Saturday, August 01, 2020

Hope is all that matters

I know it's a bit tone-deaf talking about pandemic sex or no sex on the Player's blog. But I remember an original Star Trek episode when Spock and crew were lost in space in the tiny shuttle. They had little fuel left, enough to sustain them for a while. The chance of them being found by the mother ship Enterprise was a needle in a haystack.

Spock surprised the whole crew by dumping all fuel and igniting it. All was logical when the captain spotted them in no time visually.

Looking back, I survived the last financial storm by doing something similar, less logical, and less heroic. I refused to abandon hope and kept going, even refusing 10K because it didn't buy me any hope. It could have backfired. But it kept me from going mental.

I sympathize very much with people who get nothing when they are closed down (with or without govt help). I sympathize with people who vote for a slice of hope in jobs, no matter how bad the candidate actually is, causing unnecessary massive job loss in the first place.

I survived the last one and surviving this one so far. The fact is everybody else is in it so hang on as much as you can and hope for the best. Our income is holding but it can change at any moment. It's not for me to worry.

My high school and college kids are doing well locked up at home. Bribe them with games and food and they are very OK. No way I risk them going to school without a vaccine. Whatever psychological and development damage is all bullshit. What is it worth to risk having a dead kid?

I don't think of myself as a survivalist. But I have a lot of gadgets. The waffle maker is very popular. It's breakfast, snacks, and dinner desert. All I need mostly is flour and the supply is plenty. I convert every ingredient into grams and I can make it fast like fast food. No more buying bulky organic bread and no more preservatives. 

Soda makers are all compatible now, thanks to the pioneer who battled the drink giants. You can now carbonate everything and get the gas without going out. I've been wanting to install a system like restaurants but the supply of gas is not convenient. But I learned that it's a good price to pay, healthy drinks without all the transport cost of transporting water. My heart and stomach like it. It's all that matters as long as it's cheaper than buying bottles of drinks.

Also, I have the best of the class of RO drinking water, all certified components. Taste great on its own or with drinks. My new trick of fast healthy food is to keep cold brew ice tea in the fridge and organic lemon slices in the freezer. And also pure Stevie powder that dissolves in ice water.

As for food, rice, and thin spaghetti as instant noodles. I'm not guilty of ordering prime meat cut and seafood delivered to the door, not anymore. Organics from Ralphs is plenty and a lot more affordable than Whole Foods. 

Induction cooking isn't a game-changer; the cooking is the same. The air fryer is. Now I can make fast healthy food. Not as fast as stir fry but the preparation and cleaning are faster so they are even. Without the use of a big wok, the fryer is a lot easier to clean and maintain. I don't care about recipes. Anything that slows me down is out. Anything that doesn't fit into the frying traying is out. The only trick I have is to brush a lot of oil on top of meat and veg so they don't get dry. Oh, I forget ground pepper. Cheap fat meat is the best because once you fry the hell until the fat is out it's prime meat. Except for organic grape tomato. You don't need to do anything and it's done when the skin burst lightly. Instead of recipes, I discover the good things for air frying. This is one of those. Tastes heavenly with no work.

Back to sex. I just discovered that some wipes I use for endurances are just first-aid numbing med. It's easily available; I just need to dilute to the right concentration with an absorption enhancer like alcohol. The investigation is a bit self-sufficient, unfortunately, LOL. But nothing can stop me from safe pandemic sex if I ever want to do it.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

What does the Player do when not ordering women from catalogs?

A plumbing disaster with a happy ending.

I do still look at catalogs every day but there is nothing worth me to go for pandemic sex again. Ladies who I picked will give me an erection by just standing there with few clothes on. Great lovers will burst my pants by just kissing me. The problem is what can I do with them now?

A pair of great legs? I can't lick and watch all of them all the time, can I? I don't think I'm a breast man but the easiest picks are youthful good looking breasts with appetizing nipples. I have something to fall back on when all else fails.

I've been told that some girls pierce their nipples to avoid people motorboating them. Probably true. When I get hold of a nice pair, I will lick and suck the hell out of them, testing their limits gradually. Jordan, whom I hang out with a lot, has a nice pair. All of sudden she showed me her piercing with a chain. I hated her so much that I left her immediately and didn't return her call. 

She scammed me a few times that I didn't mind at all. For all the money that I spent on her including shopping at H&M and dining at Olive Gardens (Also MacDonalds), I am still ahead compared to what she had to offer. She is the one who humbled Chanel in a double. I can't forgive her the day when she agreed to take a shower but deliberately avoid walking on the paper towels I laid down from the bathroom to the bed.

I only touch the plumbing when it's necessary, or when I catch up with everything and there's money in the bank. You will understand why. Once in a blue moon, the criteria were met. The drinking water system is barely working and the extended tax deadline is still months away.

First, the drinking water faucet seems to be leaking. It's the job I most hated, working under and at the back of big deep sinks. 

Second, the shut-off valve to the system is broken and seems to be not fully turned on. To replace it, or any plumbing parts, I have to unscrew it first, which is impossible. Also, it's a non-standard part so I just screwed it on. There's no easy way I can unscrew it without damaging the pipes.

So it's easier to cut off everything and replace the main shut-off valve under the sink. The problem is, that's the first major plumbing job I did because it didn't shut-off completely due to old age. That became the oldest valve in the house when all other valves were gradually replaced with the newer quarter-turn ball valve. I still didn't replace it because there's no more copper pipe to cut. I have to break into the wall.

To ease the pain, I decided to finally get rid of the garbage disposal. I have been wanting to get rid of it for years and years. It looked like a huge screw to me. If I can't unscrew a tiny nut, how can I get rid of it? If it's gone, I have to replace the sink drain as well. I didn't know if the drain is integrated with the sink. Do I have to replace the sink too? 

But of course, it's easier and cost-effective if you replace the whole sink. The problem is, my sink is cemented into the tile worktop. If I hire someone it will be over a grand. And I have to clean up everything first which is a lot of work. I might just as well remodel the whole kitchen. Moving up seems to be not so bad.

Then I discovered that sink drains are standard, replaceable. So the buck stops there.

After the disposal is garbaged, I have to reinstall the drain pipes. I had the chance to replace them with a low profile design to fit in more gadgets under the sink, my original goal to remove the disposal.

So in summary, I have a few known unknowns and unknown unknowns. I ordered everything and picked the ones that I will have meaningful use of the sink when something goes wrong. When the essential things arrived at my door, I started work.

Just as I expected, I couldn't remove the disposal. It seems to me that the neck can be cut off to access the sink drain. You know what? I still waiting at the red lights on the right turn lanes like an idiot. I still turn left at the green, barely avoiding collision and receiving many horns. I brought out the jigsaw to cut off the disposal. I was prepared to buy a new reciprocal saw but the jigsaw worked. It's clumsy and messy. But I did it.

Next, I couldn't unscrew the 4-inch screw of the sink drain of course. I noticed that it's plastic, so I figured out that I can saw it off without sawing into the sink. And I did it with the jigsaw. All the while, I didn't remember there is a thing called an oscillator tool and I had it in the garage. It's a lot easier and cleaner if I remembered.

After replacing the drain, it's the pipes so I can use the sinks and everything else. I picked a flexible one-piece design for twin sinks so I have the sinks operational at once. That's the first mistake. It's foreign-made that is not completely compatible with what the US plumbers do here. The listing is simply wrong. I only ordered it because the only alternative will take a few days to arrive.

It surprised me that the better drainpipe system is available in Homedepot, but not the one closest to me. Without the use of the sinks I can't cook and I can't eat without outside help. So I risk the deadly virus to venture outside and into the store with my $50 mask.

But it didn't seem to work for all my troubles. The main drain pipe is at the corner instead of the middle so the whole setup will be asymmetrical if it ever works. The flexible pipes were either too short or too long for the sinks. After some trial and error, I concluded that I have to go to the stores again to get some pipes. Before that, with one accidental twist, the flexible pipes exhibited themselves beautifully like two strands of DNA crossed with each other in the middle under the sink.

Cutting off the old main valve was next. That was the moment when I remembered that I had an oscillator tool and what it's for. It surprised me that I used it so many times, more than any other saws combined. There's no way I can use any saws to cut the pipes almost flush with the wall.

The cut was a bit raw but I had high hopes on Sharkbites. So I pushed the valve a little bit into the wall and prayed that it bit. When I turned on the outside main supply again, water gushed out fiercely. All I could do was giving myself one more attempt before giving up. I couldn't do anything simple because the pipe was inside the wall except for a few mm.

So I knocked a bit off the drywall so the valve wasn't obstructed. And I pushed. This time around, it seemed to work. It wasn't even leaking so far. I do have to seal off the wall again but that's for another day. The most dangerous moment had passed. Nothing can stop me now. The new valve connects to the dishwasher and the new reverse osmosis system valve flawlessly. Why I needed all those is another story.

The real work began removing the faucet. Although the screw is tiny, it's still impossible to unscrew it. I don't believe in sprays. If it even works it will probably take hours and days that I don't have. Although tiny, I couldn't use any ordinary wrench behind the sink.

I search the Internet for new tools for the job but there isn't any. I rarely used my sink wrench since I installed the faucet. So, fortunately, it was cataloged and I could find it in the garbage. 

It didn't work or I have no stomach for it. Not again when I remembered the pain last time. I was only screwing it on, not off. 

So I searched Youtube for inspiration. A guy cut off the whole faucet from the top with a grinder. But his faucet seemed a bit flimsy when mine seems to be a piece of solid metal. I can always have a go with my oscillator tool. I remembered that I got a powerful blade that can cut everything but the blade on the tool seemed to be rusting. I don't know. I won't be able to find anything if it's not in the database. So I hope the blade is the best I've got and it works.

Initially, the blade grinds in gradually. There was metal dust but it wasn't anything like a saw. It seemed to be going nowhere in the middle of the faucet. Just when I prepared to go to the shops to get the best blade I can, the blade went through a lot quicker once it passed the middle of the faucet with the greatest diameter. Another job was done great, annoying the whole house for an hour on and off.

Everything works. The last job was to connect the dishwasher air gap to the inlet at the drain pipes. To my horror, it was the same hose that connected to the disposal. I cut off the hose too when I cut off the disposal. The hose was in the way. There is more. When I tried to remove the broken hose, I pulled too hard and the plastic air-gap snapped and fell down. If only removing anything else is that easy.

Luckily, I was to replace the air-gap, which is arriving in a few days. This is the only model with an extra air-gap for the faucet. My faucet has one because that is only allowed in my state. I don't use it because it's very noisy. It's very annoying like people clearing their throats loudly at random times. The bigger air gap will be less noisy and easier to install.

One more thing. If I know better, I would have ordered a faucet with plastic nuts that can be unscrewed at the top. My faucet is the same old design but I have nothing to worry about for the next decade. The dishwasher air-gap already is.

Despite everywhere is wet under the sink, I only have a hole unfilled on the sink. And I cannot use the dishwasher. That's a happy ending. But after I warned everybody about the hole, it dawned on me that I have the new technology called clear duct tape, previously known as repair tape. The big hole is covered at an instant, completely waterproof too. As for the dishwasher, I can always bring the hose to the sink when I use it. The air-gap is coming tomorrow and I already have the new hose to go with it.

Time to replace the filters when there is money in the bank. There are a lot more choices now but the brands I used are still in business, the best. The filter replacements are way overdue. The membrane is due too. The tank may last longer but I have to repressurize it at least. I needed a clear housing for the sediment filter so I will have more incentive to change filters on time. But I have to buy the whole bundle for the best. So, inadvertently, I replaced the whole system from the valve to the faucet in one stroke except for the tubes. It's more expensive than a typical system but I have the best.

What have I done? But it's too late now. The orders are placed.

I wonder how many will be interested in my plumbing adventure. If you so desire, I will update when my dishwasher air-gap arrives and the whole reverse osmosis system.

But then I like to see the same girl, or the same type, doing the same things that I most enjoy, with the same equipment that I have.

Life is an aggregate of experience, which continually surprises us - Ron Carlson

When I saw Kat the 2nd time, her makeup is totally different but I liked a lot more. It's a pretty model vs a cute teen. Both are heavy in the sense that every flaw was covered up to look perfect. There's nothing wrong with her 3D outline.

When I licked on her youthful nipples they got an erection. When I fucked her good with a full erection, she screamed OMG! When I tried to kiss her goodbye she gave me a lingering kiss. I had to rinse and repeat. But when I saw her the 3rd time she revered to the girl I met the first time. I didn't even try to kiss her goodbye. I think they are different persons.

Monday, July 20, 2020

The FBI vs the Nuns

After searching all of Amazon Prime and Netlfix, I decided on the Warrior Nuns. I must admit I like pretty girls in cool costumes. She must be eye candy for me to possibly watch a few seasons. It's a bit creepy to binge-watch teen dramas with a pretty girl, but all the others are adults, the action is fun, and the storyline is interesting. It seems to be promoting religion but in fact, slips in some anti-religion doubts. At least there is no romance to be embarrassing to watch; they explained it away very early.

But it has only one season. Then I discovered the Blacklist. I must be living under the rock, and I'm probably is. Never heard of it. It feels old but then again I am happy after discovering that it's still running.

It's my kind of TV. It's more spy than cops. A pretty woman. But actually, James is the lead. I don't think there is a story without him. I remembered watching him somewhere when he was a lot younger. I love him when he delivers the bullshits.

But as good as he is, after two or so seasons, I can't stand whenever he says Kebab. Folkcum is tolerable in the beginning. That grows old and Kebab kills it.

I'm quite sure the series inspired Quantico. But Megan gets too fat after the 1st season. Unwatchable. That never happened to me. Burn Notice never turns me on but she is pleasing to the eyes. Scully still looks good in a jacket and pants, especially kicking ass. And of course Chuck, she's the reason I can't forget and I watched it all over again after Netflix/Prime got it.

Tuesday, July 07, 2020


I am amazed to see people losing it on videos, even for a woman who claimed to wear a $40,000 watch. I understand people who have to take the risk to work or can't pay for food and rent/mortgage. I have little sympathy for others who cannot adapt and face reality.

As for ourselves, we are actually thriving given the circumstances. We went virtual because the whole market is suddenly bigger by a lot; everybody knows how to zoom. The income per client is less but there are more of them. So we are holding up for now but things can change in a moment's notice. I can actually earn more money if I choose to because my job eventually supports the essential works that cannot close.

Mrs Player sits in front of the computer more than me. My kids have much more fun playing video games together in competition than alone. The active one run loops inside the house. Nobody ever complains about a single word of having to stay at home. 

It's so much better without having to go to school. Last summer, my kid opted for an elite summer course and got an A under my supervision. She went on to become a straight-A student since. We can make a killing if everybody has to do online courses.

As for me, it's my world and probably better. I'm doing the same things. I have more time to binge-watch. I can justify buying everything from home. I gave up on Fresh a couple of years ago because Mrs Player complained that it was too expensive. Now it's not so bad in comparison and every extra cent is justified. I even order heavy stuff from Amazon like rice and raw wood pieces for projects. Nothing is too expensive if they can deliver and safer than the shops where Lowes still needs to you sign on a piece of paper.

Nobody will bother to look for me and I have plenty of excuses and alternatives if I don't want to go out.

Even pandemic sex isn't too bad. There are actually a whole lot more choices when I have to give up kissing or anything that I cannot keep my mask on. And I don't book without a morning erection, which guarantees horniness and satisfaction. And I don't need to try to be VIP. Do it quickly, do it cheaply, and run fast.

Our supply chain is designed for this. Our cleaning supplies are pure in bulk. One bottle of body wash ingredients makes 20 bottles. I rarely have to buy anything. I finally perfected using washing soda to clean and disinfect everything, dishes and clothes, pots and pans, without the undesirable effects. You can buy it in bulk to be cheaper than in Walmart.

Before it's impossible to get online, I get an extra pack of TP's and alcohol with my normal orders. I also took an extra pack when we came across them in unusual places, like corner dollar stores. So we never have any shortage of anything.

It will be perfect when my high power UVC fluorescent lamp driver arrives and the water ozonating machine. I've been waiting for months for them. They are the ultimate time savers. Imagine that you have $200 worth of grocery on your doorstep and you have to disinfect them. I know how somebody cannot deal with this sort of things and take the easy way out because the risk is low. 

But it's not a problem for me. How difficult it is to put things aside and wait a few days for any possible virus to become non-functional? I know it's a problem for Mrs Player but not me. I just need some places to hide it or block it from access.

For things that can be washed, I spray it with soap and rinse. For things that can get wet a bit, I spray with dilute hydrogen peroxide until dripping. I often do both. How hard can it be?

The pair is the ultimate tool with virtually no running cost, just electricity which is a lot less than boiling water. There is an unlimited supply of them for wet and dry things.

I didn't order them earlier because of the needed precautions. How can I know that they are the real thing and how do I determine the dose? These aren't problems anymore as times go by.  I'm not going to disinfect masks with UVC, except perhaps a quick pass on the surface. Viruses will "die" given enough time. We have enough disposable and reusable masks to be kept aside for a few days each. I'll run the ozone machine outside the house and use a non-leaking spray bottle or squeeze bottle inside. 

I already have iodide to test the ozonated water. Petri dish, yeast and the materials to test for UVC effectiveness, and ozonated water too.

It will be the day when I can disinfect shoes' under side with UVC for a long as I care to leave them in a locked room. And I can spray ozonated water on carpets, shoe tops, countertops, and anything else where hydrogen peroxide doesn't do visible damage. Half of it will turn into water in 15 minutes, the remaining half will become a quarter of water after the same time period, and so on. Cheaper, safer, and better than peroxide.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Pandemic sex

No one would have guessed that they live long enough to see a pandemic, have compensated sex with a stranger, and write about it. I thought about it since the beginning. It becomes easier each day with all my continuously adapted routines.

What triggered me was this girl's breasts. They are natural, good-sized, young nipples, slightly pointing upwards. But I regretted once I booked her. I'm not going to drop my mask to suck those. And she's not a spinner so she can ride me until I come. And she doesn't offer cim. But anyway, her tits are nice. 

First, I was way out of gas; it was empty when I returned home yesterday. Fortunately, I was going to the post office which is next doors. Before I reached the pump, I heard strange noises and a good samaritan stopped me while I was pulling into the gas station anyway. 

I was using my trunk as a decontamination chamber with an ozone generator. There was a long extension cord leading into the garage socket. I forget to unplug for the 10th time. I managed to walk a 100 yard to retrieve the extension cord which detached and dropped off at the entrance. Nothing damaged.

Then I feel a mild fever and a slightly upset stomach. I worried for a split second that I could have symptoms of a virus. But those were the routine side effects of my meds.

When I almost arrived at the hotel, her screener messaged me that she wasn't going to turn up today and offer another girl in the hotel opposite the road. I was trying to find her pictures but she hasn't done those things yet. I took a gamble.

I walked into hotel with a KN95 mask, newly arrived. I have several types but this one probably works better with the least attention attracting. At the door, I drop off one side of the ear loop so she can see my face and put it back when I enter her room.

I know my odds are not good. She is a very thick girl. But actually, I quite like her. She has long blonde hair, the rough and ready type. She is actually quite cute; her face doesn't look fat, just rounded. She has thick chests, big butt, and thick legs. But she is not short and her waist gives her a nice curve to hold onto.

It was a twin double room but both bed were untidy. Obviously, she slept on one and worked on the other. Not very assuring in a pandemic but it's a 4* hotel.

I was amazed when she took off her bra. This is what I was coming for and more. Her breasts are naturally young, good sized, with perky nipples pointing upward slightly. In addition, she has pink puffy and near milk-white breasts.

First, I put down the ATM money on her table; I only counted the right amount using my bare hands in the parking lot. Before that, I didn't touch anything anybody else can touch.

Then I put on another N100 mask that I brought with me in a brown bag. This is a lot bigger than an N95 with a big soft seal around the mouth and nose and a valve. This is a lot more comfortable to wear and not easy to leak during exercises.

After that, I tried to fulfill what I practiced in my mind many times. How do you enjoy a nice pair of breasts without sucking them? I was holding my rod, kneeling on the bed, inching forward to bang her nipples and rub them. Either she didn't understand or she ducked. She held my rod and suck it.

Her effort was honorable but she is too young for that. Then she did a reverse cowgirl. Before that, she showed me her pink pussy and twerked her big ass which looked good. It wasn't bad but she was a bit big. Now instead of protective of her puffies, she held my hand and squeeze hard on her tits. My fingers were like scissors cutting off her nipples.

She wanted me to squeeze hard and come. I wanted to but can't. So I changed to a stand-up doggy at the side of the bed. I had to hold her pelvis very hard so her fucking movement didn't cancel mine and that I had the right angle to feel the thrust. I came finally. The sex wasn't great but it's honorable given the circumstances and that it will be better next time.

I rested on the bed for a minute or two and began to pull out. She gave me some wipes instead of pulling the condom. "Will you see me again?", she asked with her cute face. "Sure, yes!", tickling her pink nipples. She smiled satisfactorily. Sure, I will want to suck those nipples. They are top of the class. But only if I find a way to breathe filtered air while sucking.

I drove home right away to begin my decon procedures. Plugin the ozone machine and humidifier in the car. Set ozone timer to 20 minutes. Then I went straight to the shower and used lots and lots of body wash, which is my own formula consisting of water, moisturizer, and mild surfactant. I can wash my hands 20 times a day and don't feel bad. One bottle of the concentrated surfactant probably will last me 6 months, saving me so much delivery.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Songs are forever

Actors grow old. You may watch something multiple times to get all the plots but less likely to watch the rerun. It's not usually about you. But songs can be, because they are abstract and adaptable.

With so much life experience behind me, LOL, lyrics can easily hit me one way or the other.

"Even if I own the world I want to hear from you." That's Chanel, the original. Indeed I wrote a very short story about the end of the world when I wanted to see her one more time. She wonders why but wanted to get any money out of me for the end-of-the-world sale.

"Who is worth me staying my whole life?" That's the big question of life. Everybody is dealing with it their own way. Some go through the marry-divorce cycle many times. Some pay for it ...

"Who made me believe lovers' words?" Oh, the wonderful memories.

The Asian way of doing it, one episode every day for 100 days, is effective indoctrination with an hour of visuals, songs, and most importantly, advertisements.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Even if I own the world I still want to hear from you

Seeing through life and death,

faded clouds, light winds,

I turned around to say goodbye,

leaving only my silhouette.

The world is full of chaos; people lose themselves to win.

In the end, inevitability they all lose to love.

No matter how much,

blood debts cannot be settled even if you repay endlessly.

Shining sword and sharp saber cannot slaughter my love for you.

Tragic fate chases me to torture my nature.

Why are love and hate destined?

Who is worth me staying my whole life?

Fame and fortune are always dazzling

but they are the moon in the water, flowers in the mirror.

Leaving behind righteousness, giving up stubbornness, putting aside the world,

you are in front of my eyes but she is behind.

Who made me seriously believe in lovers’ words?

Let the years testify, waiting for the scars to heal.

I don’t need to ask for more; you are my shining world.

Will you regret it if you stay with me?

Why doesn't the sky clear after the rain?

I dream of you day and night, not wanting to wake up.

Even if I own the world I still want to hear from you.

I’m longing to search for any traces.

Seeing through life and death, faded clouds, light winds,

perhaps all the fights can be paused.