Monday, June 22, 2015

Names, pictures and plastic surgery

You all need a name to advertise and to be addressed. A proper stage name shows class, your wit and your heritage. But that's difficult.

The name I remembered most is Betty Boobs, and she has the breasts to show for it. Better still, she doesn't advertise in it. She told me privately that's she is affectionately know as Betty Boobs, her nick. How cute.

If you can't think of anything good, just pick a neutral first name. It is common to have a adjective in a full stage name. If you have something original, I don't mind, just don't sound boring. I can't stand is a verb phrase as the name, and with third persons in it like she, her. I don't think names are important anymore as in most advertising places you have to have a picture icon.

You don't earn money for clicks so don't try to steal clicks. Like put up a bikini icon but don't include any bikini in the gallery. Or a beautiful face as the icon but don't show your head in the gallery. You will be hated for time wasting.

I think I might have mentioned it before. There are always new agents, management, or just pimps that comes along and reinvent the wheel. When you never thought you will see that again and let down your defenses, somebody do the head transplant into models' body again. There may be a new twist. After the transplant they blur the head, somewhat so it's hard to detect and there's no proof. But why you want to do that? Why not just blur the model's face?

I always there are too many pictures to distract if the sites don't charge per picture. All you need is face, standing up front and back, if you are up to it of course. And they should be recent selfies, what else?

Now there are more local social sites that keep your profile established date. Somehow some girls prefer to keep their profile for a couple of years. Of course you earn the right to keep your pictures a couple of years ago. But without recent pictures, new clients will be worried.

I have mixed feelings about these girls. My ATF Chanel is one of those. She survived the initial intensive drilling and was much hotter when she retired a few years later. Though she didn't do that much because she is picky and offended many clients. She could afford it. Some girls I didn't want to pay too much for when they are new (I have Chanel). But when I managed to see them they ballooned into twice as big. Some girls I never saw but I watched them from 19 year old cutie becoming hot MILF. These are long stories but now...

I saw the ad of a girl who is totally different than last time she came. Initially I thought she put up new fake pictures. Full face, full frontal and back standing up. Totally model material. Then I realized that it is more likely she did plastic surgery and proud of it. Me too. If she didn't keep her pictures from last year her old clients won't recognize her. And some old clients may feel cheated if they run into her. But she is totally not bad with her old body. Even if she did something her old body will be good enough. Body surgery is the harder part.

Her face is now totally beautiful. You don't worry close up defects because the technology is here now. Damn, if I don't have recent commitments I will book her. She just reminded of my ATF hooker Chanel and massage girl that I don't even remember her name. But I remembered their face and eyes. I can jerk off watching their face any time. If I met them now I will certainly think they enhanced their face. But that was long ago. Maybe they are pioneers or they are just naturally beautiful.

It's not like they need a face lift. And at 19 they just want to be picture perfect, or just want to be beautiful. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Rants of the new year

... double rant.

Please tatoo your forehead with your name before advertising for doubles with two-girl pictures. Pictures with two girls in it confuses the hell out of everybody. It should be comparable to the sins of Sodom, or the sin for labelling Sodom a sin.

Other than the confusion, what's the point? I have no idea how many clients look for doubles. I am not into it. The girls I asked if they would do another as a show, they all refused. If a double means you are fucking each other (in some way), some clients may think you are lesbo and doubt your ability to cum with him. I learn that true bisexuals are rare as unicorn.

Why would you share your advertising space with another girl? If it's mother daughter tag team or twin fantasy, that would be worth it. Otherwise, will a potential client go for the other girl when looking at the pictures?

I know it is supposed to be sisterhood referring circles. But that's not true. I almost ran away with the girl Chanel referred me to, when she was at her days of the month. I bonded with Chanel just because she lived a lot closer.

Some survey says most men like to fuck the same hookers but many men say they want to fuck as many women as possible. So it's up to you whom to believe and whom to refer.


Video ads still doesn't take off. I think may girls will be horrified if they have to make a video. Rarely girls are comfortable with themselves that much. I would settle for selfies taken at the hotel in the same day. You can discard the ones you don't like but use a decent phone.

So many girls still keep too many pictures. It is the ones taken in the current week or within days that matters. I don't hate too may pictures but it becomes tedious. Also, I can tell you that nice pictures in the past can be negative toward my decision. Say, why are you keeping the old pictures? Why the current selfie is so different? Why you looked so great standing in front of the mirror last month in undies but today you wear a mink and bottomless?


Evolution goes in all directions. The use of mirrors, shadows, shades and textures that make it un-airbrushable have been increasing. But then when the going is tough, what do they do? They just give you a girl with no resemblence to the picture. Zero. That throws you off from the same agents after placing trust in them.

But actually that is not the worse. Usually the girl isn't bad at all and compensate for your initial disappointment.

The worse? I never thought something like would still happen in this age. When I asked my virtual buddies about a girl, he tipped me off that her picture is switched. That is, her head is implanted on another perfect body, not hers. What a waste of time. Some implant pictures are totally bad, and the agents must be clueless to post those.

Worse than worse is the blurred picture of the face. It's not implants as they keep the head with the prefect body. They just replace the actual face with a blurred face of the hooker.


Some of my personal updates if you get this far. Technically I have not down sized as I am still living at my spacious castle with garden/yard and all that. I am still driving my luxury car.

Just the other day I stumbled into a 19 year old, who cannot be a lot older. She let me massaged her all over and insensitive to licking. She actually say she likes it when I licked her butt. So much young fresh, so little time. She gave me her private number after, and tested if my number works. She also asked if I am married and she will be careful when texting me.  When we said goodbye, she wiggled her tongue. So cute. And she didn't ask for a lot. She just picked her regulars indirectly rather than putting up an ad directly.

Finally I got rid of all the "high voltage" appliances and hence I can sold the "adaptors". One of them works daily and still in good working condition. I remember the day when I walked into the local department store, looking like a rock star and probably smell like one too. Those in charge are all like hot madams, flight attendents or fantasy OL. The young helper looked like a foreign student doing part time in there. She was very well gloomed. She dressed in a brillant white, perfectly ironed long sleeve shirt, and a medium length tight office dress. The small appliance I picked was probably a display model. She took it in and brought it out after a good while. I think they fixed something first and off loaded to me. Before I took off, privately she whispered to me, "I hope you don't come back." That means she hoped the thing doesn't go wrong, and she feels bad if it did. It worked every since and even going places (for free). But the design is bad. I put up with it daily because it wasn't too bad. And that totally cutting ties with your past is something you hesitate.

Mrs Player is still hot, still looking half her age. We still sleep together but no sex, except once in a blue moon. Not that I don't try. What do you have to say if you want to ban escorting? Should I start putting an ad in the married still looking section?

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Sunshine delivers

After Rita restored my hope in humanity, that a random picked girl can have gorgeous legs, I began to search for her replacement. Rita is, or similar to, the name of the Last girl I wrote. I did have a picture of her leg, a rather original post. I picked her not basing on that because I trust stand up straight mug shots more.

She was around for a few months before I discovered her, and lost her. She never came back.

And what did I find after that? Sunshine. I can testify that this is 100% her. You notice the sunlight coming in from the windows at the back? Yes, I think you just took it with her cell phone. No air brush. No distortion.

For some reasons she posted some totally fake pictures until months later, when she disappeared. Relatives or friends may not recognize her. But I would think recent clients, sugar daddies, boy friends will recognize her. Recognization may not be the real problem, which may be to avoid some people. Or she doesn't want her locals to know that she visits other cities, at other prices. So she or others just post some great models to attract new customers. She is a lot better than her fake pictures.

When she opened the door I thought she is 18 and she thought I am 20 something. (more on that later) She was in something like a white Victoria secret's angel collection. A simple two piece underwear and a lot smaller than what she was wearing in her pictures.

She is rather tall so she greeted me bare foot. She was energetic and bouncy like a teenager. She walked fast and didn't worry about keeping something from my line of sight. She wasn't hiding anything and showing off everything.

Her legs are greater and longer than Rita's. You can look at her slander fingers and project on the rest of her legs. I wasn't even focused once on her feet. There's enough to look at. The other reason is that she is bare feet so I won't go there unless there's nothing better to lick do. Also, model feet aren't that small in order to support a tall frame, but can be cute in other ways.

I don't usually look a breasts that much at first sight, but standing before you, they are the first imposing things you are aware of. Like a lot of girls, her breasts are perfect works of art. She went for a pretty big size but looks plausible. I can't forget those due to the very lack of support of her tiny bra and that she had the most awesome waist that I noticed in recent years.

She also has well maintained ass length hair, straight but with style. Very rare. Everything is a touch of class, in the sense that you can't wrap up all that hair, and that it takes time to maintain day to day.

The funny thing is that even though she has the face outline of a barbie doll, and that everything on her face looked very OK, I didn't have the urge to DFK her. For many girl, pretty, beautiful, cute, or not, DFK was the 1st thing I think of because that is not always offered. May be she dazzled me with lots of other things already.

Now I think that the reason that I didn't have a crush on her is because her face is artificial. It looked very natural because I didn't think of it at the time. But she used a little bit more colored makeup than I think she needs. And that's perhaps because she was hiding the knife marks as some movie stars that had plastic surgery. If those subtle marks wasn't pointed out by tabloids, I wouldn't have noticed it.  They are just like cheek bones under the skin.

Also, I think that she thinks her eyes are good enough that do not need surgery. I can think of two of the most beautiful woman I met, and looking back I think they may have they eyes enhanced. Haunting and mesmerizing. Other girls may tape their eyes that is also super sexy.

Am I picky? There's one more thing that I wasn't crushed on her. She has a rather different accent. I love foreign accents but her's are like tourists guides'. Usually that doesn't make a different but she rather likes to talk.

Maybe her flaws are her strength. I can concentrated 100% on her A++ figure and flawless skin. The reason I think she is older than 18 is because her body could be brand new or newly enhanced that cost a fortune.  She also has no hesitation on blow jobs, bare back style.

When I saw her pictured I PMed her per her instruction. Her ad has about one line of code. Her reply was brief, "I give you full GFE for $$$". I don't care what her version of GFE means but I had very specific things to look for - Rita's legs. If she didn't pass I wouldn't have stayed for any discounts. So I didn't comment on her full price too.

I never get to the right position to kiss her, and I didn't have the crush to. Her idea of full GFE is marathon blowjob. I had that with Emma, like playing with captured rats until they almost die, and let them live for another game.  But Emma like to kneel down or kneel on the bed so I can watch.

Sunshine likes to do it upside down. I had no problem with that because I had a great view of her butt and her legs. I didn't even remember to check her feet and toes and asshole.

She would blow me up to heaven and then at the point of big bang she would let me sink to hell, and the cycle cycles. Soon I realized I should pull her closer to me. But when I started to pull her legs slightly, she climbed over me for a 69. Actually she was ready to get into a 69 position all along. I was just having too much visual stimulation all at once to think of that.


It was the perfect position. I was comfortbly laying down a little on the pillows and the headboard. She was dead center on me sucking my dick in a 69 position. All I had to do was grabbing her butt and pull her down a little so my mouth was dead center on her pussy without having to move any muscle. It wasn't easy for her because if she stacked on top of me she would lost her knees to support her body. There's a lot of manuover she couldn't do skillfully with only her hands and mouth. But we had all the time to compromise and settle down.

This can easily be my favorite position but you need a girl like her - everlasting oral skills, liked to be eaten unlimitedly, perfect legs and butt.

We could do it forever. So I gave her a spank on her butt to signal her that I wanted to cum inside. Since she didn't any intention to kiss, I went behind her and did the spoon. It was very satisfying to grab her perfect breasts while pounding away with her butt length straight hair trapped between us. I could also do a little leg (hers) manuover to get me excited and ready - twist them into a kinky post, pulling them and push them up dangling in the air.

I came inside her warm body. I released my grip from behind her so she could roll over or pull out. But she knew what to do by not moving. I had my hand still holding her left breast, my right hand on her hip, and my head burried between her neck and shoulder.

I gave her a good tip that she couldn't forget. I thought it was one off but I saw her 3 times or more.

The other time I saw her just before Valentine. I couldn't wait long and I didn't want to see her at Valentine, feeling weired. She is a straight shooter, another reason she seems to be younger than her age. She asked why I didn't visit her on Valentine instead! Well, I'm not against it. I don't want somebody to freak out without prior notice. May be the extra romance would turn out to be awkward.

But her question was perfectly valid. She accused me of saving the day for my favorite (escort). She was new to the area so that'a a good point. In the past I would save my sperms for the day in case Mrs Player want it. But it's not necessary. I could do it again in the evenings after a few hours of recuprating.

The only other girl I would see at Valentine is of course Chanel. But maybe she had to juggle a few clients' request on the day. Or she would call up her clients and hit them up for extra. But I don't think it matters Valentine or not because she always wanted to down play the romance part but emphasis the service satisfaction part.

Of course I liked Chanel more but I would prefer to fuck Sunshine. No hassle. The works. Complete satisfaction. But she also charges full price.

Chanel doesn't want trouble. Of course I would marry her any time in hind sight, given Mrs Player is still pretty hot, doesn't want sex, and doesn't ran away with somebody else. That's a no brainer. Her ex-clients aren't a big deal compared to whether she likes me and if she can like anybody. Seeing that she mellowed over a few years, and hearing her talking her hopeless relationship with her rich boy friend, I woud think I know her well enough if her yes is really yes. But then I probably don't have enough for her to say yes, and that if I have enough I may change my mind. That's life.

The 2nd time I saw Sunshine she wore stripper shoes and then sat down on the sofa for some relaxing conversation. She knew I like her legs. I wouldn't mind if she shows them off on high heels and looks taller than me instead of small. But I wasn't sitting next to her. I went for her feet straight away.

She liked the attention and giggled and smiled. It wasn't intense as I was eager to explore her all over again, and then straight to the 69. A kid inside a candy jar. It ended up the same routine all over again. And I was doubly satisfied. What else can be better?

About the 3rd time she told me I looked about 20 something when she saw me 1st time. Isn't she a straight shooter? I don't know if it's a compliment. Sure I looked half my age with all the hair, designer shorts and slippers. But is my performance declined to middle-age now?

But I'm always the VIP. She invited me to lunch and mentioned shopping. That was my favorite words a while back, especially from her mouth not mine. Of course I wanted to go with her but I didn't want her to be disappointed about my pocket. I declined. I could imagine everyone drewling on her - wondering if she is a hooker or a gold digger - ass length hair, model material, and tall.

I didn't lose my mind and took her to lunch because she was wearing 50's heels, tough, pointed, blood red, and stab me to death heels. Those are popular but I never got any interest in them.

If I have money to spare I would take her out with her wearing something like that in the pictures - bare shoulder and belly button, and a hot short pants. And of course cute high heel platform.

Chanel looked like a normal person at lunch, girl friend to a successful person and even looks classy in casuals. We are always given the best tables or very private tables. Even though I may look 20's but hanging out with 19 to 21 year olds don't feel good together on the looks. The only good thing about it is that they don't burn my pocket as fast. The tall blonde Grace may look better. I think she's in high end retail. Sometimes she comes in a classy jacket, or classy dress, but most often I think she changed into casuals first. The problem is that she is 6 ft. I didn't know why she invited me more than once. And I think it's just lunch and no shopping.

Those were the days.

Friday, July 04, 2014

She started it all
I was bored and inactive for a long time. I gave up on finding an ATF replacement. It's as hard as looking for a girl friend or wife. There are plenty of eligible girls, but she has to settle for pocket money having no better things to do.

Appearances are hit and miss, not depending on how much money you risk. DFK is another thing. It may be passionate, it may be good, but you may forget about it the next week.

Once it happened I have time to kill and I was horny. It happens. Rather than spending time on ads I called up a booker who has a girl that had been noticing.

Yes, I do hit up those escort sites occasionally to see if their are beautiful pictures, and may be so beautiful that I have to call.

Her pictures are too good. Or actually flawless as I didn't get to see much, not her face nor naked breasts nor private parts. Her face has a beautiful outline, in good shape and shown a lot of skin, ghost white. I just don't think it's true and current. But I noticed her pictures for may be a couple of months. I almost wanted to call her but didn't.

When I needed sex she was the first out of my head of course. I called and booked her at the perfect time of my day. Then I changed my mind. I turned up near the place and asked if she's free. I was horny.

The booker was understandably not pleased. It was botherline rude. I didn't know what I was doing but asked some questions about where and when. That sounded threatening to him, threatening to cancel. I didn't mean it at all and I was always polite. But on the phone it may turn out different.

The booker suddenly realized his mistake and told me she was available immediately in 10 mins or so. I didn't believe him and I wasn't desperate. I could honor the original booking but he had other ideas.

She did turn up shortly. I was totally surprised when she opened the door. Her ghostly white was gone, and now she was caramel tan instead. This is about the most reliable indication that she was the girl in the picture. Everything about the girl in the picture was nice, attractive and nice, but that's hard to translate to a fresh and blood.

She must be over 30 but there's nothing old about her. Her hair was completely wrapped up, not loose and not covering any part of her face. She had no makeup on. But she still looks beautiful. And elegant. It's not the naked look or she applied some foundation. May be she got something on but that's about nothing. I can see the tiny lines of imperfection on her skins only when there's no makeup. She still looked beautiful. More elegant than beautiful.

That's not what I was surprised. She had a sort of little black dress on, but not black, not that tight, a bit casual but simple and elegant. It was short but not trashy. Still I wanted to hose her down there and then.

Her height is very medium but she had great legs. Not long but just great. It's not because of the 3+ high heel sandal carved out in a lot of wood. But it help to focus on her feet just as the dress helped you to focus on her legs and tights.

I remembered a photo that I liked, in which she wore a short dress too. Her legs were the center of attraction but she wasn't emphasizing the length, her height, or what was under the skirt. It was just nice, like what I just saw, and she knew how to show them.

I think I couldn't stop saying "nice", couldn't lift my head up, and then followed her wherever she took me, inches right behind her. Sure some girls have nice legs, but when you arrived they don't bother to show case it. Normally it's at most a few minutes before they got naked so they don't bother.

She was elegant, borderline cold. When she was doing things on me it was like a tea ceremony so I didn't want to disrupt her. I liked to watch her face and what she was doing. But my heart was on her legs, and thinking all the time how could I suck her toes without freaking her out.

A lot went through my mind and I knew she was going to put on the cover and penetrate me any time soon. That would be too late to do anything.

I pushed her away, went to the lower half of the bed and tried to touch her. She was alarmed and asked the very common question "what are you doing?"

So I went all the way to the very end of the bed and grab one of her feet. I kissed it and she relaxed. It doesn't always turn out good this way. Some girls don't like you to go near their feet.

I went up from there, tackled her legs somehow and finished after became big and hard.

She invited me to go take a shower and I knew she was short of time. How clever of me. I screwed up her schedule.

I got out of the bathroom first. When she came out she was in another dress, very casual, bordering pyjamas. Loose, comfortable but just as short. I couldn't help but staring at her legs and said nice.

I waited for a week before looking at her pictures and booking her. Unfortunately she never returned. She had everything I was looking for and then some. She was there for months until I discovered her. Fortunately, if I didn't go for her legs I couldn't have forgiven myself.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

The player goes to church

It was bizarre, but not unexpected in hindsight.

I asked my masseuse out because we were having fun in her work place. As for what fun it's another story.  Out in the sense of full blown sex.

She was very keen on giving her number to me. She said she would give her number to me so I can call advance to make appointments. But she didn't write it down proactively in case I didn't mean it. She was happy that I asked her again on the way out.

When I called her on her day off, she was rude, saying that she was off and didn't want to work. Then she said 7 pm when I was calling her at about 1 pm. Then she texted me the address of another massage studio. I know, day off means working in another joint as nobody works in the same place everyday. But they do have days off, either too tired working 7 days a week or they can't fill the table 7 days a week.

As a last resort, I texted her to remind her who I am in case she didn't recognize who's calling but have to pretend to know. It was like magic. In seconds I see on my phone the words "I go".

She really meant it when she said 7pm. Now she texted the address of a church and asked me to wait for her then. I thought she was being careful to pick a safe public place to meet me. But it was not.

When I got to the parking lot she texted me that she was coming "out". What a terrible thought - coming out from the church! It was more. I saw her at a distance but I still had to wait. I was parking at the corner and vaguely saw that a kid was around.

After 20 minutes pass appointed time I was to follow her car out of the church. I thought at least she made sense and not a total amateur. But then she got to a nearby park parking lot and got into my car. It is a bad idea to get into a stranger's car and go together for sex.

I took the initiate and asked her to direct me to any main road. Of course I read the map and knew where's the nearest main road and the motels along it.  When we got to the 1st motel I asked her if that's OK at the same time I was driving into it. I parked among the cars in the parking lot and walked to the office myself so she would feel more anonymous and comfortable. But what the heck, there's no vacancy! It was a total surprise when the reviews were bad.

Then two blocks away there was another one that wasn't even on the map. I walked to the office and handed some cash to the attendant without saying a word. It was gladly accepted and he mentioned two hours. Officially there should not be hourly rates but only daily rates, I think. But if you see a couple driving in the owners are very understanding, especially if you don't ask questions and have cash. You just change the sheets and don't have to report anything.

The day turned sour when we were sitting on the couch talking. The room was surprisingly good for a motel standard. Polished wooden floor. Clean bathroom with white towels. A clean empty fridge. A couch for two and more. Queen bed, head to toe dressing mirror on the wall. Still with plenty of space to run a little circle with all the furniture. And also a fairly new stand alone air conditioner that cool the room at an instant.

I was trying to sit her on my lap and took off her clothes bit by bit. But she had to tell me that she is a real church goer. But why? That she felt she was committing a sin by having sex with me in a motel!

But she had no problems giving me a happy ending in the massage parlour. I was not using it against her. I respect people. Whatever games she was or was not playing, I can deal with it. So I told her it was just work, told her to give me just another massage first and I was bring out my wallet. She pushed my wallet away a little bit and we were still talking.

I was advancing as we talk, feeling her up, lifting her shirt and playing with her jean button. She told me that she doesn't go to motels with clients. Probably true as it is a silly thing to do and that I am an exceptional client. But was she trying to date me? Whatever, I am prepared - to get out of any undesirable situation.

After telling me all that, and getting my respect, I was getting something. I pulled her shirt off. But she was still struggling a bit with her bra. So I told her to lie down in bed and I was going to massage her instead. It was a good way to overcome shyness or uncomfortableness. If you put your face in the pillows, you don't see anything like digging your head in the sand.

Then I undone the 4 hooks of her bra, unbutton her jean and pull it off totally. It was a massage, but the squeezing style and more with lips and tongue. I was trying to get her off first with my fingers, lots of cuddling and breast feeding. She did get hot, but then she wasn't satisfied with pussy rubbing. What? She wanted a missionary?

No, she wanted penetration. But then she had to interrogate my sexual history first. She must had been sloppy because I didn't know how I passed. Not that I had a terrible history but my brain wasn't working. But that wasn't plain sailing. She wanted to shower first and I followed her. It wasn't too bad as I had the excuse to touch her private parts some more. But she didn't reciprocal.

After all that I had difficulty getting a full erection. She did help sincerely and penetrated me anyway. It was grace saving when I got behind her for a spoon, my favourite. When it was near I returned for a missionary in the hope of a DFK finish. She held me tight, comfortable getting very close, face to face, eye to eye, but just not DFK. I wasn't sure I want to DFK her but in the heat of the moment I most definitely think I would.

As expected, I finished before she was satisfied. It was a good thing that she didn't hide it. I didn't feel bad because I had all the reasons in the world and she was the problem. She didn't feel bad too - may be more pleasure means more sin?

She let me stayed on top of her for enough time. She made sure I was totally done and went for the shower. After my turn in the shower I found out she put her clothes back on sitting on the couch. I didn't know it was her professionalism - that it was times up or she felt less sin with clothes on. The conversations led to the same old same old, that she didn't go out with clients to motels at all.

I knew she wanted to leave but didn't feel right to say so. I want to leave too after the deed. I needed no excuses but I made up one in advance just in case. I am a single parent and needed to pick up my kid at the baby sitter's. It was a perfect way to go, but the problem is, she's one too.

She left her kid at the church for some activities and it's time to pick her up. That's OK by me but I don't want to know. A single parent, church goer, who gives happy ending for a living? That's sad in may levels. But then she isn't doing too badly so it wasn't sad enough to ruin my day. I wasn't going to date her anyway or anybody, but this is the last straw if I was going to. A single parent is OK. It's the contradiction, the mind fuck. If she can have fun away from her kid, away from her job, away from her church, it would be reconcilable. It wasn't.

So I have the perfect excuse not to call her again. Maybe it's her perfect excuse too in case she doesn't want to go out with me again - to the motels that is. I can't handle her church. I don't feel bad if I came across her again in the message studio, or even book her again for massage and a hand job. She is fun at that but not more at a more personal level.

By the way, before we left I took from my wallet a stash of money that I counted beforehand, which was the same total amount that I gave it to her when I had a "massage". She accepted it gladly but had to complain halfheartedly that she felt like selling her body.

That's a bit of problem. She's not having fun and otherwise not very professional.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cougar 2

If I don't complete this, I will be leaving her hanging on.

Recap: she was standing in front of the head to toe dress mirror. I was kissing, sucking and licking her head to toe, and watching myself too.

Actually I did more like digging into her with my tongue. The private part in front is easier but not that satisfactory to me. The back side is nearly impossible but I got to linger on her butt. You need something to spread her legs standing. I did that before but there's nothing around the mirror to help.

Before I finished on the 1st mirror, I remembered the 2nd mirror by the bed side. See? I'm sensitive to mirrors. I finished with her toes and didn't think it was right to go back and forth, up and down too much. So I led her to the bed side with the mirror, holding her hand.

I pushed her slightly and she fell onto the side of the bed, both legs up, spreading and revealing her private part. Then I kneel down on the bed side and went ahead. If she wasn't that natural looking I swear she did the laser removal (pubic hair) and bleach (pussy). I applied my lips, tongue and a bit of fingers on her pinkish pussy. I watched myself too but it was not easy. Her perfect position would be laying parallel to the short side of the bed, at the edge of the long side so her legs had no place to hang except spreading in the air or supported by me. The bed side mirror was installed at the perfect height but I had to turn to six o'clock to watch myself in action. But you can't put you mouth in the 12 o'clock position when the eyes are six o'clock!

When I was satisfied with one side, I rotated my index finger and she knew to turn over showing her butt, feet in the air and legs spreading. I did the summary oral treatment to her butt and then some, trying to finish what I couldn't accomplish while she was standing. When she knew I wasn't going to stop digging all the way, she shook her head a little and uttered something like no.

I learned not to do something they were not prepared to do, especially in unusual places that could have many capabilities.

One word of advice, don't call yourself bombshell in ads. It is used too often and doesn't mean anything to me, perhaps I don't often book bombshells.

This cougar is the bomb. You don't need to arm her, shoot her, or throw her. You just need to drop her and once triggered she will devastate a large patch of territory around her. No mercy, no exceptions.

When I did all the oral examinations, I lied flat in the middle of the bed expecting more blowjob. Of course she knew what to do withing any hint. My vertical cock was the hint. She had skills, but didn't flaunt it. She made me very comfortable, rock hard, without trying to blew me away.

She had been having the worrying / a little scared look on her face. It was about my cock. She had the look when she was looking at it, and not hiding it. It could be some form of compliment but she over did it, but I don't think it was intentional.

When she thought that I couldn't possibly want more blowjob, she put on the condom, still with the worrying look. Since I didn't move a muscle she rode me, or attempting to rode me. She changed her mind in mid-air and reverted to the seiza position (sitting with knees bend).

She was sitting there right beside my cock, with the giving up position on her face and heads turning a bit. I think she was too shy to say my cock is too thick for her to sit on.

I never liked cow girl. If I have to give up control, it have to be something that I can't do otherwise, like blowjob.

For whatever her reason, with no hesitation, I got up for a fraction of a second and pulled her down by her hand, and captured her into the spoon position. My one hand went under her body and grabbed her very elastic breast. My other hand helped to insert my cock into her pussy, then went over her body to grab her other breast. I changed my mind in a split second and went to grab her pussy.

Suddenly, I felt something wrong. I felt awkward grabbing her pussy and didn't finger her or rubbed her. My hand went for her other breast. I understand later that she was on my wrong side when I pulled her into the spoon.  I ended with my left hand on her pussy and didn't feel right.

Feeling totally natural and highly elastic, I doubled my usual effort to squeeze her breasts while banging her. It was really hard but I stopped a split second to ask her if she was uncomfortable. She was OK with everything. I would think girls prefer cow girl, then doggie, then spoon. It's about control. But she seemed to have issues with cow girl but not spoon.

I would be very happy to come that way leaving all ten temporary finger marks on her breast. But then I knew she is a total GFE. I got up, turned her on the right side up, in the seiza position myself and went for her mouth. She knew I would be coming for her that way. In the split second that we were eye to eye, I could see that she was all smiling, with her eyes too, and welcoming me into her arms.

So we kissed and then I sucked hard while I punched downstairs. A few girls didn't like to finish that way even they are quite GFE. This cougar had no problem and seemed to be welcoming it if not enjoying it. With our mouths securely docked, I concentrated to finish the business down there, pulling out all the way and thrust back in.

After we kissed goodbye, she said the seasonal greetings. I was at first startled because I forget about all the festivity. Then I returned the flavor with a big smile and got on my way under the influence. For my ATF Chanel it was worse. She wasn't that nice all the time but when she was, I left my wallet on the motel bed, and in other times my glasses too. I drove all the way to the hotel exit and then realized that why the world was suddenly so blurry.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ambushed by the local high school cheerleader team

Yeah, I wish. When I was walking around on campus, I spotted some cheerleaders scattered around in their shortest possible pure white skirt, and maybe in sport shoes as good as bare feet.

They are two far away from me to have an erection, which is a good thing. I have enough self control not to get any closer. But admired at a distance, they are more like perfect ballerina figurines.

But all of a sudden they congregated to perform a surprise cheer for the crowd some 10 ft in front of me. It's not like across the football field.

The problem is, they are all not like "chunky" NFL sexy types, but rather Babie doll types, the oldest less than 19. Imagine the effect on me when they all spread their legs and kick around. Very blond, very long legs, very slim. There are Asians among them but they all have the same build. With one or two exceptions, they don't have baby fat but Babie doll limbs. Did they all give up milk and meat?

It's like Girl Generation in the fresh, X 10.

The next morning I called Ms Pencil right away. (Mrs Player didn't summit that night.) When I met her I realized why I was a bit obsessed with her. She was wearing a tight jean skirt as short as she can get away with having to walk in and out of the car. What a coincidence. I didn't asked her what to wear but since the school uniform last time, she has good idea. She had lacy lingerie under it too.

I knew she has a great butt the first time she had a tight knee length pant on. That's the reason I stayed. The 2nd time she had a tight mini hot pant. It's great but I didn't know her legs are awesome until she almost bare them all under a super mini skirt.

I brought a 4 in casual high heel sandal with a tiny pinkish floral top. The amount of wood used for the chunky heels instead of a metal spike means expensive. Again she fit it like Cinderella. I asked her to walk around for a few steps on the skirt, then on lingerie alone, then naked.

I still think she has a fixation on cocks but she is a lesbian. Unusually my charm doesn't work much on her but she likes my cock more it seems. A curiosity item?