Sunday, May 01, 2016

Bringing out the GFE

Now I have the formula! It's not complicated. You probably don't need it. But if you need it, there it is.

First, the virtual cat fight went three ways! Today I met a new friend Wonder Girl, effectively announcing that I'm out of the queen's game next week. Later this evening, within minutes that Kendall posted her classified, Martha and Wonder Girl all responded with theirs. I am sure that they are not on the same team. Even in the same team they spread their classified apart. And Martha won't even be near the same airport!

I was in need of some more blonde therapy. But I ended up with leg therapy. Wonder Girl's classified was all about legs. I was hoping I could find a replacement for Kendall, or it might just be Kendall herself with another name.

Wonder Girl wasn't that wonderful. It was a nickname she picked herself. Her leg aren't that long and she is not as pretty as Kendall. But Wonder Girl is a very nice package and everything else may be better than Kendall.

Now I have 3 very different girls who weren't that GFE for a start when we met. It turned out they are, or I turned them into, the most intimate GFE's.

The first one is 26 to 30, very professional, the gangster's girl friend, a near model material wearing almost no makeup. Maybe I froze when I met her and she didn't think I like her very much. I didn't even know what she offers. She seized the moment and started the blowjob. Then she put on the cover and rode me. I didn't seem to have the option of doing something else. I could only admire her beautifully newly enhanced breasts. I couldn't even touch them much as she was riding on her rhythm.

I saw The Schoolgirl a few times and I never knew she could be GFE. She is probably still teen and looked like a teen. Today is out first meet, Wonder Girl and I. She's a bit older but still a schoolgirl package. Now, there's no hugging, kiss on the cheek or anything friendly or intimate when we met. They are supposed to be GFE but I just couldn't approach them and start the DFK. Even when I asked The Schoolgirl, "give me some more?" She just gave me a longer kiss on the lips.

The first thing they do, both of them, was to hold my cock in their hands or in their mouth. They felt safe that way without my cock doing any damage. Maybe I got bigger and bigger now. There's really nothing much I can do other than let them blow. Of course they are good, or I would have told them to stop.

First, you have to survive the BBBJ, then the cowgirl. Somehow they want to blow you up so you are done. If I didn't tell them to stop they will blow all the way so you are not capable of anything else. If they can bring you to almost climax with their BBBJ, then they will try to bring you there with the cowgirl.

For Wonder Girl, I told her twice to stop the BBBJ, and twice to stop the cowgirl. If I wasn't making myself clear, she would ignore me.

All three times, I ended up in the missionary, probably doing some harmless little thing in between.

My formula is to fuck them silly, or fuck their brain out, so they don't know what's going on anymore. They just don't care. Looking nack, I think they might just be enjoying it.

Then you test drive, kissing on her cheeks, lips, etc. When they don't bother about anything any more, that is the time you move in. You can kiss them however, and they will response spontaneously. I was kissing The Schoolgirl on her face. It was she who turned her lips to me and started to kiss passionately. Wonder Girl just laid their defenceless. I inserted my tongue and fought with hers.

Gangster's model girlfriend changed a lot before and after. After her cold moves, she deliberately spread her legs like telling me to get over with it ASAP. That was supposed to response to my look that I didn't like her looks.

But after I fucked them silly, everything changed. I doubt if they were capable of thinking about anything. All the response were real, natural and spontaneously.

Now I know why I had to hold their heads like they were severed from their bodies. The more I screwed them, the more they went into a trance, incapable of moving their limbs, incapable of taking a defense stance. Totally open, totally vulnerable. So I ended up screwing them harder and harder. It wasn't hard at all as the way I kissed them stimulates me and gave me more and more adrenaline.

I held their head so they didn't move with their body being screwed hard. So I could kiss them whichever way I wanted. My elbows and arms are like stands on the bed, stablizing my head and theirs.

Is that simple? I could go on to do some other GFE stuff but why? It was a very comfortable and very satisfying finish.

Now I regret why I didn't do that more often. So don't give up when they don't give you DFK when you went inside. And don't complain about the lack of GFE when you give up the missionary and did something else.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Virtual cat fight 2

Is that real? Martha put up a classfied for tomorrow. Less than 15 min later, Kendall put up hers! Not exactly in the same town but it doesn't make any difference by traffic. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Kendall host where I told her I live. She may not be thinking of me but she must be thinking of getting clients like me. When I was a new hire, my boss like to pick students from my University. Many years later, my other boss went back to the agent who recruited me, after all else failed to get good people.

It would be really fun if she will send me an "advance notice" two hours later. Last time I had two days rest between seeing her. If she asks me this time it will be a days rest. I doubt very much, but if she really brought a new car ... !

Queen's other top girl also come out to play at the same time. But they know now to use different hotel in different cities. And the classfied is an hour apart. And now they know not to kill themselves by pairing girls with similar popularity.

An interesting day tomorrow. More interesting if Bridget joins in the fun next week!

No invites for me. She or the queen will be really desperate to do that to a non-VIP.

It makes no sense. Now four top girls are coming out to play tomorrow, spreading across the county, using different hotels. One is at the same location as Martha. I know there was an incident yesterday but spreading them all over seems to be counter intuitive.

BTW, got a few 411 asking for Martha, and I tried my best - "tits to die for!"

Martha did it again. Less than 15 min after Kendall's classified, Martha followed. Stalker! But since I hinted them to tone down the cat fight a bit, they did. Now, the queen comes out to play herself!

Now Martha and I are an official couple, for once. She signed up on my hall of fame, right above Kendall's. That's why my phone dinged some more. "your neighbors pretty teen daughter!", I replied them all.

Now if I can find someone comparable to Kendall, I will time her out or drop her altogether in no time. How can you mend a broken heart? Martha can do only in the looks department. She is a good fuck, but just not Kendall. However, a hot young blonde always put fear into everybody else.

Bridget is another matter. She might just be able to replace Kendall. I couldn't wait to check her out some more when she comes back to town next week. She cost me more, but hurting others without benefitting self is my speciality.

Wow, after I posted a comment to pass time, Kendall updated her classfied within the minute. Then Martha's followed one minute later. Wow. It can be explained in some ways, but what does it look like? Sorry, I did my duty on Mon and Tue so I can't on Thu. And it will be hard to pick which cat call to answer.

Two down! Two to go. Two of Kendall's teammate's classified since yesterday was gone. It could mean all time slots are filled up and they don't take anybody any more. But from insider knowledge, there's nobody asking and they don't even bother to turn up. What left is Kendall and the same other girl who worked on Tue. I doubted if they had turned up already. If they do the usual word is available now!  Whereas Martha is different. I think she always check in first.

BTW, Martha matched Kendall's rating of me, check box by check box. And they are the only two who bother to spend the time doing that! I know the queen do that to everybody, but Martha may just be learning.

Now, a silly guy just poped the question, are the two girls who's classified went down this morning all booked up for today? It's possible and I have been giving them that. If you ask, the official answer is of course they are very popular and they are fully booked shortly after their classified are up. When they are fully booked, they will not answer messages and their classified will be taken down.

The answer itself is not logical. If the classified is taken down when there is no slot available, then nobody will contact and nobody will be disappointed. It have to be a very incompetent operation. Incompetent is ok but they can start the 3rd world war like that. The logical thing is to decide early on and take bookings into the next morning before checkout. But the queen said they will decide later if they will accept next day bookings. With the classified taken off?

The reality is, they will not turn up if there are not enough slots filled. They may reply when they have enough bookings.

All that doesn't matter. Kendall is surely not fully booked. So I can get to her some way.

There is always the clueless trophy hunter index to check. These girls like to be verified and return the favor. They even verify guys who haven't verify them yet. So you have a good idea of when and how many new clients fucked them.

So for the "fully booked" girls, all of the clients would be old ones! In this case, they don't even need to put up the classified because there is a free subscription service. Or, they messed all new clients. For not responding to messages, they are probably gone or never turned up. As for carrying on the next morning, they may get the room for cheap from others who check out early, or to get the most out of the room they already had.

In any case, I think they get the marketing and pricing all wrong. Nothing good will come out of the operation. Fuck is good though.

Now when I was browsing the "social network", the girl who worked this morning kept dinging my phone with her new classified. And then Martha follows. I think at best they have the number of people browsing. At worst, they can see my handle.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

So Wellington! At the worse of times, I held the guns, held the positions, and held the morals. And I knew how to pick good allies.

The queen started the first wave of the week without Kendall. Nothing conserns me. Then the queen gave all what she had, a new gun, another more able girl, and Kendall. But it was a day late. I had Martha H.

She was announcing her plans for next day at about midnight. I couldn't do anything if I wanted to. I held my guns. It's not up to me. It's up to my cock.

Then an hour or more later, I got an "advance notice" from Kendall that she is hosting tomorrow! Victory is so sweet. If she talked to me I would have done anything she asked. But it's a message. And if I got the message at the time I would have sweet dreams. But I got it the next morning, thanks to the default "do not disturb" mode of my phone.

I think I can do it again, and what can I lose? A few bucks?

BTW, she replied to my surrender last week. No way. That's ancient history. I would take prisoners but I had to troll and bullshit her first. So the next morning:

"very nice of you to tell me"
"I thought you are not coming to play this week"
"so I hit that perfect blond"
"I wanted to book yesterday but I'm not sure if I will be functioning again today"
"Give me some time to keep checking after breakfest"

The humble self humilation worked. She let down her guard.
"I tell you so you can pick the time first"
"I wasn't hosting originally but I got a new car"

Ha ha, weakness exposed. So I go for the desperation.
"Still no", I raised that question at the best moment.

Silence. After an hour, she replied with a maybe. I know it's bullshit. So I level up, "may be, but not today?" Again silence.

I know a maybe is the same as a no, but I had my victory moment. And I can go after that avenue when I can.

I know this is exactly not an advance notice. But when she is desperate as to invite me to play personally, I will make it easy on her. I picked something on the standard menu and waited in line, not trying to be the VIP I had been and got pole position.

They also admit that the expedition was a total failure. And the queen started to worry the bookings after she announced her plans. That's why I got the message an hour later. Maybe it is she who brought the new car!

After enough wait, I booked. But that's far from the end of it. Martha H and Kendall started a virtual cat fight. Martha stalked Kendall's classified since early morning. Each of Kendall's post is marked by Martha. And it's fair because the queen went into Martha's territory. Maybe it's not about me but it looks that way.

That's not all. Other girls are naturally in it. Some left town for some easier fish. Some arrived and fight it to the end.

While Kendall was timing out herself, at least publicly, I hit two of the most high profile blond on the social network. And I let my phone ding, replying all the enquiries and tried to promote them as best as I can, without lying.

It worked every time. Martha is really like Jordan. But Martha is more perfect and delivers. But sex is bland compared to Kendall.

But it's not a private matter any more between three of us, like Jordan, Chanel and me, the threesome. Kendall and our #14 DFK was world famous. I didn't name her but any smart guy will look at my data and know it's her. And anyone who tracked me will see that I have two new blond friends after Kendall. And my fans will be curious how they perform and how they compare.

It takes me at least half an hour to get into the theme park again. Worst, one traffic accident on the way increased that by 15 min. As I do not trust the Google real time alert, I hit the freeway anyway. When I did see the traffic jam, I started the detour all over again. It took me almost an hour.

I think I got the first appointment of the day anyway. But if I were VIP, she would be willing to do lunch time appointments. I was still arriving on time when she told me to give her a few minutes. I knew she arrived half an hour earlier. How do I know? Real time classified!

But I sort of told everybody this is a no no. When I was about to start in 20 min, you don't say in your classified that you are available now! Maybe you just can't tell the human advertising robot to be intelligent. I really have no idea what the game they were playing. But if she bumped me or made me wait, I would have left in no time. I made this decision when she texted me the room number. It was less than a minute later than scheduled. I would think she took care to arrive early, and made sure we started on schedule. I complained to the world clearly that it's not the waiting. It's what that looks like if you have to wait without a believable reason.

Now with my new demoted non-VIP status, I knocked on Kendall's door. BTW, this hotel has people open the entrance door for you, very untypical even for >4 stars hotels. There's no guest parking either. They let me park by the restaurant.

Kendall didn't treat me any differently. Indeed I think she was trying to win me back. I think she wanted to recreate the world famous #14 DFK. But a kiss is not a kiss when there's something in your mind.

After that, I opened the all natural baby wipe I brought along for her toes. The wiping was OK but it was mind torture. It was totally physically torture when I put all her big toe into my mouth. It was so fun. A lot more fun that Chanel. So I took it easy on the remaining four. But when I was trying to wipe her other feet, she begged for mercy. Of course not. At least I had to kiss them all.

After I finished all my fav positions, I asked how she preferred to be finished. She said, "what you like most". She learned. But may be that's a mistake. I switched into missionary and shut her mouth airtight with mine.

Before that, we broke one condom. She broke it trying to put in on for me. Well, at the time I didn't even remember she never put it on for me. Welcome to my new non-VIP status!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Are you kidding me? The queen fired two more topedos! Instead of putting the girls out all at once, she learned to put them into waves, with the less able first. But only so much. She has a total of 4 girls out tomorrow.

Now both of them offically snubbed me, Kendall and the queen. I almost couldn't resist booking Kendall, but still put in some futile resistence. But then I really have no emo left after today.

All is not lost. So I am forced to resist by not booking, when I would have shot blanks if I do.

The interesting thing is that their classified is almost the same time as Martha H. Martha seems to join in the fun, while the gang seemed to wipe out the competition. Or, may be they are related by some business associates. But they can just watch each other just like I watch them all.

The best thing is that Kendall still come out to play once a week. Her late by one day got me worried.

Though I cannot book. Wait to see how I get back to you for this!
The queen usually anounces her plan early on Sunday. There's nothing this weekend. Perhaps she is busy unretiring. Maybe I am too smart. I got a call on my bat number! A man with a deep voice left "hello hello" on my voice mail. I'm not worried as all I have done is friendly.

Ding! My phone's alert. The new blond sex toy from Friday report to duty early in the morning! Immediately I booked her but no reply. A good start.

Ding! Bridget M report to duty. When I was worrying who to pick, whether to cancel blond sex toy. I realized that she is at the other airport. Good, she has to wait for next week. Ding! Ding! Ding! The whole day I kept get messages asking about her. I turned on notification for every such messages because yesterday I didn't want to miss anything.

Ding! Ding! Queen bee was moving her troops. The rebellion was just a show. They are making up. They need each other.

Kendall J was missing. I checked her history and it is most likely that she is unpopular. I may be the only one that booked her. She has two few clients for her to come out to play. So, may be sometimes she cancelled, or decided to come at the last minute. I don't know what's her problem. I'm quite happy with her except for the little thing that I couldn't get over.

That's why she or her helper sort of begged me to book. If we were on the phone I would have booked. A message is another matter. She might have one other client that day.

On the other hand, she may be one of the popular ones, who only need to post classfied when she wasn't all taken up by some secret club members. I have no idea. If queen bee is so powerful why she need to unretire? I think I get more hint that she unretired.

The queen bee hadn't officially snubbed me. Kendall didn't turn up so she couldn't have done anything even if she wanted to. We have to wait and see.

The new blond didn't reply since early morning. I began to worry. I begin to think of Kendall, but I didn't miss her that much today. So I started to write this. And in the middle of this...

Ding! It was the new blond. So I went to see her, then back to finish this.

I was shocked when I saw her at the back of the door. She must had feel very uneasy for a while. She looked like one of the pretty daughters in the neighborhood. A sterotypical Midwest Schoolgirl, if there is such a thing. Long straight blond hair, natural or expensively colored. She is wearing the exact pretty flowery dress as in her profile, very innocent fairytale sort of dress. Yes, and we are in the theme park again.

Martha H was trying to handle the situation like an old hand, but turned out to be looking like a schoolgirl trying to be adult. I went to wash my equipment, and when I came out, I was shocked again.

Her naked body was exactly as in her pictures. How can that be? Flawless, almost white skin with three delicate pink spots, silky to the touch. She doesn't have Kendall's legs, but she could kill with a skirt.

Maybe she is just too young. Sex is funny. She put lube inside the condom, and finished with a record breaking short blowjob. But she is a total piece of prime tuna, and was at ease when I enjoyed the full body sashimi. She promised to refine her nails next time.

Penetration was great. I was fucking a perfect life sized barbi doll. I almost didn't want to change when I first fuck her with full fontal body contact, holding her close with both of my hands. But I remembered the spoon. She was at ease with it. I got to hold both of her perfect breasts while looking at her perfect ass and tights. How perfect? If you can't decide on small natural schoolgirl tits and work of art enhancements, she is perfect. Perfectly natural, two large pyramind with two large pink cherry on top. I sucked them enough while she said "be gentle, gentle". Now I got to squeeze them both, at the same time.

The lube was a bit much, but I just lasted longer. But I had to go back to missionary to excert my full force to get it done. She was such a doll to hold and pound.

Martha is super, but she is only my #3 for now. Kendall is always my #1. If she is missing for another week or longer. I'm not worried. Martha is a new arrival and Bridget will be around for a while.

I was high when I sort of "liked" her on the "social network". So, once the dings due to Bridget dies down, Martha's dings started. TER is so yesterday. This is the new version of take one for the team. I was almost being asked for comments when I was in the parking lot.

When I thought I was on the upper hand, queen bee counter attacked. She introduced a new girl. Not bad at all.  But doesn't look like to be my cup of tea. May be the real person looks a lot better. May be they use fake pictures to throw people off. Even for Kendall, her pictures were probably somebody else. If I didn't meet her I didn't know she looks like a model.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

On a lazy Sunday, with a glass of wine in hand, I'm waiting for queen bee's next move. There's not much she can do. After returning from ghost chasing, they camped where I wanted to be, at the time I wanted. But there's no Helen, so beat it. Now Helen's name is officially changed to Kendall, just to confuse everybody.

If Kendall does come out to play next week, I'm not disappointed. I have the chance for many things, depending on how it turns out. I hope Angel comes out to play instead. Definitely I will see her, now renamed Bridget.

There are also two tryouts last weekend. Both appeared for a few hours out of nothing, and then gone.  I would have hit them if time allowed. But most likely they will be back to join the games. One is a younger version of Bridget. One is a version of Kendall with real age. But it may be the same person since how many has Kendall's legs?

If Kendall comes to play, it will be more interesting. I'll get back to her kindly. Maybe I will find some excuse to put her on waiting list. As of this very moment, I am not desperate to book her. I have a soft fish bone in my eye. It will go away but before that it may affect my erection.

Live update: nothing. Nobody announce any play plan. But watching the live classfied, you learn something. It looks like that the classified starts to grow with hotel check-in times, even on a Sunday. And it could be the queen bee coming out of retirement to play again. That means the retirement and the wedding is a fake.

I also discovered a suspecious handle associated with her, doing very fishy things. If it's not her it's her mate.


Eros is doing well but it's so yesterday. Imagine that, a girl cannot easily do one day a week, or just over the weekends when there is not much homework. If you find the right girl, you have to check if TER has review and if her picture is real. Then you have to figure out what she actually does.

And TER is so yesterday because if the girl gives you her menu and price down to the alphabets, why would you pay TER for hearsays? With these info, what's left is to rate her like an app, whether she does what she says and if you like her.

Backpage is the Walmart of Eros, but it serves new puposes. It she's available now, it doesn't guarantee she will be available next hour.

So you can see why Cityvibe is struggling to be everything and failing. Once upon a time when you post a beautiful classified on Cragslist, they have somebody to invite you across to Cityvibe classified. CV also tried to run a review site but rumour has it that they will run into facilitation if they do both.

But locally, they can have some all in one's without LE finding out. Or they leave small potatoe alone. Like My Red Book, it's a dangerous game but worthwhile.

It's like the Uber of escorts has arrived. If you see a girl that you like, you can set to get an email when she turns up. You can message her privately about what the long list of alphabets that she does, and of course the price. After the deed, you can verify each other and for the world to see. It turns out to be not cheap. Both sides need to pay for everything. If you have less than a dozen pictures, it will be suspcious.

You would think old school girls will be against it. That's the opposite when the Internet thing started. Now you have to give out so many info and give up so much control. But the younger crowd likes it. Lucky Star mentioned that she is on it with a smile, like it's cool.

Of course the real Uber type apps are already there. If you want a paid arragement or a paid date, you can just use the phone apps. What's the difference between a compensated date and you know what? It's the same situation. Good luck for you to assemble a team to check if anybody promised sex for money when they are arranging a date. The danger can be removed if people can rate other people. Thanks for Backpages for keep diverting attention.

Friday, April 22, 2016


A corner in the nightclub
I sit alone with the darkness as company
A few tables away
There is a pair of young lovers

The nightclub is now playing
A song that you used to hum
My broken heart is broken again
Alone, I slump into dispair
I close my eyes thinking of the past

Absolute emptiness
Like a ruin, nobody touches me
Absolute emptiness
My love, to whom do you belong tonight?

I still love you
I never blame you
My love for you never expires
I still love you
But without you
The world becomes bland all at once

I wish I have no past
I wish I have no memory
Never think of you again

Angel Face is really something. I don't remember a tall blond satisfying me in so many ways. But ... it seems to only last a day. My mind is on Helen again.

Don't be mistaken. If you put them side by side, I still have a hard time picking. I want them both. The problem is, Angel Face showed signs of retreat. On average, these girls last a month to a few. I forgot about this because I remembered that she is around for a few months now? And when we were pillow talking, she sounded to be local, working about once a week with a proper job. This seems to be the normal story for everybody. And she bothered to do the pillow talk, looking like she wanted regulars.

But still, even if they are local, they may not put themselves out for long. Some do not have enough clients, and it's not worth their while. They may take a break for months at a time. Helen is obviously local, but she is around for half a year now. Will she disappear all of a sudden?

Now without Angel Face, I will be defenceless. So what do I do? I actually found another tall blond, looking very delicious. I can't see her face, I don't know her work history. But still I want to book her. Extraordinary times need extraordinary moves. But she wasn't interested in talking about tomorrow.

I wanted to appeal to the queen bee with a concise and precise message. But it ended up a wall of text. Deal with it! She must have received it. There is no reply to my surrender or to my surprise attack.

In the end, Helen needs to be involved. So if she hasn't turn up yet the queen bee has to ignore me. But if the queen bee already know that the answer is no, she could be torturing me. Ignore is more polite than refusal. Ignore is worse than rejection.

The bottomline is that it only matters to Helen if she turn up for work. She didn't turn up yesterday anywhere. She may be the hidden battleon with the expedition force. She may not need to advertise at all. Next week will be clear. But then the whole gang may do a west coast tour!

Why would I bother with this rollcoaster feeling? It's free! The failed projects never bothered me and never cost me much. If I need a good fuck I can always back to Helen. Feelings keep you feeling alive. RIP Prince.

My love, to whom do you belong tonight? I am jealous of Chanel's more VIP clients. But I never have this feeling of who she is fucking tonight. Maybe I got over it long ago because she was a failed project for a long time. And she's not that good a fuck. She doesn't blow well. I can do rough sex but not rough flatironing and the like. But I need a delicously beautiful woman. I was happy with what she has to offer.

I do wonder who is fucking Helen tonight. It's like the feeling of kids fighting for toys. I'm not fighting. I'm just want to fight for a fair share.

I can easily forget about Chanel with Helen or Angel. Angel has long legs, Helen's a killer pair. Chanel's pair is weak but her expensive collection of heels can't be beaten. Helen can blow your mind off. Angel can take flatironing like a dress, though she has the delicate look too. I think these two girls are interchangeable. I just didn't have to chance to do everything. Helen or Angel may even be prettier than Chanel. Angel actually has more than an angel face, that of a victoria's secret European model. Helen is Kendall Jenner. But Chanel knows how to makeup without looking like it. And she is neat down to each eyebrow hair, flawless beauty, but not without expensive makeup. She has killer eyes, maybe enhanced though.

Now I can do nothing except to book the girl whose name I can't remember for now. I hope she will be around tomorrow. This will make my weekend better.

Intrigue ahead! I did Angel on Thu. But the high lasted for one day. To avoid an absolute empty weekend, I was still looking. In the late afternoon I discovered a young delicious blond. I wanted to hit her today but she was gone. She is great to take a sovenior picture together and then edit out the face. That cost extra.

I should have hit her yesterday. This morning there's nothing. Then all of a sudden in the late afternoon, a girl came up with all legs. There's pictures of nothing else except legs and a fashionable jacket. Come on, how many girls have Kendall Jenner's legs? The age is different and the claimed height is different. So is Angel, claiming to be 5" shorter. I think this is a bat signal.

I'm responding to the call no matter what. But today is just too tired. Now I know I did a lot on Thu with Angel. But if that's Helen, there's no need to rush and she isn't going away any time soon.

I always know girls don't show their face for many reasons. If they have two tier fees, they have to look like two different people.


Do you remember 3 battleon started the expedition march and only two reached destination? Rebellion! Queen had to kick people out and my Helen is save.

The feeling is mixed. I hope it was Helen who rebelled so the queen will tell her to be more customer oriented. I hope the queen does have her powers to hold onto them. And nothing I like more than an independent, rebelious mind, who still treats me good that is. But then I don't hope that the queen kick her out. If she does her own bookings it's good. I do want to see her disappear.

So it was another girl. So not everybody will do what the queen says. So I can sense that Helen does want to stay with the queen. So I can get to her via the queen.

And the queen is a fellow writer! I am going to move her with an essay. But perhaps she will say to herself, "what fuck is that!" But if she cares enough, she will reply, "Babe, we can't change the past, can you get over it for me? I'll open a brand new VIP lounge room for people just like you. Is that OK?"

OK, my shit is coming. Don't let it hit the fan!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

How Waterloo was won!

Queen bee sent an expedition force of 3 battleons to chase ghost. They lost one before reaching target. There's nobody home to accept my surrender, nobody to cut a deal with us. You think that's the end of it? You think that I have no conditions? I have well reserved forces.

My ally came to the rescue. And with my reserved forces, we topedoed everything!

Very patient and intelligent readers will know who my new ally is, Angel Face. I even thought she has been dueling with Helen all along. They turn up on the same day of the week. Last time I had to pick Helen instead of AF.

They are so evenly matched. They all lied about their height, one to a few inches more than they say they are. Both are 5'9 to 5'10. One brunette, one blond. AF is slight older at early to mid-20's, but the school girl fantasy is there that she promotes.

Ah, before we met, AF sent me that appeared to be a perfect resume customed to win over me. It is possible that she read my epic online rants and put them to good use.

I really can't say who fucks better. The younger one has superior oral skills so far - unexpected.

Today is about charging against the enemy. I charged in the doggie. I charged in the flatiron. I regrouped in the spoon. Finally I charged in the missionary, and let my mouth and hands did what they can do at that position.

This day, I dedicated my charges to the artist previously named Prince, who left us early at 57. I also made tribute to my generation of idols who were gone prematurely, especially the Gay, and to those artists who could have been, like the Prince I wrote about, who could have hold his first major concert 30 years ago, all because of one stupid sentence. One for the Queen too, happy birthday!

This girl can take some intimacy. I could kiss her on the flatiron, face, lips, ears, hair. When all is said and done, I discovered my fingermarks on her white breasts. I wasn't trying to do any rough sex. I asked her if she was OK all the time while I was charging. She always said, "yes, yes, yes".

At this point, I really have no perference who to fuck. It's rare. Take any two on the streets and you will have preference.

Helen, I can time you out at least a few weeks if AF is around. I can hold the line for another week if I choose to. If one of you disappear I will not dispair at all.

But then why not organize a threesome again?

These days I sang the Silhoutte song less. Instead:

Woo woo woo woo Waterloo!