Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Best of Tom Cruise [religion]

After watching the real thing, the other creepy Tom videos on youtube become much more interesting:

It seems like that the Org's aren't going to take sue the video off from the internet anymore. That's impossible.

The current DDos raid started on 6 pm EST, 3 PST. Before that, the church of scientology moved it's websites to the company Prolexic, who must now realize that it's a PR disaster. The main site is barely putting on a brave face. Most of the time, only the main pages loads very slowly. Many links don't work. And they have to take off the flash part off their main headers to stay alive. The hollywood site isn't working at all.

I think just like last time, the hackers have some help from the public. The BBC's link to the site is reported to have generate large amount of traffic. Apart from youtube, wikipedia and many other sites have interesting information on scientology.

Updates 0800 1/31 UTC:

The main site returned to normal until there appeared to be a regroup of the attack efforts around 0800 UTC. The hollywood celebrity center website never recovered. scientology uk europe au were all down. [as seen from my local ISP] Then recovered, but it's protector went down! which was supposed to be worth 10 million in a recent acquisition.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Sex therapy

I spent one and a half night on the couch over the weekend, voluntarily. [note to self: next couch must also be longer than me, distressed leather, spring box with sturdy mattress.]

When I ran down the stairs with the laptop, the power cable caught something, toppled it, spilling something onto me. When I cleaned up myself and returned to the crime scene, my wife was already cleaning up, along with her perpetual postnatal nagging since the first child was born. My sin was not one, but the usual three, toppling it, fled, and put myself first instead of the carpet.

Anyway, I wasn't in a rush to clean up the carpet, even if it were the right thing to do first. Whatever I do scientifically possible, she will do it all over again. She isn't a believer of science, or logic for that matter. What goes into the carpet must be all taken out at once - her unsaid motto. She doesn't care about the law of physics, that it's impossible, or organic chemistry, that mortal things will most likely turn into dust and ashes, and return to the earth via the vacuum sucker.

I claimed the 5th, remained silence so as not to further incriminate myself. But when all the missiles were flying around, I couldn't resist not to retaliate a little. I might be able to win some such as the battle of the fire extinguisher in the last post.

I asked if she has seen anybody else put things on the intermediate (or mid-way?) landing at the stairs. I bet nobody does the way she does. It isn't just a thing, but a pair, easily toppled tall things, which can also cause a spill. Well, if I were a banker or a dot-com billionaire, I might put a grand piano on the intermediate landing. But our house isn't that big. I told her basically she's compromising the only fire exit from upstairs, and that if the things got toppled and hurt a guest, we can lost all our assets.

She accused me of not owing up to my mistake, and started a unilateral verbal thermal nuclear war.

I rather have Mrs Jones, who seems to be too indifferent to do such things. Even if she does, if I were Mr Jones, I would have secretly signaled my assistant to call me out for a crisis meeting. Of course it would be an emergency therapy session instead. I can do that but have to wait for the next working day, or her next shopping day. Otherwise I will risk torturing interrogations on returning from therapy.

I have fond memories of a few therapists each representing different types. There is the punch bag type, which is better than going for a round of golf, or a game of pool. Of course sex is never just about sex. It's about the release of excess energy when the stick hits the target harder than necessary. It's about blanking the brain to flush out the bad experiences. Then there's the candle light type to neutralize the negative vibes. If I'm not in the mood for sex, at least I'll go for the pampering type for a massage. Though the possibility of a happy ending is handy in case I change my mind at the end.

As I couldn't go out, I settled for the peace and quiet of the couch, if just for the night. In the morning the wife played her usual triumph card. But I released my secret weapon. So it was a draw. I wished I could have another night on the couch, thinking which therapist I would call the next morning. The wife recalled the player to the bedroom late at night, denying him the pleasure of peace and quiet all to himself. Thinking of his therapists all day long, he was too horny to wait and dared to use the wife as the punch bag instead, and succeeded. The undesirable effect was a female orgasm.

[note to self: the next house must not have an intermediate landing unless big enough for a grand piano]

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Why I cheat?

If you are thinking of putting one of these in your kitchen, your SO may be cheating. If you refused to put in a proper fire extinguisher in your kitchen before, your SO is probably cheating.

What makes a successful cheater? He who nobody ever thinks will cheat in a million years. Such as the massage therapist who told me that I don' t need a massage (with extra) because I was too thin (attractive).

There are narrow windows that I will fix or replace anything in the house. When I had to replace the old fire alarms, I picked up a few of the smallest fire extinguishers available in one scoop.

Everybody knows how fire extinguishers should be mounted, right? There are proper examples everywhere. It have to be easy to spot, even for strangers in your house. It have to be fixed so you are trained where it is. It have to be easy to reach. The full/empty indicator has to be highly visible.

But my dear wife wouldn't let me mount, any fire extinguisher that is. So I put them in less high profile places such as top of the fridge, and the corners at the upstairs corridor. But she hid them in the cabinets. Why would anybody buy fire alarms then? Because they are small enough? Why insurance? Because they are just a piece of paper?

You know my 2nd favorite dish is raw steak on intense heat. Our BBQ is right outside of the house with a gas connection. One day the intense heat caught up with the accumulated grease and set the whole BBQ on fire. It was a matter of life or death, for the BBQ. It was between a minor clean up or to replace the whole BBQ. It was between a slightly darkened exterior wall, or possible gas explosion.

I wasn't panicking. I was well trained. My dormates are the sort who like to use chip pans to fry chips, and forget all about it. There weren't enough extinguishers to go around, as they were the number one party toys. Once I calmly put out a big fire on the electric stove with a fire blanket, which was totaled. A short stay visitor saw all that and was alarmed by my calmness, as if that happened everyday. I wondered if he cut shot his stay.

So I went through all the kitchen cabinets to hunt for the extinguisher. I went high and low, left to right, then all over again. That thing was no where to be seen. My wife was standing still and couldn't help at all. At last she was quite certain that the extinguisher was under the sink where it should be. So I concentrated my efforts and found it. It was there all along, just that it went hiding deeper and deeper into the cabinet as time went by.

When I got the replacement extinguisher, I could have mounted it anywhere I wanted. She learned a very simple lesson the very hard way.

Storm in a tea cup? Absolutely not. Every piece of thing at home reminded me of a losing battle. I don't like staying at home at all.

She was no typical stay at home mom. She stayed at home even when there was only the dog, LOL. But she was an, say, English major, at a prestigious university, though it isn't world prestigious. And she has more degrees and titles than me, long story. One of my fantasies isn't n-way, gang bang, double penetration, but giving a highly educated, preferably English major from a world famous university, a good thorough spanking.

Oh yes, I think I'm going to write The Player and The Wife series, modeled behind The Courtesan & The Wife. But certainly it won't end with only 7 entries. It could be forever, but I'll restrain myself.

I don't think it's only my wife. This Home Hero serious of product is going to be sold in Home Depot, one of the top hardware / home improvement stores all over US. It's alarming. It's not form with function. It's cheap cut down function in pretty disguise. The smaller and slimmer it is, the smaller the fire you can put out. The critically flaw is that the full/empty indicator is at the back of the extinguisher together with a lot of words, instructions, warnings, the usuals. Those who buy this will certainly place the back of the extinguisher against the wall, as in the picture. My wife would never, and I certainly wouldn't, check the pressure indicator regularly. The indicator should be in front, elementary. There's no mounting hardware by default - too bad. It will certainly go hiding as mine did. It's not red. It's white and blend in with your kitchen. Your new baby sitter wouldn't be able to find it. Amen.

If you are going to get one of these instead of, or to replace, a slightly bigger red one, you have been warned. Don't be surprised if your SO cheats down the road - I told you so.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Book preview: 1999

I was hoping for a book, movie or anything else about 1999. All of a sudden, this is much more than I could have bargained for - a dot com PR bunny turning call girl. I'm sure she has a lot of Diary type materials. But she has a real life story line too, getting into and out of escorting, relationships with johns and civilians, all happened right at ground zero at the end of the millennium boom.

The timing could be interesting. It have to be long enough for people to forget about the pain from their tech stocks. Best at the height of another dot com boom, or before another bust, which some new year predictions half heartedly point to 2008, after all the records in the previous year. Or, before a decade had past.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Human Trafficking Evokes Outrage, Little Evidence

This is the first article (sep, 2007) I came across that reflects the view on the ground:

Human Trafficking Evokes Outrage, Little Evidence -
"The administration has identified 1,362 victims of human trafficking brought into the United States since 2000, nowhere near the 50,000 a year the government had estimated. In addition, 148 federal cases have been brought nationwide, some by the Justice task forces, which are composed of prosecutors, agents from the FBI and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and local law enforcement officials in areas thought to be hubs of trafficking.

In the Washington region, there have been about 15 federal cases this decade."

It's interesting how the guesstimate was arrived at:

"Although there have been several estimates over the years, the number that helped fuel the congressional response -- 50,000 victims a year -- was an unscientific estimate by a CIA analyst who relied mainly on clippings from foreign newspapers, according to government sources who requested anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the agency's methods. Former attorney general Alberto R. Gonzales told Congress last year that a much lower estimate in 2004 -- 14,500 to 17,500 a year -- might also have been overstated."

So don't think any prostitutes, hookers, sex workers, strippers, get it more right than the "administration". The same goes for ordinary johns, but since many are discussion board junkies, they may hear a thing or two. The same goes for journalists. With any excuse they put trafficking on the title but the story is a different thing.

Now hear it from the real deal from the ground, Carol Leigh:

In her article, D.A. Harris claims that "100 victims were discovered". The SF Chronicle report holds that "In a series of searches begun Thursday, investigators said they found more than 100 women working as prostitutes at 10 San Francisco massage parlors." D.A. Harris seems to be asserting that all the above were 'victims.' In fact, in the California Bill AB 22 (which we also contributed to), prostitutes are not trafficking victims unless they were victims of forced labor. The Chronicle story of July 13 claims that "Fifty-nine of the women came here willingly and will face deportation proceedings." These women certainly are victims, of the INS, that is. Other aspects of their victimization are unclear and current anti-trafficking efforts 're-victimize' them.
It's very typically that many people assume that all Asian women working in massage parlors are trafficking victims. At least 59% are not, as claimed. With the history of journalists and The Chronicle in particular, I doubt very much if the other 41% are. Most likely that the 59% are definitely to be deported. I'm certain the others many have valid visas and some residents.

The most complain about massage parlors (LA) in discussion boards is the age of woman, too old. That must be the residents. Instead of bored at home, they open a tiny shop and sell their often superior massage skills than the massage school graduates. If clients happen to want sex, they are more than happy to oblige.

US visas are pretty easy to get. For example, a Czech girl I met is young, single and don't have a real job. She can come any time, as long as she doesn't come too frequent and stay too long. Normal tourists visas are valid for 10 years! South Koreans won't be any more difficult to get a visa than the East Europeans.

Trafficking often involves luring young women in impoverished areas by offering them a false job, then force them into prostitution. If they tell you that many South Korean women are kidnapped on mass and shipped to SF, you won't believe it. But the false job lure is also not that credible. It may work a decade ago for once when it's not well known that the jobs are scams. There's a lot more penetration in S Korea than US - the Internet that is:

Cyworld has penetration rates that would make Rupert Murdoch, CEO of MySpace parent News Corp. (Research), green with envy: An astonishing 90 percent of South Koreans in their 20s use the service. Celebrities and politicians set up their own minihompies, and the way to get ahead in twentysomething Korean society is to found a popular Cyworld club, or chat room. -- O-Reilly
The media portraits Chinese arriving in containers at Long Beach. In reality nowadays the Chinese aren't that desperate to leave. I just saw the news that this year, Disney and Universal Studio are all ready with Chinese theme park guides, for the first wave of group tourists from China. For the first time, the US administration allow group tourists, probably meaning anybody with a return ticket can get on one of the many tour buses running around LA sight seeing, without fearing that they will disappear into the vast Chinese community here. [My bad: it looks more like the US tourist industry lobby China to allow their tourists to go to USA.]

If you follow the articles, it looked as if the journalists never follow the trial outcomes. They only like to report operations, stings, and the number of people rounded up. There are no reliable statistics of trafficked victims. You have to remember that the CIA use newspaper clippings to guesstimate.

Now a typical journalist (full article):

Authorities were also searching for suspects involved in human trafficking. Of the nearly 25 locations that were visited, one woman said she was a victim of human trafficking.

But not all women arrested last week appeared to be forced into it.

I'm not making light of the trafficking problem, but I'm fed up with journalists. You can see the attitude of them. The appearance as felt by the reporter doesn't fit the fact he reported. Also, I wonder why they have not any details of the woman. Let's see if the age and race fits with the trafficking estimations. By the way, the area in the map of the 25 raid locations easily covers 500,000 to a million population.

"Everyone seems to realize that it is a widespread problem, but we just don't have those statistics," Haley said. "It is probably happening a lot more than we think. Getting the victim to come forward is a problem."

Last year, a human trafficking case out of Los Angeles led to the conviction of nine people from a sex ring where victims as young as 13 were promised jobs, then suffered threats and beatings as they worked as prostitutes in brothels.

In john's terms, this is blatantly a bait and switch. It's not fact, but they tell you what you like to hear anyway. Then they talk about something else supposed to be hard facts, but no link to any article. For god's sake, I'm looking for convictions, and no journalist seemed to be interested to report it. Anyway, I bet the conviction has nothing to do with the area in question.

If you don't believe the US president because of Iraq, you should believe 10 times less what the UN says, because of Iraq - UN is corrupted from top to bottom as evidence from the oil for food program. I'm sure 99.999..% of the UN are doing their jobs or wanting to do their jobs, but they are not elected, little accountability. How the UN can give any useful statistics about trafficking and prostitution, when the CIA use foreign paper clippings? For the WHO, it's a matter of looking at hospital data and sample local doctors' data. Do you think all the brothels in the world tell you where they are and tell you how much they earn?

It's a matter of getting the facts straight and use resources wisely. Do you know how they deal with underage prostitution of American girls in LA? They don't. They all have a fake driver license made of authentic materials - just their records don't really exist. When they get caught their fake ID and age will be entered into the system. They are not held long enough for thorough checks. When they are arrested again, nobody will verify anything about their ID already in the system. It's from the discussion boards, but if there's anything incorrect, there would have been many many rebuttals over the years, like many other issues. Also, sometimes when (adult) prostitutes are arrested, newspapers report them to have multiple ID's and nobody knows which ones are the real ones.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

who u c at the n of the world?

The question was inspired by a TV episode Cold Case. A lot of people did believe that it was going to be the end of the world - the Martian invasion as broadcasted by Orson Welles in 1938. A girl working in a dance hall, a G-rated version of strip clubs, sneaked off from her husband and kid to see a regular patron of hers for a couple of hours. She wouldn't do anything otherwise.

I only watched this episode recently when my DVR recordings were running low because of the writers' strike. I leave Cold Case to the last because it always comes with a little sadness, and it doesn't go well with the skip button activating every 15 second.

The question isn't who you want to pick on a desert island, or what you want to do. It's who you want to be with, and that have to be mutual. So I think the answer to most will be the person who have been close to you (if you have somebody). But I think I might just have a choice.

It's difficult to love an active working girl knowing everything. Good reasons help, such as supporting family and kids. Exclusive clients, being sugar babies, not too bad. Surely not somebody who lives with her mother for free, wear Chanel shoes, Dior glasses, and drives her boyfriend's tax deductible company car in the form of a large number Beamer.

Popular girls either provide GFE, or being target practice of porn moves. Do I have to elaborate on the visuals? Difficult stuff.

There have to be sparkles. I always like to kiss the girl who dumped me, minutes at a time. Once she called me up and I told her if I saw her I had to kiss her for 15 min. She didn't promise anything but asked me if any other working girl would let me do that? I don't mind kissing my wife too but she wasn't that keen. Maybe so I paid.

Of the girls who I dumped, I don't think they have enough crush on me to see me again, not at the end of the world. So I think I have a chance with Chanel. She knew I am quite fond of her. I don't think she hates me that much. I know I'm available and I'm geneous, but if I'm just another client that she doesn't like, she wouldn't have called me up that much.

I did push the envelope with her, but I always looked for what she was comfortable to do. Once I showed her the Fredrick of Hollywood's costume catalog and asked her to pick. Her first pick was the bride! See, we have a good working relationship. OMG, I should have taken great risk and solved the logistics of getting the mail order received secretly, and kept the costume somewhere secretly. Just before that I gave her a sexy semi-transparent suit that she refused to wear. Later I found out that she didn't hate costumes, but she just didn't want to look bad in it - one size too big. Later, whenever she want to make up to me for something bad she did, she would ask where the suit was, though I told her time and time again I returned it.

When we first met, she might have boyfriend that she liked. You know, the no kissing rule, wooden performance. But I am rather certain she doesn't have anybody now. She told me she doesn't have feelings for her boyfriend and now husband. That couldn't have been a lie. If she liked him more she would have married him and had his kids long ago, without calling me to support her (shopping) all the time. Long before she admitted that she had a rich boyfriend, she would only see me in a narrow time window. And if she was only a sugar baby working on the side for extra money, there's no reason to dump me.

She might want to see somebody else but I doubt if she could forgive any guy who dumped her because she wasn't good enough. And the handsome guy in the Ferrari that she spotted on the road the last time we met, will certainly not interested in seeing a stranger with no bonding at all.

She's so proud of herself whenever she took off her clothes and got close to me, my beautiful instant erection never failed, even when she increased her dress size because of the pill. At first she wouldn't allow me to touch her feet. But she often dangled her feet and showed off her beautiful pedicure once she got the hang of it. She might not enjoy the sensation of being kissed and licked over from head to toe, but sure she enjoyed the symbolism of it. I wasn't doing it to please anybody but me.

We couldn't have given up anything for each other, even if we had thought about it. But the n of the world is a different thing.