Thursday, December 21, 2017

Oh my ego

It started when I was going home on a dark desert highway. Well, most of the state is built on the desert anyway. I was lonely or horny that I didn't remember. I stopped to call a phone number on a classified with an impossibly cute girl in a video.

Of course, it was not the girl on the video that I met. Nowadays you can buy a video from anybody on the internet and pay in many ways including webcam tokens. Now I understand why people in pictures or videos hold an identifying sign upside down or mirror image. They have no clue what it is.

But she is young and most of her body is up to standard; she is from my city with the same accent. She did what she was supposed to do but without GFE. I was going on and on. On the missionary, I was telling myself I did what I had to do and now's the time to come. She thanked me for my hard work. We laughed. Because of that, I was looking for her the next week in the same situation.

I was lied to; another girl Sandy turned up despite the promise. I was politely telling the girl that I was looking for someone else while doing a U-turn to the door. Then I noticed her bikini starting from her breasts. It was totally unexpected; usually, I will be looking for model skinny types or schoolgirl types. But she is not bad at all, a half plus-size model maybe. She is tall and if she losses a few pounds all over her face will be a lot more beautiful.

I decided to stay when my eyes never left her bikini top. Then I went for her breasts. They didn't disappoint as she is mid-twenties at most; she is a bit thick so her girls are big and natural. She was surprisingly GFE that I didn't pay for and didn't expect.

She just stood there waiting for me to undress. I just had the chance to pull her down to sit on my lap. She just did it without hesitation. That was the beginning of a great feast. I just kissed her how I liked it and whenever I liked it. I went up and down on her and then turned her around. She just did it, even with the prediction on her own initiative.

When it was time to blow I recognized the way she looked at my cock. She looked at it the same way when I first undressed. She wasn't calculating how much work she had to do or how uncomfortable she would be. She was fixated. She just grabbed my cock and suck away without giving me the chance to change my sitting position.

With that much GFE and kissing, my missionary was going too well, lasting not as long as last time. After I finished she wouldn't let me go with both her arms around my waist. She was still fucking me. I wasn't responding like a blowup doll. I couldn't respond. She was doing the missionary on her own at the bottom. It was minutes until she gave up, saying softly," Mmm, so fast!". She sounds like a little girl complaining while I ran out of candy.

Weeks later, I figured out that it could be a totally different story. The hometown girl got my request but passed it to Sandy. I was too thick and too much hard work. So Sandy was expecting a handsome guy that last a long time with a big equipment, she told me twice about it, not absolutely big but relatively for my 120 pounds. This was exactly what she wanted and I delivered, except for the lasting bit, lol.

They left and I couldn't take another promise from the agent. I tried another agent who got me Apple. I couldn't remember any girl who was riding on me looked at me so desirably and then kissed me with so much smile and love.

And so I decided to keep my long fluffy hair. I don't care if Americans call me gay. The rest of the world calls American males ugly. We have Speedo Superbrief and they have knee length wetsuits for swimming. I don't care if it's embarrassing going to PTA meetings. I don't care if I am mistaken again as another student when I walk with my kids in high school. I don't care if schoolgirls smile at me like I'm a driving senior when I am just stopping my car for kids to cross safely.

BTW, when I went down to the scoreboard during a home game, I saw two women who seemed to be trying to outdo one another. One had a beautiful face with very nice makeup under the spotlights. She looked like an ex-cheerleader. The other not as beautifully madeup but bared her shoulders and arms in a chilly fall evening. They were sitting face to face and I was about the only person who could see them competing.

These happened within a week or two; my appetite grew and grew. I stared at the classified without much selection until I caught my eyes on a pair of tits. These would do; these would be the bottom line if nothing else. Indeed there wasn't much else. She wasn't even showing off her assets at the door, wearing a T-shirt. But I had faith in her advertising. She is young and thick so that advertised pair could easily be hers.

She was a bit amateur and unprepared. Her room wasn't too tidy, hair a bit messy, no makeup to speak of. She will be called ugly in high school but she isn't a real turnoff. She wears a bracelet and her breath wasn't that good!

She's not the type of girl you would associate with well grooming and trendy with makeup. But all of a sudden she told me her armpit hair wasn't perfectly shaved on doctors order, something like that. She surprised herself by my staying and wanted to keep me coming back.

After I explored all her assets, the only way to salvage the date was to go for her ass. She accepted my offer and trusted me with the extra donation so I didn't need to get out of bed to fetch the money. She told me she hadn't done it for a while and it was hard work to get in. Actually, I wasn't in. I was barely in and out of her sphincter.

I wasn't sure why she didn't bring out the lubrication. Maybe she wanted me to feel the best value for money. Maybe she wanted to do it all naturally without aid. I knew she wasn't doing too well but she seemed to be okay under me. Instead of continuous torture, I decided to deliver one sharp shot to get it over with, to get totally inside. She screamed! Not very loud but like being slaughtered or tortured. So I checked on her under me to see that she was doing okay. She was and decided to bring out the lubrication she had it in the nightstand drawer all along. She worth every cent I gave her.

Then I met this small real blonde girl who looked like a high schoolgirl at 20 something. After I put down the money on the table, she walked into me and kissed me like a girlfriend. Well, the sort of girlfriend who kisses as in chick movies. I saw her a few times because I loved to kiss her whenever I wanted, particularly when I am about to come. There's natural attraction, or, the lack of repulsion.

The last time I saw her, she told me I was amazing when we cuddled after. I didn't know what to response, smiling. it off. And then when we kissed goodbye, she repeated it louder and more seriously to make sure I got it. Yes, I was getting better and better in these few weeks and that's why I was so active.

In between meeting the blonde, an elusive spinner on my radar turned up. There is one and only one girl whose pictures made me horny every time. But her face is too exotic for my taste. Still, I saw her several time, each time telling myself that I wasn't coming back and looking for a prettier girl. This elusive spinner may fit the bill.

In my mind, I rehearsed many times all the things I wanted to do to her. When I met her at the door, I was a bit disappointed and my script went up in smoke. She didn't have the killer body I wanted though not far away. Her face is a bit plain though I prefer her to the one I wanted to replace - The Schoolgirl.

I began to kiss her to break her ice. She was unlike the blonde who took the initiative and clung to me like a girlfriend. She was only responding in kind. I thought that's it until I tried again later more forcefully. She opened up her mouth for some tongue engagement and maintained the lingering kiss lingering.

When I was going up and down her body, I realized that she is better than my first impression. Her perfect pedicure on her pictures didn't look that perfect because her legs aren't model long. But then they are so small and cute, and spotlessly clean. I began to give her a foot massage, not only using my hands obviously. I also bit her irresistible bottom, gentle at first so as not to alarm her, and then harder and harder. I always ain't big on dinning. But on her, licking wasn't enough. Somehow I started vacuuming her and pulling her lips with my lips. I could hear her faintly saying, "Oh fuck!". I didn't know it was passion or desperation.

Her blowjob was well coached. It's all an act but a good act. Her eye makeovers were targeted at this angle looking me very sexily. She practised enough to look natural and nothing seems too exaggerated, even though she was moving up and down like a crouching tiger and her eyes were giving out lasers. When I had seen it all and felt it all, I told her to get the condom. Actually, I went to fetch my own. She asked me if I needed it immediately. I didn't know what to say. That's when she carried on ... and on... and on. She must have loved it, or she was trying to soften me up, bringing me closer to climax to save her pussy.

When she was riding me, she was low as a racing jockey. But she wasn't trying to stay close to kiss me, lol. Now I realize what she was simply doing. I think I got the feeling of a woman at the bottom. She was doing the rough missionary on top of me. What a change! More than that, she would gyrate to the sides too. She came on me very strongly, not worrying at all that I would come too early. Indeed, I think she rode harder and harder, wishing that I would come earlier.

It didn't seem like that she would let go. So I lifted her whole body up while she was riding me. Usually, I would rise up carefully and put her head near the end of the bed without pulling out from her. But she was instinctively alarmed when the earth moved under her. Somehow she managed to stay on the pillow side of the bed.

I carried on what she did, with me at the top this time. It took a long time since she wouldn't kiss. There was one last thing I wanted to do. I asked if I could come in her mouth. It should be included for the BBBJ but I wasn't sure after putting on the condom. Instead of saying yes, she got up and we pulled the condom together quick. When I was about to come I doubted if that was a good idea. I had a big load then and I usually come in waves. I doubted if I could finish all in there. When I glanced at her I was relieved a bit. She was using her lips to form a tight seal on my faucet. She knew enough not to let go until I finished the full load. 

Friday, November 24, 2017


My eyes were on Y for a while. When the time comes I picked up the phone. Before I told the agent my selection, he texted me pictures of a lot of girls available. Apple was near the top and I couldn't forget her when I scrolled down. So I picked her instead.

I met Chanel II at a bad time. I couldn't see her again for a couple of months and I decided not to see her again for the next couple of months until I am sure I can get back into her grace with a plan. Anyway, her face is not a shockingly beautiful as Chanel without the minor plastic enhancement. But she is model material once you met her, even though she advertised as the girl next door. She is young and on top of her game, just like Chanel when she first came out. With so many girls on offer, I favored them because we have the same accent. It's much easier to talk dirty or tell them exactly what to do with less awkwardness.

It was like love at first sight. I couldn't stop smiling because Apple is oozing with youth, just like her picture. From the way she looked at me and the smile, I am pretty sure she wasn't pretending. After the agent introduced us, she grabbed my hand and held it high up, leading me into the bedroom. It was like in a ballroom. She picked her dance partner, rushed to grab me, showed off as if saying, "he's mind!".

She was tinier than I thought; I found out when we hugged. And I was surprised we had the same accent. She is pretty alright, but her picture was taken when she was 18. It wasn't bad at all. She is just 23, the same as Chanel when she left me. She needed a little makeup so she is still oozing with youth, to match her youthful outfit. She is not model material with a bit of mileage showing. But her BMI is my ideal, well proportioned and I loved her fallen angel feel. At 23, she has no hesitation to take off her clothes in bright light standing straight up, and she has no reason to.

I gave her my well-received 003-condom but since she doesn't do BBBJ she put on her own non-lubricated one first. She changed it later though.

We stared at each other, appreciating, while she was riding me. It was like love growing after first sight. Then she got close to my face and kissed me. And again, deeper.

My erection was strong and I could have hanged on forever like that; I told her my brother loved her so much. All good things have to end though. She asked me to get on top and give her a good fuck. (OK, I added the 2nd half.)

Once I was in position, I couldn't help but to DFK her. I didn't pay for GFE and it was never offered or promised. But I just did it without resistance. Indeed, she was very cooperating and it felt like she was encouraging it.

We kissed so much that I felt I lose concentration down there and didn't come for a long time, even though I was swimming like a dolphin on top of her. I took my mouth off hers, pressed my face on her face like dirty dancing, in order to take a breath and to concentrate on my thrust. But then I would miss her kisses and went back vacuuming her. It was my dilemma and I went back and forth many few times. She couldn't sync with my fast switches and gave me the lips when I gave her my face, and vice versa. But there wasn't any problem with kissing on each other's faces and then went mouth to mouth or face to face.

At the end, she asked where I live (she is local), my age (I said many dozens but I could have said I am old enough to adopt her.), and typed her personal number on my phone.  I pressed the wrong button after I went home and lost it. But we will meet again. In case we don't, she wasn't even my initial choice.

Mrs Player did look half her age. But I think I am worse. I was too busy to even cut my hair. My system wasn't functioning 100% and I had no time to fix it. Though my hair remains stylish following the last cut. Now I was a bit like the Beetles. The surprising outcome is that my jet black hair grows longer, covering my salt and pepper. Maybe I should keep long and fluffy hair. I'm not a banker or professional dealing directly with the public. It's a little bit embarrassing like when in high school with my kid, one of those handling flyers say to the other, "he's the father", telling his partner not to treat me as another student. Do I look that old?

Thursday, October 26, 2017

They say the Internet would have eliminated dictatorship, but it only made me cry. The last time I cried was at the funeral of my uncle when I was a tiny kid. Our family wasn't close but they lived in an apartment several storeys above us. He is also my first school Principle. He has like 5 kids so we weren't close at all but I felt a personal connection. But mainly it was the funeral music.

OK, maybe I cried more than I remembered because of kid stuff. But I didn't remember I was so sad that I had to cry. Once when I was small I cried because my mother offered a closer sleeping place to her to my little brother at grandma's house. I remembered grandma told me not to cry. It was maybe the last time I saw her alive.

The Internet is trouble when you can stream any music or anything ever existed at any time anywhere. In the golden age of TV, if you missed the last episode of the final season due to exams after following the series for years,  that's that and you have a hole forever in your mind.

Being sentimental, I seldom listen to my favourite old songs. I could have listened to the album for hours while reminiscing what I was doing when the music first came out. That wasn't difficult at all. I was half the globe away from home most of the time without my type of CD's, TV or radio stations.

The Internet is trouble when the hottest idol type singers of my time were dead due to overdose, suicide or cancer. Listening to their songs has different feelings and meanings.

I discovered in a Youtube vintage video that the Bad Guy and the Good Guy actually made up on stage. The GY is a much better singer and he wrote beautiful songs too. But the BG was much more popular and lasted longer. During a BG's concert, he sang a GY's song and praised him night after night until he appeared one night and finished the song together.

Fuck, the song is beautiful but this two hottest idol is about my age if they were not long dead! The GY overdosed probably because people forgot about him and his songs. The BG broke a lot of records for a singer, formally retired, went on to became a movie star and broke more records. He jumped from a hotel window obviously because he didn't save enough of his money and his life was not worth living anymore. I totally understand if he has no kids nor close family members. His fair-weather friends were long gone. Only very rich women wanted to keep him as a trophy, and gay lovers too.

Youtube has a habit of carrying you down the rabbit hole. This time it was a different kind of concert. It was 12 days of retirement concerts for the music godfather, 12 thousand seats each. It was just last year instead of the concerts that I missed decades ago. And he was like 90.

The story goes that godfather started performing in a nightclub many many years ago and went on to own the music scene totally until he retired. Actually, the job lasted about 6 months and then he left for America to study, a feast that no ordinary families can afford. He is the opposite of the King. His pop-country style of music was so dominant that rock and rap remains a tiny fraction. He was in charge of music in the dominant TV station in the golden age of TV. He composed every TV theme song, which sold much more than others. And I am always surprised how many other songs he composed for record labels and movie.

Retirement at 90? I would think somebody used him to make money. Anyway, most of his star singers were long retired. But those who got invitations could not resist or excuse. They returned from all over the world. Whether your career ended well, there's no excuse not to come and honour this man.

The young idols now came as respectable grandmas and grandpas! For those too old to sing or dead, they were replaced by the new generation of idols, who came with a tint of the style of those they replaced, and sang almost like the original song!

No money was spared making everybody so stylish. Some grandmas still have their angelic voice. Some dudes are still so cool as Mike Jagger. Some come as their very middle-aged self with glamorous suits. I don't remember some singers at all. And I remember some who never made it that big, but one of their songs made it.

What can I say? As time goes by ...

And I was wrong. It was never too old to come. The biggest stars have to be over a 100 hundred by now. But they must have been using a big team of movie special effect makeup artists. These stars looked like they are still in their 40's! And they can still sing as they were.

The biggest impact to me are those new idols whose jobs are to perform some classic songs where the original singers were not there for various reasons. Not only that they sang well, if not better, their interpretation was close to the original including their looks, with a modern twist. The contrast is so big for time has passed.

You have to admit you are old when these kids remembered that they were listening to godfather's songs every day for kids' programs and then every evening with the whole family during dinner and after. Now they are so grown up and so gorgeous. So many memories.

A young boy started singing one of the Good Guy's greatest hits. I don't even know godfather composed it. There's no resemblance in the face, hair or outfit, but you can easily imagine the same young boy singing the same song. It was an extremely motivational song, about reaching for the sky. Fuck, he wasn't even my favourite idol. His ending was so sad, so forgettable. My aim was so high. I went through so many ups and downs. I still have so many people and things to take care, to struggle through. The song was so good, so familiar and gave me so much spirit, at the same time I cannot forget that the singer died a forgettable, miserable death. Fuck, I cannot suppress my burst out crying.

I think it was like the singer / composer who went to listen to Vincent. But she wrote a song for that. I just cried.

Being a lot more popular, more than one idol sang the Bad Guy's songs, and they all pick my favourite. Not the hit song he started his fame, though I had fond memories singing with my girlfriend parting at the airport. Not the hit he wrote for his own retirement, a tribute to the song that made him famous. It was the theme song of the first movie of the trilogy he was the lead actor. That movie is legendary. It was about childhood friends who sacrificed themselves heroically shoulder to shoulder for a better tomorrow.

I tried to sing along but my voice cracked and my throat blocked. I was too emotional to carry on.

Although I have few childhood friends or any friends left. It brought back memories. Perhaps it was the memory that I actually missed the legendary movie when I was far far away from home when everybody I know watched. It was the treasured things I missed in my life.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Her old man must be so happy when Barbara went home and gave him and her brother the latest iPhone.

But I'm sure he will still be turning in his grave if he knows how Barbara got her money. I'm so sad for him but luckily he wouldn't know.

You can tell Barbara grew up in a struggling family. She didn't have perfect teeth and her hair is in a mess to this day. She didn't go to college, probably none of her siblings do. In a way, she is neglected. She didn't have a boyfriend until 18 because "nobody wants me". I can understand because her face, her hair, and how she carries herself are all not to be proud of.

Her old man must be so proud and happy. Now Barbara comes of age, spread her own wings, survived in LA, and even have spare money for expensive gifts. If he only knows. Am I the only one who carried the world's sorrow from ancient times to present?

But then again Barbara told me to live a little. She had enough growing up and now she is happy. She didn't turn into a swan but her body is like a sex doll. She is experimenting all sorts of kinky things. She has a sugar daddy who wants to be more like her boyfriend. She has regulars for massage and S&M. And in between sugar daddies, she came out to play escort.

I seldom went for that, but her natural tits look great on screen. So I went up to take a look, preparing to quit if she looks awful. To my surprise, she looked like a ragged doll because of her hair. I was relieved that she was my type and couldn't stop myself putting on a great smiled, as I usually do. Not being totally confident of herself, she thinks I may be laughing at her for something, probably her hair. I wasn't. I was totally happy with her, her ragged doll look, great tits, and even her strange behavior of never taking off her ankle socks.

She is not the model type, maybe a little Baywatch. She isn't beautiful. But she is so sweet and did I say that she looks exactly like a clueless schoolgirl? And she is one of the rare younger girls who allow you to record videos. Wow, anything to immortalize yourself digitally will not be expensive!

Well, the total package is expensive and I won't jump into it if it was not her. She won the audition when I met her first time, even though she didn't do much. We didn't even kiss. But her tits are really great, and her waist is really narrow. She has a gorgeous bottom. Not model legs but totally lickable. Her skin is smooth and you can feel the very fine short almost invisible body hair all over.

She delivered everything I asked for and more. I got it all on video. I got horny whenever I took out my phone and watch her in action. So I booked her the next week. I had a plan. She thought I was doing video and she was all prepared, lipsticks and glamorous bikini. But I wasn't. The only reason was that I asked her detailed dress sizes and shoe sizes. Email, calls, PM, text, nothing usually works. I missed several chances and I wasn't letting her slip by.

When I was done, she held my hands and told me a lot of things about herself. She is the 4th working girl I know who is getting a real estate license. I know three of them just before the last bubble. Should I write a paper for the Nobel price or should I make a bet for the next bubble?

At the end, she wiped off her lipsticks on my face and I did the same to her. I got it from her lips and her face got it from my lips.

Usually, I get the whole schoolgirl outfit in a package.  This time they couldn't deliver it on time. So I ordered separately. Other than the skirt, the rest are the real thing, not from sex shops. Often you will be disappointed when the girl put your gift on. It's all your fantasy but it's them who have to fit.

Barbara is amazing in the outfit. I couldn't have been more right. So I did some pervert things on her that I wouldn't do to any other schoolgirl. And got it all on video.

As for her, she just likes the outfit too much and she didn't want to take it off.  My plan was to take it back, do the laundry, and bring it back when I feel the need to. And take more pervert videos. She promised she would bring the outfit back. But it wasn't practical as there are 7 pieces, top, skirt, panties, a pair of socks and a pair of shoes. Anyway, I let her keep it. I can get some more but I can't any better than this outfit. I should be a consultant.

But I also have a plan. I took care to do the laundry first so there isn't any odor left on the new clothes. After she wore them, the only odor will be hers, enough for me to sniff for a while, while watching her videos. It had to be next time.

BTW there is a non-US documentary about pedophile on Amazon or Netflix. I would say it's trying to justify sex with teens with a different name for that. They even show off pretty pretty teens to prove the point. Whatever the motive, I got the message that whatever you find sexy stays with you. And that I agree. 

PIcked up by a woman

When I was changing diapers, I told myself, "there go my next 18 years of life". I didn't see how I find a way out to become a happy single man again, but in m silly mind I had hope when my babies all have grown up on their own, I may have my life back again.

That was not silly at all. Finally, I gave up my classic car, the only remaining symbol of the part of my life that was long gone. My main commute has a much smaller gas tank, and the refill warning was much too tame compared to the seat belt warning. I ran out of gas in a drive-by area. I was so lucky I drove off the freeway just in time to park the car off the road.

There was a gas station there according to Google Map but it was long gone. So I walked 20 min, brought the last 2 gal gas tank, finally filled it after rejection by the pump because they have no chip reader. Actually, few gas stations have chip readers. So you can imagine how the credit card fault detection unit treat the area.

Then I marched back along the traffic, hoping someone with a rotten pickup truck will pick me up; I was so obvious. But then again I wouldn't pick up a stranger no matter what. There is the roadside assistance for that if he can wait.

Then I noticed that a huge SUV/VAN was coming up the driveway and the woman was watching me. She was about the age of Chris Jenner but without the sex appeal. Of all people, she stopped and offered me a ride. She was even prepared to drive to the gas station to fill my tank. But I already have done that. I was on my way back to my car.

I think she thought that I was local, waked up one evening and found that the leaking truck was out of gas. Then I picked up a plastic tank and walked to the gas station to get some. Being a drive-by area, there were huge mansions and junkyards. Such as lovely place.

The ride lasted a minute or two, for I was almost there without knowing it. I asked her to drop me off right there but she parked properly and spotted my car for me. I sincerely thanked her and went our separate ways.

Seriously, would you pick me up? I don't think she wanted to have sex with me but the sex appeal cannot be denied, lol. I don't think she's trying to help fellow senior citizens; she was treating me like a young man, who is probably the around the same age as her.

The other day, on a dark desert highway, I had a little time left and stopped by to have a quickie to ease my frustration. Nowadays there is a fake picture epidemic. The Russians do it. The Chinese, Koreans do it. Everybody is doing it. We are back to square one despite the internet. I asked for girl A before, when the agent gave me girl B. This time I asked for girl B but was surprised to find girl C . C was nothing like B, who is more delicate. I told C I was looking for another girl and began to turn back to the door. It was then I noticed that C's face is decently put together. She should be considered pretty with little makeup on. She isn't model material but looks great in a bikini. Honestly, I don't mind little thicker legs and bigger butts.

I was so glad I stayed. In no time we were like starting an affair having sex the first time. She wasn't some MILF, but only in her twenties tops. I was vacuuming her and pounding her as soon as we undressed. I swear I worked hard a long time before I came. But she wouldn't let me go. With strong arms around my waist, she fucked me in the missionary position when I was on top doing nothing. I was still hard for a little while after I came. But when I became soft, she stopped fucking me and her whole body language said, "frustration". She wasn't hiding any frustration, like a kid who dropped her lollipop. She even asked me to go again. Even though I couldn't, she still complimented my size. This was our moment, our past, and we have no future. We both know that she was on a short visit. That didn't stop me from asking her name and she gave me one.

And some years back I took my kid to school with 3 teachers fighting for me - one cute headmaster, one teacher helper and one very young substitute teacher, who was most aggressive. The last time I saw her she was holding my kid's hand alone in the parking lot waiting for me. I can only guess they don't want to work their ass off there, but instead want to turn into suburban housewives like most women around them.

And then there was the very stylish Target manager. She was a bit subtle. But honestly, in the slow evenings, I saw her walking around the checkouts enough times that I figured out she was the manager without any other clues? The supermarket manager is less subtle. She tried to chat me up from time to time. Well, she is a bit supermarket but I am not picky.

The moral of the story is, have kids in your 20's, and when they can stand firmly on their own, you still can have a great single life, or a super-secret life like me, lol.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Moved, but not convinced

Finally, the documentary about trafficking in the US was made and released in 2017. On this net neutrality day, I would like to comment; I doubt if I would bother anymore if nobody will be paying to come across my opinion in a thousand years.

There are two brave victims coming forward. I can only comment on one of them; the type of girls I could have met in my turf.

I am totally moved by her experience. I understand why so many State Attorney Generals want to close down Backpages. Now I'm for it. It was closed earlier in the year with fanfare. I did know the CEO was arrested. I think lawsuits are still going on.

Previously, I wasn't against closing down BP but I doubt about the effect. What's the point when they shut down Craigslist, people move to BP? Girls who advertise on BP are seen as inferior in my turf. More like desperate. Red Book was shut down because people were involved in offline activities. But if you close down BP, is the whole internet escort business at risk? That I have to defend.

I recall I might have read about the victim before. She was like kidnapped at random and then sold for sex on BP long term. At the time I think this is the exception and there's little to do with selling sex on the internet. It is the random act of kidnapping an all-American girl that would outrage any Americans, making US into a 3rd world country. Be it for sex or anything else. LE will solve it the best they can. And they did. But it was the parents who kept searching online and recognized her ad.

I still think this case is the exception than the rule. But the authorities and the media failed me. Why would they try to convince people that there is a large-scale trafficking going on? The facts don't justify the numbers. The results of raids also justify my thinking. When LE managed to catch dozens of people, most likely they couldn't find any trafficking victims. And when they claim they have one or two, they fail to provide details.

Instead, they should concentrate on the victims. One is too many. The documentary did a good job, other than the routine claim on the scale of the problem. There is also the story of a flight attendant who rescued a trafficking victim. So you might ask if she is the brightest FA in the land or trafficking by air is so rare?

Often criminals are so stupid that they plot their own inevitable demise. Even in 3rd world countries, there are so many ways to get girls working there's no reason for outright kidnapping. Even criminals have their code of conducts.

The criminals who kidnapped the victim should have thought that family and friends and supporters of the victim will search for her until the world ends and that every LE will go after them with or without daughters of their own. Even worst for the criminals, every state AG went after the big money too ending in the collapse of an empire. Now, who will be punished severely by all the pimps on BP who lost big money?

Maybe the CEO was thinking like me too. One exception doesn't justify shutting down the whole business, "helping" so many people. It doesn't matter for me though. I don't use it.

Without BP, it will be harder to make big money and there is less motive to become traffickers. I'm all for it. But then will the die hard traffickers hide the victims down the 18th level of hell?

Now CityVibe has been trying to copy Craiglist and now is pretty much like BP. What's the difference in principle? What can CV do if people move their ad to CV? CV even tried to start it's own review site. It was closed and rumors have it that they were warned by LE that would be crossing the line by playing both sides.

Reviews are actually a good thing. You cannot move around without trace when you depend on words of mouths. People don't just want a piece of prime cut meat. You all know about GFE. The private emails I receive for comments were amazing. "Is she passionate?"  WTF!? I don't know you and I don't know how you look and how you smell. You may be lucky if she even agrees to kiss you.

BTW, this may be a better way for reviews. I don't use TER anymore. You can't get the whole truth for public comments. It's better than nothing but I get bored about the person before I met her. The other site basically allows you to make a positive reference, and negative too. For details, you are encouraged to talk privately. Those who refuse to talk are very suspicious one way or the other. The site gets money by charging for the PM's and of course, the classifieds.

I noticed recently that CV is deleting the amounts from the advertisements. It is a big inconvenience because you know that the pictures are fake when they charge for $180 an hour. And before that previously popular words like GFE was all missing.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Bucket List

It may not be good because I have none. My little celebration on an average day may be on other's bucket list. That is when I have money to spare.

I spent trunks of my life being local around the globe. I've been to exotic places in people's dreams but I have no desire to return. It was overrated. I have a habit of roaming the world with my heart detached. If you want to go somewhere for the honeymoon, saved up years for somewhere, that's where your heart is. Without that, it would be more awesome to spend quality time with your kids.

I've also been to the Islands several times. I didn't look forward to it except the first time many years ago. And I have seen worse. A lone man checked in right before us. Apparently, he has nothing much to do for his vacations. He checked in the same hotel every time, alone.

What always gets me is the kids of Make a Wish Foundation. Little people have little desires. They may be happy going to Hawaii or Disney when they would be missing so many things average people take for granted.

Maybe I would be more like the woman in Five-O. Found some soul mate to accompany her on the last leg of her journey and got married. Visited friends and family. Guest appearance in her old friend's club when she could have started the career of a singer. A speed ride on a police car with sirens on.

Yes, I do wish and expect to have grandkids. But that would be one step at a time. After spending time with my kids, my dad told me the next step would be seeing the little boy carrying his backpack into kindergarten. He never made it. But I'm sure he had few regrets. His life story is rich and colorful and he went through it successfully with flying colors.

The one people I admire is David Bowie. Yes, he is very successful and he changed the world. I don't care much about that because I'm not his big fan. I wish I could be like him, prepared well for the eventual mortality. All his loved ones are well-taken care of. He had time to reflect on his mortality and made an album for it.

Hopefully, I'm far from preparing for the end of my journey. But being idle than I used to be got me thinking about things. I always told myself I have few regrets and I'm ready to leave anytime. An eternal rest will be fine for me. But with more thoughts into it, it would be hard to say goodbye. It's OK if there's afterlife too. I could meet my dad and my dog. That's why religion is so attractive. I don't care much about heaven and hell because like puppies in a house full of dog food, I don't have to be mean and struggling. I have few enemies if any. My mistakes are childish and self-inflicting.

The reason for being idle is that, what's the point of fucking other women when you found a model material? I've memories of a few, but two belongs to the type who would suck and wouldn't let go if you let them. The 1st time I was shocked. So I went to see her again in days. After I satisfied all my desires within her limits, I would like to see her again but there's always tomorrow. Then she was gone. The next time I saw her I was out of it. Her face didn't match her perfect body.

The recent model material is less perfect but more natural. Again I was shocked into seeing her again in a week. I bathed her and kissed (actually with tongue more like licking) her everywhere I wanted. I had to say it again, her legs are awesome. Why would I see anybody again? She didn't charge that much more. If she charged anymore she would be waiting for calls most of the time instead of working full time. That's player's economics 101.

But why I don't see her more often? What else is there to achieve? If I'm horny she is the best choice. I usually got horny when I think about sex and watch pretty pictures of the classified kind. But there's no point because she beat them all. If I repeat I could wait when I have a better schedule or I have more money to spare. She isn't the type that will get into more personal relationships like Chanel. She is your girlfriend, but not after the hour.

But then Chanel is not at all easy. I had time and money and got her personal number at the end after an on and off relationship. I'm not currently in the position to win her over. Even if I am, I might be trying those sugar baby websites. I just like adventures.

And there are always many other ways to have fun. Like my private video star. I could zoom in where I'm licking kissing. I asked for takes after takes when I wasn't satisfied with my DFK performance. And then there were the little friends with tits that I couldn't let go of, whether it is my fingers or lips. And then there's the fuller body model material that I could bang her bending down. I watched every minute of it at the mirror in a perfect alignment with the dresser she was bending down on. In the end, I made so many noises like in a tug of war.

Monday, July 03, 2017


CBS, I'm not renewing your All Acess without advertisement for the new season. After all, I subscribed to you because after binge watching 6 seasons of Hawaii 5O on Netflix, I decided to follow the 7th season directly on CBS. If I waited, I would have started season 7th now.

Now that Kono is gone,  it's not the same anymore. I don't have a crush on her but she's the most pleasing to the eyes of all the regular cast. Being able to wear a bikini helps. Watching her growing through her prime years made her family. And I am not watching anymore out of respect.

I watch the first few episodes of 5O live, maybe just two. Then I forgot all about it. I cut TV and movies. I remembered she was so fresh and young. I remembered her smile and of course bikini. But I doubt if a cast like this can survive the 1st season. Her chests are small and her face is asymmetric Maybe enough Americans have good taste.

After I binge watched Burn Notice and then some, I remembered five-o. I was so surprised that the series was thriving, and was still going strong. You know, it's not exciting to binge watch series with one or two seasons, just to watch them going down.

Damn it, if I only knew. I went to the islands 4 times but I never went to Oahu. 3 of the times it was the season break and I could have visited the set. Whenever I picked the islands, I asked myself, "why would I go to Oahu? To visit Pearl Harbor?" So I never went there. But Pearl Harbor memorial stares at me whenever I watch.

Looking back, the first season began to look like a low budget production as time went on. But then things began to look better and better. They wrote their own music, big guest stars, expensive sport car sponsors. It's a long way from Burn Notice where they drove small Hyundais. I suppose they have other big sponsors like the local hotel chains.

I think the director has a crush on her, and he like small chests. All of the females do not have big chests. Kono always got hits left and right, from the super rich villains to the ordinary geeks.

I can safely say Kono made history as a cop in a bikini on a surfboard pursued a female criminal in a bikini also on a surfboard. And the chase resulted in an arrest on the waves.

She also defeated a guided bullet intended for McGuyer, by blocking its path with her bulletproof vest.

She held her big guns well and her fight scenes were all OK. If you want to see how bad it can be, see the director of CIA in McGuyer in season 1. She was fired before the end of the season.

Not only is she a sharpshooter, she is a fast shooter too. Coming out of a bag, she shot about 6 guys with guns surrounding her before they can fire a single round.

She was obviously on and off in season 5. Maybe she was negotiating her salary or she was pregnant. She would appear for a short while in some indoor scenes far from Hawaii. I was so happy that she came back full time. But then not for long.

A hui hou, my darling.