Saturday, December 31, 2011

My top posts

Blogger doesn't list top blog posts for the year, but the all time popular posts and top posts of the month are basically the same.

By a huge huge margin, Club Black of Buenos Airs, Argentina leads the pack, together with other clubs and posts.  Being discovered by the media is one thing, showing that there is a market for that is another.  We all know the bargain basement sex tourists and their boards.  I don't mind being one, looking at what the other 50% does (or experiencing it?), but you get hostile reactions from them, as if you alone can ruin their pocket.  Now if someone can tell me where to find Thai university students in their sexy uniforms asking for compensated dating, I will get there on my next break or detour.

I have no idea why my soft porn post is so popular, relatively.

Advertising is a hot topic, meaning there are always new girls thinking about it.  If I write about it more I will be assisting cheating.  Girls know about these things.  They often put up a few ad in different places and markets with different names.  They know how their ad is doing.  Basically get them to the door and get them to stay with your charm even if they are a little disappointed.  Sometimes new girls don't know what pictures are stocks, highly photoshopped, or real.  They don't know their competition and used the wrong strategy.

Ah, I don't know that flat chested woman is so popular, or the thought of what to do with them.  Pinching, pinching, pinching. I do that to my wife, so I am not trolling.  In the heat of the moment she can take it well.

Nevada brothels capture American's imaginations.  I'd rather remain silence as I never set foot in it.  I don't live there nor I have a deep pocket.

Surprise, surprise, many of you have anal hair problems.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fetish anyone?

Some blog triggered me to look up fetish.  The pedia isn't helping.

As in the infinite range of human behavior, if it doesn't cause anybody any harm, and you can live with it, why not?

The whole food, and especially fast food industry is out there to get you.  If nobody is looking out for you, like your parents, you are doomed.  I mean some accept some degree of obesity without doing much about it unless they can't walk out of the door.  Some struggling with weight and still occasionally treat themselves with unhealthy food.  Some just can't get fat eating anything.

I really want to ask is, do you prefer toe sucking, DFK or tongue scrapping?  Or being heavily spanked or spank other people?

If you can't stand the thought of people licking your dirty and sweaty feet, you are not alone as many people can't fly.  You can make up some food and spice mixture and brush some on your feet to simulate the dirt.

If I were an escort, I would pick the easy thing to do and charge more.  Spicing things up cost more.  Asking me to do something others will think weired will cost you more.  I'm not being tied up and beaten up, but I will happily do it on you.

Firstly, the development of fetish, like all other things, are blamed on traumatic experience or your mother.

My alternative non-theory is common sense as in many other disciplines.  Instead of traumatic I would say intense.  The bio feedback mechanism is somehow ending up not as most people do.  Equilibrium is disrupted.  Positive feedback becomes overdrive, oscillating, resonance, unchecked, until limiting by some other forces, or until something bad happened.

Take sex.  The body is built what the body can, and want to, do.  You crave for sex.  You have sex sooner or later.  You are satisfied.  You craving subsides temporary, until next cycle.  What if you don't have sex?  Most can understand or imagine.

Shoes.  You can't blame your mother or any traumatic experience.  There are numerous designers past and present, whose only objective is to make shoes a sex stimulant - the fuck me shoes - obvious or subliminal.  You just can't blame yourself but the whole culture if you have shoe fetish, and feet fetish is closely connected.

Some said the same for schoolgirl uniforms.  The designers put all their adult male fantasies into it.  The rest should be blamed on the girls themselves.  Put them together and they will compete for attention, with the length of their skirts or otherwise.

School girl uniform fetish is easy to explain.  They are everywhere with impossibly short skirts.  You can't do anything about it as you are in elementary or middle or high school.  Worse, I was in a boy school.  You have an erection.  Then hard on.  No mitigation.  It develops into an intense craving or you can say traumatic experience.  I sympathize adults who develop it too.  You have no control on what triggers your erection.  Hiring somebody to wear what you want is a pretty good way to restore the equilibrium, and avoid developing into a serious condition.  Fully grown girls with the right stuff will be much hotter though.

I had a high school girl friend.  Naturally she was wearing the uniform a lot.  At the time naked for me is better than wearing anything.  When she graduated, she kept the uniform.  I spotted it in her wardrobe and asked her to wear it to make love.  She was OK with it but felt weired, and then she said she threw the uniform away.

I noticed her shoes, socks, and feet too.  I was a bit into it but there were too many other distractions.  In cold, or hot and muddy places, people cover up their toes for warmth and for respecting other people.  I forgot all about it.  But when I relocated I noticed most woman flaunt their toes and nails, and there's a whole industry for it, down every strip mall.

The first time it was autopilot.  The escort is almost 6 feet tall.  I always love legs but what can you do with them? Seriously?  All 6 feet or it?  I went down to look closely at her pretty nails.  That is a small enough area to focus on with you eyes, your lips, and you tongue for that matter.  A few happy experiences later it developed into some habit.  I can always find time to do that if she has a pretty feet.  And duck out of it if not.

I can totally sympathize why someone will bring his wife's clothings for an escort to wear.  My wife spent a fortune on shoes, and say, little black dresses.  But she wouldn't let me fuck her in any of it.  I actually brought one of her pair to see Chanel.  But it happened that the day her shoes were much better.  If I don't have to do the laundry, and her clothes is more robust, I would have brought the entire wardrobe.  It's free, instead of expensive gifts for Chanel, hoping she will wear it at least a few times. 

Talking about trauma.  Actually Chanel don't want to put on any gift that she really likes.  Actually she wants to wear it on her other life and don't want things to cross over.

Bringing step daughters clothes?  Actually I have the fantasy of asking a girl, totally stranger on the street, irrespective of age, where she brought her shoes or skirts or dress.  If the piece of clothing is sexy as hell she and I will understand.  I will say for my girl friend or wife.  For step daughters you actually got the clothes already.  As I said, you can't control your erections, but you can control who you fuck with.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bird watching

I ran into a woman in a white dress shirt, not unlike that in the picture.  Maybe one less unbuttoned button.  Not that see through but you can see something.  It's sort of tailor fitted - narrow at the waist, wider at the chest to accommodate her breast and bra, without squeezing any meat.

She has hair somewhat shorter, but still overwhelming.

It was special because she must be over 40 if not more, and she is beautiful.  There must be a lot more beautiful and sexy 20 year olds that can fit that shirt nicely.  But at her age it have to be at least one in thousands.

It was even more special because I ran into her in McDonalds - she selling burgers.  Maybe she's only selling McCafe, the one competing with Starbucks.  Maybe she's the owner of the McCafe franchise.  Anyway I was shocked.

BTW, I went to McDonalds only because of the free WiFi.  I can enjoy a coffee while the bigger kids won't complain.  They can play their multiplayer games over the internet with their friends with video conference.

Earlier, in a town used to be run by little girls, I was shocked to see a college girl lookalike selling ice cream in an ice cream parlor.  She has neat flowing blond hair, in plain shirt and skirt that can be fit for office.  And she is pretty, refined.  Any older I would think she is the owner.

A little later she was gone, or maybe I went into another ice cream parlor.  Kids like ice cream.  The girls is also in her early twenties.  Not that delicate but fit cheerleader type.  She tied up her hair, in fit T-shirt and hot pants, ready for battle.  And she is cute, pretty and leggy.  Any sexier she should be in Hooters.  I can understand that if you can find some sweat hearts to sell your ice cream, you should.  But McDonalds?

Rolling back a couple of months, thanks to global warming in everybody's mind, girls and women just walk around town in bikinis.  It's very different feeling than at swimming pools.  This young woman walk across the parking lot of a supermarket.  She is dry so she is supposed to be going to swim in her bikini.  I didn't good look at her but she is wearing a fit and short T-shirt, not covering anything down there.  All the time I was focusing at her booty, in a small bikini bottom.  She was in some heels, not high heels, but maybe like shorter platform sandal with similar effects.  My eyes couldn't help tracking her across all my 3 mirrors.

On a different occasion, two teenager, still wet from the community pool or their own pool, walk into the strip mall in bikinis.  They got ice creams and sat on an outdoor table at the side walk to enjoy.  Girls menstruation at 11, with all the features well developing.  By the time they get to 16, it's difficult to tell between a girl and a young woman if you put a bag on their head, and tape their mouth.

I'm quite fond of late teens (among others) as they are quite capable of being themselves.  Even bad altitudes can be fun as long as you can get something out of them.  Some are in it for the quick money.  Others are in it for the money and they also like sex.  It's really no big deal to sell you some if you treat them well in return, and give them what they want.

The only problem is the addiction to money.  After that, it's really too pretty to do anything else.  If her other gigs didn't work out (they never did), Chanel would call her old clients on occasions to get the cash for everything in the month.  I can't imagine her getting minimum wage in a supermarket, collecting trolleys from the parking lot.  But every high end retail shop in Redo drive, Beverly Hills, Vegas will beg for someone like her, in good or bad times.  Perhaps she didn't know.  It's really not bad as you can get to a graduate's starting salary quick. Perhaps she doesn't even care. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Ashton Kutcher out of twitter

May be I'm the last one to know.  Anyway

Actually I was rather surprised he is still tweeting after the sex trafficking controversial.   And obvious he still tweets after his extra-marriage sex scandal.

It's not just me.  Everybody will know that this air head will run into troubles sooner or later (except for his 1 million followers).  Of all the troubles, he got into the Penn State child rape cases.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Foreskin, hookers, and evolution

These are what I read recently from my blog rolls.  I'm glad that someone got life altering inspirations from evolution.

Everybody got some brain washing from birth.  Look at the opening scene from Breakfast at Tiffany's.  It is a miracle that evolution got in school curriculum and stood tall in some cultures, such as USA.

By training, I'm happy to be wrong.  If I'm wrong, I can do more for less money and keep the difference.  People are wrong most of the time, sooner or later.  You only need to be right at the critical moment once a while, and you will be outstanding from the rest.

Now foreskin.  I'm not passionate about it - it's your baby.  But you can see the personal bias during truth searching, and cultural brain washing in effect.

I know hookers hate dirty pennis.  Women too of course.  But circumcision is a very American thing (and some other places of course).  Like dental works (or boob jobs of course).  If you look at a corpse with perfectly white teeth all in the correct positions, you know he/she was American.

Nobody likes dirty pennis, foul mouth, flaking skin and hair.

Europeans don't do it.  Asians (non-Muslims) don't do it.  Jews and Muslims do it out of religious reasons.  Catholics condemn it and Christians are probably neutral about it (probably under US pressure).

I think it started in US during the cross over times.  You perform "medical" surgeries without knowing germ theory.  It spread to Canada and Australia, but declined in recent years.  Except for US, still going strong.  The other exception is S Korea - in which it is another US sin, where 80% of boys are cut.

If you don't like it, justify it with whatever you may, but the medical defense is laughable.  Oh yes, the rest of the world will die.  US will save the world once again.

I'm sure the often referenced study is correct.  You don't need any more studies.  That's elementary germ theory and elementary probability.  If you have a dirty pennis, you get infections.

But does that justify circumcision?  A no for me. 

If you care for your baby, you will look after his pennis well until he can look after it himself.  For first born with ignorance mothers, the first sign of inflammation will remain both the mother and son to keep the pennis clean for the rest of their lives.

Tell me if the medical conditions so developed are dangerous and will not be cured 100%.

As for aids and other STD's, why would you do unprotected sex with casual partners? You can bend the odds a little but you won't any money if you don't gamble at all.

As to the reasons for not to cut, it's so overwhelming for the un brain washed.

His father is cut.  Girls like the clean look.  More or less masturbation.  Those are laughable reasons for me.  If you go for those, please do.  I'm not talking about those.

In the pre wars years, one in a few thousands babies died during circumcision.  How many are botched?  Of course hospitals are far better since then. But now we have super bugs and hospitals can be more dangerous than the home during outbreaks.  People die from that with no cure.  Why you want to cut open your baby?

Why don't you give your boy the choice when he grows up?  "He will thank you because he doesn't need to go through the pain."  Oh, is that painful?  Of course.  The argument for it is that babies won't remember the pain?  What !!!  I won't do it to my cat!  It's outright cruelty.

I don't understand why it's still painful to cut it in adulthood.  For babies, you could have whole body anesthesia, which is a always a danger of not waking up, botched dose, especially for new born.  Or you do it WITHOUT anesthesia.

If you have doubts, you are invited to watch a circumcision in progress. 

It's common sense or science.  It's much more difficult to cut off a tiny piece of skin off a tiny pennis than a big fat one.

You have to be very sure about the people doing the cutting.  I doubt if you get a highly skilled surgeon to do it.  If not, it may be the high cost of insurance.  Your rabbi?

I happened to walk into one, the aftermath.  In the baby I was curious why two babies couldn't stop crying very loudly, more like screaming.  They were watched by two old man in plain clothes. I walked by them by chance, took a glance and noticed the bulk of cotton covering his pennis.  It was obvious that the cotton were stained with blood.  It's a lot for tiny babies.

It must be the reflex reaction on my face.  The guy started talking to the babies, "I'm here to help you".  The babies kept screaming.

It's not just any hospital.  Nearby there's a harbor full of yachts.   And private maternity rooms are always fully booked.

I'm sure they don't remember a thing when they grow up.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Pictures with locations

This time it's not about fake pictures.  Not about GPS info in pictures, although it's not a bad idea.  Not everybody have the goods to take a picture in difficult to photo-shop backgrounds.

It's not bad to have too good to be real pictures.  And that's not today's topic.

But it's better to have as many real things in it, other than "you".

Too many pictures seems to be taken straight from European and Asia porn magazines.  That's true but it's not today's topic.

Have a real furniture.  Sit on a real chair.  Even if you are in a studio.  Have a real plant.

Then it comes to the point that many pictures irritates me being out of location.  You sell yourself in the West Coast and you take pictures in front of a brick wall?  There's no bricks here.  It's worse than fake pictures taken out from porn magazines without any backgrounds.  I hate pretty girls in front of brick walls, just as many hate pretty girls stand in front of stucco.  That's culture.  I like bricks but I don't have it.

The other extreme is pictures taken on arrival, in cheap motels with cheap cell phones.  It just shows that your cell phone is cheap.  Or you really need the blur function without the blur software.

A once successful international site was successful because they can send photographers to your hotel to take very decent pictures.  They had to move to overseas servers and keep some distance, as the photo service is too close to pimping.

It's better to take pictures in your home if you don't mind.  Hotels will do.  Studios?  What for?

I was once on a model's weekly cam show.  She was the only one I ever subscripted.  Perhaps I felt that she was local.  When I complimented the architecture and furnitures of her home, she freaked out.  She insisted that her address is just a drop box - she don't live there.

Of course I can tell.  I drove pass there everyday.  I have been in so many houses, apartments and hotels.  An apartment in that address will be build and furnished just like her home.

It's interesting to see how the mind works.  For a starter there's the very old declassified CIA interrogation manual.  All you need to know is that you can force persons to do something they are unwilling to, without physical violence.  Advertising, sales, management, they are all at it as much as it's legal.

The other day I revisited the opening scene on Breakfast at Tiffany.  She is so much a brain washed girl, just like 99% of us.

In this case, if you want clients to think real, put in as much real things as you can.

But it can be a disaster.  Depends on what sort of client you are after.  If you ask for $500 or more an hour, you hope your clients know how to tell good pictures from bad ones.

You can always put on a blond wig, put up another ad on blackpages with cell phones pictures.  Make you have another phone number and name. 

Chanel can tell you that it doesn't matter $1000 an hour or $150 half hour.  The best clients are those who don't mind a lot of lube.  Get in, jerk off intensely inside a pussy, and then get out fast.

For anything else you really need a Mastercard or any cards with high limits, after you spend all your disposable income.

Tron - role play?

Feeling a bit nostalgic, I played Tron Legacy on Netflix.

There's not much to see, just feeling old, a bit like Jeff.  But to my surprise, my eyes can't move away from Quorra.  Actually her eyes.

She's all wrapped up in a disfiguring suit and I can't stay away from her eyes.

You fail Disney.  If she can wear shorts like Laura, I can look at her legs too.  And she may just be more popular than Laura.  But then its Disney.

From the moment she appeared, I knew I seen her somewhere.  Throughout the movie I was wondering who she is and where they find her.

After the movie I found out that she is Olivia Wilde, obviously very popular.  I still couldn't recognize her.  Then her list says House !

She was the reason I watched and tolerated House.  Before that it was the blond.  Both are good looking with glasses.

I couldn't have recognized her.  From back length hair to chin length.  She must be thirties now if not more, and still ride on the back of a motorbike with a teenager!  But she is actually more beautiful now.  When Chanel was 19, she was just another pretty face, fresh meat.  A few years later she becomes a haunting beauty.

Did anyone ask you to play a tomb raider role?

Nobody watches TV.  Not even Netflix.  I don't think the mandatory digital TV helps anybody.  When the imported cheap TV is good enough, people just plug in their netbooks, and much more interesting in that.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The end of advertising and listing?

I vaguely remembered some escort ads, mostly agencies.  More relevantly, there are the listings.  Craig's lists is a good example.  They know how to find you as long as you are on some lists.  Indeed you need to be on and off to have some time to yourself and a life.

Escort reviewing is way ahead of Amazon.  But sadly no body was bold enough, had a vision, or not for profit enough, to link listings to reviews.

But Amazon did it and live to tell the story.  Indeed, it forced it's model on all the online retailers.  But no one can catch up with Amazon.

Recently I brought some gadget on eBay, because it wasn't on anywhere else for that sort of price.  It was trouble.  I have a few bad experiences in a row.  It doesn't matter if the seller is excellent.  We are not buying the seller, aren't we?  We are buying the goods.  Today eBay try reviews, buying guides, rate sellers, but still wouldn't allow reviews on the goods on sale.  It doesn't matter how good the buyer's protection is, it's a waste of time.  I'm not going to get anything again if I don't have to.  Anyway, returns are processed by the sellers, so it just trouble even if they are willing.

Target, Homedepot, Lowes, Sears, they all have reviews, and most other small online retailers.  The problem is, they check your reviews before letting it out after a few days.  It's totally sanitized.  Indeed words such as stupid, may get you filtered out.

Amazon is free for all, totally uncensored (not very true).  They do check what you write, but in the past it's almost invisible.  The best thing is that you can comment on the review directly too - something that review sites dare not to do.

Does it work?  After a couple of years, it pretty good.  It's almost perfect if you are familiar with escort reviews.  You know how to interpret it.

The reviews are colorful.  True, the average ratings doesn't reflect the real features of the product.  But you can look at the reviews themselves.

Some morons rate the products with no good reasons.  Actually for bad reasons.  Because it beeps too loud, when you actually can adjust the volume or disable it.  So the crowd come down hard on him.  But he deserves it.  Everybody else beeps the same.  It could be usability, user-friendly, issues.  But once you know it, it's easy to adjust it or disable it.  Now you know it.  You can always change your review or ratings (I think).

It would be on route to a perfect world if you need to write down why you vote.  Of course anonymous if you want.  So it should be one person, one vote, one review, for others to see, like counting the vote.  You can see which candidate attracts morons.

Basically, your wife left you, your kids don't listen to you, you boss hate you, no body wants to work with you.  Your dogs want to escape.  But on voting day, you are treated like god.  So you play god.  For once in you miserable life you can do what you want and people are begging for it.  You don't need to listen to anybody.  Nobody will criticize you.  You don't need to do any homework, its hard for you.  Your opinion is highly valued, even though your vote is one of millions, and you don't have a clue.  Most likely you are brain washed and vote for the guy who give you less.

Thursday, September 08, 2011


Oh yes, I'm doing movie reviews too.  But Hangover I and II is positive about prostitution without saying it.  They were filmed in Vegas and Bangcock after all.

With suspense all the way, Hangover is a movie worth watching.  Critics say Hangover II is not as good, or bad, but it's always difficult to make a better one.  It's a lot easier to make another one.  If you are a fan of Hangover, the sequel is not that bad.

First of all, you can really drive LV to LA is 3 hours or under.  Check.  If you have a reliable car that don't shake at high speed, and you are prepared to pay fines.  Just don't push your luck too much right around the city edges, and at some well known black spots, you will be fine.

In the sequel, the team says that they lost one of their own to Bangkok.  It doesn't mean that the guy got lost, killed by enemies, kidnapped or whatever.  It means that somehow the city swallowed him in one on it's many ways.  Check.  I got the same feeling after "one night in Bangkok".  Even though I booked non-nonrefundable hotel for a couple more days, I called the taxi and boarded my original flight before I changed my mind.  I was stranded somewhere before.  Not anything dangerous but  I have to waited for a week before I can fly home.  At the time I already sold my camera, my credit card haven't got a lot in it, I have only one card, and no body else know where I was.  I was also afraid that I was losing my mind at the land of smiles.

The Dentists says, "I fight my daemons.  I went to hell and come back."  It wasn't a great speech, but I understand what he is supposed to say.

In a recent study, 40% of EU people have mental disorder, depending how broad you define mental disorder.  That reinforces my dating theory.  Say a person can be characterized by dozens of "dimensions", for example, philosophy competence.  Each dimension has an ideal point, say understand how logic works.  Then most people have something wrong in one way or the other.  And that's normal.  You can't put two people together that are fundamentally against each other's characteristics.

Everybody have some daemons.  I wouldn't say I confront them, fight them, but I face them and manage them.  Given in to temptations.  Check.  I still have fond memories of my beginner's luck visiting prostitutes.  Sex with TS.  Check.  Mine are all beautiful, I wasn't drunk and I didn't regret it.  Battle with international criminals.  Check.  I can't even tell you about it.  Brush with drug dealers.  Check.  I could have taken to jail, charged with possession or even dealing, depending on what they found in my car that didn't belong to me.  I am totally innocent but I could be punished for totally stupid to let a teenage courier/pusher into my car and speed away from the police. 

If you look at those so called anti-prostitution feminists, they probably all have strong daemons.  A photo of the chief looked like she's a failed specimen of evolution.  She's totally unattractive to the opposite sex (I can't tell about the other), and she's proud of it.  Evolution is about passing on your DNA.  The mechanism is sex and the bottom-line is that you have to be attractive to the opposite sex.  Age isn't the problem.  You don't have to look repelling irrespective of age.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Whore fantasies

#1 give up your current life as you know it and "marry" your favorite whore

It's very real but the impractical part is to give up part of your "fortune", which = a lot of whore money, still have enough to keep everybody happy, and then just to "visit" a whore everyday that probably just want your money.  Doesn't add up, does it?

It's more complicated than that but instead of fixing a human mind that goes wrong, it's probably safer to switch to what you can have.  She turns me on, mentally grew up a lot since I knew her, but still have some way to go.  We have a lot to offer each other if she grows out of the "money" bit, maybe just a little.

A fantasy came to my mind, but I didn't think too much of it.  My whore wife offers me a treat - another whore she personally selected.  Or let me have my single's vacation if I feel up to it.  From a recent blog in my roll, it's not a fantasy after all, it's very real.

My thought/fantasy was that, since she can't make it even, so she wouldn't be jealous even a little bit.  We all know that sex with a whore doesn't mean anything, unless it's your favorite whore.

My other fantasy is whether I can stand up to the sight of she being fucked by another man, sucking another cock.  I can imagine it, substituting her into any porn film while I watched.  But the real on-site experience may be different.

"Wife" swapping, 3P and orgy parties come to mind.  I have really no interest in that.  I'm sure I will be still jealous, otherwise I why would I "marry" her?  Maybe I want to see for myself how she serves other clients.  But I actually know.  She can be an obedient angel if you compensate enough.  Or she can be a dead fish if you bargain too much.  I hate bargaining but my grandfather rate is a big bargain.  She wanted to get out of it from time to time. 

I like that she didn't try to pretend that she likes it, being an obedient angel or otherwise.  And it wouldn't work because we know each other too well.  (All the baby sitting has it's rewards.) 

In comparison, my 2nd favorite whore, who is about the same young age, has a better body, in better shape, actually likes sex I'm sure.  I'm sure she likes me too, relatively speaking, and my cock when it's stiff, but I don't know what I'd do if she asks me for a gang bang party.  I know it doesn't mean anything, but still ...

#cuddling a whore

It's not a fantasy, just a thought on another recent blog.  Or maybe it's a fantasy.  Everybody want some cuddling after climax.  If you don't, it's a wrong choice, or you are too dingy to yourself.  Or may be it is - a fantasy.  It's trivial but impractical to offer.  It is comparable to fucking with panties pulled down.

After climax, it's time to check if there's any leaks, cleanup, before it becomes more messy.

Cuddling was important to me in the beginning.  Like many others, I was in times sort of looking for comfort sex, pressure releasing sex, frustration mitigating sex, etc.

If you are in a naturally cuddling position, like missionary, you may just stay there for a while.  Otherwise it can be awkward.

Maybe it's just me.  Try to have sex once or twice a week.  I have no problem filling up the condom, overflowing at times.  Looking back, if you feel the tsunami coming under you, the first thing after it stops is to check if there's a flood.  Even if I paid enough, some will give me a gentle push or tap at my shoulder to say "get off me", two minutes after climax.

Say if you both partially cleanup, pull the condom, wipe "clean" with tissue or towel, cuddling has other problems.  Many young men will just have another erection soon if not immediate.   You don't get what you didn't pay for, so many girls will keep a distance.  Some even put their clothes back on as soon as they have the chance, even if they stay for the full hour after that.

On the other hand, when the situation is right, like you didn't book a bargain basement session, many girls want a 2nd from you without negotiation first.  They know you are a good client and you will pay for it one way or the other.  The best thing they can do is to cuddle you, arms, legs, and breasts clinging onto you, and may be talk a little if you have the mood to.

Negotiation becomes cheap in these cases.  You are not going to pay double anyway.  10% off the 2nd? 30%?  50% off?  In reality it doesn't matter what extra you tip them.  You are here already, passed the ultimate screening.  They are there, naked.  It doesn't cost them anything (much) if they spend 20 min more, and one more screw.  Even if they are fully booked the other client can wait a bit.  Whatever they get is extra.  If they negotiate, clients may come back next time with that price.

Cuddling after a massage and happy handing is really a fantasy.  If it's not, you are in a brothel rather than a massage parlor.  When caught, cuddling partially naked is as bad as having sex.  You may get in jail or being fired doing the innocent thing, which doesn't worth a bit.

The trick is to do it before.  My favorite masseuse offers feeding.  She was about 19, the type of breasts that new doctors ruin their career on, go to jail for.  I know, I have doctor friends.

When confronted with a naked pair like that during training, my doctor friend told me thoughtfully, without any pleasure, he had an instant erection.  That explains why some new or old doctors cannot refrain from squeezing them, and even suck them good in the craziness of the moment.

An advice come to mind for new doctors.  If you did not have a gorgeous girlfriend with a pair of real boobs to die for, get yourself high price hookers in the image of patients that you are most vulnerable to, until you can still control your mind during erection.

Back to my fav masseuse.  The massage got shorter and shorter, as I couldn't wait to reach for her breast.  I would sit up at the tall massage table, she standing between my legs.  I would lift her vest and bra all the way up well above her breasts.  I think it's a good thing during a raid.  You will not being caught naked.  Thank god, or LE, it's as good as fucking with panties pulled down a little.

Then I would vertically cuddle her while feeding as long as I like.  When I am very excited, she would reach for my cock.  It's hard to resist, though I know good things have to come to an end soon.  I will give her some space for her hand while clinging on to her nipples like a baby to her mother.   ... until I exploded.  You can tell you are well fed when you have no desire to suck after climax.  Until next time.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Why see prostitutes - caught in between

It's "she against the world".  Unfortunately I was caught in between.  I got most of the crossfire.

She wants a certain car.  It's no more than a little girl who wants something from her daddy.  But it developed into CIA interrogation techniques, psychological warfare.  It's exactly like pointing a gun to my head, forcing me to go to the dealer, who brought out the pressure sales team.

It's like dumb celebrities, who often get what they want.  But when people from the real world stand up to their mistakes, they crush their perceived enemies using their popularity, not their wisdom.

Guns are lovely in a way.  You can run.  You can say "she's resorting to violence".  But you can't call the cops for non-violence abuse.  And you can't run.

You can't escape from that.  I tried to find out what is Glee.  In the pilot episode, mommy wants the best for her new born (which is a false pregnancy).  Daddy has to give up a job he likes, or work as janitor at after hours.

This reinforced my theory of dating.  Simplify a person's personality to one dimension.  Represent the dimension from 0 to 100, with 50 as "normal".  If you match persons with the same defect, or defects that compliment each other, they will be happy with each other.

Instead of "she/he against the world", it's "me and you against the world", the romantic feeling.

Unfortunately many people do not see what they are up against, even the world.  Disagreement is not just about doing the right thing - right and wrong varies from trivial to controversial.  Easier things to consider are timing, priority, consequences, ability.  To my spouse, these are excuses.

What will you do after being released from intensive interrogation?  Yeah, I need some other release too!

Mrs Player got herself a gig with a couple of thousands for clothing subsidy, per season.  I am glad that she will not be losing money on that.  But in a way that's always counter productive.  In a good season I spent thousands on prostitutes, all because of her, not performing her duty.

Adding salt to the wound, I can't tell her to wear them and mess them up.  I can't stain them with semen.  But I warned her that if she finds something slimy in her Italian handcrafted shoes, that will be my leftovers.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Real men are dumb

Bono has his critics.  Many high profile celebrity activists have some.  Oprah's school is a typical failure.  Madonna should be smarter? But her religious charity folded.  Jenny McCarthy got a lot of kids killed because she believed a doctor who lied to move to Hollywood.

I don't know how Aston Kutchy build up a 7 mil following in Twitter.  But that's nothing in China's standards.

What does he get from Twitter?  "Please follow me back, I'll die happy."  That's probably someone from Kenya who got her first computer.

Twitter has value if there's no available reliable source of information.  This is hardly the case in anti-prostitution and anti-trafficking.  These guys always tried to shut up their oppositions.

Aston isn't raising awareness either.  He's trying to shout down the opposition.

These twitter guys are trouble.  He may be thinking the whole day or the whole week for a half decent sentence, and then tweet as if he's the greatest man in history.

His followers I imagine are like Paris Hilton.  When she's sober and seriously want to do something good for the morning instead of shopping, she may read a quote from a great man.  She thinks it's good.  The next minute she goes partying as if nothing had happened.

Aston is so dumb as to invade other's hash code #DNA.  Does he thinks that everybody knows him and everybody else will give up the hash code for him?  Or does he even heard of DNA?  People who had been using DNA are enough to drown him.  Now the spammers join in.  A fraction of the 7 mil will be interested in Gucci, LV bags, etc.

Does Twitter followers worth anything?  Most of them probably don't read news.  Retweets are illusions, a measure dreamed up by Twitter.

Twitter is basically a spam machine (so are many others).  You can buy large blocks of accounts cheaply.  Retweets are then next to free, worthless.

Facebook deals with spammers by using plenty of international secret agents, whose actions are unacountable to anybody.  FB also force you to use your real name, to reduce spammers and to force feed you with their own spam.

But you can't defeat spammers.  No matter how you filter, censor, using robots and humans, all celebrities resort to verified accounts before you can leave any message.  A phone number cost less than $2 so spammers have to think about the break even point.  But for others, there's no need for such consideration.

Twitter has no chance.  It is old and not prepared for that.  It has no resources to do what FB does.  And FB had yet to proof that it can survive the rebellion against verification, spreading from US to all parts of the world.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Forgive me whatever, I have sinned.  Today I cleaned my outdoor gadgets and removed a small, sloppy, old, semi-built bird nest.  I had birds nesting on unlikely places but this one is directly under the flood light and wiring gadgets.  The flood light was used as an anti-theft, anti-vandalism deterrent, driven by infra-red sensors.  May be it wasn't working for a long time.

I don't usually remove nests.  Even with people walking all over, mowing right under, cars parking right under, the birds can survive.  The nests are even reused by the same or different birds the next year.

This one seems so sloppy and small and attached to nothing much so I think it's an half built one.  But I was wrong.

I walk right under it everyday and I didn't notice any signs of life.  Usually mother birds will fled when someone walks nearby.  Maybe it's facing the main road so they are used to the traffic.

Also I never checked the nest because firstly it's difficult to look inside when the nests are built to hide the chicks.  Secondly I have the phobia that there may be some failed hatchings, or awful food still left inside.

When I throw the nest off the eaves overhang, I noticed some cotton like things dropped on the ground.

When I finished cleaning up the mess at the eaves, I discovered what I did.  The cotton things are egg shells.  There is one tiny lump of pink creature that is breathing.  It may have hatched or came from a broken egg.  There maybe a mostly broken egg with yolk spilling out. I hoped to salvage a whole egg but on close inspection it was damaged.

I can't handle it other than hose the whole tiny mess into the grass and plants, at a distance.  The nest looked sloppy but from the inside it was silky smooth, forming more than an hemisphere.

I wanted to show the kids what a real nest looks like, and then place it next to an decorative nest.  Then I decided not to look at it any more and let it RIP in the trash collector bin.

After a bad weekend it's sad.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Women's Funding Network committed suicide

Old news, new angle (for me at least).

Women's Funding Network is credited for closing down Craigslist, after creating a 3.7 million per month pro-prostitution advertising market.

Backpages picked up the tab, at over 2 million, per month, along with a school of smaller fishes.

The study:"Women's Funding Network sex trafficking study is junk science" is funded by Backpages!!!  Talking about creating your own enemy, your biggest enemy is yourself, this enemy created is gigantic. 

It doesn't matter if the junk science is not as widely read or as well known as the WFN.  Credible people exposed the junk science.  This will not be the end of it.  Every silly move by the WFN and the like will be scrutinised.  All their silly articles in the past will be looked at.  I would declare suicide committed.

You will find comments like this:

Why on earth would you take the time to write an article about this? Even if the numbers are over exaggerated or inaccurate (although I'd be those numbers were the best they could do) it's still a serious issue. This is probably one of the most justified topic to be sensationalized to raise awareness. Unfortunately there are many Minnesotans who don't care about these people (my theory is because they're poor, Minnesotans hate the poor).

Total failure of education in evidence, and that's what politicians are after.

As a victim, I can tell you that this is very abusive.  You say it loud, you say it often, and it will be true.  This is abusing the truth, and people standing with the truth.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Prostitution advertising bragging rights

I just discovered that the AIM group (a sister company of has good analysis on prostituting advertising.

You can't help but to notice that the anti-trafficking camp created a giant disaster, a 3.7 million per month advertising market.  That's the money they force onto Craigslist.

I'm sure any policeman knows this, you cannot track pimps by charging through credit card with phone verifications.  This guys can pay $10 per ad.  A cell phone cost as low as $10.  A SIM card is less than $2 including shipping and airtime.  Just pay by cash and wear a hood at the shop.  You can still be traceable in theory but you do not worry if you are not a big time terrorist. 

With Craigslist gone, Backpages is picking up the tap at over 2 million month, and rising.  Looking at the revenues of older well known sites, you know what a monster these people created.

The next best, traditional Eros, is only a fraction of the revenue.  Neck to neck with Eros is Cityvibe, which is now basically a Eros and a Craigslist side by side.

I'm a little surprised that MyRedbook never found its way and become a mom and pa shop along with the others.  The revenue can't support the salary of a decent CEO.  I don't understand why AdultSearch works when it's pretty useless.  Same for Craigslist but at least CL has a lot more useless ads to pick from. is closed about May, a few months after an FBI raid.  Again most of the ads are pretty useless (fake).

High traffic do not always translate to revenue, surprise:
TheEroticReview is high traffic as always, rank about the same, just below Craigslist and now Backpage.  If 1% of the unique visitors pay up, the revenue will still be mom and pa shops.  For 10%, it will be as profitable as Eros.

BTW, the ex-owner of TER, David Elm, was jailed for 4+ years for being stupid.  Old news.  The website is now hosted offshore.  If it's not a private company of his own, he may have been forced to sell his stake for cheap, and left with nothing when he gets out.

I do not know why Eros succeed and became the leader of non-classified prostitution ad.  The style and function of the site never changed, when Cityvibe is trying everything and trying so hard for so long.  Another nostalgic site that never change is   It may be doing fine but you have no idea when an ad was posted.

I'm sure there are a lot of local escort sites that are doing as well as those in the bottom of the list.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Good reasons to legalize happy endings at least

For some consenting sex is a human right, I found out.  UK govt paid a disabled person to have sex in Amsterdam.  I haven't checked but I think it's reliable source.

It wouldn't happen in US but if it does, states have to fly people to absurd counties in Nevada and pay for expensive monopoly sort of sex.

To uphold human rights, and to save budget money, I propose legalise happy endings for a start.  It's not bad.  I have to fight hard against addiction, telling myself that it's not real sex.  There's always those drop dead gorgeous who will not touch you no matter what.  For $100 a massage they don't need to.  There's always those who sell their massage for a living, but knowing that without happy ending it's frustration for many.  There's the eye candies staffing the hand job factories.  It's all good and you can mix and match.

For non-violent domestic abuse victims, it's more than human rights.  You can ask all you want why domestic violence victims tolerate their spouse for so long.  For the other types of abuse victims, happy ending is temporary shelter.

Prostitution and non-violent spouse abuse

When a spy is caught, his/her fate is sealed.  They may be vaporised into thin air and never seen again.  Or they may be kept forever with the same effect.  When torture is not allowed, so why they still confess or tell what they know?

So that all will go away.  So they can have peace and quiet.  Left alone to rot in their cells.

Once I came across CIA interrogation techniques, it dawned on me that my spouse is doing the same thing.  With reasons not leaving the relationship, the home become a real prison.

Then I came across non-violent spouse abuse, which is what I'm suffering.  It is so common.  The problem is, me and my spouse don't realize it.  I know she has a problem, going ballistic so easily (so do many people).  I have the victim thinking  that I'm also to blame.  If she is shopping all day probably she wouldn't be triggered into ballistic behavior.  I think she is a bit mental, like autistic, so I gave her some slacks.  Obviously, she also inherit the behavior from her mother.  Her mother is well known as the verbal abuse type, even when I was dating my spouse.  But they all like me so you wouldn't discover in a million years, until ...

So another excuse to thank you for all the prostitutes, escorts, call girls, massage girls that I met, for being good spouse abuse counselors.

If you read how the US treats it's prisoner of war, you got the idea.  Humiliation, yelling, random verbose abuse.  You will give them anything so it will go away.  Even though you will still be in prison definitely after that.

Prostitution can be seen as exercise in the yard, library privileges, when you are on life imprisonment without parole. 

I can explain why I am not, say, emptying the garbage bin on time.  Once I'm late in emptying the full bin, she goes ballistic on it.  Not yelling, but random loud bangs on the kitchen cabinet doors, dishes, etc, and talking to herself why she is so unfortunate since ... as long as she can recall, and time to tell it.

So I am dramatized about the incident.  Then traumatized.  It's like PTSD.  You need something like regression therapy to handle it.  You go back to the incident so you can face it without stress.  But it is the other way round for her.  So the garbage bin build up to be a gigantic trauma in my mind and I wouldn't even see it and think about it, "forgetting" to empty it.  So it becomes a downward spiral.

For me hiring domestic help worth anything.  Remember that I would say and do anything in order for the abuse to go away.  But she thinks that hiring help for trivial things is a big waste of money, money that she can spend.  You will have a hard time hiring unless for a couple of hours everyday, or tolerate some stranger to live in your house.

For the 19 year old massage girl.  It's an honor to donate to your college fund.  When I was sucking your perfectly formed breast, you are being therapeutic in much more ways you ever know.  That's why I wouldn't let go easily.  Your handjob sucks, but you will learn along with your education.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

What to do with legs

I'm a leg man, extensive training since kindergarten.  At the time I was in a classroom on the bottom floor, a combined school which has a collectible uniform, very short skirts.  Girls sell their old ones, but not to other girls in the same school, go figure.

I like to look, but once at close range, I don't know what to do.  For example, a model figure standing in front of the mirror, wearing bikini on high heels, let me kiss her from neck down without moving.  I know how to deal with the other parts but not the legs.

In the beginning, I usually ask to massage the escort.  It fulfills my desire of looking and touching.  It turns out that's a pretty awkward thing to do, for both.  There are many reasons.  She is vulnerable in the massage position.  She wouldn't like you to look at every inch of her, if she is not totally confident.

I met an outstanding girl who is confident enough to let me massage her.  Once I started she laughed.  She knows it is just an excuse to molest her legs.  She just laid there, smiling.

One girl has the solution.  After a massage, she spit a large wad of saliva on to my ankle.  Before the saliva drips away, she moved it up through my legs to my tight, with her tongue.  That sent a chill to my spine.

That's why when I have the urge to kiss and lick legs, my mouth will be very dry and couldn't move two inches.

I would like very much to spit on your legs, a lot.  Who's wiling?

I met a girl with great legs.  My eyes fixed on her short skirt, then her naked legs.  When I was inside her, she saw that I was distracted by her legs.  I couldn't decide to play with her legs or concentrate on the penetration.

She dealt with that by kicking one of her leg high up in the air, holding it straight with her hand.  Now that worked.  I could concentrate on fucking her hard, standing up, she lying on the edge of the high bed.  My hands are free to roam on her body.  Her leg were not too close so I can see how long and straight it was.  I could feel it and kiss it whenever I felt like it.

Fast forward to Father's Day eve.  I touched Mrs Player's legs and she played dead as usual.  I knew I would be lucky when I wet kissed her legs and she was still dead.  When my tongue was dry, I moved on to penetration.

I didn't dare to spit on her legs.

Remembering the other girl, I pulled her dead body to the edge of the bed.  I got inside.  It's not possible that she would hold her leg straight for me so I did.

I tried a few ways to hold her legs straight but failed.  Finally I reached a very conventional position.  I put her legs on my shoulders and I straighten her legs with my arms.

The problem was that, I could touch and kiss, but couldn't see.  The floor to ceiling mirror is right behind me.  Fortunately there's also a big mirror on the other side of the bed that I can see.

I saw this position for so long and I never think too much of it.  Now I can appreciate it, but only with a mirror.  And you have to hold the legs straight yourself.  Or else there's nothing to look no matter how longs the legs are.

There's no such trouble if she would let me fuck standing up on straight legs.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sluts are stupid

“There is no reason why I should suffer an aggression for the simple reason of how I’m dressed,”

I cannot agree more, but ...

THIS does not help rape prevention.

This is as stupid as celibacy.  This may be a good idea spiritually, but evolution is not there yet.  Men and women are not designed for celibacy.

Law makers should be educated, juries should be educated, dress code should not be considered in a rape case.  Potential rapists may be deterred somewhat.

But, in educating little girls, we should listen to law enforcement (unbiased experience from real statistics) and perhaps to rapists on how they pick victims.

Anyway, the usual MOA applies (motive, opportunity, ability).  Many rapists are not strangers to the victims.  Go figure.

There is a pretty thin line between a decent human being and a rapist, at the critical moment.

It's a very DNA thing.  You just notice the sluttiest girl, and the others don't seem to exist.  Sometimes you involuntarily detour a little to follow a slut, by foot or by car.  You are not thinking slut or no slut.  The magnetism varies with the amount of exposed flesh.

Little girls should understand how the mind of a rapist works.  I would think dress code is a factor in the minds of a rapist, not that he is thinking rationally.  What if I'm wrong?  Dressing modestly is not going to increase the chance of being raped.  Harmless.

Change the law, change the culture, but slut walk does not change the chance of being raped.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Anti-prostitutin - a losing battle

It's absolutely illegal in New York.  Spitzer did it anyway.  It's evolution that made the DNAs.  It's a losing battle to eliminate prostitution. 

Why do they even try?  Coming up with some practical models and policies is good, but the whole world is a giant experiment since recorded history.  It's was illegal in UK some 20/30 years ago?  Then tolerated under some conditions, which became sort of legal in terms of common sense.  Now they try to change it, or did they?  Amsterdam became a world icon but they try to change it.

It's not rational debate, scientific experiments and logical collection and interpretation of the statistics.  It's politics. 

Despite all the education, democracy did not evolve as fast as it is desirable.  The majority of people do not have time for it.  What politicians mostly do is to appeal to your primal instincts - a few hunters in a pack around a small valley.  "OK, prostitution is disgusting, I'll check the box next to your name."

What fuels these politics?  There are always those who want to turn back the clock.  But evolution has it's own pace, and never turns back.  If you can turn back the clock, there will not be so much troublesome chemicals detected in most of the population.  Girls are thriving, menstruation at 10, boys are fewer, with small pennis and slower development.  It's almost fulfillment of prophecy of biblical proportions.  But that's science.

Then there's religions.  The trouble with them is that, these guys don't need results, and they have all the time in the world, world after world.  Good intentions guarantee them a place in heaven, and if they screw up, including themselves, they have another chance in another life.  Or so they believe.

Religion is a product of human evolution.  But religion comes and goes.  The Egyptian religions were replaced when other cultures ruled.  Science is itself a sort of religion.  There are rules for everything, and if you understand them, you can predict the outcomes including randomness. 

Even religion lose if it plays with evolution.  Nuns in 28 countries were abused.  They admitted it but nothing special was done about it.  Consenting adults?  These girls have no other surviving skills, no pension, sleep on the 3rd world streets if they leave.  Kids abused for 30 years.  They can't consent, can they?

The Craigslists saga was an empty victory at best.  It's a disaster.  CL was pushed to accept millions of dollars of advertisement.  And then quit the "business" altogether.  Backpages pick up the millions.  And they have no intention to give up the money.  Your greedy corporations at work.  CL is an easy target because it never intended to make money.

CL has the vision that if not there it will turn up elsewhere.  At least the erotic sections wasn't making pimp money and there is the "community" to patrol it.  Before that it was TER, and still is.  Why CL was target is beyond me.  Just to make noise, or feel better to be able to do something about it?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Evolution vs homephobic

Oh yes, she is a born man, and still have a big gun beneath.  But no, I wish I have seen her.  It's just a picture I came across on the net to make my point.

I guess I can suck her cock any time.  But if you look around the net, shemale porn that attract me is about nil.  What's the point of finding needles in the hay stack when I am so attracted to women, porn or not?  I'm very happy eating pussy.

It's evolution at work, and all is written all over your DNA.  There's no need to phobic about.

Imagine if you have the cash to do a global search, and end up with a hot porn star.  All you get is heavy investment.  See her boobs and she probably have a butt job as well to make all the curves.  The first thing is that these thing do not last.  Secondly, if you notice long enough, you will find that men is different from women.  The curves will be slightly different no matter how good it looks at first sight.  So, short term entertainment is good, but not something you want to wake up to, everyday.

I have no problem with gay pride parades, but I wouldn't turn up to see something that turns me off.   Attractive lesbian / shemale porn will be different.  I'm very happy to donate to the cause.  I suggest the same targeting female.

You left school too long.  You forget about science.  If you don't like the dirty word, call it law of nature, philosophy, or common sense.  Don't worry about how little boys and girls turn up.

You should try it sometimes.  You may even like it.  Bisexuals have all the luck.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

She came from the KGB

Two living organisms coming together will be one of several things.  From mutualism, where both benefits, down to parasitism, and even amensalism, where one is completely obliterated.

Being human, they have the complexity to be all, from a newly married couple to a rich happy widow.

Men see prostitutes because it's mutual.  A prostitute with customers is better than one without.  One reason married men see prostitutes is because their wives become parasitic - better off without.

The law encourages parasitism.  Fair enough, I can't obliterate her.  But I can't do anything else about it.  But if you fight evolution, you can't win.  It will only end up in mutual destruction - extinction.  Fair enough too.

Parasites are the least of my worries.  The KGB / CIA know that it's best to topple you from within.

Some people are just born into psychological warfare with total immunity themselves.  My wife is a gas-lighting specialist.  There are classic movies about it but I was new to the term.  I was lucky that I wasn't locked inside a mental institution, at least not yet.

As a scholar or the highest calibre ;-) I pretty knows how the brain works.  If I fix the garage door I would put the screws where I unscrew them.  So it will be all over both sides, both ends of the garage.  I know the brain will not work well if you are physically unsound, like hungry or tired.  So I seldom finish everything in one day (or weeks!).  What's the rush for a non-perfect job for no pay?  All hell broke lose when she came in the garage one day unexpected.  She will sort all the screws according to size and put them together in bags.  All the tools will be line up neatly, so I lost all the information of where I used them and the sizes of the nuts and bolts.

Worse, I can deal with toxic waste, recycling, and left over chemicals in the garage, all using more or less the original containers.  She grouped the same containers together.

Worst, I use the same cloth, different ones, for cleaning jobs from wheels to kitchen worktop tiles.  I can tell which are the toxic ones, and which ones use only organic cleaners.  She hang them together.

She is autistic and wouldn't admit it.  She won't do anything about it anyway.

Once I tried to fix the laptop to add to my junk machine collection.  She was annoyed that her dining table, which is seldom used, was occupied for too long.  She stack everything on a pile and put it under the table.  Imagine that for a start there were 20 odd screws the tiniest that I have ever dealt with.  So instead of another museum piece to show off I had just a pile of absolutely useless junk.

The best reminder is - a screw on the kitchen worktop.  You know you have a job to finish.  The best motivation is - a screw on the kitchen worktop.  If you can't stand it enough, you will work on it.  Did I say I pretty much know how the brain works?  The problem is, she will put those things away on first sight.  How can I finish anything?

I tried to declare my work space at home off limits.  And the air around it no-fly-zone.  But she would just run the vacuum cleaner into the socket extension with tens of plugs, and run the vacuum cleaner tool among the plug where most of the dust are.  Once she does that, I have to restart the whole system because some plugs will get disconnected and reset something along the way.

The real gas-lighting comes when I tried to find a form or something.  It wasn't where I put it, always for everything.  Did I actually worked on it?  Did I actually have the form or just imagining it? 

That is the tip of the iceberg.  Have you seen bar tenders slide things across the worktop?  She is an expert too.  But she does it on hard indestructible kitchen tiles, if only for two inches for no reason.   So from the early morning, I would hear random loud bangs if we are both around.  She is completely immune to it.

The KGB is better.  I will confess and everything will go away.  They will leave me in peace in my cell.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sucking honey

I forgot about what I was going to write on why anybody want to see prostitutes.  There is one addiction I can admit to without hesitation, DxK with Chanel.  X means everything goes, French, Japanese, whatever.  That's why I came back to her despite all the competitions.  Not that I don't see other prostitutes - remember butt release, or breast feeding from a 19 year old college all natural big breasted girl?

DFK as advertised is usually a disappointment.  If I'm not attracted to that person that much, I can't turn out to be passionate.  Attraction grows with time for the right person, and you can say chemistry.

DFK for non-regulars are usually mechanical.  It may not be her problem but mutual.  No passion there.  Some regulars would rather blow me than kiss me, even cum in mouth.  It's not that I'm a turn off.  (I got hits here and there all the time.  But once you pass some hygienic standards, you are probably not the problem no matter how you looks.) Without generating passion on me I would sooner or later be disappointed by DFK and nothing will be there to hold me regular.  BBBJ and CIM may be more effective.

On the other hand, I can still DFK my wife with passion, once in a blue moon, when hungry for sex turns out passion.  The problem is that she turns away every time.

It's not that Chanel is a great kisser.  She didn't try, never pretend to be passionate.  She is there to provide a service.  I'm happy and she is able.  She is not a clock watcher, but she is a watch-watcher!  A new term again!  Haven't you notice that some escorts do not take off their bracelets during sex?  It's sexy but very often it's a small watch too.  So in any position she can check the time without annoying you, as long as the room is not in total darkness.

So I can DxK her for a reasonable time, and after that it will be considered favor outside the contract.  To me it's almost unlimited because you have to catch the breath sooner or later.  I just can't DxK her once she is naked, then when I cum, and then again after I cum.  It will cost me in one form or another.

She is not trying to be a great passionate kisser.  So it can last and she is very cooperative (up to a certain time).  It's like sucking honey out of her (not the saliva, that will be gross).  It's like a vampire sucking some life force out of her.  It's like bee sucking nectar in peak full blossom, any sucking later can only get down hill from there.

If you ever got turned down in high school or college by an Asian girl who don't like your car, you can get back easily.  It's a cultural and geological thing.  Other girls usually go for stripping, porn star, internet star that sort of thing.  These all American girls probably need college money and then some.  Basically working for $8 an hour just doesn't make sense when they can do just one hand job and call it a day.  Nobody knows and nobody cares and there's no wear and tear.  Perfectly safe in a licensed clinic.

My wife's breasts still turns me on but there's no comparison to Trina, 19 year old full natural breast, 34C with a kill waist to go with it.  She's tall enough at 5'7 so I just sit up at the tall massage table, lift her shirt and breast feeding away, left, right, left ...  She just stood there until it's time for a hand job, otherwise I will feed forever.  Even though I am not paying less, I know she doesn't think I pay enough for my enjoyment.  I never have the chance to talk negotiate because you can hear clearly the next room talking.  And you have to consider what is in my mouth all the time.

I can pay her a little more and ask her to be more helpful here and there.  But breasts are breasts, and I don't want one more addiction - to hand job.  I saw her in between full services for a couple of months, when I have the breast feed craving.  But again it's more like sucking honey or life force out of her breasts.


Me honey: Honey, put on your secretary outfit.  I had a hard time at work and I need to play the final boss.

She honey: Honey, it's time of the month, sorry.

Me honey: In that case, I'll do a butt release.  Let my cum drip down your toes and I'll clean the floor for you after, honey.

She honey: I have a headache and I just washed my hair.  Sorry, honey.

Me honey: OK, so stay still, honey.  I shall lift your top, help myself to some serious breast feeding while you will be giving me a handjob.

Of course this didn't happen and it wouldn't happen.  I can't even ask anything.  It is inspired by Alex (the reluctant, I think) - why men see prostitutes.  If only my wife will do something for me I would be too lazy to search for escorts with all the hassles.

CJ (the exotic masseuse) remained me of the butt release, and anything else I did during a massage session.

I would cut out the feminist and stereotypical connotations.  I know about ME, and I just happen to be a man.

She came well educated, but that only caused more damage (it's well known too).  I encouraged her to get any job and any further education.  That didn't work.  She got more papers to frame and became a full time home supervisor instead.

I went out to work.  I know what I need to stay sane.  I need peace and quiet at home.  I need sex not as a bargaining chip, to pressure me into hanging the clock or building a swimming pool.  I don't need more calculation and pressure directed at me.  Is a handjob too much to ask?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

All about cocks

I never saw Helen again.  It's a case of having found a good one among ripoffs, but the next one should be better, for less and live down the road.  I did check up her website occasionally to see how she was.  Finally she got a boob job and have names for the girls.  Then she faded away.

It was a long time after Helen, perhaps more than a year, that I though of seeing someone like "her".  I wanted to see a beautiful cock and see if my happy memories come back.  But more importantly, what is attached to it is much more important.  For shemales I had higher standards, more beautiful and feminine than average escorts, more polished (as in makeover).  Cock is not that important but I would like to see a beautiful one just like Helen's.

Once I was in Hollywood so in a hurry I grabbed the phone number of a porn star with a website.  She had a couple of reviews spread over a long period, and the reviews were mixed.  I thought I could overcome that with my charm.

But I was wrong.  What the few spread over reviews meant was that occasionally someone may call her, which doesn't mean that she is good or bad.  The mixed reviews mean that either she find someone, or her supporters themselves wrote a good review for her to balance out the bad reviews.  If it's all bad nobody will call.

Anyway she greeted at her home in Hollywood among the flyovers.  She wasn't the goddess I saw in her front page.  She must had her website for a couple of years - that sort of paying porn site.  I didn't thought of that.  She did have more update pictures on the 2nd page or deeper.  So I couldn't complain.

But she did greeted me in a bikini with enhanced boobs.  She wasn't bad at all.  Not a goddess like but quite beautiful and feminine. 

Cocks didn't come into it.  I would imagine and fuck her like a beach babe.  I played with her cock a bit but not like at Helen's, when evolution didn't prepare me for.  The shemaleness only come about when it's decision time, me on top or bottom, she asked.  I'm opened minded but I couldn't resist to be on top.  And she wouldn't allow two shots, one for me and one for her.  To this date I'm still a virgin, back there.

Once her ad pop-up in front of my face.  I couldn't resist to see if she was that beautiful.  Indeed you cannot tell at all if she wasn't a 100% woman.  After some foreplay I kissed on her cheek gently.  She turned and looked at me as if saying "what the heck are you doing!". 

Actually she had a nice cock.  With her standing up next to the bed, I knelt down and sucked away.  Not earth shaking as Helen's (which I didn't remember much), but I enjoyed it.  She said I was good, and I knew she meant it.  She's a straight talker who didn't talk much.  But I think we all have natural talents, just do what we want to be done on.

Came to think about it, cocks don't normally come into it because how many woman escorts you made them excited for real?  For these girls, if they didn't have an erections, I wouldn't have noticed and would have treated them as a woman.  This girl was somehow excited during foreplay, got a decent erection, so I noticed and play some more.

Also, I tried sucking with a raincoat.  It was totally a turn off with the smell of rubber.  I understand Emma, the orally fixated, who never asked me to put any rubber on before she played her cat and mouse game.  She would kill your cock but let it live at the last minute, so she could play another round, and another.

She led me onto the doggy position without asking.  But I was too tight for her to get anywhere.  So she had to do bottom.  After that, she told me her other name to differentiate me from other callers.  Her "what the hell are you doing" look disappeared and she was smiling while putting her clothes back on.

It was she who I thought of teaming up to fuck Chanel until she had multiple orgasms.  I would enjoy watch so I wouldn't mine paying.  I would have thought the bottleneck would be Chanel.  But this "girl" turn me flat down. No girls for her.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Crossing the line

Once upon a time, my beginner's luck was running out.  Ripoff after ripoff.  The more reviews I followed, the more money I put in, the further away was the teen model look that I was used to.

Then I came across Helen's picture in some unusual places.  Not an ounce of overweight.  Slim with great legs.  The silky long hair and the glasses closed the deal.  If I go for something like this in an ad, it must be a ripoff.

Helen was a struggling porn star, temporarily available for escort.  It was probably true.  If she wasn't needing to pay the rent, she would have preferred to do plenty of her other things, like writing, porn scripting, AIM counseling. 

I can't possibly drive all the way to Studio City so I paid good money for her to meet me in my local Hilton.  The room bell rang.   With great expectation and anxiety, what did I found?  At the peep hole, I saw the classic ripoff posture!  Hand high up resting on the door after knocking, and supporting her full body as if she was tired.  Head looking down, body bending down a bit, legs spread, lowering her body.  Long hair blocking all her face.

There are more to these postures, like ready to push in given half the chance.  But the main thing is that I can't see any of her face.  She was wearing full track suit and running shoes, which was rather unusual.  So I couldn't see any of her because of her loose outfit.

Luckily she had great abs.  I think she unzipped her track suit top just before she ranged the bell.  Because of her posture, I can't even see what bra she was wearing.  But I can see her awesome abs.  I'm sure she worked hard for it, but absolutely nothing muscular.

I opened the door for her.  It was some other beginner's luck.  Her hair was not as long but I didn't notice or care much.  Her legs was just as great in the picture and even better.  The picture was probably old, in her teens, so now in her late twenties she grew slightly more meat.  So her legs were sexier in person.  For the same reason her butt was awesome. 

By this time she was undressed down to her throng.  I could see the porn star treatment she gave herself on her body.  Natural plus hard work and great care.  Almost flawless.  But perhaps due to some hormone treatment, her face is far from perfect, and she couldn't apply lots of makeup to cover it up.  She looked like thirty something plain house wife.  But to be fair, I remembered that there was a current picture of her like this in her website.  So I can't blame her.

So she was standing straight, awesomely semi naked in her thong and her bare feet.  She was very sexy like that and she knew it.  But the reason her feet was cut off from the picture because it wouldn't look good.  Her feet wasn't that small.  But they wasn't big enough for me to notice, and her great legs distracted me anyway.

She knew how to read people, like most escorts.  She asked if she should take off her thong, or leave it like that.  Of course not.  The plan was to keep her thong on like that in the picture.  I saw her bottomless picture on her website.  It wasn't bad but my plan was for her to keep her thong on.

She was a she-male or TS porn star.  At the time I still didn't like hard core porn because I didn't like watching pennis close up all the time.  For $400 (I think) she looked way better than many well reviewed for the same price.  And without extra I could have anal.

Physically anal gave more bang for your balls, and so does spoon.  But many girls will only allow you at her back side doing anything, only if she knows you well.  And anal is more natural for some positions, like flat on the bed, belly down.

I was that much calculating, and that much open-minded.  Before that I remembered clearly I saw a naked she-male on a TV documentary.  A very beautiful blond "woman" just happened to have a dick, a superior woman on every inch except for that.  Any repulsive feeling vaporized with that perfect body (probably enhanced).  The shock value made me remember that TV scene to this day.

Helen had similar effect on me.  Her face wasn't that pretty.  But feminine.  Together with her soft feminine voice, I felt at ease.  I saw picture of her dick.  I don't like to see any dicks.  It was very considerate of her to leave it on for me.  I couldn't  keep my eyes off her legs.

It was a lesson for for orientation and the female body.  She had great waist and butt.  But her natural "breast" was crap.  I thought I like small chest and even flat chest.  I don't mind them all.  But a female chest is different, no matter how flat.  I though I would like Helen's chest but it wasn't at all stimulating.  It wasn't repulsing but I left them alone after trying to appreciate them.

Then I went on to do the body massage on her, with lips and tongue.  She happily turned over to the massage position, face down.  At $400, her flawless backside was a bargain.

After checking out all over her backside, I concentrated on her butt.  I was lying between her spread legs, face on her butt.  So bouncy it could be fake but I doubt it very much.  She didn't even have fake breast yet.

I wasn't into any rimming yet.  I kept on kissing her butt, moving her thong aside when it's obstructing.  Then I moved further and further down between her legs, into her G-spot, pulling her thong aside all the way.  I spread her legs wider and wider and she was very cooperative.

All of a sudden, some strange urge and craving overcame me.  I moaned, or so I remembered.  It was like rimming that girl for the first time.  She put her ass right into my face.  It was so attractive that all of a sudden I lost any inhibition.  Then I kissed, licked, and couldn't have enough of her ass at the time.

I might not be vocal, but I felt like moaning when my tongue dug more and more between her legs, in the delicate areas, dangerously near her balls.

All of a sudden, I lost all inhibition.  I pulled down her thong and turned her over.  I couldn't bear it anymore.  If I lose appetite and my $400, so be it.

I surprised myself again.  I don't even like big bad cocks in porns.  But I liked what I see.  I told you she took care of herself well, every inch of her.  She had a clean cut head, pinkish.  Her whole shaft was pale and you could easily see that it was flawless too.  She was also perfectly shaved with pinkish balls.

It was more than that.  My considerable oral stimulation made her erect.  Her cock wasn't that thick, so it wasn't intimidating.  It was pinkish cute.  But she was longer than me, about eight inches maybe.

So it was like a long carrot dangling right in front of my face.  Rather than repulsed by it,  I get closer to examine it more.  I couldn't resist to kiss her cute pink head a little.  Then I nibbled and sucked a little here and there.  And sooner than you think, I put her head into my mouth and sucked like in a porn movie.  I couldn't believe it.

After I recovered from the trance, I remembered what I came here for.  I came to fuck her ass.  Cooperatively she turned over, back to the massage position with her legs wide spread.  Before that she carefully on the cover for me, and double checked.  She was from AIM after all.

At 5'7, she was about the perfect size.  With high efficiency, my downward thrust got transferred into her ass, and became good resistive force against my cock.  If her lower body was too small, you couldn't get deep inside in that face down position.  If her lower body was bigger, it became a hindrance to penetration.

After I came, we talked a bit.  Very relaxed because she knew I was totally into her, every bit, except perhaps for her breasts.  She regretted to drive all the way to me.  The traffic was horrible that I warned her before.  I thought she knew better.  But she didn't.  She welcomed me to her Studio City flat any time, and it would be only $300.

Like a good counselor (AIM), she advised me to practice with cucumber myself before seeing her next time.  It sounded natural at the time because it would be something I would try.  But remember that a moment ago I wasn't even prepared to see her dick!

With hind sight, I think it could be a hint.  I think she wanted to fuck me there and then.   Because I clearly remembered that before we said goodbye, she had difficulty putting her erect cock back into her tiny thong.  It would be a comfortable thing to do if she fucked me.   But women and she-males alike, she couldn't just offer an extra fuck for free.  Even for regulars they have to find a good reason to offer deep discounts, so they may be able to hold the normal price when they no longer need to offer discounts.

I learned a few things.  That sexual orientation can be discovered, but can't be changed.  I am only attracted to a woman's breasts, no matter how flat they are.  Even if they are beautiful enhanced, they have to fit in with the rest of the body.  I understand oral fixation.  I probably have one.  But it has to be a beautiful woman plus a beautiful cock.  A beautiful feminine woman is so much more important that I don't care much about cocks, with or without.  And I still haven't practiced with cucumber, thought I have no problem with the idea of being fucked by a beautiful "woman".

I didn't see Helen again because of the traffic.  And because I was afraid that I would be addicted and spent a lot of money; same threat for any escorts.

Much later, I did try to find someone else to repeat the Helen experience.  After disappointments, I came to the conclusion that it's much easier to find a beautiful woman without any extra.  And I'm perfectly happy with that.  Until a pretty picture pops up, that reminded me of Helen.

Once I see the beautiful picture of another, and met her.  It was far from ground shaking as the first time, but she was OK, may be even prettier than Helen.  And since she had a good size cock, I thought of asking her to fuck my other "girl friend" together.  I wanted to see my "girl friend" all sweaty after multiple orgasms.  But I hate to see other naked men, or their cocks.  So I though of her, even though I have to pay her as well.

But she turned me down flat.  That reinforced what  I learned, and busted a few urban legends.  A real she-male, not desperate in need of money, do not like girls.  They naturally like men, and they like to be a woman, but they also like their cock.  Any other combination will not be logical.  Apply the law of natural selection, if they don't like to be a woman, they will be homosexual, isn't it?  Any pre-op, post-op classification is a joke.  Some are indeed a woman trapped in a man's body.  I have a friend that went through the operation to become a total woman at middle age, and I had no idea knowing "him" for decades.  Real she-males are happy with their cocks, and proud of them.  They are not going to get rid of it any time soon.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Things you wish you had done

Things you wish you had done, and things you wish you hadn't done too much.  Prostitution fits the bill.

One can't see too much hookers.  Your cash and "stamina" are both limited.  I don't consider myself an addict and I wouldn't know otherwise.  The total do adds up.  But the trick is - maintain a total to deter yourself from doing it too much, if any more.  Or,  do it with self control and don't look back, nor the balance sheet.

If you can eliminate prostitution, that would have been eliminating a lot of my therapies, and happy memories.

There are just so many, and this one didn't come to mind first as the most memorial one.  But I can talk about this.

I took a risk on her as she does outcall only.  Her pictures are definitely her own, with her face on it, modeling her swimsuit.

Her entrance made it worthwhile.  She drove right up to my room.  She got out, wearing a short skirt, something like a tennis skirt, a tight, sporty halter top, a pair of sporty sunglasses, and a pair of unmistakably stripper shoes.  I didn't know why she pick those shoes.  Without them, she is just like a 19 year old girl going out for shopping or anything else.

I think she was still 19, but instead of her skinny model pictures, she grew a little more meat.  I couldn't stand the heat and my cock started working on it's own immediately.  Also, she was wearing a sport bra or just a simple cotton bra.  When I started to undress myself, letting my hard cock out, she took hers off in no time.  All natural.

Her price wasn't modest.  She wasn't doing it full-time, and outcalls don't make you a lot of money in a short time.  But she is a very modest person.  I think she had at least a couple of months training and seen it all.

I don't remember much, as usual, but it can be said that I had something in my hand, or hands, or in my mouth all the time.  I was caressing something, kissing something, or occasionally (I hope) licking something.  She was very cooperative all the time.  So I knew she would be a good girl when I told her to get into my favorite positions at the edge of the bed, with me standing up.

I remembered the condom overflowed.  She told me after I came, added in a few more jerks to make sure every last drop came out, and rested in the warm and moist host for a minute or two.  Then she asked me to get off her politely and apologetically and checked the condom.  She was right.

After taking a shower and brushing her teeth (!), we chatted.  She started about her nose, her weak point.  I told her the truth that I think she is pretty, but what I didn't tell her is that, even with a perfect nose job, I had better, so really it doesn't matter.

And she was going to expand her wardrobe at that direction, which obviously worked.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

New year resolutions

Yes, I'm fashionably late.

Helping people - I will still be writing something, elsewhere if not much here.  Suddenly I though of sugar babies.  You can have a lot of useful information if you open your eyes (and open your labels).  If you only listen to sugar daddies and other sugar babies, it's like let trusting the captain and crews of the titanic.  [stepping down of the soapbox]

Drink enough red wine.  My belly is growing to a state that I have difficulty buttoning my pants.  It all started when I switched to beer because an alcohol free version is pretty good.  My belly didn't shrink when I went back to red.  I can also be a guru here.  If you have one kid with perfect body mass index, it's by chance.  More than one you can be a guru.  But probably it's genetics.  For the same reason, but different subject, I should have gone back to their private pre-school and demand a multi-year endorsement contract dating back to when they were there.

Mrs Player sees the world a bit.  She mostly sees young, tall, big breasted, leggy girls, a bit threatening to her ego.  She fought back in her own way.  One day I saw her standing right next to my beautiful kid.  You will wonder why anybody will care about age or younger girls or the size of breasts.

When I manage to button up my pants, I still got hits from all sides.  Modestly dressed girls in their twenties looking for similar thinking men.  But I dressed modestly because I don't want to attract attention at my age.  Otherwise they will turn covertly hostile or out-rightly hostile after they have the chance to check my ID.  And of course single mothers, divorcees, teachers and even a cute headmistress.  I can all be in my head though.

And I will be going into the net, with nettops and netbooks.  I would have a true netbook and a true nettop many years ago.  My "netbook" was only used to surf the net in bed and for my kids to play games.  They broke it and we have no use for it.  They are bad in bed and bad for games.  I hate to carry around something unnecessary that I could leave behind, like my ring and watch.  The player syndrome?

I'm the one who upgraded from Windows 95 to Windows XP and still refusing to upgrade to anything.  I upgraded because of Movie Maker that came with it.  Now I can't do anything worse without Windows.  There's not much to upgrade on the hardware side either - the net is the bottleneck.  It would be a true Linux nettop if not for Mrs Player who is a pain in the ass when asked to do something differently.

This time the difference is that Mrs Player will approve of the sexy net-whatevers instead of my junks, and I can have as many as I like, and she can have more shoes.  Indeed, inspired by my kids' dentist, I may be mounting a decent over the top monitor in the bathroom, and mount a nettop to go with it.  What I want to do with a computer in the privacy of the toilet?  Go figure.

I'm sure not ALL my apps can be done via a nettop.  But for everything else, there is Amazon.  It's even free for a whole year.  I can use a faster OS on my nettop and start anything else on Amazon when I need to.  I can have a much bigger free hard drive without losing sleeps. Why you want to play with more junk machines in the cloud?  It's better than washing the heat sink.  And my skins are too delicate for the huge power supply.

My kids have moved in a way.  I'm totally fed up with satellites and cables.  I got rid of them all.  I got the idea when my little kid tried out Netflix all on her own in a game box.  The motion sensor is a super remote control that any kid can use like a professional channel surfer.  So all the other boxes other than the TV and all the buttons are gone.  It takes a while, if ever, for the old Movies to have HD.  But they don't care that much.  The advantage is, when they can watch anything anytime, they don't.  Me neither.