Thursday, May 19, 2011


Me honey: Honey, put on your secretary outfit.  I had a hard time at work and I need to play the final boss.

She honey: Honey, it's time of the month, sorry.

Me honey: In that case, I'll do a butt release.  Let my cum drip down your toes and I'll clean the floor for you after, honey.

She honey: I have a headache and I just washed my hair.  Sorry, honey.

Me honey: OK, so stay still, honey.  I shall lift your top, help myself to some serious breast feeding while you will be giving me a handjob.

Of course this didn't happen and it wouldn't happen.  I can't even ask anything.  It is inspired by Alex (the reluctant, I think) - why men see prostitutes.  If only my wife will do something for me I would be too lazy to search for escorts with all the hassles.

CJ (the exotic masseuse) remained me of the butt release, and anything else I did during a massage session.

I would cut out the feminist and stereotypical connotations.  I know about ME, and I just happen to be a man.

She came well educated, but that only caused more damage (it's well known too).  I encouraged her to get any job and any further education.  That didn't work.  She got more papers to frame and became a full time home supervisor instead.

I went out to work.  I know what I need to stay sane.  I need peace and quiet at home.  I need sex not as a bargaining chip, to pressure me into hanging the clock or building a swimming pool.  I don't need more calculation and pressure directed at me.  Is a handjob too much to ask?

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