Friday, June 02, 2006


There should be a book or a movie with this title - the year 1999 is so extraordinary in so many ways. (There are, but nothing dramatic.) Being the turn of the millennium amplifies everything, or maybe causes everything: Y2K crisis, stock market, so many people aren't the same anymore.

That's the last time I had a player's fatigue. Once I called up an ad for a blue eyed blond. Then I found myself in some agents client list. New girls in town that fitted the profile would call me up, like doing an audition on the phone. $400, $500, ..., $700... That's how it was, nobody gave a dam as long as the girl was half pretty. But the more I did, the more I felt unfulfilled one way or the other. Oh yes, they were attractive, and we had good times too. But what's the point of going over the same thing again and again?

I could remember when I was in LA, nobody in my short list returned my calls. That was the sign of the times. When you looked at the stock quotes on your cell phone, you realized that your net worth was up by 10%. What would you do to celebrate? Usually, I would be richer after seeing a girl for an hour when the stock market was open - who cared about what she charged? So the good and the famous were usually unavailable on short notice. It's hard to find somebody decent to return your calls.

I was desperate. Somewhere on my list was a phone number that I must had dropped down a while ago. I didn't know what she looked like and what was her name. I only knew that she must looked good in her pictures. I called the number.

to be continued...

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