Monday, May 12, 2008

Favorite body parts

The face of a woman is most important to me. It seems to me working women with attractive faces have a longer career. They have the advantage of sealing the deal easier by advertising their faces, at lineups or in the form of introduction meetings.

Of course I'm easily blinded by a well dressed well postured woman right in front of me with a nice body. You remember how they dress, what's their cup size, shape of their legs, toe nails, but little about their faces. But after at most a few times, then the same consideration comes in - it cost about the same, I deserve a prettier face.

A few times I almost decided to walk away on a couple of 19, 20 year olds, but stayed out of pity for their disappointment. I got blown away once they got naked. I never saw them much because I thought they are plenty. They were, but not any more when you are looking. For another woman who must be over 30, even for the 2nd time I saw her, I couldn't stop my eyes scanning her rapidly from head to toe, not knowing where to start. She is ultra sexy and treated me very nice. But her face is plain. Far from ugly, very pleasant, but just not outstanding. Indeed I had trouble remember what her face looks like. I decided against seeing her because I didn't want to be addicted to a woman who didn't meet my standards.

My standard isn't high so to speak. But once I met a pretty woman without costing an arm and a leg, that would set my new standard. If I'm horny / on a business or pleasure trip / have time to kill, nothing really matters. But if I'm planing some time off to let off steam near home, the prettier ones get the calls.

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