was crowded. I think she was in the speakeasy stage. She is a nice good girl with average looks but not sexy, wondering why she has no dates. She actually started to woo me in the dark in front of her friends. She even got hold of my Spotify playlist and was impressed by my music choices; I prepared the list to play at Julia's house.

Finally, there was no misunderstanding when she asked, "We are here for the 26th birthday of a friend, how old are you?" How can I answer that without consequence? I paused and tried something to duck it. Then a boy at the background shouted, "41". I was so pleased because a boy in his 20's think that I'm 41, and that's for an insult. But I was too soon and wrong to admit that. It was hard for the girl. That's why it is a difficult question. If I say 31 probably she would me her number and wonder why I didn't call.

Before that, I met an American girl who just finished college in Japan and moved back. All of a sudden she asked me if I have kids. I asnwered before I realized what she was up to. So much better than asking how old. If I have kids I have to have a wife or girlfriend. If I have ex, more time had passed.

All time high

What a gem I rediscovered. The full lyrics and my comments after.

1 All I wanted was a sweet distraction for an hour or two.
2 Had no intention to do the things we´ve done.
3 Funny how it always goes with love, when you don´t look, you find.
4 But then we´re two of a kind, we move as one.
5 We´re an all time high,
6 We´ll change all that´s gone before.
7 Doing so much more than falling in love.
8 On an all time high,
9 We´ll take on the world and wait.
10 So hold on tight, let the flight begin.
11 I don´t want to waste a waking moment; I don´t want to sleep.
12 1I´m in so strong and so deep, and so are you.
13 In my time I´ve said these words before, but now I realize
14 My heart was telling me lies, for you they´re true.
15 1We´re an all time high,
16 We´ll change all that´s gone before.
17 Doing so much more than falling in love.
18 On an all time high,
19 We´ll take on the world and wait.
20 So hold on tight, let the flight begin.
So hold on tight, let the flight begin.
We´re an all time high.

I know line (1) is talking about the movie but it's the best describing my motivation, and perhaps so do you.

(2) Yeah right, there are so many mind-blowing sex that you can do. But Caroline made my pants so tight when she kissed me that I had to unbutton and unzip before I could continue. I forget about my wallet, my glasses and maybe everything else whenever I said goodbye to Chanel. And being the marriage consultant, listening to boyfriend troubles like a soulmate. A few of many.

(3) The most unlikely at first meet became my girlfriends, if only for an hour at a time.

(4) The kind despised by society. Live by the moment. It's funny that when connected by a hard rod, we can always move as one. I often lift a cowgirl up and change position without pulling out, weight permitting. I had a video of myself doing the flat ironing on a relatively soft bed. It was like a pair of mating dolphins moving as one.

(5) Are we all looking for the next all time high?

(6) I think girls often go what they haven't gone before for the right customers, like regulars. For Chanel, it took a long while before DFK became standard and obviously toe sucking.

(7) so much more than making loving, falling in love in the broad sense. Like shopping, dining. Delving into each other's life.

(9) I think it should be take on the world and win. We had so many of our own battles to fight. We cannot fight together but we can have a sweet interlude, a kind of taking on the world together. Even for the most talented, I feel sad for them at times. And I hope my girls all win their battles in the end. It's hard for me in their shoes.

(10) It reminds me of holding on their waist tight while they ride on me. Or holding on to their perfect breasts while letting the ride. Again holding on tight on their breasts while spooning. Or tight on their wrists while flat ironing.

(11) I recall the rare moment in an all-nighter. Of course, I don't want to sleep but too tired sex after sex. When I woke up in the middle of the night opening my eyes, the cute girl was staring at me. So it was sex all over again.

(12) Yeah, there are often clingeworthy lyrics to go with the movies but this is not one of them.

(13) (14) There can be no certainty what's true. What is true for you is true.

Monday, April 01, 2019

Finally ...

I told Chanel (II) that Julie had quitted everything and that's why I was after her. There are not many girls with their calibre nowadays. She was flattered. Of course, she took me home just as she promised when I first booked her again after several years.

I told her all about Chanel I. When I met Chanel II, Chanel I got married not too long ago. I was still mourning. They have many things in common that I can't stop thinking of Chanel I when I was with Chanel II. If I began to care for her when she disappeared, I could not stand the double suffering. That's why Julie was a safe replacement. Anyway, that was what I explained to Chanel II why I didn't see her again for a few years. She seemed happy.

I also told her I am now qualified as a relationship consultant/therapist. I know what ladies want, a guy who knows what they do, someone that they can talk to. But men can forgive and forget what their ladies did, but not what they do. It's tough to visualize sucking dicks for a living. I also told her that Chanel I actually asked me whether she should be getting married. And I actually laughed that she should go for it, if she didn't need to sign anything. I was so bad. But she didn't expect to sign anything - two traditional families and her sisters all married well.

Chanel II was too impressed. She started to tell me the rest of her two boyfriends that she hasn't managed to tell me. I didn't tell her directly but she soon realized that they won't work. I began to stay longer at her home after sex, without worrying that she would have to kick me out. Of course, dinner dates. Everybody needs to eat, right?

I don't know if my prophecy was spot on, or she tried to make it happen. I told Chanel II perhaps she would be running into Julie at the downtown popular Gym, and that their personal trainers will likely know each other if not the same. She indeed caught up with Julie and told her how bad I felt.

Julie was so sorry. The truth is that she couldn't host. She did quit escort and dancing but she still has about two generous Daddies who wouldn't approve of her sex works. She thought it would be best and simplest to say goodbye to me like that. After all, I met her again last summer and you can count the max number of times that I had sex with her. That was true but you don't know how she kisses! Now she knows that I have no hard feelings for her so she said that she wouldn't mind seeing me but it would be just hard to find the chance.

It dawned on me that she could skip the gym and sneak into Chanel's apartment to do some exercises and I can personally train her ;-) Just when I thought it was a very dumb idea, I proposed to do a threesome. I'm quite sure they would have done it as a tag team. If not, even better if they agree to. Every escort should learn. I don't think I will enjoy as much as one at a time but it solves all the problems.

It started off when I asked Julie to teach Chanel how to kiss with tongue. She showed her, she tried, I said fail. We repeated a few times and had a good laugh. Then I sucked and squeezed on all four tits to see who's the best. Obviously, they had seen each other naked before. But now they can't stop checking each other who's got the better trainer, LOL. You know, Julie is a flawless stripper and Chanel is a perfect tall model. I was in heaven!

I knew I had to preserve energy to deal with these two girls. I missed Julie so much that I immediately inserted into her wet pussy from behind, a spoon. I turned her a bit so I was fingering her and fucking her at the same time right in front of Chanel for her to see. When she was getting hot I just put her own hand on her pussy and asked her to masturbate in front of Chanel. I told Chanel to masturbate for me to watch too. They were a bit shy but they just obeyed with their eyes closed.

When Julie was almost there, I ordered Chanel to eat her to climax. She hesitated. I expected that they could have done some kinky things together but I then I don't know to see Chanel's response. But I would take no for an answer. It was so hot and that was the point of no return. I rarely say bad words more than fuck but that moment everything came out from my mouth, dirty and degrading. I wouldn't be able to recall but it would be in the line of "you little whores, what have you not done for money? you lick balls and suck dicks, right? Now lick her pussy. You want $5 tips? $20? $100?"

Reluctantly, Chanel went for it. It was so lame that I kept saying, "Harder, harder ... you little whore!" If I sensed that she was offended, I would have apologized on the spot. But she kept going just as I commanded. So the verbal abuse got worse that I can't and won't repeat.

Then the big squeeze came. OMG! I couldn't have done it better all by myself without Chanel's help. The only problem was to hold on. I took a deep breath and clenched my fist. I survived the big one and a few aftershocks.

Time was of the essence. Immediately I kissed Julie on her cheeks and pushed her off fast. I commanded Chanel to sit on my dick. It was the same spoon but now Chanel's legs were wide open for Julie to see. And Julie knew she had to return the favour. While she was eating Chanel, I held her long legs to spread them as wide as possible and to sync her body with my fucking movement.

I told Chanel to squeeze her own tits. They all do that for a show. But this time I wanted to see red. I kept verbally abusing her until she did what I wanted. When I wasn't abusing her, I told her to practice what she just learned, kissing me like Julie. It wasn't too hard since you can kiss while flat ironing.

When Chanel was almost there, I told Julie that I wanted to come in her mouth. We did simulate that before but not really in her mouth. I wouldn't mind trying it again as I fucked enough this time, two of them. Chanel had a rather long big climax. As soon as she finished, I throw her away like a doll so Julie could dock her mouth onto my cock fast. I came buckets after buckets. Despite all the shaking and jerking, she didn't let go and took it all in her mouth. When she caught it all, she retreated slowly into the bathroom. I opened my eyes when I saw Chanel kneeling beside me waiting for instruction. "Suck it." And she did.

When Julie came back, I laid down in the middle of the bed and opened my arms. They held me on each side with their legs wrapped around me as if competing who's closest to me. If they had done anything wrong to me in my life they are all forgiven.

Hot, isn't it? Indeed my Chromebook crashed when all the juices ran out. Because it was a dual boot Linux somehow the boot system was corrupted for the 1st time and the whole book has to be factory reset.

And you would have thought that's the perfect heavenly ending?

The weather was so gorgeous the last weekend that Chanel asked me to go to the beach. Why would you be surprised? I took Emma to the beach when she asked; she was new to the area. When she had the need to pee, I drove her to a fast food joint and handed her a quarter to enter the toilet booths. She was so impressed as if I was a member of the local yacht club.

This time I took Chanel to a stretch of quiet beach that I came to be familiar with. I know Chanel I married and lived in a house by the beach there. When I missed her too much, had too many time in my hands, feeling too lonely too upset, I might go there all by myself. All the time I looked at the beachfront properties, I thought maybe one day we will meet again.

This time it was totally different. I had one of my two favorite girls in the world in my arms, a tall model barely wearing anything. She was enjoying the jealousy from other women while I enjoyed seeing the guys drooling on her. It was such an easy long walk that we forget about the time.

Then we came across an elegant woman with her little kid. Maybe she was the only woman that was able to catch my eyes on the beach. Why would I look at other women? She was in a swimsuit but well covered from the sun and perhaps covering her body to hide the fact that she obviously had a kid. But she was beautiful and elegant from what I see. When we walked closer I was checking her face to compare with Chanel by my side.

But fact is stranger than fiction. Perhaps I never spent so much time on that beach. Since I fucked her kissed her so many times, I couldn't have mistaken. This elegant woman is Chanel I !!! I almost fainted.

It took me a few seconds to collect myself. I could barely walk away. Then I was into deep thought. Actually, my brain was blank. Chanel II squeeze my hands and asked what's wrong. I told her. She starred seriously at me for a few seconds, and then smiled as if she thought of something.

She let go of my hand and went after Chanel I. Later she told me that she asked if Chanel I recognize an old friend, now her boyfriend. Then Chanel II asked if Chanel I mind having a few words with me for old time's sake, while she babysat her kid.

Chanel walked toward me, getting more and more beautiful as she came closer. She is more beautiful than I remembered, than in my dreams. After all, she is still under 30.

"How are you?", she asked.

I was speechless at first. The original Chanel was talking to me after all these years. I could have written down the dialogue to treasure for the next million years. But this is the spoiler.

As expected, she got married, lived by the beach and had a kid years after refusing. Eventually, her husband cheated with younger girls. She wasn't into him in the first place so they divorced, and she kept the house.

I asked if she had anybody else in her life. She said no but in a familiar phrase, "Was I being fucked enough?".  She answered with that phrase once I asked if she likes sex toys. But in general, she doesn't like sex that much. I believe her. I remember that she would rather have a husband who she could talk to, rather than keeping her history a lifetime secret.

As much as I hate being rejected in the greatest degree, I had to brave this or I will regret for the rest of my life. "Can we meet again to talk about old times?" She nodded slightly and very casually. Wow! My heart was beating hard but only now that I could feel it.

Then she looked slightly sideways at Chanel II. "Oh, she wouldn't mind.", I said. It's a big if but since she was so nice as to hook us up, I just hope. I would be going to ask her anyway, and Julie too. Also, it didn't need me to tell her than Chanel II has her same background. That's how I got to know her. "Boyfriend" was just a word of convenience.

"How about going to my house for a drink now?", she said so unexpectedly. "I'll ask her." It was understood that for politeness we both were invited. And I wouldn't leave Chanel II on her own. She is in my pocket but not Chanel I.

I went to Chanel II and told her about the invitation. She gave me a wicked smile and assured me repeatedly that I should go alone; there would be no fun for her talking with my old friend. We escorted Chanel II with barely anything on to my car. Then I followed Chanel I to her home with her sleepy little kid. In a way, I shouldn't be too surprised. She is beating a tall young model.

Anybody want to know what happened?

We met when it was late afternoon when the sun was less brutal. We talked until after dusk on everything, from her sex life with her ex back to how she really felt when I first sucked her toes. Good times.

That was when I got horny and she sensed it in my eyes too. I didn't hide it. I did it so many times, before, after, and during sex with her.

"I missed you.", I whispered just as I did to Julie when I stopped seeing her for a month and to Chanel II after I didn't see her for a couple of years. I really meant it every time. I would be really really surprised if she said I missed you too. She just smiled understandingly.

"Do you fancy a foot massage?", it should be tempting after a long walk on the beach.

"OK", she said playfully in case I was joking. She laid on the arm of the couch and put her feet on my lap. And so I started. I can do it well. She even complimented on my massage skills, on her feet, and on her back. The problem is, I never can do it more than 10 seconds when I got so horny. And since I paid so I could do what I paid for whenever I wanted in the hour. Now I didn't know.

10 secs had passed. And then another 10, and another. I couldn't hold any longer. I kissed on the back of her feet, barely touching her flesh. She didn't do anything. I waited 3 seconds before I looked at her reaction. Nothing, just a relaxing smile. So I playfully licked on the tip of her toe.

"Message only!", she said seriously but then couldn't stop laughing at my silly sex craved look. I seized the moment and sucked her whole big toe in my mouth. She laughed like the first time I did it. She must have not getting it since. Very quickly, I gave an adorning kiss on all of her toes, missing a few inevitably, then leaped forward to her side. I held her waist gently, got closer in slow motion to demand a kiss, but giving her plenty of time to duck.

She held my neck when I was at arm's length. It was a go. So I gave her the most gentle and most passionate kiss that I ever managed. It lasted maybe a minute or maybe 10; I wouldn't know. Then I let go of her lips and said "I love you" with my eyes.

"600 hundred", she said with a wicked smile. Actually, I wasn't at all surprised. I would have done that if I didn't bark on the idea of treating a suburban housewife with a big house as a prostitute. Even if it was a joke but it isn't for a fact.

"seven, my lucky number"

"Deal", she laughed at my bargaining skill.

"ATM now?" That didn't happen before with her but that's the protocol. She leaned forward and gave me an affectionate kiss on the lips.

So I took her hand, pulled her up from the couch. She led me into the bedroom, bold and shy at the same time like a high school kid. Beside the bed, she turned slowly with her head down. I grabbed her really tight, gave her a rough and tough kiss while squeezing her bottom really hard to release my sexual tension in me.

While still kissing her gently, I relaxed and began to undress her with my hands. But she held both of my hands with hers, and pulled away from my lips. With her head down, she said, "I'm older now and I had a kid." I understood what she said. She was insecure of her body, especially after seeing Chanel I. "Wait till she saw Julie naked", I thought.

I held her back gently, gave her a little wet kiss on her lips, and whisper in her ears, "It doesn't matter!". I just needed to get laid, I thought. "Do you want to turn the light off?" Obviously not.

She took a step back and began to take off her clothes nervously as if she was going to disappoint me and turn me off. I was a bit nervously too because I really really wanted her but you never know how bad it could be, if I could still maintain my erection.

After she peeled off the layer on top of her bikini, I could help but exclaimed, "Holy Moly!". She was smoking hot. Hotter than I met her at 19. You know suburban housewife running around the lakes with sports bras and short shorts can be very hot too, just different from girls, like with slightly fuller thighs. Chanel was hot like a stripper. She had a victory smile on her face while I was totally shocked.

"Have you been dancing in the clubs?", I asked with a careful choice of words as my best form of compliment. "Personal trainer", she smiled with satisfaction.

Why? Why on earth everybody got a personal trainer? Should I get one too? She was never big on sex. I believed her that she had nobody in her life. But a personal trainer? Did she watch too much Oprah?

I ripped off her bikini and throw it far far away to the corner of the bedroom so she couldn't get it to cover herself ever. I pushed her hard and send her tumbling onto the bed. I dived onto the bed without hurting her. Then I kissed her everywhere chaotically without rhythm and plan. But whatever I kissed, sucked or licked, in the middle of it, I would go back to stare into her eyes and kiss her. I wanted her so much.

After I had enough like 1st night out of prison, I asked her to do the usuals that the other girls do for me. I didn't tell her but I was comparing how they fare. Then I asked her to do the reverse missionary one more time. She didn't fake noises this time, but made yummy noises all the way, while looking me sweet like a candy. From time to time, when I was staring at her too intensely, she would dive down and kiss me, just like Julie!

The finale had to be my favorite, spooning her hard. I couldn't forget the facial expression I caught her on the mirror once. She was like a kid, unhappy after being denied candy. I wanted to repeat that, fucking her fast and furious while squeezing her breasts hard with both hands. But this time it wasn't about getting my money's worth. I wanted her to feel good, to remember my cock. While I was at it, I rubbed her pussy gently, caressed her breasts and kissed her with her head twisted.

But an idea came to me. I wanted her to come with me. I put her hand on her pussy and whispered in her ear, "Do it for me". She twisted her head and gave me her usual disapproval look, rolling her eyes. But she couldn't fake it for long with my cock deep inside her. My hand were on top of her hand encouraging her to rub her own pussy. Soon she got into the rhythm.

"Ah-owl ... ah-owl ... ah-owl", she was like a talking kitten instead of making sounds as she rubbed herself faster and faster. Finally, she got there with a burst of contractions on my cock. I let myself go and came with her. I held her tight without pulling out - my best form of cuddling. I wasn't going to let her go ever again.

We took a bath, we ate, we talked. Hours and hours went by so fast. I stayed the night with her face on my chest feeling my heartbeat. What a day that was.

What a day it is. So many things happening. So many things to write about. And I manage to do it in a day with minutes to spare!

Friday, March 29, 2019

It's not working

I was hoping that Chanel could help me forget about Julie. She made it worse. I now know more about why I miss Julie so much.

Chanel (I) limited my time of DFK but when we kissed she was very receptive, with hands on my back and some caressing. Well, maybe not during kissing but she did. She also understands that within the hour, she is my girlfriend, my mistress, my wife, whatever I want her to be.

Caroline is like making sure that the new good catch will become her boyfriend. She goes all out to capture your heart, lingering kisses right after I go into her door. She would also deliberately pick up any tiny detail to remember so as to impress you, feeling that you are special.

Julie was far from GFE since I knew her. But when I ran into her again last year, she became not GFE but GF !!! When she was riding on my cock, she would look at me all smiling and then suddenly dive down playfully and kiss me with tongue. Went back to riding and repeat. Yes, you can act but you don't really need to go that far out to lock your client. I would think we have some chemistry and she would be rather fond of me in a way. And she isn't the only one nor the best one. I had to limit myself kissing her and sucking her tongue; my donations don't deserve that.

And when I give her a lingering lip kiss, her tongue would slowly creep in between my lips. Once I was so unexpected that I almost jumped. That kiss even got into my dreams though for some reason it was Carter kissing me.

Caroline and I foreplay with clothes on while still standing. This is even more GF than Julie. But when Julie kiss goodbye and then hug me with her face on my chest, every time was like last time. That's why I didn't feel the difference until I want through all the details after, trying to remember everything about her.

Chanel? She just laid there when I was on top fucking and kissing her. Otherwise no hugs no kisses. I don't think she's always like that or she wouldn't be so popular and still standing. Going straight to the point, I think she has a few issues with me.

Perhaps it was a mistake that I didn't tell Chanel that Juquittted everything. That I can't see her again. So obviously Chanel didn't want to compete with her friend affecting her business. But unconsciously she is. After she asked and knew about us, she gave me her number and invite me to visit her even before she moved. When I texted her 1st time to take that up, she didn't reply. But when I turned up during her incall day, she asked indirectly if I went to Julie instead. Without provocation, she criticized Julie's makeup and showed me her IG pictures. When she showed me her panoramic view of her new apartment on her app, I asked if I can see a landmark. Immediately she knew I was trying to see if I can see Julie's apartment from there. I think we both have too much Julie in our minds.

And then there are her boyfriend issues. #1 is doomed; I don't think any male can handle that, knowing that your girlfriend is a working escort. #2 is doomed because she doesn't love him and he is just nice, not even "taking care" of her. I think that means financially. Her less than enthusiastic text, when she even replies, maybe a way of deterring me for finding love in her. But then she couldn't stop herself from telling me her deep secrets. My good relation with Julie shows that I can be professional and she shouldn't be worrying about me looking for a girlfriend. But if she thinks that Julie and I have something more than professional, she is out of her mind.

So I booked her the 2nd time just to see why she wouldn't reply to my text. So I believed her everything when she was so competitive with Julie. She even agreed to see me before she moves. But when I texted her again asking her when she is turning up to play again, the answer is an unenthusiastic "maybe" on the weekends. I wasn't after that anyway. So I asked her if I could see her before that. No reply. OK, that's a no but can you do better? The best I can imagine is that she really didn't want to leave traces for the boyfriend to discover. But then she showed me her list of callers, telling me that I'm not special having her real number.

I was going to take it as a further test. I was going to see her in yet another hotel and secure the 1st booking at her new apartment. But it was hard. I really needed some lovely feeling that day. Even if I can see her that day it would just be an investment, wouldn't satisfy my craving.

I began to think of Caroline a lot. We just start passionate kissing with clothes on and after all said and done, she would be on top of me passing the rest of the time left. But I need to set up some conditions before seeing her, can't do it all of a sudden. And she lives so far away.

The alternative may be to find somebody to torture. I found one but she is as far away as Caroline.

Then I came across an agency with a girl in town. I never used this agency before but I had good experiences with similar agencies using European girls. Not the type of cute girls I'm more used to, but classic escort style with long blonde/brunette hair, bikini body, tall and leggy on sexy heels. May not be totally GFE but no problem kissing and cuddling. That was the description of the last one I had. Her face is a bit funny in a good way but a smoking body at about 30. I was wanting for some GFE but more importantly someone gorgeous from head to toe that I can lick off, preferably with heels on.

Since the agency advertises late nights, I booked for 10 pm. I didn't think that the lady would be busy. That was a mistake. I was early, texted them 10 minutes before the appointment. I waited for a total of 30 minutes. I cancelled and ready to leave when they offer me a discount and that she was ready.

It was very disappointing for an agency. She wasn't overbooked because she had jetlag. Probably she drove from far away, they couldn't wake her up, or the room was overbooked.

But it was a total disappointment from any such agency girls. She has nothing outstanding. Average face, not in good shape, not tall and rounded. What do you expect? My last girls were all models or lookalikes, with personal trainers and a stripper in her prime.

But well she is kissable and lickable, nice boobs and a big ass. The price isn't right but I rather not go home unsatisfied. So I held and kissed her with clothes on. Her dress is sort of sexy covering her average body. She backed off a bit but didn't turn down the kiss. I went forward for more. Again she backed off a bit but didn't turn me down. I let her off when she did some tongue play with me.

It is one of those nights that I was craving for big juicy tits. BTW, I heard that work out will keep you natural tits small. Probably true. I sucked and licked and sucked. All the girls I mentioned above are small to flat.

I was mentally prepared to kiss, lick and suck the girl in the picture. I still did. But mostly on her tits and her ass and pussy. Her legs and feet wasn't in the best proportions but at close range, they were smooth and clean. It is one of those one night stands that I wouldn't worry what she would think of me, whether she still like me after. I did what I like at the moment until she ducked or said no, like fingering her.

I came on top of her, stayed a bit, then rolled over to enjoy my nap. It would be better if she cuddles me but she didn't. I didn't bother to ask. I did what I set out to do and I would be happy to go home after the nap. Most women will worry about if I could get up again in time. I don't bother because I wouldn't normally. I had to assure them that I am done; I just need some recuperation.

She was nice to offer me massage, on me or her. The last time Chanel checked that I couldn't be revived and then sort of leave the bed. The first time we met she actually asked me to leave early; she had a VIP coming. I was going to tell her that for the rest of the time she is still my girlfriend and she should think of something to entertain me. But I never had the chance.

So I wonder why agencies will want to fly these average girls here? Maybe they come by themselves and find some agencies who would take bookings. I don't know. I wouldn't bother with these girls. But they are doing it like 10 years ago, a beautiful website, a beautiful gallery for each girl and beautiful pages with details and great reviews. The girls maybe real or generic. I would think the lady who I booked could be anybody they can find at the time. But then she really came from Europe on a plane with a heavy accent. Any never again for this agency.

I was so nice she really thinks that I would be back. But I tipped her anyway with the remaining of the cash in my wallet. Happiness is contiguous. She would not remember me if I never visit her again. (It may be one of the issues with Chanel.) So she couldn't be sad. I feel sorry for her for her averageness. But then I think the money will be good for her talents.

She escorted me to the door that Julie and Chanel don't. She is a bit rounded and at the door, she turned comical. She asked for a kiss goodbye and that was good. What she said kiss means something else. She moved her lips forward so I kissed her. Then she turned over with her ass up. No problem, I kissed her ass again and spanked her. Then she raised her feet high. That was unexpected; so I had to kiss her feet.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Reality is how you see it

Conway will be remembered as the person who made a major advanced in human mutual understanding, between sexes in particular. It's always suspected but not proven. Now every man and boy have a concrete understanding of what is inside a woman's mind; that thing called alternative facts.

In this game of sex, every companion has to deal with it one way or the other. Chanel I is a professional liar. She can do it effortlessly while you can't easily find holes in it. There is a subtle difference but Julie bullshit through it. She is very convincing but her lies don't pass the test of time. How do I know? Chanel (II) told me the other side of her that fit my experience. As for Chanel, I don't think she knows the truth herself!

So I gave up booking Chanel directly and went through her assistant. She wanted to see me after all. But then it was bizarre at first. No, it was bizarre throughout really.

"Don't text me every day, I have my private life!", she complained the first thing she had the chance.
"You told me to see you at home. And I ever texted you two messages!"

She claimed not to have remembered on the first message. And then I think she deliberately remembers me as another person to put me down. Then she didn't reply anymore. So I tried once again the next week when I could go to see her. No reply again. I wasn't going to talk about it nor complain about it. I wonder what game she is playing. If you don't reply I can't see you.

Just as she was trying too hard to put me down on texting, she managed to bring up Mrs Player, her boyfriend, and whether I'm fully or partially retired even before we had sex! Whhhat? A lesser person will lose his erection instantly.

Incidentally, I had something to do that day so I book her late in the evening. I told her the truth that it was a long day for me and I would have a problem performing. So she blamed it on my stress and there wasn't anything to do with her behavior.

Very understandingly, she worked very hard to relief my stress and frustration while I just laid there resting on the pillows. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't make me rock hard with her blow job. I didn't want to see her exhausted for nothing so I asked for the condom. I made it into the cowgirl. Again, she could ride all day while I just laid there watching. So I lifted her up and put her back down flat on the bed without ever pulling out. I tried to come fast and furious. I sucked her face and then her mouth non-stop. If she passed all that we could have a beautiful friendship with mutual benefits - money vs sex. I had no doubt she did want to see me again.

But I failed to come even though I gave her a good fuck. So I ordered the final handjob. She was a bit surprised that I had no problem with my ego. Actually, I enjoyed if it comes to that. The more mature ones are best. Avery and Caroline would see me eye to eye romantically and understandingly while doing it. And of course marathon lingering kisses. It was actually on the first date with Julie. There were no kisses but she was unexpectedly sweet, looking at me with all the smiles in the world.

Chanel wouldn't do any of that. But that didn't stop me from grabbing her and kissed away until I came. At the start, she asked me if I did it myself so as to last longer. But I proved myself my coming like buckets. She cleaned me up quick to avoid getting the bed wet all over.

So it was all a test. She told me she remembered me. She didn't reply because either she was with her boyfriend or that all the messages were deleted from the car because she didn't want to get caught. And she has a good reason to not remember me at first. She got a lot of texts. She actually showed me her phone! How awkward. I'm that not special. I don't want to know. It doesn't make enough sense but she saved my number in front of me with a long name consisting of words to remember me by.

I still call it bullshit. Who else you would invite to see you at home? She admitted that it was nice for Julie to take me home. (If she only knew.)

I still think that she remember me from two years ago even if she doesn't look at my handle and account beforehand. How can you explain that she brought up Mrs Player the same way, before and after sex, both times I booked her? I asked why she brought up Mrs Player all the time and she promised not to do it again. No explanations. Is she jealous of her? Is that her way of reminding me not to try anything funny, like trying to be her boyfriend?

It turned out that she has two boyfriends. One is for love. He knows what she does but doesn't want to handle it. So he dates other people. She doesn't like it because she doesn't want others to share his love. The second one treated her very nicely. He doesn't know anything and he doesn't take care of her (not paying her and not supporting her). She told me she isn't attracted to him at all. What a surprise! If that's her way of deterring me from seeking love, it's a total fail. I wouldn't want to be in any of their shoes. She is totally open and vulnerable.

Would you go around and tell every client that you have a boyfriend? Or even two? No. I think she respects me, the one who went home with Julie. She is dying to know what's between us. She can't live while I know more about Julie than her. They haven't talked since over half a year ago. Julie even changed her number; I think it was after I texted her walls of text and then promised her to let go.

I asked her if Julie is gay because from what she told me Julie has been so nice to her. And that she wasn't that good to me. But she told me that Julie is good enough to me because she took me home.

She told me their group once went to see a very scary movie, those that will have ID checks. Not all of them passed, LOL.

Just happened that I forgot the money in the car; it's a long day. After the shower, I put on my clothes to get it. I left my phone inside so I wasn't sure the room number even after I took a good look before I left. I was confused because she took off the no disturb sign after I arrived. She texted me if I will be back but of course I didn't receive it. Yes, it's so fucked up I could have left. But I won't need excuses. If I do it I would have insulted her with half the money, just like what I did with Chanel I.

The stack of money was thick enough but she took the chance to count it in front of me and apologized for it. She tried so hard to say that our relationship is purely professional. Yes, but you are supposed to be my girlfriend within the hour. And whatever happens in the hour stays in the hour. I don't know why, even Caroline the over 30 teen model told me that she now has a better boyfriend while still wants my business.

It was more complicated in Chanel's mind. She doesn't want to steal her friend's client but she also likes to win. She actually will move next month into the classy apartment she told me last time. She didn't but she insisted that she told me last time that she hasn't moved in yet. I think her current apartment isn't as good as Julies but the new one will cost twice as much.

Without prompting, she criticized Julie's heavy makeup and asked my opinion. She even dug up Julie's Instagram pictures for me to see. It happened so sudden or I could have got Julie's account name. 

Ahh, why everybody has a personal trainer? Should I get one too? The two girls may meet again at the downtown gym and share the same trainer to save some money.

I'm quite sure that Chanel didn't read any of my shit anywhere. She may change her mind about visiting her in her new apartment. It will be very difficult with a doorman.

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

She remembers me

I'm that unforgettable. Chanel remembers me from over 2 years ago when we met once. That's the only explanation.

That's why she had a strange reaction before I told her we met before. That's why there's all the interrogation about Mrs Player. The abrupt change of mood and tune. She is a straight shooter, relatively speaking, but that doesn't mean she doesn't lie.

Try patron somebody and then disappear for a couple of months; that's applicable to most industry. A madam once complained that she could have starved to death. I shouldn't have told her that we met over 2 years ago.

For her, I think she needs to keep her pride. I saw her once and then forgot all about her. But I kept seeing her buddy! And why would I see her again after so long? Very likely I will disappear again. And she wouldn't care too much; I'm just another client.

Now I had very good reasons but I couldn't manage to tell her all about it. She is the kind I'm afraid of; that's why she is Chanel (II). I wouldn't even see her long ago if not for Julie mentioned her name for unknown reasons. She's the one I could be addicted to. That's why I wouldn't see her if I didn't have enough cash reserve. I wouldn't see her if I didn't want to involve with someone long term.

I wasn't afraid of Julie. When she came back I just booked her to see if she improved. No. But she did when she last came back and I accidentally booked her after a could be near death experience. I wouldn't have missed her that much if not for her lingering kiss with tongue.

I wasn't afraid of Caroline. I just picked a blonde model type before I went into semi-retirement. I don't see how I can be attached to her. But her kisses made magic on me. Still, the affair lasted only a couple of months. Though she still wants my money when she has a boyfriend now.

So Chanel was thinking of reasons that I didn't see her after the first time. And she showed me the I don't care attitude when before I expressed that I want to see her again.

She would have felt jealous when I didn't see for so long but I managed to go home with Julie. She regretted giving me her real number because it was so unfair. I was so good to Julie while I didn't think twice about her. I think she played me on the phone. She remembered me but pretend otherwise and tried to make me jealous in return. She has nothing to lose because I might not see her again.

And it would hurt her pride when I booked her again only because Julie quitted on me.

Now I have to turn on all my charm and woo her back. Given half the chance they want to put me on a leash because they like me and I'm such a nice person. Julie really wanted to keep me but wants to see me on her demand. I still feel somewhat special but my brother doesn't work that way.

Friday, March 01, 2019

Drama drama

So I waited more than a week to book Chanel (II) on her "real" phone number. Less than a week will be too desperate. Any longer they will forget everything.

Whenever I get a girl's private number, usually there are dramas. A girl freaked out when I called her after more than a month, interrogating where I got her number. When I tried to book her, she asked me to go through her booker instead. I waited too long.

And then they may give you a fake real number for more tips or something. Chanel I gave me one number that she ditched. It was the 2nd time that she gave me her real real number.

So far Chanel was great, very enthusiastic to see me again - at her home. It wasn't a total waste of time on Julie (Margarette). My credit earned from Julie got transferred to Chanel. The only negative of her is that she didn't remember me a bit. Although it's several years ago, people don't usually forget about me.

So I texted that I miss her. I was ready to book her tonight when she replied. Sometimes you have to wait an hour not knowing where she stands. Sometimes nobody replies on the other end. But I saw Chanel texted me from her own phone.

She replied in less than a minute, no surprise there. But she said that she didn't know who's calling because she didn't add a contact, and gave me a crying river emoji. That was a lose lose situation. I can't imagine such a failure.

So I gave her some hint for her to remember who I was. Worse than not remembering, she guessed the wrong person. That was insulting and turn-off enough. And then she "hangup" - not replying.

So I thought when she remembered, based on what Julie told her, she doesn't want to see me anymore and blocked me. Fair enough. Not a big deal since we saw each other only twice. I will forget her long before I forget Julie.

The other possibility is that she didn't remember anything so she remained silence just in case. So I don't really know if I should invest my time on such a failure in customer service. Julie kept silence when I first texted her. It was when I used Whatsapp with a profile picture that she replied.

There is one more possibility. She prepared the act ready when I called to discourage me from seeing her again without having to give me reasons.

It isn't her fault for remembering another person when I saw her just one week ago. For any other person, I could have passed her over and try somebody else.

For a few minutes, I almost decided not to see her again. When will the drama end?

Since she hasn't quit, she will come out to play as soon as this weekend. I think I may try her booker. I don't know if he will let me through. If it's time to say goodbye, I would talk to her face to face.