Sunday, December 09, 2007

The worst play day - epoch zero

The events leading to the worst play day are here. I woke up in the morning. I did my rituals as usual - shave my shaft and trim my balls. It wasn't for her. I do it on all occasions if I have time, for example, the safe time for brushing and flossing is a couple of hours before the session. Also, used my wife's facial scrub with micro pores to cleanse my delicate skins. I'm not fussy, in fact I'm lazy. Delicate facial scrub seems to be the magic bullet for lazy people. It's powerful like sand paper, but doesn't hurt on your most delicate parts. Best of all, I didn't even need to buy it. If I get some body scrub myself, or some kind of body sponge, that would be suspicious.

Then I called her and left her a message, telling her to call me when she woke up. The hotel was booked. My schedules were rearranged. She confirmed in no unmistakable terms that she would turn up for lunch. But we hadn't fixed the time. I knew most likely she hadn't wake up when I called her. I was hoping to get her out earlier and do something before lunch.

Lunch time was approaching and still she didn't return my call. I also called her a couple of times. I was crossed. I couldn't think of a reasonable reason for her. I dumped working girls before for more trivial reasons. But I was curious what she had to say. I wasn't doing much work and so I checked in the hotel to meditate - lying in bed watching TV. If the room wasn't prepaid I would have canceled and drove to Beverly Hills instead. All will be forgotten.

At this point, I hope my reader(s), Livvy in particular, will not be disappointed that I told a little of this story before. But I have to get the full version out before I can explain why she almost turned me into a stalker recently.

And I wasn't mixing business with pleasure, my dear Mcwhore. It was pure business. I am a good employer of hers. Relatively speaking, I was paying her McDonald's salary so she wouldn't want to turn up at Walmart. I know sometimes she works at Target but wouldn't want to miss the extra pay from McDonald's. I know her heart wasn't in it but I know how to get the most out of her. In this case I had given her enough free lunch in arguably the best restaurant in town. For once I had this modest request in return - food before sex instead of the other way round.

We were way pass the stage of giving other mixed signals. Once she went so far as to sitting on top of me, beating my lower back with her fist, trying to beat the truth out of me - who's better in bed, my wife or her. She wasn't joking. I took some punches thinking of something. The best I got was that I don't need a condom with my wife. She was speechless, disappointed, and let go of me. It is not what you are thinking. I gave her early warning that my wife was shrinking back to normal after producing another kid. It's just one of those half truth excuses I planted on her so that she wouldn't depend on my McDonald's salary too much. I could be gone tomorrow, probably with a new girl. Whatever she did, it wasn't about me. However, if I was wrong, it explained why she must had hated me.

Five minutes to noon I got a call from her. Just when I was ready to give up, check out and think of something else. She just told me she would be coming to the restaurant. No explanations. No nothing. She didn't give me the chance to ask any questions. She just say she was busy today. Though, she TOLD me to get a table first. I was expecting an apology but getting shit. Well I rather not having a freebie lunch if I have to take this. What was she thinking? But I know she couldn't resist taking the money. That's why she turned up.

Well I really don' t know what's on her mind. Did she hate me for making a conditional appointment after lunch, that she had to look beautiful? Did she want to give me a message or teach me a lesson because I want extra freebie not on the clock? I booked her three days ago and if she had more important things to do, she could always reschedule me. But it's my fault that she knew that wouldn't happen. She knew that she had to turn up or nothing. Part of the reason is that I'm not a totally free man. If there's a time window and I wanted to screw someone, I'll call her. If she couldn't make it that's her bad luck. Part of it is jealousy. If she appreciates my McD's salary, let me triumph everybody else. If she doesn't bother to turn up, I understand.

When I was calm sipping my premium brewed beer at the restaurant lounge, waiting for a table, she called me impatiently, asking me did I get the table yet. Not yet. I forgot that we always turned up late so there were plenty of tables. I didn't thought we need to reserve one. This time we were early. But the wait wouldn't be long, it was a big restaurant, and not cheap for lunch. She turned up two minutes later anyway.

If I don't know she's a professional liar, I would think she has a split personality or bipolar. On Friday she was speaking on the phone like an obedience girlfriend, confirming everything. Come Monday, she came not in a good mood, as if she was bothered by something, bothered that she had to turn up.

It might be that she has a real boy friend living with her, knowing everything. He disapproved of the lunch date when he found out later, and so she had to act accordingly. Or it was her best friend, mentor, from hell who disapproved. It happened all the time. She promised me something without hesitation, then regret it later. She gave me her email address right away when I asked. But seemed to regret it and never returned my email.

She has near porcelain skin. The first big step in our relationship was that she kissed me when she knew I was about to dump her sooner or later. The next one was perhaps I conquered her feet. At first I could fuck her hard core but I couldn't touch her feet. At the end she was enjoying professional pedicure and foot spa and then showed off her feet. I must had turned into Belle de jour's toe flosser. Then one day I spread her legs and checked out her ass. It was lovely pinkish and I couldn't resist giving her star fish lingering kisses. For me it isn't something submissive on my part as AH thinks. Worship is worship. You want it all, you want it with all your senses. My lips are more sensitive than my fingers, the tongue is thousands of times more sensitive than finger tips. You can feel the skin texture and the minute reactions. Well, you can taste at the same time with your tongue, and smell too because your nose is so close. These could be problems with the star fish, but we always take a shower first in turn. If she enjoys it, it's a plus. If she doesn't, it's even better. It's torture physically or of the mind. The first time she took it naturally. She didn't resist and let me took my time. Then, she refused to spread her legs ever again when I wanted to try that again. It seemed like that her one body comes with two minds. Or she has a close real boyfriend, or a close mentor, who disapprove of that for McD's salary.

Now I had already taken several blows. She didn't return my calls for the whole morning when we had a firm appointment. I was supposed to be in LA, handing in my passport renewal forms in person to some embassy, though in fact I mailed it in. I saved this excellent excuse for her but she made a mess of it, when I could really drive to LA and Beverly Hills. She called me up at the last minute to get a table ready for her. Then turned up just to take the money and spending as little time as possible.

I was crossed for a while but calmed down. It was her nature and she was capable of these things from time to time, as if she was another person. I knew her number one rule is not to explain the unexplainable. But I was there, patient and waiting. Finally she spoke impatiently, "my cell ran out of battery".

Her number two rule must be, when you can't remain silence, say anything. My brain was flashing like the Intersect, then like a Vulcan getting the most irrelevant illogical input, all fuses in my brain blown off. I started to be detached. Well if she called me again, she had to make it up big time. She always had to. But if she planned to retire, there's nothing much I could do but to enjoy the last meal. I wasn't cruel enough to make her turning up for nothing. If it were all, I would have forgotten about it. But these were only tip of the iceberg.

Her cell phone running out of battery wasn't an explanation, but a plot. Soon after we sat down on the table, she borrowed my cell. The moment somebody answered the phone I regretted it. I thought she would be calling somebody, saying that she was at lunch and she would be late, reschedule or something. But what did she do? First, she turned into a different person. Not the impatient bothered girlfriend sitting opposite me at the table. She became a very lively person talking to her new boy friend, or her number one client, "Hellooo Johnnyyy! .........................." By the way, that's his real name, I checked. She was really very happy that he answered the phone. And the dots meant that the conversation was really lively and long, and she was enthusiastic. In contrast, a minute earlier we looked like boring old husband and wife at lunch.

God knows how many rules she broke by doing that. I was speechless, boiling over, taking blows after blows like sitting on the beach when a tsunami arrives. Firstly I want to arrest her there and then for "behavior of unbecoming a hooker", for using my cell phone to call another client, and without blocking my caller ID. It was unprofessional to mention other clients, let alone chatting to one, when you are on a lunch date.

I don't give a damn if she was telling other client that she would be late. It was obviously a cold call. She was chatting away as if I wasn't there. I knew she didn't want to be there, but did it had to be like that? Money don't buy you happiness, but it should be enough to buy you smiles! That's all professionals are about, and she knows it. I don't care if she was chatting to her mother or sister, it was insulting. I was cheap to ask for a free lunch date, but not cheap enough to take these.

At first I thought it was one of her favorite clients. I was jealous because she seldom talked to me like that on the phone. But then I didn't think I paid as much. Suddenly it dawned on me that she was really bad. She must had spoofed me with her other clients phone when I didn't answered her call!!! If I wasn't available to play, I wouldn't answer her call, and sometimes wouldn't return her call at all. I think she understood I would be in the middle of something when she called. There's no point to pick up the phone when I couldn't play, and there's no point to return her call either. She did the same too when I called her.

Now it dawned on me that sometimes she thought I dumped her so she used other clients' cell phone so I didn't know it's her who's calling and answer the phone. That explained some mysterious calls with dubious numbers that I didn't answer. I dumped some agencies too who would call me when they have new girls. I thought it was them. But I also picked up the phone when it was her calling from other numbers. I never thought she was that bad. It also explained some mysterious text, which must be her client trying to find out who she was calling.

She was bad, but I was honored. She must cared enough (about the money) to spoof me like that. But now I know she hanged out with some other clients, but not me. Now she didn't care that much about me (my money) anymore, but care more about Johnny ('s money).

It was worse. That explains her other bipolar behaviors. Sometimes she wanted to hang up fast when I called, but other times she encouraged me to chat a bit first even she couldn't come out to play. It wasn't how much she wanted me (my money) at the time. When we chatted I had a hunch that she was with other clients, now I'm certain. She took the chance to create competition, or to teach someone a lesson.

In the past I would have given her half the money and left. I did exactly that once. But she refused to go, sort of begging me to have sex, and took ALL the money. This time I didn't thought of that. Maybe I sensed that she was going to quit any time soon. I wanted to fuck her good one more time.

My saving grace was that, her conversation began to turn sour, though I didn't hear a word what she said. When she finally hung up, her face was red, her head was down, thinking of something sad. I was a little happier, but I must looked like a bomb to her when her mind was back to the table. She tried to defuse it by asking me what's wrong, as if she didn't know. I hated that and remained silence. "Is it the charge?", that almost triggered an explosion. Well, she knew I was trying the prepaid thing so it cost a few dollars. Did I look like the kind of person caring about a 10 dollar bill? But it's sad listening to their chat on my account. I couldn't manage to simply tell her I was jealous. Did I need to say that? Wasn't that what she wanted by calling Johnny, and she got it?

She wanted an answer, otherwise I would be sitting there boiling over and did nothing. So I gave her one, a good one. I was concerned about my caller ID. She told me it wasn't a cell phone, it was home, so it was unlikely my number would be logged on the phone. But she was naive or she just tried to say something. Most phone carrier has records of all calls on the bill. If you subscribe to caller ID and have a non-primitive phone, all numbers will be logged. To ensure mutual destruction, the first thing I went home was to lookup the number. It wasn't home. It was a business. I got Johnny's full name, photo, her wife's, his number of employees and turnover. I wasn't even paying a dime for the info. I never had the chance to show or send this to her and teach her a good lesson not to mess with other's phone numbers. If I picture text her from cold or email her, it looked like blackmail.

She almost confirmed indirectly then it couldn't be uncle Johnny. She was in a way saying she did outcall at his home, or actually business, which made more sense when he had a wife. I was jealous because once I invited her to my home, but she wasn't keen because it was too far, and hinted extra compensation for the trouble. Working girls, imagine how many client's number that you can recall? She typed in Johnny's number on my cell. That's something. Or it was a plot. She memorized his number before she left her car and came in. Either way, it was bad. But she went through those trouble typing in my number previously made me feel better. It's sad that I was falling out of favor or she was quitting.

I think she lost Johnny and her mind was back. I put everything aside. If she quited, there's no hard feelings but if she didn't, she would have to make it up to me big time, sooner or later. It was a social lunch and my natural charm returned. Unintentionally I made her laugh even though she wasn't in the mood after losing Johnny. It was not as enjoyable as the others that I had with her, but not too bad, considering the bad start.

I should have stayed crossed, or pretended to be. She got away with it and she wanted more. Knowing that we were going to Ramada, she asked nicely if she could to go to Neiman Marcus first. I could have said no but I was trying to be nice. Also, it would be to my advantage that she would not be in a rush back there after sex.

It was rather insulting that I had to wait in my car rather than showing off my trophy girlfriend in Neiman Marcus. There's nothing wrong with me. In the same Fashion Island, I went in and out of at least Bebe's and Victoria Secret's changing rooms with my girlfriend's without problem. Maybe they aren't not as pretty but certainly Jordan caused more of a stir. So I think she didn't want to run into her friends who know her boyfriend. But somehow I always think that every time she told me she had to go there, she was going to return her client's gifts for cash. That's why she wouldn't want me to know her tricks of the trade. Or this time she was really shopping for something in order to dress to kill. I knew she had something big coming up. She didn't want me to be jealous.

I was crossed again as it was at least 20 min or 30 minutes in the parking lot. You just can't expect a client to wait like that before sex. She did called to make sure that I was waiting for her. She was afraid that I would be gone. I didn't care if nobody was available to serve her. I told her another 20 min and I would be gone. I drove off in 15 though. I never left her high and dry even though she was late 99% of the time. I only left once when she was late every time for a couple of times. I was busted once and I no longer could afford the time. She was on probation and I waited for her in a gas station. She was late and I left, not answering her calls.

But I didn't leave her alone this time. She had been worrying how to get to Ramada from NM. I was not exactly sure because the fastest route would be a coastal drive that I wasn't familiar. That's why I left her there so I could try the route and gave her directions. Also, I thought I could scare her a little. She was alarmed when she got out of NM and couldn't see my car. When I told her the directions over the phone she wouldn't believe me at first, thinking I was directing her to the hotel when I was in fact going home.

It really wasn't my day. I shouldn't have picked Newport Beach. At the last left turn into Ramada, she was stuck there for a while. She saw a Ferrari with a handsome young man in it. And she told me all that! Also she was sort of drooling over his car and the guy. I told her her boyfriend's car she was driving isn't that bad. Just get out of the car now and pretend to have problems. She told me that it would be too obvious and wouldn't work. I agreed. But I also wanted to tell her stop drooling and get to work fast, finish the last left turn. I hanged up because she didn't need any more turn by turn instructions.

Before we started. She reiterated that she was busy and needed to go to South Coast Plaza afterward. I didn't give a damn as I wasn't going to rush myself for you. But I thought of my original plot. I prepared enough time for us to go shopping. And there was a lingerie outlet in South Coast that Sophia Ong recommended. So I told her maybe I could take her shopping. She was looking forward to it. I always wanted to take her shopping. But it seemed that she wouldn't risk being seen. Once she was behaving good enough for a couple of meetings so I offered her the chance after lunch, when she told me she was going to NM. She would love to but I called to find out my wife was shopping too, most likely in Fashion Island. So we split. My offer this time was a mistake. What was I thinking? Maybe I was thinking to give her enough incentive so she would compensate me everything in bed this time. Maybe the lingerie pictures Sophia posted clouded my brain.

I took the shower first. She lifted the curtain a bit. I thought she was coming in to join me for a change. But no, she was complaining I was too slow without saying it out. Damn it.

So I tortured her with my tongue and fucked her hard. Any harder I would cum. Then I pulled out and asked her to do a doggy. For the first time she refused, though in a playful way. Normally she offered as many positions as I could manage. I was really crossed. But what could I do? I knew she was telling me she was in a rush, but how long could a doggy take?

So I finished off, wounded. But here came the pinch of salt. She was very nice, expecting me to take her shopping. Damn. So I took gave her the money and gave her enough extra for her to shop on her own. I had no mood to go with her.

My logic was that, I was trying to stay nice, because I knew she was worrying I would take some revenge against her. And if she wanted more money by working double shift in Walmart, or go upmarket to work in Cheesecake Factory instead, I would rather offer a part time assistant manager post for her in McD. That why I showed her the money. If she was going to quit, I hope that she loved the extra money enough to quit later for me. Then I had the chance to make her pay for her bad, making up everything to me.

She left a very happy girl with all the extra money in her pocket. I was totally humiliated, part of it my fault for letting her. I brought some smiles alright, but I was very upset. The time and money was totally wasted.

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