Saturday, May 17, 2008

While I was catching up in blogging, trying not to be sacked, discussing my fav body parts, I was horrified that I was tagged again.

The bloody rules:
- Post the rules of the six random things tag on your blog
- Write six random things about yourself in a blog post
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I ran out of random things long ago. So I'll start from the beginning.

I was born in a small clinic [1], near a slaughter house [2], on a semi forgotten urban jungle on the wrong side of an airport [3]. My mother always told me that I made scenes frequently if my nanny don't take me to the harbor round the corner to see the animal parade [4]. Little did I know that these animals almost arrive daily marching to the slaughter house. Yes, my father is very pragmatic on money. The flat didn't really cost a lot. There was a power plant there too. The first thing we notice in the morning was the inflation status of a huge natural gas drum right outside the window [5]. We used to watch it as the phase of the moon. Being on an off beat neighborhood had it advantages. It's safe to roam the streets and buildings hunting for treasures such as abandoned shoe polishing kits [6]. As for my father being pragmatic, not only that he could afford to pay some relative with nothing much to do as our nanny, we even have 'cable' TV [bonus]. I still couldn't figure out how the cable company bother to provide the only 'cable' to our neighborhood.

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The English Courtesan said...

Wahahaha, LA Playerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - I forgive you for your scandalous comments on snails as this is good stuff and I'm delighted at your irritability!

Making a scene with the nanny, eh? Somehow I can see that one as if I were there, you cutesy little creature, you... :-)

Livvy xxx
(not near a slaughterhouse but does have cable)