Saturday, September 22, 2018

Keeping up appearances

Caroline is always the type of girl I wanted, having the body of a teen model without the need to babysit her. Her public age is mid-twenties but she can be easily over thirty.

When I saw her face, face to face, I was stunned.  What influenced me on the side was that she was in two tiny pieces of lingerie. She is tall but she can be one of those skinny cheerleaders straight out of school practice. Yet, she is more refined and stylish with her blonde short hair. Indeed, she is a model; there are many types.

Once she posted a picture that must have been taken many years ago. I thought it was recent until I know her better. I thought I had been fucking the girl in the picture after the fact. She has the same body type but she is a lot cuter then. The trouble is, she is still rather cute at most angles so I didn't realize at first.

Being an all American white blonde girl, I thought she might be a bit cold or distance. Girls like that don't need to do much. The main reason I picked her because someone, who is impressed by me obviously, recommended her to me at the last of a passionate list. I still don't know if that means she is the oldest or the most passionate or the least GFE or the most expensive.

Since the first time we met, she clings onto me like a plastic film, with unlimited passionate kisses. Is that perfect or what? That's why I requested her the next week after we first met. I had no idea that she is available at her own house any time when she is not doing something else. I had been seeing her month after month until my budget ran out.

She doesn't say no, but I'm not picky. She enjoyed being eaten, all positions. I can be rough to her but it was me who always stopped before it could be uncomfortable to her. I don't want our relationship turning into something else, lol. She tried hard to cum every time or at least getting into the mood. I feel so much like a VIP. For the cons, yes she does have negatives, she doesn't like tongue. When I admired her starfish she moaned but I felt that she was uncomfortable other times. And she is uncomfortable when I play with her feet. She had been a waitress, a classy one though, living rough, and saving on pedicures.

One day, when she was riding on top of me like a cowgirl, I realized that she was not as pretty as I thought. I am not saying that she is a beauty queen or she can challenge me face to face like Channel without makeup on. She doesn't seem to use much makeup but she is the type of pretty girl you see everywhere, fashion shows, car shows, commercials.

Her nose is a bit big from my angle looking up. And later I understand why some of her pictures look so gorgeous and others disasters. She has deep blue eyes if enhanced, perfect oval face and enough cheekbones to look perfect, looking straight into the camera. On her side profile, her nose sticks out and without salon treatment on her hair, she looks so much older than a teen model.

Of course, I don't mind her nose that much, she is always pretty to me. But for a model and an inspiring IG model, she obviously needs a nose job, or she already had a bad one.

I really don't know what to make of her IG account. Certainly, it's not for hooking up like many professional escort accounts. But perhaps it is. It makes no sense unless it's her way to connect with her clients, keeping them updates on her endeavors and reminding them of her without trying too hard. With a hundred likes for a good update, I feel that she was talking to me. Or maybe she has a few clients like me, promising to be discrete, clicking on the heart only.

When I first got her account, it seems to be more for family and friends. I know she doesn't have much and for what she has they are not the type to follow her IG accounts. There are pictures of the classmates of her unfinished degree. The rare appearance of her boyfriend who seems to be just happened to be in the picture. Maybe she doesn't want to appear single for years. Her dog, her cat and her mother!

But then I saw more and more professional model pictures. But they are taken mostly previously. Now she actually has some new photoshoot and behaving more like other IG models and social influencers.

Others have cute kids; she has her mother and baby sister who doesn't show her face. They aren't the type who would have an IG account. Other have cute pets; she has her cat looking exactly like any cat in her Hollywood neighborhood, the wrong side. Others have regular selfie updates; she is struggling to post one every week. By struggling I mean she took the time to do some makeup but not the hair. I know she knows not to stress her hair too much. But she doesn't look good with her short hair tied up.

Others venture to exotic places, live in exuberance hotels, go around in luxury cars or yachts. She doesn't even show the inside of the home she lived in for years, except for the good corner of her bed; there's no bedroom as such. The bathroom sink is tiny, the bathtub sucks and the kitchen is for clothes. But finally, she realized that her exterior is avant-garde - a distressed door, falling paint on the cracked wall, weed grows up the broken concrete ground, abundant compound. She doesn't need to hunt for backgrounds. She just needs to walk out, and maybe a bit to the backside of her house. I laughed at her stylish pictures when I realized where they could have been taken.

She went with one photographer who bothered to venture into the nearest torching desert valley. He asked her to wear a leather bikini. Her tits were almost fried.

Now most IG models should stay off IG and the same for most IG photographers. Now if you can make girls look beautiful, girls will hunt for you. They let you into their houses. They will get naked whenever you want. They will post and wear whatever and however you like. Now if you think your work is too good to be free, girls will pay you with whatever they have. It's no big deal. I always wonder how many times Caroline barter for her rent, her photographs and grocery for that matter.

If you don't have a fancy lifestyle to post, you can't be a social influencer. If you can't post pretty pictures, your model inspiration is dead. You don't even have anything to boast about. Leave it. So girls are constantly looking for photographers to keep their dreams alive, or just to say I'm a model and you aren't. If the best photographers aren't interested, you can always go for the next tier, and the next. So you can always see IG pictures of all body types and shapes, even with tattoos and piercings all over. And if you don't have an impressive camera or impressive portfolio, you can't be a chooser.

I enjoy Caroline's pictures. Her pictures from professional work, that is, paid, is good. Her selfies not bad because she is a hip, trendy girl. Her nudes, not so much. I think the photographer for her escort classified is good. He knows what men want and what to hide. Caroline's borderline eating disorder is a challenge to shoot. Her tits, even hidden, don't come out appetizing, as opposed to real life. Her legs are perfect for shorts like a schoolgirl but come out too thin. OK, maybe I'm jealous of those 2nd rate photographers, lol.

She still seems to be following her dreams passionately. I did saw her tears but maybe it's just a temporarily upset or having a bad client. Maybe she doesn't have anything to show for if she returns home. Maybe she can afford to; there's the minimal overhead of her existence I hope. But if I were her I would escort full time to grab some money while she can. And finish her degree if she chooses to. Or maybe she had done enough escorting already.

Now the front page of the internet is a funny place. It is just a place to reinforce group thinking. There's no meaningful discussion. I was blasted for thinking that escorting is miserable. Women are up in arms for tarnishing their image. One gave up a tough to get degree and a six-figure salary to be an escort full time.

I don't think escorting is miserable as such. But everyone has a story and I got to read many. I just don't think that one will pick escorting if you have plenty of other options. Maybe if you are so successful that you can pick your clients and every one of them is tolerable. It would be very different when you are in your prime as opposed to when you are over 40.

I have so many real stories to myself. There's no real happy ending so far. A girl may be all that but she can't do much. She has to settle whatever she can get. Is that miserable or what? That's Chanel when she started. The best ending maybe those drop-dead gorgeous Asian women over 40 opening massage parlors, printing money without using their own hands on anybody any more. Chanel could have been like that only if her upbringing wasn't discreet. She could do porn or strip or go all out escorting with her face all over. At the end, she married for money that she would not have given other better options.

I don't know why those women were blasting me for. Their own people post miserable stories from time to time. One was on the brink of being homeless since she lost all her clients since BP closed - all familiar stories. One has been getting over a thousand on the very few days she works every week even when she is hitting 40. Once she was forced to quit she was washing toilets for minimum wage. I would think getting someone to pay your bills or student loans isn't that bad a deal, be it husband or boyfriend. And you can quit anytime. Is it better than fishing for clients all the time?

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Now I know what you have been through MFM

I just did an MFM group sex for the 1st time. I was talked into it. I almost wanted to walk away after paying but before seeing the woman. Out of curiosity, I met her. I was hoping for a hot housewife wanting group sex with people she knows to satisfy her rather than wanting the money. I was about right except for the bot part, and that the other guy wants the money.

The guy could be her boyfriend or husband setting her up for fundraising. I was relieved that it wasn't a scam or blackmail. And since it wasn't a scam, I had to do it :(

The worst part is the guy. He asked me to meet him first before going ahead. Does it sound familiar to you ladies? I agreed to meet him telling him that I have cold feet about it. I wanted to quit without hard feelings since I agreed to pay and do it with him.

Then it was so difficult to find the meeting time for 3 people with irregular hours.

Then it was the text, non-stop. When I was driving I could be bombarded with a tsunami of text even though I didn't reply. Then it was the excitement like he is a virgin looking forward to losing it. He isn't. He knows the girl well and did it many times according to him.

Then I got so many texts when I was driving there. He could have given me an address to park or GPS location. He sort of did but gave me after I was halfway there. He liked to talk me through, or just talk.

I already gave him excuses before going in that I might have to go early, in case that I really don't want to go through with it. It wasn't that bad but I could skip the deed also without regret.

Soon after I left early, I started to get texts, all the way home, he trying to call me when I was taking a bath. He was trying to organize the next time. I just told him I tried, and I'm not a big fan of it, no more than one on one.

I hope he's not texting me this evening. If I don't reply it seems rude and I don't want to piss him off since he saw my face. If I reply he will pick on anything and keep talking. I'm sorry that you have to go through this every day or sometimes.

Sunday, June 24, 2018


I had a strange feeling already while I was seeing Caroline almost every week when she posted new pictures on her social media. It was like spending some time on a Sunday morning for a makeup and then post it. That account wasn't for family and close friends. It wasn't trying to outdo other girls nor she is likely to have many clients on there. I don't know what to make of that. Considering that she may have a few immediate likes and a total of less than a 100, I always politely like her pictures but not commenting to be discreet.

Not long ago she posted a new tiny tattoo. I hated to like it because soon she will have many more and much bigger tats on her all over. But I liked it anyway after days since that picture wasn't that popular.

After a could-be near-death experience on the freeway, I booked two girls over a weekend. I have a history with both of them and for strange reasons, I hadn't rate them. So I gave them both a very good rating immediately after I saw them. I already saw Caroline enough that I didn't want her to get the wrong ideas that I'm going to see her every week. And that I have to wait for her to come to my city or I have to drive far.

Soon she posted an old picture saying that she doesn't give a fuck. I was so puzzled. The next time I saw her, she was very concerned that I don't like her tattoo and explained the deep meaning of why she did it.

Then she showed off her pedicure. Once I asked her to sit on the bathroom counter top to wash her feet. She was less than enthusiastic so I didn't do much on her feet. Usually, they don't feel confident enough; their pedicure isn't updated and their feet aren't clean enough.

Her feet aren't bad at all but she has the waitress feet, bony with veins, for standing too much.

So I'm pretty sure she was posting it for me to see.

I haven't seen her for a while since I'm very broke. This weekend she posted 3 pictures so far! when the usual is one. In one picture, she sits on the floor in front of her bed in a sexy top looking desirable. Damn it, it was her bed in her apartment that we had sex on it many times.

Then I wondered who took it? Most of the pictures are selfies or webcams. For this one I doubt it but she can use a camera stand and a timer.

Accidentally, I stumbled upon the photographer who took it. It looked like an old photo shoot right inside her apartment. In one picture she sits on her bed looking sexy. I'm so jealous. Not that she was nude. I paid good money to get into her house, see her nude and have sex. These 3rd class photographers can just walk in. And I'm sure she and they don't care about nudity. And she has high respect for any photographers. She always replies to their comments respectfully and ignores others.

I'm sure she will pay with whatever they want to get a nice portfolio. It makes sense. If she gets a bill for anything she needed for a few hundred, why not pay with sex if she can? OK, cast me. You can fuck me if you want. As long as the work pays more than a few hundred, it breaks even and she has one more credit.

Now, pretty schoolgirl starts doing outcall too. I so wish to book a hotel and have her all to myself for an hour or so. But I'm so broke. And I just saw her Tuesday.

Thursday, June 07, 2018

The Player and the Actress

I have such good taste; Caroline is an actress with an IMDB page or you can say she is an often uncredited movie extra who maintained her own page. Since she gave me her social media account, I thought I knew her life story since Hollywood but I was surprised to know much more when I just Googled her real name.

She easily hits 30 but still looks like a teen model if she wants to. That's why I liked her and spent several months with her already, not to mention the amount of money. Her specialty is being a blond-blue party girl but not memorable so as to distract the main characters. She has been in movies, TV serious and music videos; one was just out.

You can still see her video auditioning for acting roles, the latest just months ago.

The good thing about her is that for an acting career path, she still has plenty of time to persuade her dreams if she wants to keep struggling. Modeling is the end. Though her old swimsuit shots were pretty good.

She is still active on social media cultivating connections and busy scheduling for auditions. The bad thing is that she is a bit distracted for escort work. So it's not surprising she has a full-time booker.

For the sad things, there are a few. She does live in that dump for many years, but it's a nice spacious dump. But the corner for her makeup table is depressing. I recognize the background in her pictures and videos. I even recognize the mysterious big music instrument. On my way out one day, I asked her about the sudden appearance of the object, "You play that?". She said yes in an unconvincing way and told me that she tried hard to get rid of it. But it has been there for months at least. That's why I hinted that her boyfriend maybe a struggling musician.

Yes, she has a boyfriend for several years at least. That's so much puzzling. They still keep their own place so maybe her boyfriend don't know what she does on the side, or the main source of income. They don't use social media for themselves. He is very much hidden. But she did declare her love if you look close enough and long enough. Now this is a pretty sad thing if you have a boyfriend that you want but have to provide a girlfriend experience for whoever comes into your hotel room. But she is pretty good at that and I don't mind. I know I'm just a client but a preferred client at that. I got her juice flowing all over sometimes and she told me her real name and therefore her whole Hollywood history!

Her bathroom has the same three towels. You can guess one is for her, the other for her boyfriend when stays over, and one for the rest of the world!

I don't know why she is still struggling for her Hollywood dreams. Maybe there's no turning back, particularly after so many years. Everybody from your hometown knows you wasted so many years for nothing. Maybe she is keeping up appearances for keeping her boyfriend.  Maybe she is keeping up appearances for holding up prices for clients. But that will be very dangerous; I know so much about her.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Honeymoon's over

Caroline announced her birthday on her social media but nobody responded other than liked. So I took this opportunity to lure her to be more personal to me. I left a message on her birthday to let her book me instead for a VIP package as a late birthday present. It worked.

Last time she didn't respond. I had to book her through her assistant as usual. I find it rather impersonal because I was visiting her home anyway. This time, I think if she didn't respond I could have found somebody else over the weekend. It was fun until I wanted to make sure that she will get my direct messages from then on. She told me to go through her assistant because she doesn't want to go behind his back. I'm so not special!

I was late for maybe 5 minutes but I was trying to get lucky to get a parking space quick. It ended up later and it took me 10 minutes to walk to her house. While I parked I texted her assistance. While I was waiting a few minutes for a reply Caroline messaged me directly asking me if I turned up. What a screw up by me. But I'm glad that it happened so I got to see her true color.

Now, today she did look like she dressed up and made up for me for the VIP package. There was music too. But then she asked me if I wanted the VIP package or not. My heart sank but I tried to be cheerful. I am so not special. Instantly, I know she was running late because of me being late. She wasn't picking a good day to receive her birthday present. She just fit me into her tight schedule.

Then the phone kept dinging. I excused her last time but this time there is no excuse. She just acted as if it was not happening. Last time I asked if she needed to attend to the phone she acted as if there was nothing, like saying "What phone?".

Sex was good as usual. But she was a bit off because she was running late and worrying.

I liked to cuddle her after as usual. Being a very nice man, I discovered that I could still tell the time at the large digital clock even though I was at the corner of the bed glancing almost to the ceiling with a very small viewing angle against the clock face. My time was up if I were on time. I was a little surprised how long we cuddled. So I got up and asked her what time was it so I was not mistaken. To my surprise, she said don't worry, she set a timer and went over to check. I had 20 minutes left. My heart sank again. I was so not special! Was she trying to send me a message? So cruel at that. Could she have told me she needed to receive an important casting call or attend a casting?

Of course, I went to the bathroom to clean up. I would have left if I knew the time. We kissed goodbye a lot as usual and I left, leaving her to do whatever she was scheduled to do.

Last time at her home I felt weird. I booked her in the morning for a same day lunchtime meeting on a Monday, when she told me would be more convenient for her. She scheduled me 30 min later than the usual time. When I got there I had to wait 20 minutes. She looked very different. She was semi-naked in a robe instead of in casuals. Her short blonde haidr is more curly. Her makeup is pale rather than pinkish. Her eye add-ons were Asian rather than Western. She still had her nose ring on but tucked in! I know she has a nose ring from her old pictures. But if she takes it off you wouldn't tell. She looked intellectual with glasses. And she is a commercial model.

The phone kept dinging and she acted as if it's wasn't. She seemed a bit off, sad or disappointed. I sympathized with her because she told me she was on hold for an important call. She told me through her assistant which is rather convenient without having to act like it's not a lie.

To compensate, she did rather well and told me personal things. She told me I am always welcomed any day. I was out of my mind and mentioned Sunday because there's no traffic. I was talking about Sundays in general but she was asking me to come the next Sunday. My face could have said it all. I didn't want to pay her every week as if I wasn't seeing her enough. But she thought I wasn't free that Sunday. She even asked me to swing my schedules before giving up.

Since she asked nicely I wanted to surprise her. But it was probably the wrong Sunday. Was it the next Sunday she was talking about, which is her birthday? I feel so special. That's why I left her the special birthday offer, letting her to book me instead.

I didn't fault her. But I was puzzled. Could she has that many clients, lining them up on a Monday lunchtime? She could have already seen someone before me. Her makeup and outfit may show that she was caming. But it doesn't pay that well compared to what I pay her. Could it be her sugar daddy? But visiting on such an odd hour and quick?

Now I think she is on social media doing the #sugarbaby thing. So she has to look good for the cam. So she can use her spare time to go on cam soliciting. And that explains that she could have many other clients other than where I came from. That's why she needs an assistant for her busy schedule.

I thought the phone dinging was one off but it was not. I felt so not special. Actually, violated. So much disrespect when she is so good at making you feel special. I thought she forgot my wallet but she remembered to bring it to me between the two home visits.

There are no hard feelings. I feel good ending this way. I always look for excuses to dump somebody. She would blame herself instead of the loser running out of money. I just wish her luck. She may even have a live-in boyfriend like a struggling musician. That's so miserable for them. She is a small time model doing odd jobs for commercials, maybe a classy waitress on the side. But she is into it having to maintain a social media presence. (May be it's only good for the sugar baby gig.) What does she expect being mid-20's? If she is going to break out, she will be hitting 30. Actress maybe but model? There are so many young models. Maybe she needs the money to complete her low paying professional degree. But she said it just the final year and she could go back to it just like that. Good luck.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Reunited 3

Last time when I saw Caroline, I waited maybe 5 weeks so as not to give her the wrong signal that I am loaded. I saw her again to reward her for her effort of capturing me, more than anything else. And since she didn't come to visit, I was in no hurry to visit her home. It takes time and effort to receive guests in your home and to prepare herself just for me. You know she isn't living in a modern apartment or a porshe studio.

In addition, I sensed that her heart sank and her face turned stone cold when I told her casually that last month my cash ran out all because of her. I just sensed; I wasn't looking for the truth nor the verification. It may be, "Fuck! I wasted my time". But more likely she could be disappointed that I hinted that I won't be seeing her that often, maybe never. I think that she changed her mind about giving me where her social media account is. I had to remind her of it.

Who would post your own cute childhood picture on social media all of a sudden? It's time for a welfare check! I'm such a nice person. I texted her screener, giving her the choice of coming to visit soon or I would visit her. Her screener is so nice that I suspected that it's herself. I was expecting my phone to blink in minutes while I went into the shower. It didn't. So I assumed she was busy with something, the reason she didn't come visit for a while. So I enjoyed a long shower.

But I was wrong. Her screener did reply within minutes. The Hangout app behaved differently. The screener asked me if I wanted to visit her before he/she called her. Everything was set. She was too happy to have me.

I arrived, drove around, found a parking space with 10 minutes to spare. I ended up waiting for maybe up to half an hour. For the first time, I felt that her screener may be real. First he/she told me Caroline asked for 5 more minutes to prepare. Then he/she tried to call her for what happened but apparently didn't get through.

I had no problem waiting. It's not like she bumped me for another client or her last client didn't leave on time. But being alone parking next to the meter, all sorts of thought came up, good or bad. I don't think she turned her home into a high volume brothel. She should be far from that desperate. But if she is, her acting is top notch. I really don't mind as I'm getting what I paid for.

Maybe she was getting rid of her boyfriend first and erased his obvious tracks. Or she could be waiting for her boyfriend to leave, who doesn't know what she's doing. In this case, I wouldn't fancy being her boyfriend and I am in a better position that I prefer.

A young woman like her will be very much like Chanel, the original, a natural born liar. Maybe she couldn't find the gift I gave her that she said she hanged it up. Either she was telling the truth or she found it after 30 minutes. But she did forget or couldn't find the rotten empty 2nd wallet that I left last time.

The official story was that somebody put her on hold during an important call. It is plausible. But when I finally went in another wave of thought came to my head. In the last two times, she was very casual, wearing shorts, T-shirts and didn't nothing to her straight short hair. She did makeup obviously, but you won't see it unless you were close within feet.

This time she was all dolled up, her hair stylishly curved with mousse. She had eyelash attachments. She had obviously more makeup on that looked great. She was wearing a sexy pajama robe with nothing in it except for an underpants. If she did all that for me I'm so honored. She didn't even have that eyelash attachment when she came to town. Her hair wasn't even that well done sometimes.

Maybe she woke up late and looked awful after a weekend of partying? Maybe she did that for another VIP client? But it was mid-day.

Her phone did bib a lot in low volume but she ignored it. If BP was still there I would think she also takes those clients. It doesn't pay well but it's quick money when you need it. I thought about that before but she looked so casual. This time she was all dolled up and seemed more probable. Yes, BP is gone but girls had been using all sorts of dating sites. I learned enough not to go into that.

Yes, she kissed the most but the tongue wasn't her thing. The cowgirl was a show and I enjoyed it, with hand-holding and breast squeezing. I was finally going to do a standing doggy on her but her bed was way too high, and her long legs didn't help. But she clung to the bed in a rather awkward position so I could penetrate, doggy style. I did it rough and I knew she liked it in the sense that she knew even though she looked like a teen model, she is competing with all the teens and all those claiming to be teens.

I sensed that her face turned stone cold when I didn't come with all her multimedia encouragements and efforts and asked her to get ready for the final missionary. Once in, I tried to kiss her but she wasn't putting up her lips. There's something off about her so I didn't push. My finale wasn't spectacular either, though she was trying to get an orgasm all alone, or the pretense of it.

With sex out of the way, she was working for the next time. She told me she was a recovering alcoholic, sober for a long time though she still drinks socially. She asked me to touch her bumps behind her head when she was hurt because of drinking.

I wondered if it was too much trouble for her to receive me at her home. She said I'm welcomed anytime.  Maybe I'm really paying too much. I burst out if I could see her on Sundays when there's little traffic. Immediately she told me she will be free the next two Sundays after some commercial work. And she went on to ask if I will come in the morning or afternoon because she will only be free in the late afternoon and after. Ooops, bad mistake. Really, it was too late. She begged me to come like a little girl. My facial expression said it all. Luckily, she would be thinking that I can't come that late, not that I want to come some Sundays after a month, or two.

Now I come to understand a little more about the Trump base. Not that she cared to support anybody. The great America that the rest of the world knows has free high school education, all the great colleges and all the technologies in the world. But if you were born in the flyover states, attending an average rotten school as an average kid, what chance do you have?

If you are too pretty to stay and rot, what do you do? She got out by studying for a low paying profession and took a break to follow her Hollywood dream. Certainly, she isn't doing too well as she is doing it for at least a year now. I can't imagine she living there all alone. If she is living with a boyfriend they would be very miserable. If she is living alone she has nobody. I know because I know where her social media is. If I were her it's hard to go back home.

Lives tough. Even when she was or is working in a classy club/restaurant, someone said that she stood like a sore thumb. Sure yes. This is LA and she is tall, pale white with blue eyes.

I hope her commercials work out and she will be posting more happy updates. Or I'll have to do more welfare checks, lol. Maybe I should go next Sunday hoping for some rewards?

Reunited 2

Life is so interesting with all these twist and turns.

I knew this car is trouble, or the driver, probably a young woman (and sorry for saying this!). This car was in the fast lane, seemed to be in a hurry, but never got anywhere fast, for I was driving in a 3-point mode mostly in cruise mode to control my speed. There were few cars on the freeway but I caught up with her a few times.

In low-speed cruise mode, I was catching up with her again; it seemed that she even couldn't keep the car in the lane during a gentle curve. With only she and me, it seemed that inevitably I was overtaking her in the fast lane. Just when my car was right next to her, she decided to overtake the car way in front of her, signaled, changed lane, and was going to hit me. I made a hard turn right to avoid the collision. Luckily, I knew there were no cars on my right; we passed them all.

I looked at the replay on my dash cam. I turned so hard that it looked as if I was hit. And I felt I was going to be hit so I turned so hard. Her right signal blinked only one once when she turned, meaning that she didn't look at all. The right blindspot is easy to see if she looked. I wasn't even in the blind spot. My headlight was next to her side mirror.

It's OK to be a new driver. But you should stay at home on Friday, 15th! She seemed to be late, staying in the fast lane, didn't know what she was doing. It's OK to be aggressive. Aggressive new drivers will learn fast or be eliminated soon. There was absolutely no sign, no reason for her to change lane. My only mistake was doing nothing. I should have stepped on the accelerator and passed her in one sec rather than 10 with the cruise control. But if I had fewer points I would have left her a hundred miles behind.

The next morning, near the same stretch of the freeway there were three traffic-stopping crashes on both directions within miles.

I had time to reflect in the traffic jam. I could have gone last night for a stupid mistake by someone clueless. Life is so fragile and so unpredictable. What did I do? I went for a massage. Usually, it didn't well without doing research beforehand. But they promised a lineup on the ad! It wasn't to be. I didn't regret wasting my time and money but my other resource.

On a peaceful Sunday, I was supposed to do the taxes at the last minute. It wasn't but usually, it came to that. But I just couldn't do it, as usual. The Friday 13th incident was a good excuse, though my heart beat wasn't even accelerated. My heart pounds every now and then when I almost couldn't stop in time even with electric assisted breaking. Yes, even after I got three points. But I never hit the car in front, not even in the pile-up.

I browsed the pretty pictures at leisure. There weren't many pickings on a Sunday. But it beats a massage at random. Now, this pretty girl caught my eyes. I recognized her pictures. She was so my cup of tea from the neck down, both front and back; she didn't show her face. I would have no second thought taking a risk on her but there were so many others like her but more glamorous, having blonde hair, blue eyes, silly prices. But there was only her on that day, between Friday 13th and the tax deadline.

I felt a little weird when I met her. She looked familiar but if I had met such a pretty girl with a perfect young body, I would not forget! The thought passed me like a light breeze and I would have forgotten all about it if not for life's twists and turns. I was immediately drawn to her pretty face and picture perfect body.

She wore makeup, probably a lot, but she went for the naked look with or without intention. She had straight fine back length hair and perfect teen body slightly fuller than a teen model. The hotel room is bright and she moved around in a two-piece underwear hiding nothing.

Strangely, she had a cold and fake voice that made me at ease. She has a teen voice with a pitch higher than a mature woman.

When I came out of the shower she was naked. I heart lifted and so did everything else, lol. What I didn't see in her pictures turned out to be way better than I expected, her pretty face, her fine hair, skin tone, and texture. Best of all, she got a pair of perfect smallish tits.

Somehow I sat on the bed. She walked to me and I kept her standing there, enjoying her breasts. I squeezed them harder and harder, asking her if she was OK every step of the way. When I wasn't asking and looking at her reactions, I was sucking harder and harder. She was helping with her own hands when I was gentle in between.

In bed, I tried to start from her toes. She dismissed me with her fake voice. Maybe she was barefoot all day long. Usually, it didn't matter unless she was going to kiss me, a lot.

Then I kissed her legs and up to her pussy. I went down on her with my stiff tongue. Her very light, slightly higher pitch moaning sounded familiar. But I didn't think twice about it. I flipped her over and went down on her ass. OMG, it was air-tight pretty. No matter how I dine I couldn't break the airlock. She was enjoying it the same before I flipped her, all the light and girly pitch moaning.

I was already 200% satisfied with her when she blew me. Only that it was pretty good, she put my whole cock into her mouth just short of deep throating. She even crawled forward to kiss me before changing over to ride me. Yes, I already french kissed her with tongue and she passed with an A.

Since I got DFK missionary every time, I remembered my old favorite standing doggy. I said, "doggy", got out of bed and she knew what to do. After some warm-up, I pounded faster and deeper, doing welfare checks on her in each and every step. Before the finale, I gave her a few really deep sharp thrusts that jerked her whole body.

Since she is my new straight A student, I couldn't resist but to flipped her over for the final missionary. With her head high on the pillow, I didn't think she would kiss but I twisted my head and home in her mouth anyway. Not only that she didn't resist, soon I got her tongue. And we kept at it, above and below. And in the heat of the moment, I got the whole tongue in my mouth. Yes, the whole tongue, not possible to get any more unless the tongue was severed. I felt so desirable. I felt her great desire to please me and keep me.

As if the ending wasn't perfect enough, she squeezed me hard to my pleasant surprise. Some women fake orgasm that way. Some show that there are plenty of mileage left in them. Jordon used me as the tool for a kegel exercise to keep her tighter longer. She just did it to please me and I'm not sure why.

But since she was so nice I stayed on top of her for a while longer without the risk of being pushed or otherwise hinted. Now, this is important PSA. Keep your arms around me if you don't mind me to stay on top for a while. And if I rolled over, roll into my arm and cuddle. If you don't hate it what do you have to lose? Afraid of rejection? "Will you love me the next morning?" But I'm paying for your time, all shame on me if there are any.

Before I went into the shower, I doubled back to collect all my clothes getting them ready when I would be done. I didn't know why. It just happened. I found her at the sink trying to freshen up her makeup quick before the mirror. Freshen up is an understatement. She has a large square color palette with at least 36 or more colors. With her cold fake voice, she joked that I was afraid that she stole my clothes. There was really no reason other than I wanted to make the cleanup operation as smooth as possible.

In the tranquility of the shower, it dawned on me why she looked familiar. She was sitting on the bed waiting for me when I got out of the bathroom. I couldn't resist but asked her if she knew Pretty School Girl. I thought it was her cousin who she learned from, in particular, the color palette and the paint brushes. If it was her sister I would be evilly pleased.

"I'm Pretty Schoolgirl", she said as a matter of fact way without flinching. I was speechless. I should have known. There is only one girl that is so seriously into that kind of music; I don't know what kind. When I hinted her to fetch the condom, she came up instantly and crawled quickly to the nightstand, only to skip the current song, telling me that she didn't even know the song. Then she kept on blowing, not getting my hint at all. Her moaning is exactly the same, but now she moaned on both sides.

On the other hand, I knew she was gone for good; she never returned since I last requested her. After a year or so she deleted her account. I didn't realize at the time that her ad says she is 19, the same age she claimed a few years earlier. But she didn't age a bit.

And she has been back for half a year at least. Now, I picked her twice all because of her pictures. Last time, I decided on her after auditioned so many girls. But it was too late. She decided it was not worth it when she wasn't hot property anymore. I was the few left who didn't worth the trouble when she turned up once a while.

She never cared too much; it was she who brought up Chanel II. Is Chanel such a nice girl that everybody helps her out? Chanel told me that PSG introduced her to some big clients. It would be a dream team but I don't think they can go nasty on each other. It would be spectacular to see them make each other orgasm. I don't think I can DFK them in turn with the same passion when I am alone with only one of them. Even Caroline's screener mentioned Chanel. We left it at that because I don't suppose he/she is right to mention other girls' name, and I have enough girls to handle. She had the most potential but since I saw her only once at my beginning of some less fortunate time, I would leave it at that rather than trying to reignite the passion I left a few years ago.

Vivid in my mind was the text from Chanel to PSG, while we were talking naked next to each other after sex. I told her it was PSG who mentioned her and I finally booked her because of that. Chanel immediately texted her, thanking her without words and boosting at the same time about her good catch.

What a difference a year makes, or two. Previously, PSG's idea of DFK was touching my lips with the tip of her tongue for two seconds. I don't know if she was afraid of catching something from me or she was just not into me. I was sure if she was the same to others, she would have received a lot of complaints. Maybe that explains her dwindling client base. But she didn't need to care.

Now, for the first time, I know the feeling of having the whole tongue in my mouth. Yes,  I vacuumed hard uncontrollably when I was fucking her at the same time. But I couldn't have sucked her whole tongue into my mouth if she wasn't willing and took the initiative.

The tax return was easy so I ended up early this year. Immediately I left a message for her screener that I wanted stress relief and a VIP package when she is next available. I wasn't hopeful since according to her record she only turns up once every fortnight to a month. But the next day I received a response from her screener only to find out that he/she tried to sell me another girl. I had to turn him/her down because I had too many girls to handle unexpectedly when I wanted only one, and she was Caroline; it was about time to visit her private home. I got everything I wanted from the three girls. A great picture or two won't do it. A whole gallery may help but I was afraid to ask for it because I didn't want to waste other people's time. The chance that I would try a new girl is low.

I and PSG are like two immortals among mortals, running into and picking each other lifetime after lifetime without trying. Well, maybe just me, lol. I picked her twice among thousands of girls based only on her pictures. The real person is much more than her pictures. Well, Chanel may possibly be better but I wouldn't know. Unfortunately, she didn't have the chance. Caroline is an amazing woman who captured me. The Schoolgirl Next Door will get my time when it's too soon to see Caroline and while PSG isn't there.


Not one, but you can say three.

Maybe it's pre-tax day tension, I need to find someone that is a sure thing. It can't be Caroline or she would think that I'm loaded, expecting me every week. It just happened that School Girl Next Door turned up. I didn't like her that much because she did oral with covers. She rushed me because she needed to check out and then check into another hotel. She could have told me so we met at the other place or other time. She also had a pet with her!

The main thing is that she isn't pretty. Maybe she is but she is too young to know how to be glamorous. On the other hand, I liked her because it wasn't her who rushed me. Her friends banged the door and maybe hotel staff too. She was rather obedient given the circumstances. I took off her huge school girl glass and kissed away; she didn't resist. In the confusion, I didn't give her much chance to warm up before pounding away. I also wanted to shoot some limited video with her.

Best of all, she had a great body, blonde with neck length hair that fit the schoolgirl next door stereotype. Indeed, her perfect smallish breasts were what attracted me.

Despite not having an outstanding face, she didn't even try to compensate. Worse, she looked as if she had no makeup on. Not the naked look but really schoolgirl next door look. Her short blonde hair was tied up tightly. And she got herself a full body tan. She could have come straight from the beach.

She is humble though, as reflected in her average fee. I think she wondered why I picked her again after a few months. There are plenty of pretty girls in her category and most of them offer more service varieties. Indeed, I think she was a bit worried that I came back to do weird things that she wouldn't do. However, she was happy that I came back. Some establishment will complain that they have to eat air to survive if you patron them once every quarter.

When I entered the room, I realized that I had been there before, or the rooms with the same layout. I remembered Babara bent down on the desk but I failed to penetrate her tight ass.

Before I could say or do anything, she asked me to take a quick shower. This is not uncommon but it was further from promising out of her mouth.

Out of the shower, I kissed her. I didn't regret betting on her again. She didn't hesitate to receive. Then I told her to lie down for a foot massage. I know she is a very clean person because last time I waited for her a long time to come out of the shower to say goodbye. So I didn't ask her to wash her feet first. She was watching with interest and a little anxiety as to what I was doing to her toes. I turned her over, lifting her feet up in the air in turn to enjoy them. She was all smiling and very relaxed.

I went down on her with my strong tongue muscle. When I tried to use my fingers she said no. Next, I flipped her around and bite her bottom lightly. While kissing her ass, she giggled. She was so lovely that I gave her some more with my strong tongue.

She asked if she could put on the cover while blowing. I didn't remember that she did it last time. I just said no. She tried hard but you can see that she wasn't into it. I told her to stop, gave her a ride to warm up. In that position, I remembered what I came for. I squeezed one of her tits hard while sucking and licking the other hard. I watched her reaction and sort of asked her if she was OK with the increasing force, pressure and sucking. She had no problem with them.

Now I started hardcore I brought back the standing doggy. If you haven't noticed, she is rather new. She didn't place her ass close enough to the side of the bed. I had to pull her into position. Again, I asked her whenever I increased my thrust. In the end, there was no mercy. It was very fulfilling and yet she took it gracefully. Her starfish was so lovely that I couldn't resist to press it hard with my thumb; I know that if I used other fingers she would be alarmed. I was highly aroused when I pressed harder and harder while pounding on her.

Since she kissed well so far, I tested her finally on the DFK missionary. At first, with her head high on the pillows, I thought she wouldn't do it. But I sought out her mouth anyway. I was a little surprised that she didn't resist and didn't hesitate for a moment. Usually, girls find it easier to do BBBJ than to DFK. She is the opposite. I think she is happy that I kissed her like that, like a very pretty princess, like the other pretty girls that I kissed. Maybe she just lost her mind while I was fucking her.

She was becoming less and less cautious but it was only at the end that she knew that I was a total gentleman. And she was happy that I liked her so much. I kissed her shoulder a little when I pulled out; she chuckled. It wasn't like she was happy that I was done. Imagine that she told me, "no deep throat" before she started the blowjob. It was like she wanted to make it up to me for what happened last time; she wanted me to see her again. She was happy that I was totally satisfied without she having to do what she hates. Yes, I put her back near the top of my list [*** or what I thought at the time ***]. We talked about casual things like her pet. Now she established herself a home to put it. Looking back, she may be offering me something for selected clients now that she is local. But I missed it and it doesn't matter because she is not going anywhere soon.

The strange thing is, when I rolled over and dropped dead on the bed, she went to take shower, a long shower. I thought last time she took that long because she had to change hotels. It's natural to wash thoroughly before you put on your clothes. This time she checked my remaining time and went into the bathroom to enjoy the shower while I took a rest. It was a win-win.

But still, does it bother you when she seems to be going into the decontamination mode after she has sex with you? I don't think she had many clients before and after; it was a slow Sunday. I really think she came from the beach or the pool. With all the giggle and chuckle and smiles, I can't think that she hated anything; I think she enjoyed the company, relatively speaking, LOL. Maybe she cleaned herself thoroughly after swimming before going home.

One down, two more to go.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Rather than spending the V day with somebody, I picked somebody to receive my V day gift instead. That somebody was Caroline of course. I don't book people on V day because she may be expecting too much. And if everybody wants her I may be rejected if I'm not the top dog. I'd rather spend some quality time with her before the day.

I read that a working girl suggested a sun catcher as a gift idea. If you don't know what's that like me, it's a congregation of prisms to defract sunlight into rainbows. I picked a big crystal that is beautiful to look at all by itself. I bet she prefers a gift card so I included both. The crystal is like flag planting at her home so she remembers me all the time. This is small, beautiful and functional; I hope she has no reason not to hang it near the windows. I made a V card too that resembles a past Visa campaign if she is old enough to remember.

I think she lives on a previous street lamp manufacturing site. The manufacturer is still there but part of the site was converted into "apartments". According to satellite photos, there is a row of longish warehouses and I think they turned into two houses each on either end. Some homeless people camped nearby on the walls of the manufacturer where nobody cares. On the other sides, there are apartments for singles and two-level residential buildings.

Actually, her apartment is not bad at all. She is a bit proud to say "my house". Around all the chaos, her apartment complex is rather green; there are trees providing plenty of shades. There are even plants in the front yards! You don't know it's a row of converted warehouses. The size of her apartment is good. One apartment building in central Santa Monica has a kitchenette, a bed with a tiny bit of extra space as in a small hotel room. Her bedroom combined with the lobby and living room is rather spacious in comparison. She has a good-sized kitchen that is also a walk-in closet and probably the dining room too. She has a bathtub in her bathroom; some new boutique hotels have just a shower stall.

Security is a concern for a young white girl in that neighborhood. But it's way better than some anonymous giant apartment buildings when you have to go through multi-story car parks and the cramped lifts. Her house is the first on the complex with an entrance right on the street, opposite an elementary school. If she finds someone to escort her home in the evenings there's no reason to fear.

As she has no one to impress, that is really a sufficient place to live. If she has rent protection, there's really no reason to move.

Maybe she's happy there. When I started I lived above the printer's and almost moved above a frozen food store. But a lot of lesser women than her would love to live in a 3-bed house, push a stroller every other day and shop. I guess there's a price to follow your dreams.

She slipped that she came here at 14. If that's actually 18 or 19, she is just about 30 now.  This makes her more special; looking like a teen model at 25 is a lot easier than 30. She is so nice to look at, particularly naked.

I asked her if she really lives there; she showed me her cat's toy. But the cat looked so different. Maybe last time she was hungry and a haircut was long overdue.