Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The GFE challenge

Did we just clicked? Was it all an act? Or somewhere in between? The question is, do you want to find out?

Some girls give you a passionate lingering kiss at the beginning, and that's it. Because it's expected from them. It's on their reviews. When my lips are moving onto theirs, some girls will hesitate a moment, then do what they say they would do, and that's it.

Some girls will naturally react in kind. If you move your head towards them, they will move forward without hesitation and meet your lips midway. Often it's kisses of the most usual kind, no water tight lips, no deep sucking, just enough suction to lock together. It was a kind of GFE. Sometimes I leave it at that. I may do a few more at the right moment. It is sweet and I don't want to go any further. I also don't want to know if she will reject my DFK. Most likely, I will be already thinking of coming back. So I can find out if she will pass the ultimate challenge.

Other times, I'm rather progressive. Once upon a time, I called up an classic agency specialized in part-timers. I set my standard very high as I have plenty of options and good agencies go call. The night is still young. I think both of us are a bit shocked at my hotel room door. She was in a standard issue black coat, wrapped tightly from neck to ankles. But I was so pleased by her face that I was stunned and didn't ask her to come in for a few seconds. I just rushed out from the bath to open the door. Being wet, my hair looked like freshly cut from Tony and Guys. (My hair wouldn't look like that otherwise.) I was in a brilliant white hotel bathrobe standing tall at the door. Erotic Neutrogena bodywash fragrance filled the air.

Being a classic agency, I talked to her on the phone. I asked if she liked kissing. She hesitated and didn't reply directly. I didn't mind the your mileage may vary thing so I booked her. After a drink and some conversations on the sofa, my lips moved in. She was laying at a 45 degree angle on the sofa and didn't move. Before my lips touched hers, she stared at me seriously, making a request, "no tongue", she said. It was supposed to be a warning, but she's not intimidating at all. She was quite cute in saying that, though she put up a serious face for a moment. I gave her an assuring smile and moved on. It wasn't bad, as she didn't have suppressed allergic reactions like some girls.

After soaped her up with Neutrogena, rinsed her and dried her thoroughly, I began to kiss her body. My regret is that I wasn't into licking and toe sucking at that point. But after each body part that I kissed, I would be going back to her lips again. Each lip kiss was more lingering than the last. So it was a long process. I knew she was very relaxed, and she didn't mind kissing me at all, unlimited access. She also showed off her kissing skills, totally responsive. Unlike some girls, it's like they are saying "you can kiss me DFK me however you want, if you want tongue I give you tongue, I'm eager to please, but I'm not enjoying it".

I didn't think I ever finished kissing her body much. Most of the time I was kissing her. Whenever I left her lips, it was when I felt the kiss was too long. I had to find something else to do. But soon, like an addict, I would move back to her lips again. I wasn't bored. And if I felt at any moment she had enough of it, I could not have carried on.

While I was least expected, she brought our short "relationship" to a new level. She brought out the climax. I felt on my lips the top of her tongue teasing me. While still locked with her lips, I opened my eyes in disbelieve. Her tongue was moving in too. It wasn't just passionate DFK like vacuum cleaners. There was a lingering tough tongue fight in slow motion.

I didn't remember the sex or if there's much of it. I remembered I never left her lips out of range. Most likely I was kissing her when I cum slowly in her vagina, totally distracted from what was happening down there.

You can act, but can you keep it up?


Pete from Cal said...

didn't read this post when it was first posted. Very nice sensual post. Very sexy and erotic. Sounded like she was the 'kiss of your life.' Very nice. Makes me trying to think back if I ever had a great kiss like that. :) thanks!

The Player said...

It was so memorable probably because a. totally not expected of her, b. I had extra time to see her the next day but I lost the newspaper with her agency number on it. I went to the newspaper store to get a copy or any copy but they hand none and sent me to the publisher instead. I went there but it was a Sunday. It was hopeless on the front door. I knocked real hard on the back door but still nobody answered.