Friday, August 19, 2016

Meandering Targets

I think I'm over Kendall. There are better things to do than counting who's fucking who. I don't hate her. I wish I could use her service when I need to - she is still pretty good. But I just can't do it. Maybe later.

What made me feel better is that Q's team is sinking. Kendall went on announced and unannounced vacations. Q is also trying everything as usual. One week she may throw out all her team covering almost all weekdays, day and evenings. The other week she may have one girl on one day.

The veteran who joined Q's team at the last meat and greet finally realized what she was into. She worked on her own while keeping the team tag, then stayed low for a good while, and dropped the tag silently. Good for her. Now she knows.

I hit Q's new girl too, just for the fun of it. Actually she has more than one. But now she doesn't introduce them anymore. Guys got clever and didn't lineup for each girl she introduced any more. But this girl is different in that she put out nice pictures, nice legs and tits. I encourage that and hit her. She wasn't disappointing at all. Tall nice body but a little more meat than a teen model. Early twenties. Face is pretty but not mesmerizing. She is a bit business like but that's OK. She gave me some samples of GFE, DFK, cuddling and asked me to go VIP next time. We just didn't click. I could have rated her but since she is Q's team I kept silence to signal that she is good but not that good.

Actually this new girl faked on a Sunday, which caused me grief. I couldn't find a decent replacement. That's OK since she faked on everybody that day. I gave her and the team a 2nd chance. I can see that she isn't popular, and that's the last time she was available.

I'm humble as one guy doesn't make any difference. But I think I do. When Q saw my appearance online, she wrote her classified differently, as if she is seeing a turning point of some sort. The way she put Kendall out, the timing and place, seemed to entice me. Forget about the elusive one that is not so good anyway, get the best one that is available.

While on the subject of Q, she initiated another meat and greet. She increased the entry fee 5 fold, and I know what she's thinking. If a fraction of the people who turned up last time turns up again, she will pocket a fortune. Because of the amount of money involved, she setup small meat and greets to take the fee just to make sure. But I think it's sinking and stinking.

While the noise from the last M&G sounded successful, it doesn't make sense. Say 10 girls gave up their whole evening for the event. On paper that's easily much more than 10K. If that's the way these girls have fun that's very sad. It's all about promotion, if you need it that is. The new entrance fee makes more sense but anybody paying up?

Regrettably, I dumped Bridget. She just don't know how to blow.That is really a surprise. She is able and willing for any other thing. And she is very willing to blow but just don't cut it. Maybe pretty girls just didn't have the chance to learn. I can remember a few mesmerizing jobs that are done by BBW, that I accidentally ran into. It may be just me, but I enjoy all the other girls' blowjob. Since then, I didn't see her coming out to play. So sad.

And of course I found a temporary replacement before dumping Bridget. She is a blond model, Friendly. To me she is a model, at least her pictures are. She claimed mid 20's but she can be 30+. Her body is fabulous for her age. Gorgeous legs and butt. Not exceptional proportions but very nice overall. Just that her enhanced breasts aren't my cup of tea. I can't say she is pretty because I still don't have a good idea what she looked like. She relied on makeup to look good, probably a lot. And she wasn't hiding it going for the naked look. She has sun tan and it wouldn't work. But her makeover is my cup of tea. Tastefully done, not in the way. And her curly long blond hair is fabulous.

Of course her oral skill is great. She kisses too. She hasn't hold back on me yet and I'll test her gradually to see what's her limit. She claims to be very clean, wearing thigh length pantyhose or leggings all the time, before taking them off for the main course. And I don't know how she could afford the nicest hotels. And she encourages me to tackle her feet and toes once I showed interest.

So far so good, but the problem is, ..., she proposed - an arrangement. May be I posted too much on the local board. But if I am a regular so far, that doesn't mean that I'll be a regular next month. Ask Bridget.

I saw the ad of another pretty girl that I had to see. I felt something wrong when she PMed me her number, asking if the deal was still on. And then the hotel was wrong, and I had to wait. When I saw her I wished she had used a totally fake picture. The thinking is that she may be hiding for some reason and find a temporary double to entertainment me. There is still hope that the person in the picture can be found. But this is the girl in the picture. And she is pretty. But her body is all washed out. But it was all relatively speaking. Her breasts weren't naturally perky, nor freshly enhanced work of art. Not model legs nor model anything. But I was fully capably of doing it at the time. She's a curvy woman, not flabby nor off-turning. And she was pretty.

The first thing she said after letting me in was, "are you a regular?" She was checking me out and asked enthusiastically and animated. As experienced as I am, I couldn't answer such an awkward and nonsensical question. Then it was fast and furious to satisfy my physical needs, which I was fully ready for. I enjoyed it but somehow she knew she wasn't the top dogs.

She was straight talking, asking me questions about the board and even leaked something she wasn't supposed to. Basically she is clueless, being recruited by somebody and she just turned up. She asked because she wondered if she could make it here. I asked if it was Q who recruited her. But it wasn't, her description didn't match.

Did I say she was straight talking? She would talk to herself when she knew that I wouldn't be that interested. When I was recovering with my eyes shut, we were talking that I had no recollection of. Then she said to herself again, "It was good, actually." That's my BFE, and I wasn't even trying.

And she is the Nth girl who asked, "is it comfortable?"  That referred to my slippers. I have no idea why every girl managed to look down on my dirty slippers, but still recognize the brand name that is half blacken by daily wearing. Imagine that a semi-trashy girl in a 2 star hotel being able to recognize the label of my slippers, what the other classier girls think? No matter I have proposals.

While Friendly was away for the week, I tried to audition more so I have a good idea whether to accept or reject the proposal, by disappearing. There is a beautiful redhead that I always wanted to see. She turned up suddenly. But just for an hour or so. False alarm. She deleted her classified soon after she put it up. And she didn't turn up the next day.

Of all people, Pretty Schoolgirl appeared all of a sudden, after more than half a year of absence. She might have turned up once of twice but it was very easy to miss. After I booked her, it turned out that everybody unusually turned up on a Friday - Kendall, most of Q's team, including Martha, and The Schoolgirl.

I thought Martha's pink tits are the best, but Pretty reminded me hers are just as awesome. And I thought The Schoolgirl has the most awesome figure. No, I couldn't have decided on the one to pick if the two lineup shoulder to shoulder. Kendall is not bad at all but a teen model fills different needs than cute schoolgirl types.

Today Pretty didn't have much time to paint all over her face. She is actually pretty without it. I think she was only trying to cover up acne all over her face. But that's cute too.

On the other hand, I remembered why I almost gave up on Pretty. She doesn't kiss much. Today I didn't let go of her awesome waist so she gave me a taste of her tongue so as to get off me. And I know why a few girls grabbed my cock once I took off my pants. They are afraid!

Pretty took off her signature Mrs Robinson lingerie outfit piece by piece, unceremoniously. But to me it was a great strip tease. I was sitting hard on the side of the bed. She saw it, grabbed it, knelled down and started blowing. I didn't have chance to do anything! And no one will turn that down!

It was good because she worked hard. I let her kept at it as I was invincible. Her jaws must have been hurting when she backed off a bit and looked at me. I gave her a smile. She carried on the fight. I was certain that she wanted to take me to the edge of climax so she could finish me off in her next move, minimizing the damage on her little pussy!

Hard luck. She gave up at last. She had no choice but to give me the condom, with a tube of lube as a bonus. She squeezed an inch of lube on top of my covered cock, and then rubbed some on her pussy. At that critical moment, I wiped off most of the lube with my hand, then use the other hand to spread the lube. When the moment passed, she turned her attention away from her pussy and spread the lube on my cover with her hand. But it was too late. I was already holding the side and top of the bed sheet to get rid of all the lube on my hands. Even with my good imagination, I couldn't have made it up!

Of course she had to ride me first. Those have a tiny pussy all do. Actually it was quite satisfying. I enjoyed it rather than performing some warm up as a duty for the others. I liked my fav tits dangling right before my eyes. I know she doesn't like me sucking or squeezing them so I just stared. I did enough before that. She even put her hair to the back instead of getting in the way.

Enough time had passed so I tried to get up. But she wouldn't budge. I wouldn't be able to get up without pushing her away. As an easy going person I let her. Just because I am invincible. She kept at it, really really wanted to get me off. Hard luck.

More than enough time had passed. I gave her enough chances and time to do it. I gently pushed her aside, trying to get up and get into position. But the sudden change did it. Instead of pushing her away I grabbed her hips tightly and pulled them towards me and down. I was finished at last.

She is around for a year or two, but she still seemed very new. May be doing it once every few month did it. She had to listen to loud music all the time. I think that's why she missed my knocks, twice. I knocked, went back to the lift, and txted her to confirm the room number. Then I knocked again, still no response for a while. I really thought she didn't want my business. That will be a first.

We did have a bad start. I lost my erection the first time I saw her. I spent too much time on eating her pussy. It was a tough job to get me off. The next time I saw her at the door, I could see her reflux expression on her face, "OMG, this guy again". But it lasted only a split second. Then perhaps I was too good. During the doggy, to stop my one deep stroke at a time rhythm, she backed up to me, encouraging me to do a fast and furious intense penetration so she could end her suffering sooner than later. I think she remembered it well. So this time I had no chance to do anything except to let her ride.

After I finished and showered, I came out from the bathroom to find the room empty! It was a bigger twin double room, but there's no place to hide except for the bathroom. But I just came out of the bathroom! Did she put on clothes and got out? What should I do? She doesn't like me that much? So much disrespect.

The bathroom is at the room door, so I walked towards the window to see what can be going on. It was like exploring a crime scene while someone could still set you up for some crimes. I was expecting danger ahead, or someone may rush in at the door at my back. I was Halloween scared when I realized someone was hiding at the side of the tall TV shelf. But it was only Pretty. She was totally naked so I was relieved. She is exceptionally proportioned but she is still tiny. She was leaning on the side of the shelf with her back so she could refresh her makeup. She even imitated my scared reaction.

She is the only one that my charm doesn't really work on her. And she isn't pretending. She was tame when I was eating her, even threw in the moaning. But when I went after her feet, she was not OK with it. What a pity.

Even though she was always a bit distant, she was quite nice the first time we met. But she is rather straight forward.  When I wanted to kiss goodbye half a year ago, she stopped me, rushed to the bathroom sink, and then rush back to the same position to receive my kiss on her lips. Today she was late. When I started to eat her, she jumped off the bed, rushed to the bathroom, and returned in 20 sec. I bet she forgot to wipe herself clean down there after travelling.

Before she returned, I was thinking Martha could be my next project, my new challenge. But now it has to be Pretty. They are both tops in the looks department, and they are difficult. Martha' passage is less satisfying. But perhaps just because she used a lot more lube than Pretty. Pretty tried too, but I wiped it off with my hand when she wasn't looking.

While I was thinking about my projects, I did another great save! I was looking one traffic light ahead for optimal driving. That was green but the light right ahead of me was red. I ended up shooting into the junction a few seconds after red. I braked and stopped.

It was a 16 lane junction and a lot of eyes were on me, like on an open air theater stage at night. It was eerily quiet and surreally bright in the middle of the busy junction. You have got to experience the act to understand it. Normally all the cars will horn the hell out of me. Surprisingly, it was quiet, and I didn't see any motion when other lanes should be moving across the junction. I saw a clear passage before  me so I drove off, only stopping for a split second if at all.

At that moment, an SUV doing a left turn turned into my lane. I didn't know why because the driver must had seen me I suppose. Maybe he thought I was stopping so he went ahead. But that is still stupid. If I stopped, he will be through but a lot of cars would have driven through me. May be it's one of those drivers thinking that "it's my right of way, I'm right, I turn."

So two cars merged into one lane. I couldn't have politely let him or her go first. He wasn't ahead of me. I built up a little speed from stationary. He had enough speed as he was turning into the intersection. There's no reason to happen but it happened. His SUV was crashing into my car. He could not have taken evasive action. Because once he turned into my lane, it's invasive and he couldn't reverse. I saw him coming and took evasive action - a steep sharp turn to the right while he couldn't do anything. I was confident that there was nothing else in the middle of the intersection.

I could visualize that he was shaken and frozen. He stopped. That wouldn't make any difference. He couldn't have stopped in time. It was an after the fact stop. And I didn't see him move at all on my rear mirror. I was shaken too but may be only for a split second. There was no time to fear. And once the collision was avoided, I was relived and felt as if nothing had happened. I continued on my merry way. I was battled hardened after all.

A few days ago I was following an SUV in the slow lane. I was doing something on my phone or something else. That's why I was on the slow lane. The SUV stopped suddenly. I looked up and I thought I was going to hit it. There was just enough time to use my eyeball to check the left lane. Turning my head would be too late. It was clear and I turned my steering sharping to the left and avoided a bumping into the car in front. Looking back at my dash cam video, the SUV was doing everything right. It slowed down, signaled a right turn for more than sufficient time, slowed almost to a halt and then turned to the right.

It was me who missed all the signals and kept looking down.

And not long before that, I stopped at the end of a line, at the freeway entrance ramp. The right lane was empty so I turned into that lane from stationary. To my horror, a yellow car, yellow I think, was running into my back at about 80 mph, as if I was transparent. He couldn't have stopped in time and I couldn't have done anything to avoid. But still, I turned back to my lane as if in slow motion. I was turning into the empty lane from stationary, and turning back almost stationary. I moved away at most a few inches. But that was enough. I could see the driving gusted passed me close to the guard rail, raising his hand to say sorry and thank me as he passed. He couldn't make any difference if he braked, and he could have swirled and slammed into a few cars.

The fact that I even looked at the rear mirror that long and avoided an accident that happened totally behind me shows that I'm battle hardened. Turning into an empty lane from stationary is a very dangerous thing that a lot of drivers don't realize. The other car will be hitting you at 80 mph, at a relative velocity of almost 80 mph. It's the same damage when a drunk driver hit a tree at 80 mph. You have to look back a mile for collision free space, or 10 sec of collision free time. And often the road is bend so you can't see anything. I have seen a few cars shattered into pieces that way. I had experienced a tourist stopped at the fast lane in a huge traffic jam, then all of a sudden decided to pull into the car pool lane. I was travelling at 90 mph in a stretch of straight road for miles.

I had the option of totaling my car by turning into the right concrete barrier. Or totaling my car and his by bumping into his tail. Luckily, he was only half way into the lane, and there just happened to be a bit of shoulder so I just passed and missed everything by a few inches. If I braked I wouldn't have passed.

For the yellow car incident, the difference is that it was a curved freeway entrance ramp for Budda's sake! I couldn't have seen him coming. And nobody in their right mind will be speeding into a ramp at 80 mph, while the traffic signals at the entrance was obviously operating.

Thinking of Pretty in the bathroom, I got a huge erection and couldn't carry on - sitting on the toilet bowl.

Friday, July 01, 2016

Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan the clown waking up

or somebody dared to tell him that?

I wanted to write this right after Brexit, but I want to do it more after the attack at Istanbul airport. The Brits have been handling immigrants from the South Asian countries for decades and decades, but now they complain about the Poles? Texas would love them coming, but then in there welfare is determined by states and even cities. 

I would blame Erdogan. Some voters are stupid, alright. Sometimes stupid presidents are elected, fair enough. But, down the line, if you have to integrate freely with the majority of stupid people that elected stupid presidents? No, no, no.

I like Ramadan. There is always a feast after dark, and I got to start early before everybody else! Differences can be overlooked, but core values cannot. A lot of my Muslim buddy's friends came up to his room to pray 5 times a day. That didn't bother me when I was there doing my own things. And he did whatever I did ;-) The point is, what happened in Spain, stays in Spain, or Barcelona, or London, Vegas ... 

Turkey always wants to be a fully European country, and wanted to join the EU from the beginning. But what does Erdogan thinks what the EU is? A boy scout troop where you do your steps and get your badges? And throw tantrum if that's not enough? At the end, it's whether the people within EU want to accept you.

You don't shoot down a Russian jet for nothing. I'll fire you out of NATO immediately if I am in charge. In all Western, NATO, outside of middle east, countries, RU is our enemies' enemies. And any philosophy will tell you that RU may not be our friend but certainly not our enemy. I don't need to tell you how stupid it looks from outside, because now you apologized! 

I do congratulate you to be one level above Ukraine. They want to be European by starting a civil war to conquer the other half of the country. Now they have no value to speak of and no value for anybody. And for all that lost, EU regions are rebelling against having to stop trade with Russia. Money talks. Certainly there are principles. But what the hell is Ukraine's?

You don't lock up beauty queens because they criticizes you! You can never join any of my parties!

You don't sue people in other countries because they bad mouth you. I don't blame you for being stupid, but I blame all the stupid people that voted for you. They are all banned from my parties.

And Spain doesn't bomb Gibraltar, neither England does that to the Scots.

You are doing it all wrong, clown. And what bargaining chip you think you have? EU will disintegrate instead of taking you in. Not in the next century even if you are gone tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Q is going to purge deadbeat members of her club. Basically it's an excuse to ask deadbeat members to see one of her team, or else ...

There are, say, two thousand members and a team of about 5. Wow, if the threat has any degree of realness, the team will be terribly busy. But Q has threatened that before. That's when she admitted that her full expedition force to the other airport was a failure. And they went for the expedition obviously because business was slow locally.

Apparently the threat wasn't carried out. That's when Q planned the 2nd meet and greet. And now basically she admitted that she took everybody in at the time. Because normally you have to see one of her team to be a member. And so, you shouldn't be able to find anybody to purge. Basically Q was taking people in so they must see someone or they will be kicked.

Now apparently the M&G was successfully. Q was planning the 3rd one, not a few weeks had passed after the 2nd. Even if the M&G was successful, it was for a week or two. Business must be slow again so Q needed to do something.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt, a new girl may not need any classified. She just post her schedule, a few hours in the morning for the whole week, before the week starts. You can argue that she was fully booked because she didn't advertise. The same thing for some other girls. They may gave a day's advance notice, and then put up an advertisement in the early morning. And that's it. Wow, if they were fully booked for that afternoon and the evening, Q would not have to do anything to drum up business.

The same girls, on other days and places, updated their classified through the day until about last call, saying "I'm available now, now, now.". What does it seem to you?

One of the girls who kept saying that is Q's newest recruit, who has been playing hard to book since she started. The veteran who joined on her own accord started asking people where she should go next to get some business. But she tried to play the game that she was fully book last week. But you have to have the technique to play poker. Basically she has shown what cards she has. For Q I still can only guess, without proof. And Kendall didn't bother to turn up this week.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Welcome, Class of 2016

Now I know why Q sent out all her troops. Just as I knew that there was the final exams, it's now end of school, all sorts of school. Q announced her big plans of the week on Saturday, instead of Sunday evening, or previously more likely small hours of Monday. I didn't realize until Monday that new raw meats were popping up here and there.

And then there were the class of 2015 who knew they will be pushed aside, more so when we are more into summer. And then the veterans who have to deal with it year after year.

So, a few new and old that I wanted to see turned up in my radar! And what did I do? Sat through it. When there are too many choices, pick no one. Tomorrow will be another day, some more choices. As the week passes, I tried to pick the first good choice instead of the best choice. Still it didn't work.

My heart wasn't that much into welcoming the new classes, my cock will deal with that. But I was sorry for those who got pushed off. Lucky Star is one. She never returned. My heart has a special place for her. Later, I met the girl who I actually booked the day when I got Lucky Star instead. That girl looked good, though over priced, tried hard to please, but we had no chemistry. I kept throwing money at Lucky Star, though she didn't do much by my current standards. I was so happy with her that I cleaned up my pile of mails and documents. That's when I discovered my long lost stocks were looking for me.

I was upset about Bridget. Her appearance became sparse and random. She suddenly popped up on a Friday before Memorial Day weekend. I couldn't make it and I thought I blew the last chance of seeing her.

She was MIA for two weeks and I thought I even saw her replacement. Or, maybe it was her copycat. You know, if a formula works, you would run it again and again. I saw another new girl with natural blonde hair, blue eyes, very beautiful face, who looked the same today as when they left high school. And of course they are the same fallen angel type.

I was totally surprised when Bridget popped up, first time on a Thursday, not Monday, not Friday, and not any other day. That was an easy decision. I wished I saw her two weeks ago. Actually I am not that crazy on her. She is porn star qualified, though she looked too angelic for that. I would think porn stars look good when they are doing it, but I don't think it's that good at the receiving end. Her attitude and technique is better than a lot of girls, but she is no Kendall or her coach, Q.

Kendall is 100% porn star who looked like a teen model, give or take :-), and who is good in what she does when you are at the receiving end. Looking back, she came out while I was busy auditing since last summer. She is the one who got away.

I asked myself, why? May be she isn't the type I was looking for. And I wouldn't know for a million years that she is what she is, judged from her profile. Some day, I might just pickup the phone and go to see her. But I know it wouldn't be the same kisses again. And I know I wouldn't perform the same. I also know I couldn't put her out of my mind because I am greedy - she satisfies most of my needs and she is affordable and local.

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Just when I was about to dismiss Q and her team, she did a great come back.

With all the fuzz about the meet and greet, I would think she would capitalize on while she could. But I already know that two team members dropped out officially, and one other probably is still on by name. Kendall actually reduced her appearance right after the M&G.

Only a team veteran and the new team member, who is herself already a veteran, came out to play. But it seems that they were on their own as if the team didn't exist. And I can see that the new member should have realized that what she was thinking when she joined the team. She doesn't need the team and vice versa. She can handle herself. Maybe she got the stamp, being accepted in the team of young beautiful girls. But I would say it's all on paper.

In addition, the team work seemed to be in disarray. New team members and non-team associates announced their schedule only to be recalled. And they didn't seem to be working when they said they were. And Q seemed to be promoting hard, hanging hard onto her newest recruit. It seemed this girl is all she has got.

I could have bragged about it but I never under estimated Q. I gave her the benefit of the doubt. May be some girls were on their final exams, or Q herself was. Or may be Q was busy sorting out her life, the same reasons she didn't want to host the M&G in the first place.

Now? Maybe summer arrived. May be school is out. May be tax-debt season is behind everybody. Q is sending all her troops out at the same time next week, and I can count 7!

Maybe she is reclaiming her relevance. Maybe she is trying to treat all her team equally. Maybe they have built up a backlog in their private messages by clueless members. Maybe she is just trying something different to stay afloat.

Is facebook of hookers a good idea? When you can see how many "friends" she has! Reviews have the same feature but it's the difference between Blogger & Facebook. Who is more popular and easier? Also you have to pay to trace who did the same ones you did. "Friends" is the first thing you can do for free, before anything else to get your money.

Now, using 5 star hotels is good, but it looks bad it it's hard to book. When there's not enough interest, there will be a no show without explanations. Or, maybe it's fully booked without explanations. I learned from Chanel sometimes, actually most of her time, explaining is worse than not explaining. But then you are not Chanel. It's not that you have to be like Chanel but it have to be personal. It wouldn't work otherwise. You just don't have that personal touch managing the whole team.

Pre-booking is good but you have to state the times and honor them. When you failed to book, is it cancelled due to lack of interest, fully booked, or some pre-sale for VIP's ? If there's no explanation, one always assume the worst. You can't pretend all the time.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Post game analysis

Two of the Queen's team members didn't attend the meet and greet event. First, I think they are the ones that don't rely on appearance, that is, not that good looking. I'm surprised that one of them, the reliable one and now a veteran, left the team! She was still working hard last few weeks. I think she realized that it doesn't pay off working in the team.

One of the team who went to the event, left the team after. She is new and rarely works. I saw her face picture once and she is doable. If she actually went, it may be a farewell party to thank the Queen. But this doesn't make any sense. It doesn't help anyone. The more likely reason is because after seeing all the client pool, she was disappointed!

Attending or not, this girl may have left long ago after her career launch. The Queen just keep her in the team by name. But why leave now? Perhaps Q got some new recruits and her team looks respectable in number without her now.

Attending was one girl who got kicked out of the team, and an other one who didn't make it. But they are operating just as any other team members.

The new recruit who Q introduced before event received lukewarm welcome. I don't think she will go far based on her pictures, or the lack of it. Q tried to make up with words, with a height about that of Kendall, meaning long legs. Was that written for me?

A veteran joined the team after the event. What for? I doubt if she knows much about the team. The event is indeed successful.

But if the event is really really successful, the team would be booked up for weeks without classified. But then, Kendall, the new one, and the kicked off one all starts the week pre-booking together. I was expecting that. All those who went to the event will be club members. If they wanted to see Kendall, they would have done so. Although Q allowed / invited a lot of new members in, but the same thing apply. They must have seen Kendall's classified if they have been active on the local social network.

For some reason, Q put me on the attending list. An busy error or to annoy me or make me feel bad? So I sent her the entrance fee in the form of points for classified. Money did talk. She talked to me about another new recruit, if she would like to join. But again it wasn't anything like Kendall.

BTW, Q announced that she is going to marry another man, not the one originally announced. Is that another natural born heart-breaker? A joke? To erase an online identity?

I can now stay off Kendall for long without feeling too bad. But as I said, the others, especially Bridget, doesn't know how to blow by comparison. Looking back, I think Kendall deliberately, very consciously put some voodoo into it. I remembered her fully deployed posture, her trance while sucking. It didn't matter whether I was looking at her face intensely or not.

I really couldn't blame her. But I would think girls like her wouldn't create any drama. She didn't but drama came all the same. I wasn't expecting this after invested time and money and emotion on her.

If she calls me up, like Chanel, and says she missed me, I would have rushed to her right away. She doesn't need to say sorry. Doesn't need to say she misses me.  For Chanel it was like, "It's been 3 months now, where have you been?".  So demanding. It was more like, in her obedient girly haunting voice, "how are you?". Or it would just work the same, "get you ass here right now!".

But Kendall is not Chanel. I only got Chanel's number after a long time and some incidents. If they give up their number so easily, they would have a whole court of stalkers.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The meet and greet

No, it's not the Seeking Arrangements' one. It's the Queen's. I was a bit underestimated her and overestimated her at the same time.

Imagine that Martha and Kendall stand shoulder to shoulder!

There's not enough desperadoes to attend so she opened club membership to anybody. That was an insult because she personally rejected me with a lot better credentials than the new members. And she deliberately withheld club membership benefits to me for a few transactions. The new cheapskates will not give any chances for her to do this.

Even though I never said I will go, I was on the RSVP list.

Even her team members weren't attending. I suppose it was less good looking ones who don't want to stand shoulder to shoulder with Kendall and the likes. So, you know how good their team is.

If she is after the entrance fees, it's at most a few thousands. But each of her team members have to spend the whole evening for it. I don't see how to justify the effort. As for future marketing purposes, it could have a negative effect. See, even her active team members weren't attending.

The number of ladies attending is impressive. So, I'm certain that Martha is on her side, though probably not one of her team. Unless the queen is getting something out of it, like helping them with bookings, she is doing all the hard work while the other ladies rip the benefits.

She even introduced a new team member, who looks promising at first. But the reception is lukewarm. If she is any better, I would introduce her in the Meet, instead of putting her to work first before the event.

I'm not even sure if they are working as a team or the Queen just let them fight for survival. Kendall announced her schedule first as usual. The Queen then announced her new recruit working the following day. Who wouldn't wait a little and try new toys? Then there is at least another working the same days.

I can see that Kendall turns up early every time. Good training by me. It's not about the waiting, but about what it looks like to the clients.

I would think Kendall will be a bit out of place in the company of other ladies. Martha would be alien. If I only know that before, I would have thought of something. There is someone else to pitch against. I would have seen them some more to tighten the bounding. It could be fun.