Monday, January 21, 2019

Wifeshare vs Rideshare

I'm not talking about wife swapping that sort of thing. I'm talking about some enterprising women who will perform some or all of the wife functions for you for a fee. Sounds familiar?

After some groundbreaking research corresponding to a few of the new wave of rideshare drivers, I can conclude that both professions have a lot in common. It's hard to say how many people have done wifeshare or understand it correctly. But anybody knows somebody who has done rideshare.

Almost anybody can do rideshare. You are your own boss and it's up to you how to treat your customers. The money is instant, almost right after the ride. You can pick your own hours and how long you want to work.

The money isn't bad, depending on locations. If you are willing to work more and in more risky locations, you can catch up with the best. But one thing drivers either dread or overlook is depreciation of the car. The depreciation curve is very deep initially that the standard mileage deduction misrepresents. You have to make it worthwhile if your car is relatively new. Because once you run up some mileage, your car isn't resellable any more.

Normally you cannot pick clients. If you don't want to take drunk, smelly passengers, you will be out of business very soon.

You can provide only exclusive limo style rides. But that's a constant struggle. You are competing with the other limo drivers with limited clientele.

As for the luxury sedan / SUV providers, they very often have to take whatever customers they have, rather than waiting idly for the better-paid ones. They are in it for the money, not sitting all day.

Now, does it really matters for customers getting from A to B what ride they are on? Not really, as long as they get to their end happily. The real picky ones and the wealthy ones will have their own cars or collections. They may need a ride once in a blue moon but they aren't the bread and butter types.

Some may feel better if the car looks nice, smell clean, and the driver is courteous. But few would refuse the ride when it arrives; it's more important to get to the endpoint when you need it. Also, the platforms make sure that information is not ideally available. You just have a poor profile picture to go on, with a general description of the ride and some dubious ratings.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Just like the movies

I was unwilling to talk about it. Last time I talked about it, it was like jinxed.

Margaret told me where she lived several dates ago. I saw her regularly, skipped a bit, then appeared suddenly. Just happened without any agenda. So I asked her if I can visit her when I am close. She gave me her number, woo hoo!

When the time comes, I texted her but there was absolutely no reply. I was a bit disappointed but there was no surprise. She wouldn't know who's calling and wouldn't remember giving out her number. Although she should; I was disappointed. I didn't remember why I opened Whatsapp, which automatically added my contacts who also have Whatsapp accounts.

So I created a 2nd "secret" Whatsapp account with my "secret" number. That wasn't trivial on the same phone that I detailed on the smartwatch blog. I added a profile picture with a little smoothing. Then I messaged her.

She replied nicely. And we set up a date at her place! But the problem was that it was right before Xmas. The date was on and off, on and off. One day she would call me to come. Then she had to cancel. Sometimes she would say a lot of nice things, but sometimes blunt.

I tried to keep calm and not angry. I gave her the benefit of the doubt. And I always remember what you get is what you pay for. If she has other priorities and has to bump me around, so be it. And also I finally figured why Chanel talked to me on the phone like an angel one day but very few words the next. She was using me to make her other regulars jealous when they were with her!

And I have the feeling that somebody figured out my ID, not my real name but like linking this to some accounts in, say, reddit. Somebody did, but I don't know how much they know.  For each handle you can link me to, I have another one that you can't. But I'm not 100% sure if Margaret or Caroline doesn't read my blogs, or if nobody tells them about me.  So I'm trying to be more positive, hehe.

Perhaps Margaret wasn't sure to invite me home, so my priority wasn't high. She would bump me for something else. Perhaps it was some sort of test. So I kept calm, kept giving her the benefit of the doubt. If we wasn't bounded over the years, for any other girl I would say, thank you and goodbye.

It was also some sort of paying it backward for Chanel. I treated her with respect, just like any other person. But still, I assume she would handle something better than me or other non-pros. Like relationships. When she opened up a bit I should have listened and tried to understand; we could have been married, LOL.

What do I have to lose? The worst is that she tried to fit me in between two clients but failed all the time. And since I am not paying sugar daddy money, I don't mind. Even if I had a really bad deal, she would come around sooner or later. Chanel isn't much better :-) So far, I had maybe 2 girls who wanted to charge me twice and treated me like shit. I didn't have time to turn one around but I got a lot out of her anyway. The other one I really had to dump her because she started piercing big time on her perfect body as if she knew that it would boil me over. Sorry that I wasted time on her.

It started before Xmas but she kept postponing until well after the new year. And the day turned out to be about the wettest of the season. Is it a coincidence or she read the weather report and knew it would be slow or she would have nothing else to do? Well, the benefit of the doubt.

I got there a lot early to survive the downpour and to scout the difficult downtown area. The apartment building has a decent front but the surrounding areas aren't promising. Constructions sites, run down old buildings, and lots of parking lots, public and private. The main thoroughfare is very busy with arenas and convention centers nearby. But the back lanes around the buildings are very narrow and unpromising.

Let me jump the gun here. The building is surprising nice like in the movies, but more likely on the other coast. Nice lobby. Everything inside is built like a hotel and clean like a hotel. Her apartment is small but very cute, fit for models and sugar babies or mistresses. More on that later.

The problem is, she has a doorman. If anybody doesn't know what the problem is, ask Donald. I couldn't have imagined it. I still haven't been to the other coast. When I parked at the front door and called her, she told me she saw me on the CCTV but I have to find parking myself. When I called her on the parking lot, she told me to go to the front door and tell the doorman that I'm the cable guy! She even told me what I'm going to fix in particular. What!!! Since she was serious I played along.

Why she didn't let me in privately through some backdoor? Why she didn't let me in to park inside? Then I think they may have strict security rules like that. Or else I will be worried about any single young girl living alone like that. Then I think she deliberately wants her guy to recognize me so I won't do anything stupid or dangerous.

But why I have to be the cable guy? Seriously? Do I look like a cable guy? OMG. Fortunately, I ain't easy to be offended. And I am not. Perhaps a little bit. OK, I don't look like her uncle or any relatives. And I ain't young and hip enough to be her boyfriend. Can I just be a friend or a colleague visiting? OK, it's 9pm but still, in this day and age, do you need some excuses for a guy to visit a single girl?

Will the doorman believe it? Of course not. But why bother to tell him anything? Maybe she needs some acceptable excuses for the neighbors and family members just in case.

The good thing is, she isn't doing incall in her apartment like a hotel. It wouldn't work if men are walking up to her apartment every hour if only on occasions. So I feel a little privileged, or stupid enough. It works for me either way.

And I don't think she has a steady live-in boyfriend or regular sugar daddy visiting her there. A lot of things won't make sense if this is the case. It's even better if she has; it would be tricky and risky to fit me in like that. But that doesn't mean that she is an angle outside of her apartment. I wouldn't know what she's up to that day. She told me she was very busy that day, gym, bank, errands; she will see me if she manages all that.

All that bumping was worth it. It really looks like her own place just as I imagined. It looked like a hotel suite but with everything like a washing machine, kitchenette, closets and a nice view of the surrounding downtown area, and the tall buildings not so far away. And the bed is decent sized. She keeps it clean like a hotel and I haven't seen any clusters even though she said she likes to cook.

And I didn't tease her for putting on some atmosphere music for me. When I first met her she brought her boom box along for incalls. And it was like boom, boom, boom all the way during sex. I joked about to bring my own soundtrack and she was offended. I don't think it's love songs but at least it wasn't hip hop, rock or dance music; you can't do that while making love.

I didn't know what she had done earlier. Maybe she saw through me and tried to compensate for bumping me around. After all the kissing, licking and sucking, she offered the flat-iron/spread-eagle or whatever you call it. My favorite. Or maybe she wasn't too keen for the missionary DFK, LOL. I would think she should have used to it by now!

Thank you. I hopped on for the ride and she could take it well. Then I pounded on her to my heart's desire. And after that, for the 1st time, we had serious cuddling after. She was on top of me, holding me, small talking, and wasn't trying to hide her face. Or I should say she doesn't want to see you face to face when her makeup isn't perfect anymore. But the dimmer lighting in her own room helps her to be more confident.

It was worth all the trouble after all. It could have been much worse. On my way out, I greeted the doorman by a slight nod. He responded a little just because I was looking at him and nodded at him. He didn't have the enthusiasm when I entered. I knew he didn't believe it. Of course, nobody would.

That would have been the end of the story for a while but she called me just less than a week after. She texted me on the number she gave me personally but never replied. We had been using Whatsapp. She was doing incall closer to where I live.

What? I just fixed her cable TV less than 7 days ago. What does she expect? A billionaire? Then I think the number isn't her personal number after all, but her screener. Since I still haven't got the next paycheck, I declined very carefully after an hour or two, assuming any of them could have called. Later that evening, I messaged her via Whatsapp to explain, and telling her to call me any time after my paycheck is cleared.

And she did. I'm in trouble - good kind of trouble. This time, the doorman was talking maybe her girlfriend and didn't answer her call. So she changed and walked down to open the door for me. The doorman teased her, "cable broken again?" It was awkward as she was expecting that the doorman won't be there and she could let me in in stealth. I wanted to text her that the doorman was there but it was too late.

She was wearing something casual, thin and lose but she exposed her awesome mid-section. In my mind, she was the same pretty school girl that I met a couple of years ago. But she was more like a full-blown stripper now. I was trying to tell her that to compliment her given a suitable chance. She still has the perfect school girl breast and waist but her body is fuller and probably sexier. At the reunion, I accidentally told her that she was bigger than I remembered. But then I kept telling her that she looks the same.

When we were alone in the lift, I couldn't help but put my hands on her exposed skin. But she ducked and reminded me of the CCTV. I wonder if the doorman was watching.

This was plain sailing this time. Once inside, I gave her a little kiss and held her lightly, like old friends or regular boyfriends. But not exactly plain sailing. I was late for a few minutes because of parking problems. She texted me if I was almost soon because she had plans later. What?! 

What plans can you have? Another client back to back? Should I be happier that I come first? How do I know if you have another plan before me? I don't. You said you were free and that's the time you picked. And I never went overtime and always punctual. That's professional. If you invite me home like friends with compensation, at least be professional about it.

The pros never make you feel rushed. They don't tell you they are short of time unless they are late already. If they don't have time to clean up and freshen up, they will jump into the bathtub with you to save time, giving you the wrong idea. 

But I think she wasn't confident enough. She was defensive in case I disrespect her and her time. OK, maybe someone faked on her earlier and she bumped me up the queue. But that's unlikely with her doorman and that it's difficult to move around town give a short time.   

This time I plotted for an Italian and she wasn't at all concerned. I think it's called camel slide also. I didn't even need lubrication after eating her out big time. I put my hand under her body on her small chest and slide away. This was the birth control with my little girlfriends a long time ago. I was pretty sure why the Italians did it.

I was prepared to cum all over her booty, her pussy, and her bed. But since I was holding it well, maybe next time. I let her blew me to the edge and asked if I could cum inside. She politely declined but offered some compromise that I didn't bother to understand. I rolled her over, straighten her leg and ironed her flat on the bed. It was so intense that she could moan aloud realistically (really?).

When we were cuddling, I brought up the stripping thing. I asked if she could dance, the pole type. She was positive. I complimented her body and asked if she ever stripped. No, she said. But she got the job once, even showing me her cute stripper shoes!

She said those clients ask for sex anyway. And she is already doing it. I would say that it's a lot of work with little money dancing for tips compared to escorting. You might ask for more for the VIP room but the whole setup can't deliver that many clients who want everything inside. If you have enough escort clients you are better off just escorting.

So we kissed goodbye gently but she wanted a big hug also. Again the doorman was very enthusiastic while challenging her but didn't acknowledge my presence when I walked out alone. I don't see how it could work if she has other men going in and out.

So we were talking about me bringing costumes and props next time. Work overalls and toolbox. Isn't that new?

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The resistance - FOSTA-SISTA

Obviously, the legislation is the religious rights' moral crusade rather than they caring for the few victims. But all is not lost. The F-S is already infringing net neutrality and freedom. It won't end well if they carry on further.

Private people having sex really not as in your face as the numerous escort ads on Backpage. That's why they have the F-S to stop that. Some websites are resisting successfully, moving offshore accepting bitcoins. What next? Strip clubs are American institutions that they can't touch easily. The same for massage parlors. Further legislation to punish those who pay for sex may change that but may backfire.

More on your face than BP ads? Camgirls. Every teen knows when you turn on the internet, there is an unlimited supply of impossibly pretty girls of all types available 24/7 to show off every bit of themselves, with sex acts too. Ads are fake. Camgirls are real. The crusade is already underway. An army is already outing camgirls, cutting off their payments and block their banks. This cannot last.

The freedom of the internet depends on freedom of contents, freedom of communications, freedom of payment, the freedom to persuade happiness particularly there are no victims to speak of. It's like trying to ban the printed version of old Playboy. It will sure backfire like the prohibition. You cannot kill Playboy but can replace it with better - cam girls.

The day when the cam shows taper off, it's the day when the line is crossed. Backfire is certain. Before that, F-S will be in vain at the end. It may be difficult and risky for adults to buy sex, but the new generation is well experienced on the pleasure of sex, if only visually. I bet when they have the means they will try to buy fresh and blood. That is a battle you can't win. That is a sure-fail battle to turn back the clock - the wrong definition of conserve.

Keeping up with smart watches

I have been thinking why I would want a smart watches. Now I figured it out - the discrete notifications! It solved a lot of my previous problems.

You can forward all the desirable notifications from your phone to the watch. It's a discrete vibration on your wrist. You flip your wrist to read the notifications and messages or the watch face will remain dark. It's more convenient than unlocking the phone even with a fingerprint sensor or facial recognition. You want to hide sensitive info on the locked phone but no need for the watch. If you are not wearing it nobody knows there are notifications and the watch face is dark.

For the technical details, you can read the text from SMS, Whatsapp, Hangouts etc. For calls you know who's calling. So I would turn off ringtones. So you don't even need to turn on silence mode during a movie or concert.

I don't know how Whatsapp got so popular in the states. And it was before Zucker brought it. The problem is that he is an ID nazi. You cannot have two accounts on the app. The usual solution is to clone the app so you have another account. I tried Parallel Space. It works but the notification doesn't get through to the watch. It is likely that PS was first coded for 32 bits. You have to download 64-bit support to make it work for Whatsapp. So I tried Dual Space and it worked perfectly. So you can actually call from WhatsApp to the other account on the same phone and all the notifications get through to the watch.

Since the watch app and dual space is always on, you don't want to use an older phone without enough memory, minimum 4G ram depending on what else you need to do.

I have been going into great length to deal with the voice calls. They all like to ignore the screen lock and display the caller's name, number, and picture big and center. I use multiuser mode to hide the secret contacts but I wouldn't get notifications if I'm not logged in. And not all phones give you that mode. I maintain a separate vanilla contact list with alias names. But it's very inconvenient unless for the few you expect calls.

Now I can turn on silence mode on the phone and put it face down on the table. It's very unlikely that someone will pick up the phone while someone is calling me. If somebody wants to actually use my phone, that has to be in the guest mode to avoid the auto searching for contacts. Without multiuser, I may at least lock some incriminting apps. Nowadays nobody will want to use your phone unless theirs are lost.

Also, Chanel may be the last one who prefers calls. She did text but it seems that she wasn't keen to see the stored messaged on her phone. There wasn't fingerprint locks on the flip phones! Good old days ...

ps Smartwatches are another equalizer. In the beginning, successful people wear Rolex. Convenient and accurate electronic watches with the battery lasting for years are seen as cheap. Then successful people just have an iPhone or Samsung. Young people and the young at hearts don't wear watches. Now young and fit people wear watches. And you don't want to carry a block of big heavy metal on your wrist when you exercise. Plastic don't cost that much. And my $80 watch look good enough f
or testing the technology.

pps Margaret just got through via Dual Space into my watch! A date!

I had an Xmas date with Margaret the pretty school girl in her OWN home. I couldn't wait to see how she lives. But she canceled - her period didn't end well. I didn't mind at all but I do feel bad about the way she treats me; one moment I was like her only VIP and the next she just doesn't response. It was like Chanel actually but I got her, not this new lady.

Caroline the model seems to have somebody in her life. If yes I would like to ask her for one more fling at least. It will be weird if she agrees but it's not like she never has someone in her life.

Thursday, December 06, 2018

God's gift

You may say wine. Wine oh wine, I love it.

Of course, I'm talking about women. You may say it's different but both are great gifts.

For me, women offer all that wine offers and much more.

It's not exactly head to toe that I enjoy, but actually hair to toenails!

Naked embrace, full tongue exchange, is that much more than wine tasting?

If you feel a bit gross, Margaret started it after I rediscovered her after two years. Before that, I was satisfied for a split second lip kiss.

I decided to stop seeing that much of her to ease my cash flow. But then she just turned up more when the rent turns up. She's irresistible. Instead of degrading my position on her client list, she doubled her effort as if she wouldn't want to lose me. That's the right thing to do.

The moment I walked out of the bathroom and got onto the bed, she came over me and started the DFK and tongue exchange. I named her pretty school girl for the reason that her breasts are the biggest possible without any sign of gravity pull. They look the same after a couple of years - perky with virgin nipples. I can't stop staring at them when she is riding on me. Probably I know she doesn't like them to be squeezed and sucked that much.

Previously, when she was blowing me, I would try to reach for her breasts so I could have something to hang on to while enjoying the scenery and the suction. But she would duck away. Nowadays, she would squeeze herself hard while riding me to encourage me to do what I always wanted to do.

I lick her nipples gently and suck them hard. I rub her breast gently and squeeze them hard.

I am never big on DATY, until now. I was like raping her with my tongue. I press hard on her bony area, brush her soft pussy like a sonic toothbrush, penetrate her like a penis, and even suck some tissue out of her. I don't exactly know what I'm doing but the feedbacks are all positive. I always enjoy the reaction but for Margaret, I just enjoy it, the intimacy and her soundtrack.

After I let her pussy go, she went straight for the blowjob. Not so fast, she knew I wasn't finished. I turned her over. She did it cautiously. You know why? I am known for having a keen interest in her virgin tight starfish. If I were to go crazy as I did on her pussy, she would jump out of bed.

Yes, I kissed her ass quite often - one of the best. Usually, I am gentle but still, she will be just lying there feeling somewhat uncomfortable worrying about my next move. Occasionally, I would dig deeper when I can't control my emotions. But on that day, I skipped all that. I want her to feel comfortable and I want her to kiss me without reservations after.

So I stayed off her starfish. But still, I lick, suck and bite on her tight bottom. And kissed all the way down her ankles. She has a pair of schoolgirl's legs. You want to cum when you see them running around in short PE outfits. And that was the reason I picked her picture in the first place. And the rest was history. Her ass is actually outstanding. A bit big but I give her that for no sign of gravity pull.

What she is most afraid of is her pair of feet being molested. I never got anywhere. I don't think she is just ticklish. Maybe she isn't prepared; her feet may not be that clean and her nails may not be perfect. So this time I just tickled her sole and threaten her big toe and let her go. When I first showed her my interest in her feet by bringing a pair of thousand dollar platform for her to try, she mentioned Chanel II. That's the reason I tried her, thinking that she may be my Cinderella.

She was relieved that she could start doing her thing, a meticulous blowjob. But I didn't indulge for too long. I opened the condom on the nightstand that I brought, put it on myself and told her to get on the ride. After her warmup, I went straight for the missionary. Yes, I like the option of DFK missionary. I know she's not too keen on that but that's the fun of it. This time I skipped it because I managed to fuck her intensely. I couldn't hold on to her mouth doing that.

When I climaxed, I couldn't help to whisper to her ears, "You are so pretty!". I remember a girl saying that she was so turned on when her client said at the same time, "You are so smart!". I would say she is so dumb. Men who say that must have some agenda or belong to the mental institutions.

I was so exhausted so I turned over and put my hand on her tights to show how I liked her. Soon she turned to me wanting to cuddle. That wasn't really her. I kept lying there but put my hand on her big ass, I like her everything.

When we said goodbye, I tried to get her number without asking for her number. She thought for a moment and got herself a good reason to give it to me. When she started telling me things, including the area she lives, I knew she would do it. She knows that I'm harmless and generous. She hesitates because there are rules for screeners/bookers. If she skips them for me I had better not let them know. She has to know that I am not a spy or friend with her screener and am careful enough not to tell.

Let see what she has in mind when I call her. Can't wait. Sorry, Caroline. You are so close. I already have your number but you still ask me to book through your booker. Sorry, Chanel. You turned up whenever I was poorest. Caroline's booker still remembers me for the one time that I booked you. Maybe he is still working with you. Things could have turned out so differently. But then, they still can, at the flip of a snow flick.

Monday, December 03, 2018


I remembered I was insulted in a hostile forum for my bargaining technique. I was educating people! The problem with closed forums is that if you don't allow free speech, you can't even defend yourself. And people can't learn the truth. Is that how you want to raise your images and status in society?

I'm still mourning the loss of Apple's number. It was like love at first sight. She was totally my type. She started kissing me when the price wasn't included; and we talked about the future, lol. I typed her number and called her with my app. I immediately ended the call. I thought I got the number stored but not all apps behave the same. She has some mileage so she doesn't cost that much but she is still very young. What could have been!

Caroline went to the east coast for a while, or her social media said so. I think it's a good way to avoid posting anything for a while if you are tired to keep up. I also took the chance to stop liking her every post. I still check her posts though; I just feel tired if I were her. From time to time, she will post something anti-social-influencer. So I don't think she mourns my likes much.

Okay, I've been doing the numbers lately. I need to get laid. I also need to concentrate my efforts. It dawns on me that even for my top girls I could be paying less than that I paid Chanel, hotel rooms being the difference.

Now, this is not a bargaining technique. You just ask as you ask your friend. First, I never handle myself as I'm very rich. You just pay more for everything. You may get better service but the same body. And once you tip well, there is a diminishing return for your money. Do you want to be her top client? In the top 3 or top 10? Does it matter?

I've been quite generous to them when I have the money. I never watched the clock, lol. There's always some extra bills in the pile of cash I paid them. And then cash gifts if I find it appropriate, meaning that they shouldn't expect it again.

Now if I tell them I have cash flow problems they will most likely give me some discounts. If nobody does then I can always see them later. I'm quite sure they would. I doubt very much if no clients pay less than me. Everybody has multiple pricing structures, including the ones who blasted me for asking for discounts.

Caroline's advantage is that she has her own place that I went to many times. I'm also as good as having her private number. I think she's likely to charge me less if I asked. We'll still have passionate sex and kisses but she will find a way to remind me of the difference I paid. It's tempting to have a model all to myself when I'm in Hollywood.

But I actually stopped seeing Pretty schoolgirl Margrette for a month or two. I knew her for a couple of years and I have been spoiling her when I rediscovered her this summer. I can't keep up. So when I asked she has no problem of helping me with my cashflow problems. She actually doubles her efforts as if she doesn't want to lose me again. More passionate and more kisses. More vocal when I ate her and fucked her silly. More active cuddling after.

I picked her a couple of years ago because her body turned me on. Part of her stays the same all those years, tits, and part of her actually got better, ass. We were on and off because I don't particularly fancy her being a makeup artist. I rather see her real face instead of turning all the filters on. The main problem was that she didn't kiss; she could get away with that.

This summer, everything changed when she DFKed me and put tongue in my mouth. We bonded. I know some sexworkers frown at the mental image of DFK missionary with me, lol. But they don't know me.  I still get hits on the streets left and right. It's not like that you have to do this and that or you don't get my money. Some girls have DFK on their menu and some don't. Sucking cocks is easier because it's all physical. For kissing you can tell if she's doing a good job. You can feel the passion or you don't. And it doesn't need to be 100% positive. Margarette just wants to deliver what I wanted and keeps me as long as possible. Maybe she has to put some distance in between or she would lose herself.

BtW, I got her private number finally by just asking. Is she going to take me home or make some other arrangements? Let's see.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

A picturesque laundromat? Go away! It was pretty as a movie set. And then Caroline appeared in it like a movie star. She is so beautiful even on close up! She even wrote a poem to go with her clothes.

But then she teases some more. It was a promotional shot for the ... laundromat! Go away!

I don't believe it. Does a laundromat need promotion? Does a laundromat need to be so pretty? Even if everybody works for free, a laundromat typically is used by people within walking distance or maybe driving a few blocks. it doesn't need to be trendy; maybe it does in Hollywood.

She's awesome!

You may have my number
You can take my name
But you’ll never have my heart
 Let the sky fall
When it crumbles
We will stand tall
Face it all together
At skyfall

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Now that I am going into semi-retirement at least for the next several months, I think of doing some mentoring. Not that I haven't done that before, but now I know newbies or old newbies are so bad, escorts included.

If you want unbiased consumer advice, you don't go to the chamber of commerce. If you want to please a client, you don't go to an old timer who hates all her remaining clients.

Usually, most boards kill cancers automatically before they take hold. Usually, newbies are the collateral damages. But not for the front page of the internet. This abnormally is worthy of anthropological studies. One reason is that it's so easy to create a new handle so people don't behave as well as they should, and the mods don't hesitate to ban people left and right.

Website owners or moderators are more accountable since they have some financial or reputation at stake. For subreddit owners, they really don't have much to lose. Group thinking is prevalent.

Looking back, I have some mesmerizing moments with the blonde cheerleader Ava that I haven't written about much. I saw her a few times in about the same number of weeks. Once I lost it due to over sexed so I pulled her hand to my cock while looking into her eyes. We kissed, looked at each other passionately until she finished what I came for. It was an enchanting experience perhaps her eyes are very blue. But I don't often recall the moments because I was then in love with Kendall for a month or two.

I know it's hard to look at your clients eye to eye, during the most intimate and critical moments, lol. I know I turn somebody off big time just by mentioning DFK missionary, yuk! But then you don't know me or my favorites.

Chanel didn't do it because she rather not fake anything, and I would have kissed her more than she wanted in that position. I don't think she disliked me. She just wanted more money or kept herself in a good bargaining position. But actually, she did, just not when we were intimate. She has the confidence. It's more like telling me to come back next time with her eyes and pretty face.

Kendal is a bit cold on the kissing but I never had enough. The others don't kiss that much or they don't have the confidence like Chanel. Caroline came close. But maybe we kissed too much. Maybe it's her way to make me forget to do something else, like tongue fight. And she knows that her face isn't perfect. Nikita the Russian tried too hard. She is the classic escort, mature, young, blonde, pretty with a nice body, in a nice dress and heels. But she was like an EMT trying to resuscitate me on our first meeting.

I can never put a figure on how old or young Ava is. She actually posted her old cheerleader photos and her current pretty face. She still looks like a school cheerleader with her good proportions. But actually, she is quite tall so you don't realize that her body is fuller than that of a schoolgirl. And she is totally hot in shorts and short T-shirts. I know she is probably hiding something but I couldn't figure out and I never bothered to figure it out when we were naked.

She looked so good that I asked for her dress size on our first date so I could bring something next time. But she didn't take me seriously, saying just medium. My experience is that you are likely to be disappointed if you pick lingerie or costume based on how the thing looks on the model. A good fit increases you odd of satisfaction.

She is all natural so she could be what she claimed to be, 19 perhaps that I don't remember.

But she was more mature than that - the way she handled herself. She was polite, courteous, and accommodating. Yet she didn't fell for my charm, lol. Caroline and Nikita wanted to capture my heart when we met the first time. Chanel2 treated me like a long lost friend and expected that we will see each other often. At least her friend Margaret reacts with smiles when she saw that I was like having just discovered a gem.

Maybe Ava didn't feel that I performed that great so she didn't expect much of me. But she changed totally when I booked her again. Once, I prepared to kiss her passionately right there when she opened the door. And she delivered. I stared at her telling her that I missed her very much with my eyes. I got close with a wicked smile and we started passionate kissing. Of course, we closed the door first. You don't normally have the chance to do that. Most prefer to be near the bed at least when passion starts, and when they are naked - not to mess up anything they are wearing - and when clients have taken a shower if offered.

The other time I booked her I felt that she could be over 30 but looked a lot younger. No talking, no girly voice to break the ice, just straight to passionate kissing and sex. And she complained slightly about messing up her lipstick. I was happy with the way she was but she acted younger and younger on the following dates. I had no problems either if she has to stay up with the overwhelming competition.

In the end, it was the unexpected that ended our relationship. Her blowjob is bad. I didn't believe it. I thought she was distracted or didn't try hard enough. But it can't be all bad all the time. Maybe I was spoiled by Kendal, sending me up to heaven every time. To be fair I didn't expect Ava to be in the same league in oral techniques. But it was so disappointing. Ava is about the most beautiful, model-like girl that I had anal sex with. And it cost me dearly.

I had plenty of chance to see her again, before and after she changed her name and before she disappeared entirely. But the odds are usually not good. It is rare like Margret trying to capture me the 2nd time around with all she had got. She DFK'ed me several times when I wasn't expecting and put her tongue into my mouth when I was totally surprised.

So, I remembered most of Ava is her pretty lazy blue eyes and her ass that I worked hard on.