Friday, November 27, 2020

Thanksgiving every day

 All my babies are back. The whole family locked down pretty well for months. Some of them are happy not needing to go out of their room playing games.

Fortunately, family income holds. A bit down but the interest rate is low! I still owe a lot of money but enjoying it while I can, not worrying about how to pay the bills.

Nowadays we can have all our favorite grocery stores delivered. So we have import authentic Japanese noodles and dry sauce instead of unhealthy instant noodles. We have trout that we almost forget. Salmon for substitution if other wild fish isn't available. And jumbo shrimps.

I also converted to induction cooking. Even with the portable ones with limited power, it's very sufficient. I converted because it makes the cookware last longer without a direct flame on the sides. And it's easier to clean. And I'm going all stainless steel.

For meat, we cut down on beef, no other red meat, and all chicken to suit all the family. Also, all kinds of veggies that I can tolerate, tofu, asparagus, beans, eggplant, and other normal organic veggies. We can also have Asian veggies but I don't stir fry that much. I prefer to eat veggies that can be air fried.

And OMG we made our own French bread every morning. I never thought a bread machine can be like a robot without any human input other than throw in the ingredients and press the button. I never thought that a small electric oven can do so well that no grocery stores in USA can do it better. I always wonder how difficult it is to make French bread when all those in the stores are so bad. They don't know what's french bread and they rarely eat it and never liked it. But now they are all converted.

And we have fruit salad without dressing every day when we don't need to rush for preparing dinner. That's how we can make everybody eat organic apples and oranges. Some are too lazy to prepare organic strawberries themselves. Some are too lazy to find organic grapes in the fridge. Nobody is going to skin kiwis themselves. Now it's part of dinner.

As for dessert, we settle for Magnum like stick ice cream. People are lazy and the ice cream is limited. And there are some international frozen deserts. Also frozen fruits like mango that people can mix into other deserts and snacks.

For mental food, I have been binge-watching the Mentalist. After that I discovered Unforgotten. In a way, it's not dissimilar.  The crimes happen all over rural or not so the rural UK. It's like the Mentalist all over California. I haven't been to many places but I did road trips up and down Scotland, England and Wales. The locals are rather appreciative because most people fly to Europe for vacation. A retired guy wanted to show us a funeral procession he filmed in my home country many years ago. A kid tried to warn us about a pretty stream near the town that we walked on, probably about the pollution or waste. I felt sorry for the kid in charge because we had to cancel a boat trip in Glasgow to visit some TV spots because it would take hours. In Wales, an old company executive obviously took an escort or his mistress to dinner at our next table. 

But it was rather short. Then I discovered the prequel to Prime Suspect. She is so beautiful. I wish it was longer. She doesn't have many works after that but I will follow. I actually fancy Buffy but I don't know why I can't watch past the 5-minute mark. I remembered a Russian cam girl who looked like her who was very popular when Buffy was the hot potatoes. I did spend some money on her once, the cam girl.

I also rediscovered the Diary of a call girl. I remember our fellow blogger who I haven't heard of since. I actually watched it many years ago but gave up after a few minutes. The same thing happened again. I don't know why it's difficult to watch. Maybe it's Piper who I don't find attractive. Her bod is a lot better than the other Brits I must admit. Maybe without the shock and the novelty, it has nothing for me.

I could have subscripted to the Brit channel. Surprise surprise, I ended up with New Tricks! Am I getting old now? Basically, it carries on the London that I left. I'm not a Londoner but I remember the good old BT tower and lost around the Soho area around it. Damn, and I picked up a teen at King's Cross! I could have tipped her good and get her number. But I was such a newbie. She ended up telling me the number she lived where I dropped her off. But when I knocked next time it was a tough-looking man like Hell Angels. But he was polite. I visited him again just in case. He opened the door again and wasn't nasty. I was so dumb.

The old guys actually look familiar to me. It's funny and easy to watch. The woman is not bad but it's torture to see her flirt when she looked like a whale and the unusual teeth compared to American standard. I wasn't counting how many seasons I watched. I am taking a break. Maybe I find something else or return. I'm really not into her when there is romance. I'm OK with Mentalist even though she isn't my type by a long shot. She doesn't look like a whale.

I'm also not sure if I am that underachieving. Mortals aim to retire early on 6 figures income. I was doing pretty well. Putting you in a big house and you don't want to struggle much.

Does Biden or Trump really want to be president at that age? Isn't it torturous? I don't think Biden wants it that much considering what happened in the family. Others want him to lead the resistance. And what the heck he had been preparing for it all his life. Trump certainly not, not the 1st time. He's not that rich to leave behind an empire. It's could collapse in one incident like the Maxwells. But people who live their jobs like to keep going instead of sitting at home. That's the problem. Trump can only do it his way, bankrupting the country while enriching himself. He is not capable of doing other ways. And he isn't getting much out of it. 

Clinton has that drive, preparing for an eventual run even before his husband leaves the office. Like Musk, Bezos. He could have sold out many years ago and never work again. But somehow he knows that he can dominate the world that tech companies can't. And he wants to. He is on his way but then comes China. There are not many interesting things on Amazon on Thanksgiving but a lot more fun at Ali Express. If only we do not need to wait for a month or more to get the goods.

I still browse the classified and add to my to-do list when it's safe to do so. It's far off but it's a habit. I also did some cam shows. But surprise surprise, Chanel II became a cam girl on Instagram. How is it possible? She was wearing underwear and used Paypal. If she got a few hundred it will be worth her time. But it's insane when she is so rich, asking for small changes and not going nude.

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Goodbye, my favorite spy

Sean died at 90, along with part of my life. It's very likely that his movies are the first that I watched. I used to think that I watched every Bond movie in the cinema, except Doctor No, through Roger Moore and then some, including Sean's unofficial Bond movie, Never say never again.

My dad maybe took me once and I'm sure my big brother took me the rest until I went myself. I blame the bond movies for my lust for women. The movies aren't suitable for children although there was nothing explicit. What's the point of watching all these impossibly beautiful bond girls in minimal costume when I wasn't old enough to date for a long long time to come?

And I have too high an expectation of woman. Good girls hit me left and right but I settle for waiting if they don't capture my attention like the bond girls. So I ended up waiting and waiting, waiting to be successful and rich.

I never thought about it before but the most memorable bond girl to me is the Japanese girl in You only live twice. I was so upset when she died that I didn't even remember who took her place in the second half of the movie. Maybe she has something to do with my personality development.

Sean is simply handsome. He is more of the classic lead in the same class as Humphrey Bogard. I watched Roger before he became Bond so I feel that he is a bit of a comedian rather than humor, relatively speaking.

There is always these talk of quitting despite being paid an absurd amount of money so the franchise can carry on. The reason for quitting is always trying to do something else. First, I doubt a lot of cases. Maybe quitting while the going is still good rather than wait till the bitter end. Maybe failed contract negotiation.

Is this a sign of underachievement? Many people will take it easy when they get to the point that they never have to work again to maintain their comfortable life. Steve Jobs, Bezos, Mark, Musk are the exceptions.

What Steve has anything to prove when iPhones conquered the world? People won't remember him soon and when Apple declines nobody will remember him. Do you even remember Nokia? But in his case, he does have something to fight for, to put down Bill Gates. Steve lost out to Bill in PCs. He lost Apple too but came back to win everything, the most valuable company. People worship Steve but hate Bill.

What else is the driving force? If Steve stays on the stock price of Apple will be stable and rising. But you can't carry money into your grave. His widow and kids have lifetimes of money to spend already.

Musk is an oddball. He really wants to be in the history books.

Bezos seems to be holding steady no matter what others say, wouldn't settle until world domination. He is amazing when I joined Amazon just after it moved on from selling books on a website. Maybe he felt people look down on him not being a tech company and he's not a Silicon Valley founder like the rest. Maybe that drives him.

In Sean's case, he earned enough money over the years, every woman wants him. He's not going to build an empire or enter the history books. Why not quitting as an icon and do something more interesting or enjoy life?

People say that it's hard to get ahead putting you in a big house and a big salary. A beautiful wife and lovely kids make it worse. And this is what companies do to keep people instead of having competitors. 

I had those moments and I don't regret it. You can see the difference when kids growing up with people around them looking up to their dad.

I missed those years but I ain't doing too badly at all. I'm in the same big house. I still manage to have passionate sex with teens with flawless bodies. Those are only safe bets and I have many other interests.

Well, not exactly flawless since I'm not rich. I always think that Kat only did it for the winter break and won't be back after Christmas. I was wrong. She seemed to have big plans but quitted soon after the pandemic started. She is a pretty senior schoolgirl. Totally beautiful in the raw but gorgeous with full makeup on. I always love her smallish tits. I went nuts when she had the tits erection when I licked her. Her only flaw maybe her legs. There's nothing wrong and she is totally proportional all the times I saw her naked. Perhaps when she stands shoulder to shoulder against a model, her legs may look inferior because of the length. But who cares! I never went that far down!

Monday, October 12, 2020

Tits and Activitism

 Tits and Sass look depressing. When it was new it was all that. A wide spectrum of sex workers, intellectual founders, vocal with a purpose. Now there were no new posts for a couple of months. You can blame it on Covid19 but it's not much better last year.

In its hay days, I can see several problems. No pornstars think that they are sex workers. Strippers who are legal shouldn't be counted. It just doesn't fit well together.

The lifespan of a sex worker is short. Countless girls work several weeks, 10K each, to pay off their credit cards and other loans fast. Then they went back to their old life or start a new one. Plenty of girls work a season or two when nobody books them anymore, being forced to retire. For attractive and well educated, they have other options. So how do you find educated editors to pass the baton once a year?

It's the same thing. How can you find enough educated activists to contribute?

In its hay days, legalization was a possibility, at least a path was possible. 4 years of Trump gave us the anti-trafficking laws making public discussion on sex workers an impossibility. You can't control what posters post but you are responsible for it. Even the die-hard activists would have been devastated.

And who is not devastated by the virus? The social distance is negative and you often have to exchange body fluid if only due to DFK. My goto site seems to be business as usual but how bad is business? Very, I suppose. In the best of days, I often don't feel getting my money's worth. For example, her pictures are a bit off, or my cock doesn't burst my zippers. This is worse than aids in limiting what we do.

I happened to know 3 of my ATF's 5 years each. Chanel is the 1st. I met Chanel II and Margaret the schoolgirl about the same time because Margaret hooked us up. They all have the ability to stay top dogs for all the years without offering nasty things that won't last. I don't see how Tits and Sass can support "permanent" staff. My girls have plenty of things to worry about other than being an activist.

Chanel could have married a rich husband. Margaret retired. She moved into a nice apartment and appreciating her simple good life, eating well and working hard at the gym. She never liked herself. I'm so fond of her because of her perfect schoolgirl body. I can overlook her perfect makeup as long as she makes herself beautiful. She seems to like herself after the transformation but I don't fancy her plastic surgeries and the new makeups. She is now more like a full-body stripper on route to be a bodybuilder if she wants to. I miss the old her so much. I didn't think she could last long after retiring but she seems to be doing very well.

Chanel II has a second home on the east coast. Very porsche. The virus doesn't seem to impact her that much. She continued to shop once the malls are reopened. She seems to be busy with her boyfriend and I don't know if she's doing regular business. She's like a catwalk model with long legs. She isn't that beautiful so I don't know how she has been doing well so far. She isn't that bright either. But maybe she is; she fooled me until I found her Instagram. But maybe she is. Her high school classmates go to ivy leagues and she drops out from one of the top colleges. But maybe she isn't because she told me all that. But I worry about her if she spends like that. I'm sure she has a lot of money saved and put to good use. But the obsession worries me when you fuck people for as low as a few hundred. Although if you want to hire somebody expensive that blows the rest away with her wardrobe alone, she will worth every cent.

Saturday, October 03, 2020


 As I have told you, my current binge-watch is Mentalist. It is surprisingly easy to watch. I like it even though all the women are not my type.

I feel lucky when I watched the episode with a coroner. He still has the energy to pick fights but in fact, he was dying of some sickness and old age. He was living alone. He could have retired. He had nobody close to ask for help but Jane, asking him to witness him dying so he won't be autopsied. Once Jane agreed to it they just went ahead, didn't need to tell anybody else, didn't need to say goodbye. It was sad.

Maybe he was in my mind or maybe not. Later, for a very brief moment, I thought of the question, "what have I done?" That means for all my life I have no achievement to show for. But only for a brief moment.

My dad is far from rich but I had an easy life. He wanted me to be a doctor but I just gave up the chance early on. Not interested. I always had the answer. I can get by easily. If I want something very badly I will be very disappointed if I don't get it. That is very Buddhist. I'm always the underachiever since elementary school. I have no role model. My dad is successful but he is a blue-collar entrepreneur combination. He wouldn't how to push me if he wanted.

For the prime of my life, I was going places, had a good job that I liked. My family is proud of me. The rest envy me. I regret that I didn't take all the chances to grab the money and power to stay where I was. But being the underachiever that I am, I might have tried harder but it is not my thing. I want to do it differently but probably not by a lot. Just that if I had more money and power I would have been struggling less.

We are holding up quite well. Some work dried up because of the pandemic but other work expanded virtually. Everybody is doing well in prison, unlike somebody who went crazy.

I always say that I am ready to go because I don't have deep regrets and I am not desperate to do anything more. It is just hard to say goodbye to everything. I had a decent life. I always feel bad for kids who get the short straw being born, feeling hungry, no prospect of a better life.

Look at the very successful people like Bezo. People forget Myspace when Facebook comes out. I do have some contribution to civilization that may survive quantum entanglement. And look at what he is fucking. I'm just not interested in her. I would have more joy fucking most of the women I encountered.

And look at the iconic Phoebe Cates. I understand why she wouldn't want to come out more and attend reunions. It is just so demoralizing when we see her now. It's better for her to hide and keep the iconic image forever in our brains.

The 2nd last girl I saw was a blonde version of her in her teens. Perfect in every way. With the help of tasteful makeup. Do I worry about how I looked? No. The goodbye kiss was even convincing. We weren't kissing enough so I sat close to her asking for it without saying or doing anything. I just talked with my eyes, "you are beautiful!". She gave me a big smile, no hesitation to receive my lips, and kiss away until I had enough.

I had an easy life.

Wednesday, September 09, 2020


I told you that I have been fully functional. I didn't see a doctor as far as I can remember. That changed when I went to ER. It was like severe food poisoning when I didn't eat anything, nothing special. I can't be that bad but I felt like passing out any time. And so I went.

Fortunately, it wasn't any big deal. It was basically nothing. But unfortunately, the symptoms overlap with a minor stroke. So I had to do all the tests, from blood, urine to CAT, waiting for hours.

Once out of the hospital, I began to think about my mortality. I do have some underlying conditions that I can choose to ignore or to deal with it for the rest of my life. It seems stupid but I had it since middle school and it never gave me any trouble so far. And if I have to go tomorrow, life will go on for everybody else and that I don't miss anything in particular. I don't even have a bucket list but I can always fill in a few economical ones. Saying goodbye is the hardest.

I thought the IRS finally caught up with me after I had a few month's relaxations. I had a letter that I didn't want to open. I had a request for a document that I didn't think I can find. It's a simple form but I had to turn the garage upside down to find anything.

It turns out that it's a false alarm and I found the doc before it got into the garage.

For pressure relief, I turned to the Mentalist. And now I'm going to enjoy all the seasons with no pressure, and forget about my mortality and the coming of the ER bill.

I thought the Mentalist lasted just one season because it can't be popular. There's no pretty woman. But I enjoyed it and watch every episode on live TV for the 1st season. I think I cut the cord after that.

It surprised me that they lasted for 7 seasons. It may be easier to write than Chuck but still, the mental tricks and the cases can be a bit old after a season or two. We'll see. 

They are not my type but I am attracted to both women in a good way. They guys are likable too. I like that they showcase a CA place often in the middle of nowhere in every episode. I never like the Red John thing but that was the trend.

Monday, August 31, 2020

Old Movies

The  20th anniversary of Bring It On surprised. I feel like I watched it 3 years ago!

I can't imagine what Kirsten feels when she was 18 at the time. But then she had fame and legacy. She wasn't doing too badly. And she is still so young! And she is talking about sequel being co-chair of PTA. Union looks great too if not greater.

It isn't connected but I had the chance to revisit my old porn collection. Nowadays nobody uses backup hard drives anymore so it was gathering dust.

Maybe my taste has changed. Some stars I was addicted to. But I can't bear to watch them again. It is an immediate delete. Some movies I kept just in case. But they excite me. Maybe it's the freshness because I watched at most one or two. But I remember the movies that I didn't like that much in the past.

It's also interesting to feel the progress of technology. Many movies are DVD's before the era of HD. They hang on the Internet for a very long time.

Many movies have a combination of the alternative formats, avi, wmv, mpg and mkv. I remember I had trouble with wmv since I moved away from Windows. And later I had trouble with the new mkv. But now the player just play everything.

Also, the movies are at a combination of alternative resolutions, DVD, HD and FHD. And even PSP versions. I used to have trouble playing FHD but now even the cheapest device can fire them up without hesitation.

Maybe the hardware is better now, not only the speed. I don't remember seeing individual hair on at the pussy that is freshly shaven, with a few red like they were hurt. Maybe, for this reason, I deleted some because I can see flaws in their skin and stretch marks. The FHD ones become more appealing now.

But my favorite is enduring. I don't know how long she started but all she did was DVD's. She played 18 years olds until she retired. And her movies just linger on the Internet even now. I rewatched a few and I got the same reactions! And she is still my favorite for all these years.

Saturday, August 01, 2020

Hope is all that matters

I know it's a bit tone-deaf talking about pandemic sex or no sex on the Player's blog. But I remember an original Star Trek episode when Spock and crew were lost in space in the tiny shuttle. They had little fuel left, enough to sustain them for a while. The chance of them being found by the mother ship Enterprise was a needle in a haystack.

Spock surprised the whole crew by dumping all fuel and igniting it. All was logical when the captain spotted them in no time visually.

Looking back, I survived the last financial storm by doing something similar, less logical, and less heroic. I refused to abandon hope and kept going, even refusing 10K because it didn't buy me any hope. It could have backfired. But it kept me from going mental.

I sympathize very much with people who get nothing when they are closed down (with or without govt help). I sympathize with people who vote for a slice of hope in jobs, no matter how bad the candidate actually is, causing unnecessary massive job loss in the first place.

I survived the last one and surviving this one so far. The fact is everybody else is in it so hang on as much as you can and hope for the best. Our income is holding but it can change at any moment. It's not for me to worry.

My high school and college kids are doing well locked up at home. Bribe them with games and food and they are very OK. No way I risk them going to school without a vaccine. Whatever psychological and development damage is all bullshit. What is it worth to risk having a dead kid?

I don't think of myself as a survivalist. But I have a lot of gadgets. The waffle maker is very popular. It's breakfast, snacks, and dinner desert. All I need mostly is flour and the supply is plenty. I convert every ingredient into grams and I can make it fast like fast food. No more buying bulky organic bread and no more preservatives. 

Soda makers are all compatible now, thanks to the pioneer who battled the drink giants. You can now carbonate everything and get the gas without going out. I've been wanting to install a system like restaurants but the supply of gas is not convenient. But I learned that it's a good price to pay, healthy drinks without all the transport cost of transporting water. My heart and stomach like it. It's all that matters as long as it's cheaper than buying bottles of drinks.

Also, I have the best of the class of RO drinking water, all certified components. Taste great on its own or with drinks. My new trick of fast healthy food is to keep cold brew ice tea in the fridge and organic lemon slices in the freezer. And also pure Stevie powder that dissolves in ice water.

As for food, rice, and thin spaghetti as instant noodles. I'm not guilty of ordering prime meat cut and seafood delivered to the door, not anymore. Organics from Ralphs is plenty and a lot more affordable than Whole Foods. 

Induction cooking isn't a game-changer; the cooking is the same. The air fryer is. Now I can make fast healthy food. Not as fast as stir fry but the preparation and cleaning are faster so they are even. Without the use of a big wok, the fryer is a lot easier to clean and maintain. I don't care about recipes. Anything that slows me down is out. Anything that doesn't fit into the frying traying is out. The only trick I have is to brush a lot of oil on top of meat and veg so they don't get dry. Oh, I forget ground pepper. Cheap fat meat is the best because once you fry the hell until the fat is out it's prime meat. Except for organic grape tomato. You don't need to do anything and it's done when the skin burst lightly. Instead of recipes, I discover the good things for air frying. This is one of those. Tastes heavenly with no work.

Back to sex. I just discovered that some wipes I use for endurances are just first-aid numbing med. It's easily available; I just need to dilute to the right concentration with an absorption enhancer like alcohol. The investigation is a bit self-sufficient, unfortunately, LOL. But nothing can stop me from safe pandemic sex if I ever want to do it.