Friday, May 26, 2006

Professional Liar

You are attracted to her physically. You also like her character: with some geisha or courtesan flavor. Naturally you want to cross the line, if only to be a friend on the sideline, which would make the relationship more interesting. However, having any sort of relationship with a working girl is difficult. Just recently, I have read about very similar experiences from several blogs, from the horses' mouths. Although it's about their boyfriends, I would say just trying to be a partial friend would easily hurt your feelings. I'm not being negative here or blaming anybody; it's just the way things are.

There are so many reasons for the difficulty in having any sort of relationship with a working girl. I may have to come back to the topic later. But I can think of an eye catching title - lies. They are the professionals. They have to, to make you happier, and to make more money. That is their job.

I met a girl who dressed exceptionally modest. Indeed I don't know where she found the clothes from - pretty young girls don't wear that sort of things, could be from thrift stores of another country. A few months went by and she got worse. A white T-shirt that was not sexy, nor tight, nor making any statement, and a cheap jean. She even had a pony tail. I joked that the motel owner should check her ID. Somehow she told me that she was taking the whole seminar off. "So you can remain a college student forever?", I laughed.

And a few months went by. Now she was totally independent (?), living with her mother (?), doing outcall only (?). The question marks mean that it's according to her words. Now she could not hide her expensive taste in cars, because she had to drive around. In the beginning, she made sure you were in the room when she arrived so she could hide her car. She still wore fairly modest clothes. But soon it became too tedious and too difficult for everybody. So she didn't hide her car anymore, and didn't hide her expensive taste in clothes and whatever.

Then it dawned on me that she had been playing the college student card. But I never felt that she was a college student. I never thought about it. I had the feeling that she had dropped out long before that. It wasn't that she didn't look smart, didn't look educated, but I am sure she couldn't put her mind on books. And the time when she told me that she took the whole seminar off, I now understood that by her age, that should be the year she should have graduated. She did tried to stay a student for longer, and dressed to reinforce that. Indeed there are many students of some sort around. Many do use the extra income to pay for their education. But many are enrolled but don't bother to attend class. In her case I didn't think she would bother with anything.

Most girls of her caliber and background will buy an expensive car as soon as they can afford one. And she isn't the first to hide it. A couple of times girls asked somebody to drop them off when they first went out with me. Why? She actually told me that she wore very modest clothes for more tips. But I never thought of that. Could be true, but of course I like her expensive taste more. Sure, if she parked her car next to my humble car, and she put her shoes next to mine costing a fraction, I wouldn't have bothered to tip her $20 or $40.

But if she didn't try to be modest, I would have thought of the obvious question - why she works? But I know enough not to even think of the question, not many girls I know go all the way for the money to support their family, pay for tuition, or anything like it.

This is just one example of a long term lie to live up to. A girl I know well always made me wait in the motel for at least 20 min to over 40 min. I made her meet in the hotel nearest to her home but it didn't help. I would think she tried to fit in more clients and tried to avoid scheduling conflict by floating me around a bit. But she insisted that either she needed time to prepare herself, or she appreciated that I could fit in with her work/family schedule. I left it at that as I cannot know the truth, as long as she was reasonable. Then one day she was really late and I was really angry. I was about to explode when she arrived. She told me she took her mother to the hospital. I couldn't steam over that, could I?

Then a couple of months later, her mother went to the hospital again. I didn't know if she remembered that she used that excuse once before, and she never told me that her mother had some long term illnesses. Again I didn't believe her but I didn't argue. I always punished her by seeing other girls, until she called me up and made amends, without explaining the unexplainable.

Then one day we had an appointment made a few days before. On the day she was no where to be found. At the last minute, she called me and then turned up at the hotel that I prepaid. I was steaming but since the room was paid, I was really curious about what she had to say. If her mother went to the hospital again, I would have kicked her out immediately.

At first she didn't try to explain the unexplainable. I know that trick. It's exactly like the 5th. But in real life, if she remained silence I wouldn't pay her anything. So she said her cell was out of battery! Well, I saluted her in my heart. It was slightly better than her mother going to hospital again. For that she surprised me and she got to stay. I tried to remember the good times and did it one more time, if only for old time's sake. I was barely hard enough to finish the job.

Out of self respect, I never called her again. And I didn't hear from her again yet.

When I was younger, the concept of self respect is vague. But now I think I understand it. To be a working girl, you cannot respect yourself too much. Again I wasn't trying to be negative; it's something that comes with the job, making it hard to have any sort of relationship. That would be another entry.

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