Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sucking honey

I forgot about what I was going to write on why anybody want to see prostitutes.  There is one addiction I can admit to without hesitation, DxK with Chanel.  X means everything goes, French, Japanese, whatever.  That's why I came back to her despite all the competitions.  Not that I don't see other prostitutes - remember butt release, or breast feeding from a 19 year old college all natural big breasted girl?

DFK as advertised is usually a disappointment.  If I'm not attracted to that person that much, I can't turn out to be passionate.  Attraction grows with time for the right person, and you can say chemistry.

DFK for non-regulars are usually mechanical.  It may not be her problem but mutual.  No passion there.  Some regulars would rather blow me than kiss me, even cum in mouth.  It's not that I'm a turn off.  (I got hits here and there all the time.  But once you pass some hygienic standards, you are probably not the problem no matter how you looks.) Without generating passion on me I would sooner or later be disappointed by DFK and nothing will be there to hold me regular.  BBBJ and CIM may be more effective.

On the other hand, I can still DFK my wife with passion, once in a blue moon, when hungry for sex turns out passion.  The problem is that she turns away every time.

It's not that Chanel is a great kisser.  She didn't try, never pretend to be passionate.  She is there to provide a service.  I'm happy and she is able.  She is not a clock watcher, but she is a watch-watcher!  A new term again!  Haven't you notice that some escorts do not take off their bracelets during sex?  It's sexy but very often it's a small watch too.  So in any position she can check the time without annoying you, as long as the room is not in total darkness.

So I can DxK her for a reasonable time, and after that it will be considered favor outside the contract.  To me it's almost unlimited because you have to catch the breath sooner or later.  I just can't DxK her once she is naked, then when I cum, and then again after I cum.  It will cost me in one form or another.

She is not trying to be a great passionate kisser.  So it can last and she is very cooperative (up to a certain time).  It's like sucking honey out of her (not the saliva, that will be gross).  It's like a vampire sucking some life force out of her.  It's like bee sucking nectar in peak full blossom, any sucking later can only get down hill from there.

If you ever got turned down in high school or college by an Asian girl who don't like your car, you can get back easily.  It's a cultural and geological thing.  Other girls usually go for stripping, porn star, internet star that sort of thing.  These all American girls probably need college money and then some.  Basically working for $8 an hour just doesn't make sense when they can do just one hand job and call it a day.  Nobody knows and nobody cares and there's no wear and tear.  Perfectly safe in a licensed clinic.

My wife's breasts still turns me on but there's no comparison to Trina, 19 year old full natural breast, 34C with a kill waist to go with it.  She's tall enough at 5'7 so I just sit up at the tall massage table, lift her shirt and breast feeding away, left, right, left ...  She just stood there until it's time for a hand job, otherwise I will feed forever.  Even though I am not paying less, I know she doesn't think I pay enough for my enjoyment.  I never have the chance to talk negotiate because you can hear clearly the next room talking.  And you have to consider what is in my mouth all the time.

I can pay her a little more and ask her to be more helpful here and there.  But breasts are breasts, and I don't want one more addiction - to hand job.  I saw her in between full services for a couple of months, when I have the breast feed craving.  But again it's more like sucking honey or life force out of her breasts.


Me honey: Honey, put on your secretary outfit.  I had a hard time at work and I need to play the final boss.

She honey: Honey, it's time of the month, sorry.

Me honey: In that case, I'll do a butt release.  Let my cum drip down your toes and I'll clean the floor for you after, honey.

She honey: I have a headache and I just washed my hair.  Sorry, honey.

Me honey: OK, so stay still, honey.  I shall lift your top, help myself to some serious breast feeding while you will be giving me a handjob.

Of course this didn't happen and it wouldn't happen.  I can't even ask anything.  It is inspired by Alex (the reluctant, I think) - why men see prostitutes.  If only my wife will do something for me I would be too lazy to search for escorts with all the hassles.

CJ (the exotic masseuse) remained me of the butt release, and anything else I did during a massage session.

I would cut out the feminist and stereotypical connotations.  I know about ME, and I just happen to be a man.

She came well educated, but that only caused more damage (it's well known too).  I encouraged her to get any job and any further education.  That didn't work.  She got more papers to frame and became a full time home supervisor instead.

I went out to work.  I know what I need to stay sane.  I need peace and quiet at home.  I need sex not as a bargaining chip, to pressure me into hanging the clock or building a swimming pool.  I don't need more calculation and pressure directed at me.  Is a handjob too much to ask?