Thursday, August 16, 2007


I don't want to be remembered as a sushi chef - making a big deal out of dead fishes. Though I take it as a complement just as I like raw fish eaten Japanese style, or any style. What's a cook to do if you can't cook it, make source, or mix it with something? It's the ultimate challenge.

I don't write a lot about sex acts because when you meet the best in class, the rest are nothing, until you find another even better. For example, after Rebbecca the pretty real nurse, I don't have much to write about GFE anymore. But this girl is something, in the different category.

After I fully recovered from hard vacationing on the beaches, I began to think of full meals instead of fast food, though not a big feast yet.

"Hi Madam X, ...", I know who to call. Her girls are too "GFE" for me at that stage. I was looking for some lighter dishes but then her girls are the sure things. I didn't want to take my chances when I was ready. By the way, people say hit and miss. As you see, I can't miss. I can take on anything in a spectacular way, even dead fish.

Before that, I called Chanel first, who gave me the burn notice by not answering my calls, while keeping her number. She didn't answer as expected, but that's my way to tell her that I was going out again to burn money, and she's not getting any of it.

"Hi Player, where have you been?", Madam X asked before I could say anything except for her name. It's not just the caller ID. She actually remembered my details well. Or, she had some call center software running on her computer.

"Is Marilyn busy right now?", I asked for the girl that I never met, but I knew it was her turn to visit.

Madam X assured me that Marilyn was available, and that she wasn't that busy. It's a breath of fresh air. I don't know when the culture changed, but recently some girls brag about having appointments all day long. They are very proud to announce that they have only 9 am and 9 pm available, and you have to hurry up. At the same time, obviously many many girls just sit idle at home or at hotels, waiting for the occasional phone call if any at all. I think it's a phenomena similar to the Apple Iphone. Really, I will not buy one, because so many people have it. But then there's little choice. If it's a great product at a great price, I can scarify some individuality. After all, you can do your phone your way.

I was disappointed with her hair. It was straight and long in her pictures, the difficult to maintain kind. At the door she had curly hair down to somewhere between her mid back and her shoulders. Well gloomed straight hair means that you put a lot of effort in it, and apparently you haven't done anything heavy for the day yet. Chaotic straight hair looks wild. Somehow to me curly hair always look somewhere in between. But her hair helped her to look like an angel. Not the heavenly type, but the type that you can't imagine that she's a _____.

Her face looks fine, sweet and highly kissable. But she's not confident enough about her looks. If you stare into her face to appreciate the finer details, she would shy away. Also she has a great body as advertised, but fall short of a model type. She has a teenager type hard body not the result of hard training. She has great skin, which I doubt if she uses any body moisturizer other than a good body wash.

She prepared the shower for me, but the water took forever to warm up. Then I noticed her unusual dress. Unusual in that the dress wasn't short at the legs, but showing most of her back and shoulders, indeed just her breast were covered. I didn't realize at the time, it was Monroe's iconic dress, except that this dress was black rather than white.

I slipped my hand into her dress and on to her breast. After feeling that it was good, I pulled her dress off from her shoulders to take a good look. Her breast looks very natural, but too perky to be real for her age, at mid twenties. Though there's a good chance they are real. She felt a little shy being stared at like that. But it was her fault. She knew I was a VIP client and treated me as such, with lots of hand holding and very submissive.

I couldn't resist to kiss her gently, because she looked so delicious standing there like that, half naked and a little shy. Immediately I felt a little wetness through her lips. Soon when I kissed her gently again and again, she had her tip of her tongue waiting between her lips. I didn't want to skip the shower so I controlled myself and went in with a big one.

After I dried myself, I sat on the side of the bed facing a wall of mirrors - standard CA architecture for the closet. She had no choice but to come in front of the mirrors. She still had her Monroe dress on. Perfect, as I like to strip them. She's no model, but not far and I prefer her healthy smooth skin and her tight body rather than Kate Moss's any time. Usually I will start with that great body by making love vertically right in front of the mirrors. But she was shy. I had to pull everything off from her while she twisted and turned away from sight, while I was still sitting on the side of the bed. By that time, my dick was pointing up towards her at a very high elevation angle.

But suddenly, she ducked down and blew me to escape from showing off in front of the mirror. Who was I to reject that? She wasn't shy in this position. Her lips moved up and down slowly, all the time forming an air tight seal with my shaft. I felt no teeth, just tight lips squeezing. To achieve that, her lips and the rest of her face looked very sexy. I felt so good, too good if I didn't pull out soon. So I lifted her up by her arm pits with unmistakable force. Obviously she wouldn't want to let go. Now she stood straight up in front of the mirror, so I began to enjoy her body vertically.

Some girls, usually the model types, will stand there proudly like a statue of a Greek goddess, stay still when I want them to. She felt a little unease so we moved onto the bed. We did a bit of French kiss, but her body had a bigger pull on me. I like real perky breast, for one they can be tough and wouldn't break. I had a bad day dream about something burst via the nipples. For her pair I wasn't worrying about that. After teasing them with my tongue, I sucked on them very hard. But I was careful not to concentrate the pressure on the nipples.

It was my turn to use my lips as an air tight seal on her breasts. I sucked hard until she felt my teeth in her flesh. I sucked harder, while stimulating her nipples with my tongue. I know the words sucks. But anyway, she had to moan. But she wasn't the loud type.

I kissed her everywhere whenever I remembered to, more like licking. When I was at her arm pits, she was like whispering a prayer - OMG, please don't kill me. Her legs weren't model long, but reminded me of a French and Chinese delicacy - frog legs. It was so tight, so smooth, so sexy and delicious. As I said, she was experienced, not young by any means, but still too young to take care of all her assets like gold dust. She has really good skin but she doesn't pay enough attention to her feet. My hands retreated when I felt some rough skin down there. Otherwise I would have another dim sum dish - the claws of the phoenix.

Strangely enough, I never thought about kissing hands and sucking fingers. Except once by chance I looked at Chanel's hand. It was an expensive manicure. I looked at her with surprise and said wow. At that time she wasn't keen on investing on nice pedicures for me, even though she knew I was into it. We were eye to eye, frozen for a split second, and she knew what I was thinking. Immediately she withdraw her hand that I was holding dearly. Childishly, she kept her hands behind her back, refusing to let me do what I wanted. But she didn't mind any other things that I did to her. If she gave in, she would be my first again. It was the heat of the moment and I never thought of that again.

After some oysters, I fancied some Indian curry, or some Belgium chocolate. I turned her over, and after letting her feeling my teeth in her butt, I spread her legs wide apart, and spread her cheeks. I love those air tight locks that looked as if nothing ever had passed through. In those cases I couldn't resist to dive in for the star fish. In some other cases, I would retreat as fast as I can. This time I couldn't see much because of her awesome round tight butt. So instead of examining her like a doctor, I explored with my tongue. And I retreated when the taste and smell didn't seem to be promising.

Somehow I seemed to have six sense before I saw her. I trimmed my bush after a long neglect. I wasn't thinking if I would get lucky. I just did it as a ritual. I made sure that all the inches were silky smooth. For the balls I had to decide whether to look like parts of a turkey, or just have a short hair cut. Since you can't easily shave the balls silky smooth with a razor in one go, there's the risk of agitating the lips and tongue if one gets lucky. I went for a short hair cut instead.

When I couldn't get to know her body any better, I let go of her and laid flat on the bed. She kissed my body a little, but couldn't wait to go back to my dick, from taking it in until it couldn't go any further, to squeezing it's neck with her lips. All the time I could see her air tight lips moving slowing up and down the shaft, like a perpetual machine. When I couldn't hold any longer, she would attack my balls instead. Usually it's a tease, but this angel looking girls was serious. She kissed, sucked, one after the other, then two together in her mouth, and then the rest all went inside, leaving just the shaft outside. When the tension in my cock eased a little, she would leave my balls and went for the shaft again, and over, and over.

I wasn't looking for a big feast, so I didn't even look at her reviews, which I knew must existed. Now if she didn't stop I would have to cum. Normally I would ask her first if she really means it, and that if I can have a second. For her I didn't bother. She was too good for a sloppy second. And I couldn't bear not to give her a good fuck. Again she didn't take any subtle hints like a pat on the shoulder, or a little push. I had to tell her in a firm voice to get the condom.

Just as she blew me, she rode me steadily at a frequency of 0.5 Hz, that is, one down stroke for one second, then one up stroke. It was not at all mechanical, indeed the opposite of it. She made me think of Emma, the one with a fixation. Since Marilyn couldn't see my dick, either in her mouth or in her pussy, she had to close her eyes to visualize it. When the tension got high, she would laid back and stay still, with her arms behind her supporting her body. But she would first wiggle a little so my dick could reach the deepest part of her pussy, and then whispering another prayer. She looked so lovely when she stretched her body in this frontal position, that I had to get up and kiss her body and breast all over again, without throwing her over from the saddle.

Even she knew how to calm things down, I had to pull her down from ridding me and held her tight chest to chest, so she couldn't move. When I let her loose she would lift her body up and kept riding, gyrating and grinding. Again at a frequency of 0.5Hz, she didn't want me to cum, but hanging on forever.

I did remember to changing position. When I got up, she was already in a semi doggy position waiting for confirmation. Do doggy it was. Now it's my turn to bang her hard at 0.5 Hz. Any faster I would explode. At the end I was holding her pelvis so hard that I was afraid to leave finger marks on her skin. Rather than banging her I pulled her butt into my dick, trying to reach the deepest part of her pussy, pulled out an inch and then punched back in hard to reach deeper.

I then tried to do some maneuver without leaving her pussy. But she seemed to read my mind. With the excuse of some light pressure from me, she fell flat down on the bed. That was what I wanted. But usually I had to do some other immediate positions in order to get there, if at all. I was very satisfied and I banged her with no reservations. I entered into a trance. I grabbed her breasts hard as if to burst them, I kissed her cheeks, nibbled her ear, and then licked them like a puppy.

But wait a minute, I still had one more position to go. She is the girl friend type and I preferred to end with a missionary. But too late for that now. So I just let go of one of her breast and grabbed her hair instead. I pulled her head to DFK her from behind. I turned into jelly and became very gentle on her. Then I banged her rough, and gentle, and rough ... until I lost it.

I rested in bed while she went into the bathroom. When she got out, I went in, but she wouldn't let me. She asked if I wanted to go again. I really hesitated. I was completely satisfied and didn't think I could manage easily. But she said let's try. So I let her. Not risking me going into the bathroom only to change my mind, she cleaned me thoroughly with baby wipe. Then she sealed it with her lips again.

Well this girl is something. I was expecting some cuddling, a conversation, some kissing, the usuals. She could also have given me a massage. But she just jumped right into business, blowing me at 0.5Hz. I felt so good that I didn't resist. Now I knew why she was so quick to home in on my dick when I arrived. The faster she got the first one, the easier it is for her to obtain the second.

I felt so good and so relaxed that I deflated. But she didn't mind a bit and kept at it. Indeed if she stopped at any time I would feel relieved. It could take forever. And then I really knew she wasn't busy at all, though she must be very popular. I also wanted to stop her many times so as not to waste her efforts, establishing some mental connections instead. At the end I concentrated on what I did to her since I came in, and I delivered a load into her mouth.

Often I found all the hand holdings awkward. But not for her. I liked to hold her hands, her waist and her bottom. She told me she liked me. But that wasn't necessary. She should have known that I will call her whenever she turns up. On the way out she admired my Vegas high roller from LA outfit - T-shirt and shorts. She particularly liked my shorts, which was very last season. When she brought my designer slippers to me, she was almost down to the floor to admire it. And then we kissed goodbye.


Pete from Cal said...

Very nice long post. Seductive and sensual. I enjoyed reading it very much. Also went back to read about your Rebbecca post. Very sensual kissing scenes. Very erotic. Thank you Playerman! :)

The Player said...

Your are welcomed. There must be more memorable fun times but it would sound the same if I write down everything.

Anonymous said...

I like this girl & sounds like she was very good! I am curious as to the "trance" that you talk about entering during sex. What is this?

The Player said...

Compartment girl used the term hooker's trance, referring to feeling like the girl friend of the client, something like that. It's an alternative state of mind that you have to enter into, when you don't even like clients in general.

For me it is vaguely the dreamy state, when I think she was the best looking woman in the world, and I wanted to marry her, not before the session, and not after the session.

Blogger said...

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