Thursday, October 18, 2018

A picturesque laundromat? Go away! It was pretty as a movie set. And then Caroline appeared in it like a movie star. She is so beautiful even on close up! She even wrote a poem to go with her clothes.

But then she teases some more. It was a promotional shot for the ... laundromat! Go away!

I don't believe it. Does a laundromat need promotion? Does a laundromat need to be so pretty? Even if everybody works for free, a laundromat typically is used by people within walking distance or maybe driving a few blocks. it doesn't need to be trendy; maybe it does in Hollywood.

She's awesome!

You may have my number
You can take my name
But you’ll never have my heart
 Let the sky fall
When it crumbles
We will stand tall
Face it all together
At skyfall

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Now that I am going into semi-retirement at least for the next several months, I think of doing some mentoring. Not that I haven't done that before, but now I know newbies or old newbies are so bad, escorts included.

If you want unbiased consumer advice, you don't go to the chamber of commerce. If you want to please a client, you don't go to an old timer who hates all her remaining clients.

Usually, most boards kill cancers automatically before they take hold. Usually, newbies are the collateral damages. But not for the front page of the internet. This abnormally is worthy of anthropological studies. One reason is that it's so easy to create a new handle so people don't behave as well as they should, and the mods don't hesitate to ban people left and right.

Website owners or moderators are more accountable since they have some financial or reputation at stake. For subreddit owners, they really don't have much to lose. Group thinking is prevalent.

Looking back, I have some mesmerizing moments with the blonde cheerleader Ava that I haven't written about much. I saw her a few times in about the same number of weeks. Once I lost it due to over sexed so I pulled her hand to my cock while looking into her eyes. We kissed, looked at each other passionately until she finished what I came for. It was an enchanting experience perhaps her eyes are very blue. But I don't often recall the moments because I was then in love with Kendall for a month or two.

I know it's hard to look at your clients eye to eye, during the most intimate and critical moments, lol. I know I turn somebody off big time just by mentioning DFK missionary, yuk! But then you don't know me or my favorites.

Chanel didn't do it because she rather not fake anything, and I would have kissed her more than she wanted in that position. I don't think she disliked me. She just wanted more money or kept herself in a good bargaining position. But actually, she did, just not when we were intimate. She has the confidence. It's more like telling me to come back next time with her eyes and pretty face.

Kendal is a bit cold on the kissing but I never had enough. The others don't kiss that much or they don't have the confidence like Chanel. Caroline came close. But maybe we kissed too much. Maybe it's her way to make me forget to do something else, like tongue fight. And she knows that her face isn't perfect. Nikita the Russian tried too hard. She is the classic escort, mature, young, blonde, pretty with a nice body, in a nice dress and heels. But she was like an EMT trying to resuscitate me on our first meeting.

I can never put a figure on how old or young Ava is. She actually posted her old cheerleader photos and her current pretty face. She still looks like a school cheerleader with her good proportions. But actually, she is quite tall so you don't realize that her body is fuller than that of a schoolgirl. And she is totally hot in shorts and short T-shirts. I know she is probably hiding something but I couldn't figure out and I never bothered to figure it out when we were naked.

She looked so good that I asked for her dress size on our first date so I could bring something next time. But she didn't take me seriously, saying just medium. My experience is that you are likely to be disappointed if you pick lingerie or costume based on how the thing looks on the model. A good fit increases you odd of satisfaction.

She is all natural so she could be what she claimed to be, 19 perhaps that I don't remember.

But she was more mature than that - the way she handled herself. She was polite, courteous, and accommodating. Yet she didn't fell for my charm, lol. Caroline and Nikita wanted to capture my heart when we met the first time. Chanel2 treated me like a long lost friend and expected that we will see each other often. At least her friend Margaret reacts with smiles when she saw that I was like having just discovered a gem.

Maybe Ava didn't feel that I performed that great so she didn't expect much of me. But she changed totally when I booked her again. Once, I prepared to kiss her passionately right there when she opened the door. And she delivered. I stared at her telling her that I missed her very much with my eyes. I got close with a wicked smile and we started passionate kissing. Of course, we closed the door first. You don't normally have the chance to do that. Most prefer to be near the bed at least when passion starts, and when they are naked - not to mess up anything they are wearing - and when clients have taken a shower if offered.

The other time I booked her I felt that she could be over 30 but looked a lot younger. No talking, no girly voice to break the ice, just straight to passionate kissing and sex. And she complained slightly about messing up her lipstick. I was happy with the way she was but she acted younger and younger on the following dates. I had no problems either if she has to stay up with the overwhelming competition.

In the end, it was the unexpected that ended our relationship. Her blowjob is bad. I didn't believe it. I thought she was distracted or didn't try hard enough. But it can't be all bad all the time. Maybe I was spoiled by Kendal, sending me up to heaven every time. To be fair I didn't expect Ava to be in the same league in oral techniques. But it was so disappointing. Ava is about the most beautiful, model-like girl that I had anal sex with. And it cost me dearly.

I had plenty of chance to see her again, before and after she changed her name and before she disappeared entirely. But the odds are usually not good. It is rare like Margret trying to capture me the 2nd time around with all she had got. She DFK'ed me several times when I wasn't expecting and put her tongue into my mouth when I was totally surprised.

So, I remembered most of Ava is her pretty lazy blue eyes and her ass that I worked hard on.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Tell me how to win your heart

Cause I wonder where you are
And I wonder what you do
Are you somewhere feeling lonely, or is someone loving you?
Tell me how to win your heart
For I haven't got a clue

It strikes me as the exact feeling for me when I met someone that I care about but didn't book her that day.

Winning her heart has very different meanings in this industry. It took me a year on and off with Chanel before I got her private number. The rest is history. But I could have booked her at her rack rate for a few more times to make things easier, or perhaps not.

Chanel II seems to be easy because she thinks her friend Margaret hooked us up. We bonded the first time and we talked a lot. She even texted Margaret when we were naked on the bed after sex. But she always appears when I am broke. I saw her once and only once.

I know Margaret is difficult. We had a good start but it took me a lot of time go through all the auditioning to go back for her. And at her prime, she didn't care about my spending level. Finally, when I got somewhere, the place she frequented got shut down. And I was broke, went hiding in a cave instead.

When I rediscovered her again recently, her enthusiasm surprised me. But that wasn't consistent. She almost reverted to her old self. And I didn't move forward. I don't know how long I can afford to see her regularly.

And just when I suspect that every time I see her, it may be the last. All of a sudden she mentioned about church, grama, rent. I know I won her heart. She wants some arrangements and some commitments. Of course I couldn't take that up. Fortunately she was not obvious, thinking that we have plenty of time to set something up. But sooner or later, I have to disappear at least for a few months. That might take us back to the first time we met. But she looked good!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

I almost freaked out when Caroline posted on IG soon after my last blog about her. I thought she was trolling me. On closer examination, she may not be. She was just doing some minor cosmetic enhancement.

I'm happy for her that she has the money to do so. Or maybe it's a free endorsement. It's all good either way.

Now I'm as confused as ever. Model shoots? OK. For clients, I don't think posting before and after and in between pictures or stories make sense, particularly the before ones and the in-between ones. Impress your buddies? Fine, but they don't comment that much. But the endorsement probably works. If you have just hundreds of followers, some of them are bound to have the same issues and are likely to try it. The new business generated will worth the free treatment. But she could have lost one or two clients. I don't think she is active escorting these days.

Monday, September 24, 2018

See you in 18 years!

It seems like only yesterday when I was at the changing table - for diapers. I was settling into my new role with a newborn haphazardly. It dawned on me that my dream of running away with the love of my life was gone, if I ever manage to find one. She doesn't need to be the love of my life, but maybe a gorgeous woman who likes me for what I am, income, looks and everything else. The dream wasn't dead, but it had to be put away for at least 18 years.

And I was so lucky that it was perhaps the only worry!

The phrase "see you in 18 years" has a new meaning when you have a newborn. If I can't get justice against you, I will send my kid after you, in 18 years' time. He/she will be well trained, well-educated, and a legal, lethal weapon targeted at your demise.

I see it coming but didn't feel it, until now. First, the public examins, the relaxation, the college visits, and the farewell social activities. Now that she's gone, I almost choked up at the little things in her room that reminded me of what I did for her.

It could have been so much better for her if I were more successful. If I could fight harder to spend more time in her upbringing. She could have been accepted in the top universities, with a big scholarship, in a sorted after field, ending up in a high paying job. Yes, I've been there except for the top part. But since then I am certified smart with all the public documents to show for.

But all is not lost. She isn't there but not far away. And she has all the opportunities in the world.

I'm afraid she wouldn't remember the little things I did for her, hanging up the baby things, window tinting, and making custom DVD's with custom designed/copied labels and case. Indeed, she has a good life better than her siblings - everything is organic. She has all the big birthday parties like any other child in the neighborhood. And she was very proud of her dad until she was in school, when the family fortune goes downhill.

I wish I could have done a lot more. But I shouldn't be sad. She lived in one of the safest cities in the nation, but with the convenience of nearing major urban/cultural/business centers. She spent all her life so far in her own room, a single family house with a big yard in the suburbs, managed by a menacing HOA.

Well, maybe not a iPhone that many of her friends have since middle school. But that's one of the things that I didn't mess her up.

I never worry about being alone when all my kids are gone. But now I'm afraid of all the memories if they don't end up well. It will be a life of regret of not doing enough.

Oh yes, compared to other teens and young women that I met, my kid should be very happy.

I don't think escorts are necessarily miserable. I have done enough of hanging out, shopping, wine and dine. The money is good and they worry about what car should they drive. When they are not happy with you, they just lie there so you have to give them more incentive next time. But when they are happy, they will give you a surprise kiss, the tongue or anything else.

Like Margaret, the pretty schoolgirl, who must be over 21 now, after a few years still can't stop responding to music when I was holding her naked body to body while napping after sex. She is still struggling to get me talking.

Of course, not everybody lives with their mothers and hooks up for pocket money for luxury things. Some pay for college themselves. Some just need the money.

It's hard to keep a big dark secret that you can't tell anyone. It's hard for me but I do enjoy what I do, unlike many of them. And there are no friends in the business. I think Margaret still regret mentioning Chanel 2, who thought Margaret introduced her to me and texted Margaret when we were in bed. I haven't seen them both for a while since then and they may be blaming each other.

And when I have the money, I can only pick one - she who kisses me a lot and with tongue. I thought Chanel 2 has more potential but when I met Margaret again she didn't give anyone else any chance.

One more thing, my happy reserve is officially completely depleted. That gave me so much fond memories and carried me over crisis after crisis. But I'm also sad, not that I can't carry on bonking as much as I like. You never know what tomorrow will bring. I still feel the same when I was at the changing table, except that my eyesights are a little poorer, with a little beer belly, and a little love handle. But I don't lose a single hair after washing and they stop turning white.

Just the other day I went into the grocery bank with my tees and shorts. Did you ever see a teller making a mistake? I have seen him a few times and he still seems nervous. He got the number wrong. He is far from handsome and I think he is gay.

I am sad because I could have done better with the money, like investments. But I just don't have extra physical and mental energy to deal with anything not the most necessary. I'm lucky just to stay sane.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Keeping up appearances

Caroline is always the type of girl I wanted, having the body of a teen model without the need to babysit her. Her public age is mid-twenties but she can be easily over thirty.

When I saw her face, face to face, I was stunned.  What influenced me on the side was that she was in two tiny pieces of lingerie. She is tall but she can be one of those skinny cheerleaders straight out of school practice. Yet, she is more refined and stylish with her blonde short hair. Indeed, she is a model; there are many types.

Once she posted a picture that must have been taken many years ago. I thought it was recent until I know her better. I thought I had been fucking the girl in the picture after the fact. She has the same body type but she is a lot cuter then. The trouble is, she is still rather cute at most angles so I didn't realize at first.

Being an all American white blonde girl, I thought she might be a bit cold or distance. Girls like that don't need to do much. The main reason I picked her because someone, who is impressed by me obviously, recommended her to me at the last of a passionate list. I still don't know if that means she is the oldest or the most passionate or the least GFE or the most expensive.

Since the first time we met, she clings onto me like a plastic film, with unlimited passionate kisses. Is that perfect or what? That's why I requested her the next week after we first met. I had no idea that she is available at her own house any time when she is not doing something else. I had been seeing her month after month until my budget ran out.

She doesn't say no, but I'm not picky. She enjoyed being eaten, all positions. I can be rough to her but it was me who always stopped before it could be uncomfortable to her. I don't want our relationship turning into something else, lol. She tried hard to cum every time or at least getting into the mood. I feel so much like a VIP. For the cons, yes she does have negatives, she doesn't like tongue. When I admired her starfish she moaned but I felt that she was uncomfortable other times. And she is uncomfortable when I play with her feet. She had been a waitress, a classy one though, living rough, and saving on pedicures.

One day, when she was riding on top of me like a cowgirl, I realized that she was not as pretty as I thought. I am not saying that she is a beauty queen or she can challenge me face to face like Channel without makeup on. She doesn't seem to use much makeup but she is the type of pretty girl you see everywhere, fashion shows, car shows, commercials.

Her nose is a bit big from my angle looking up. And later I understand why some of her pictures look so gorgeous and others disasters. She has deep blue eyes if enhanced, perfect oval face and enough cheekbones to look perfect, looking straight into the camera. On her side profile, her nose sticks out and without salon treatment on her hair, she looks so much older than a teen model.

Of course, I don't mind her nose that much, she is always pretty to me. But for a model and an inspiring IG model, she obviously needs a nose job, or she already had a bad one.

I really don't know what to make of her IG account. Certainly, it's not for hooking up like many professional escort accounts. But perhaps it is. It makes no sense unless it's her way to connect with her clients, keeping them updates on her endeavors and reminding them of her without trying too hard. With a hundred likes for a good update, I feel that she has been talking to me. Or maybe she has a few clients like me, promising to be discrete, clicking on the heart only.

When I first got her account, it seems to be more for family and friends. I know she doesn't have much and for what she has they are not the type to follow her IG accounts. There are pictures of the classmates of her unfinished degree. The rare appearance of her boyfriend who seems to be just happened to be in the picture. Maybe she doesn't want to appear single for years. Her dog, her cat and her mother!

But then I saw more and more professional model pictures. But they are taken mostly previously. Now she actually has some new photoshoot and behaving more like other IG models and social influencers.

Others have cute kids; she has her mother and baby sister who doesn't show her face. They aren't the type who would have an IG account. Other have cute pets; she has her cat looking exactly like any cat in her Hollywood neighborhood, the wrong side. Others have regular selfie updates; she is struggling to post one every week. By struggling I mean she took the time to do some makeup but not the hair. I know she knows not to stress her hair too much. But she doesn't look good with her short hair tied up.

Others venture to exotic places, live in exuberance hotels, go around in luxury cars or yachts. She doesn't even show the inside of the home she lived in for years, except for the good corner of her bed; there's no bedroom as such. The bathroom sink is tiny, the bathtub sucks and the kitchen is for clothes. But finally, she realized that her exterior is avant-garde - a distressed door, falling paint on the cracked wall, weed grows up the broken concrete ground, abandoned compound. She doesn't need to hunt for backgrounds. She just needs to walk out, and maybe a bit to the backside of her house. I laughed at her stylish pictures when I realized where they could have been taken.

She went with one photographer who bothered to venture into the nearest torching desert valley. He asked her to wear a leather bikini. Her tits were almost fried.

Now most IG models should stay off IG and the same for most IG photographers. Now if you can make girls look beautiful, girls will hunt for you. They let you into their houses. They will get naked whenever you want. They will post and wear whatever and however you like. Now if you think your work is too good to be free, girls will pay you with whatever they have. It's no big deal. I always wonder how many times Caroline barter for her rent, her photographs and grocery for that matter.

If you don't have a fancy lifestyle to post, you can't be a social influencer. If you can't post pretty pictures, your model inspiration is dead. You don't even have anything to boast about. Leave it. So girls are constantly looking for photographers to keep their dreams alive, or just to say I'm a model and you aren't. If the best photographers aren't interested, you can always go for the next tier, and the next. So you can always see IG pictures of all body types and shapes, even with tattoos and piercings all over. And if you don't have an impressive camera or impressive portfolio, you can't be a chooser.

I enjoy Caroline's pictures. Her pictures from professional work, that is, paid, is good. Her selfies not bad because she is a hip, trendy girl. Her nudes, not so much. I think the photographer for her escort classified is good. He knows what men want and what to hide. Caroline's borderline eating disorder is a challenge to shoot. Her tits, even hidden, don't come out appetizing, as opposed to real life. Her legs are perfect for shorts like a schoolgirl but come out too thin. OK, maybe I'm jealous of those 2nd rate photographers, lol.

She still seems to be following her dreams passionately. I did saw her tears but maybe it's just a temporarily upset or having a bad client. Maybe she doesn't have anything to show for if she returns home. Maybe she can afford to; there's the minimal overhead of her existence I hope. But if I were her I would escort full time to grab some money while she can. And finish her degree if she chooses to. Or maybe she had done enough escorting already.

If you are reading this, I enjoy your IG posts. Although I can't comment, I like to know what my dear "friends" are up to, happy days or not so much, especially those I like and have a sexual relationship. I like to see your apartment complex and your cat. And your family is my "family". Though your mom could be a little bit more comfortable on cam.

Now the front page of the internet is a funny place. It is just a place to reinforce group thinking. There's no meaningful discussion. I was blasted for thinking that escorting is miserable. Women are up in arms for tarnishing their image. One gave up a tough to get degree and a six-figure salary to be an escort full time.

I don't think escorting is miserable as such. But everyone has a story and I got to read many. I just don't think that one will pick escorting if you have plenty of other options. Maybe if you are so successful that you can pick your clients and every one of them is tolerable. It would be very different when you are in your prime as opposed to when you are over 40.

I have so many real stories to myself. There's no real happy ending so far. A girl may be all that but she can't do much. She has to settle whatever she can get. Is that miserable or what? That's Chanel when she started. The best ending maybe those drop-dead gorgeous Asian women over 40 opening massage parlors, printing money without using their own hands on anybody any more. Chanel could have been like that only if her upbringing wasn't discreet. She could do porn or strip or go all out escorting with her face all over. At the end, she married for money that she would not have given other better options.

I don't know why those women were blasting me for. Their own people post miserable stories from time to time. One was on the brink of being homeless since she lost all her clients since BP closed - all familiar stories. One has been getting over a thousand on the very few days she works every week even when she is hitting 40. Once she was forced to quit she was washing toilets for minimum wage. I would think getting someone to pay your bills or student loans isn't that bad a deal, be it husband or boyfriend. And you can quit anytime. Is it better than fishing for clients all the time?

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Now I know what you have been through MFM

I just did an MFM group sex for the 1st time. I was talked into it. I almost wanted to walk away after paying but before seeing the woman. Out of curiosity, I met her. I was hoping for a hot housewife wanting group sex with people she knows to satisfy her rather than wanting the money. I was about right except for the bot part, and that the other guy wants the money.

The guy could be her boyfriend or husband setting her up for fundraising. I was relieved that it wasn't a scam or blackmail. And since it wasn't a scam, I had to do it :(

The worst part is the guy. He asked me to meet him first before going ahead. Does it sound familiar to you ladies? I agreed to meet him telling him that I have cold feet about it. I wanted to quit without hard feelings since I agreed to pay and do it with him.

Then it was so difficult to find the meeting time for 3 people with irregular hours.

Then it was the text, non-stop. When I was driving I could be bombarded with a tsunami of text even though I didn't reply. Then it was the excitement like he is a virgin looking forward to losing it. He isn't. He knows the girl well and did it many times according to him.

Then I got so many texts when I was driving there. He could have given me an address to park or GPS location. He sort of did but gave me after I was halfway there. He liked to talk me through, or just talk.

I already gave him excuses before going in that I might have to go early, in case that I really don't want to go through with it. It wasn't that bad but I could skip the deed also without regret.

Soon after I left early, I started to get texts, all the way home, he trying to call me when I was taking a bath. He was trying to organize the next time. I just told him I tried, and I'm not a big fan of it, no more than one on one.

I hope he's not texting me this evening. If I don't reply it seems rude and I don't want to piss him off since he saw my face. If I reply he will pick on anything and keep talking. I'm sorry that you have to go through this every day or sometimes.