Thursday, October 25, 2007

Deleting Jordan

Jordan was giving me an intense blowjob when I grabbed my cell phone. I retrieved her entry on my call log. With my thumb over the delete button, I mourned for 3 seconds, took a deep breath, and pressed. This wasn't even the first time that I deleted her number. But I knew this would be the last.

Jordan was 20 when I met her. Later she showed me her driver license that could be fake. But I believed her because earlier I went shopping with her, she brought an outfit with 21 on it. It was her birthday present without me knowing.

She had all the symptoms of a newbie. She felt very nervous and insecure inside the room, as if you would harm her given half the chance. You didn't want to do anything out of the ordinary to make it worse. I gave her the benefit of the doubt and gave her many chances. After all, there are plenty of private dancers like that, who will insist that they are not prostitutes during the show, but at the end will offer you sex for $1000. Jordan was very reasonable in comparison.

But Jordan is a pro. She would use every excuse to hide the fact that she doesn't like sex, not touching, nor kissing anywhere. She preferred to go shopping and dinning when she was new in town. When she settled down, she regretted not to charge extra for that.

Once I booked lunch and of course a room, a classy hotel charging a mandatory $15 extra for parking. I was hoping that she would feel secure and relax so I could start doing some body worshiping. She didn't like that we had to drive a little to the hotel, and the pre-booking looked like conspiracy to her. She insisted to pick one of the nearest motels at random. She didn't seem to understand that I could save a lot by prepaid Internet booking with no control over the exact location. Or she just didn't care. The prepayment went up in smoke. The sex wasn't any better.

Once she called me up to say that she would be leaving in the evening for a month to pack up her things and then to come back permanently. That meant she wanted to see me now and she needed money. I thought by doing her a favor she would make some concessions. But it wasn't to be. She even promised the back door for extra handsome cash. But I realized that it was a ripoff later. Obviously, she seldom do it if at all, and she didn't help a bit. I think she could even have closed it air tight with her muscles. No way I could enter. Warming up with fingers and lubrications would be fun, but for her it's wasn't an option, and I didn't even thought about that.

The other time she promised me to take a shower first. After she went into the bathroom, I made a path from the closed bathroom door to the bed, out of brilliant white cotton towels, so her feet wouldn't get dirty. But she came out very soon, complaining that the bathtub was too dirty for her.

I knew she was a pro with a bagful of tricks when I traced her down to her old partner's review. Her partner did most of the same tricks, the most memorable being, "one look at the bathrub, said yuk, and ducked out of the bathroom". But I lust her parter very much, so exotic. I asked Jordan about her. Jordan said she was worse and she was not in town. How honest. But even if her partner was good, Jordan wouldn't introduce us - professional jealousy.

We were in good terms though. When she lost all her keys, including her car key, without her cell, in the middle of the night, she called me. I picked her up, waited for the locksmith to unlock her car, volunteered to follow her home to watch over the locksmith. I think she trusted me more than the locksmith, or we could watch over each other? Unfortunately she was changing all the locks in her apartment. It was a long night waiting in the car; she wouldn't allow me in the apartment. I didn't leave really for her security, and also it was a good time to have sex, in HER apartment! I wouldn't ask her but if she asked me, I would state my terms. She invited me into her living room, only to help her to dispose of her long broken TV in the middle of the night, when the drilling must have woken a few neighbors. Nothing else happened. But I wasn't bothered.

I did find a way to use her. I convinced her to do a threesome with my favorite regular girl, Chanel. They blew each other away when they met. That was another story.

After I tried a few things on my book, I gave up on her. To protect myself from having further false hope on her, I ceremoniously deleted her number from my phone book, so I couldn't possibly call her even if my heart told over for a moment. I told her in my pleasure scale, I have many other options for her price tag, which was true. But she could call me anytime when she thought so too.

Eventually she called me. I knew she came to her senses; she couldn't survive long after the new in town factor was gone. After we got comfortable, I realized that the price was only for a blowjob! She was hopeless. Of course I didn't fall for the desperate up selling. So blowjob it was. After that, I wouldn't possibly fall for any more of her tricks anymore. I already deleted her from my phone book. I made sure to delete her latest phone call on my log, and checked all saved text messages to get rid of any trace of her, while she was blowing me.

After the blowjob, she wasn't keen to go. She stayed on, very sweet to me, if only to try selling more. I wasn't in the mood to talk. She took my phone and played with it. She went through my cam pictures, which was used to take screen shots from escort advertisements. That was my short list. Each girl in the list had a phone number picture and a face picture. That was quite an impressive display. She went on to check my phone book. It was full of female names too. Then she realized that she wasn't in it. She asked me about it, maybe thinking that I filed her under some nickname that I made up. I just looked at her without emotions. Finally she made the connection, and said to herself in a little voice, "Oh." Her expression was priceless.

She was smart. She seemed to realize what I just did on my phone. She was all fired up, and after furious thumbing, she must have find that her number was absent from my recent call log too. Then she turned calm again. It was my happiest day with her since I knew her. I said goodbye as if that was the last, but she acted normally and sweetly, thinking that she could have some more trick in her bag to get me again.

She didn't call me for a while after that. What else could she think of? Until one night, we ran into each other at the parking lot of some party plaza. She could recognize my car and I could recognize hers. She came to my car window and exposed her breast, while inevitably some guys saw it all, thinking I was Brat Pit wearing a Halloween mask. Oh, I was very fond of the pair, and how much I missed them. However, her excuse to expose herself was to show me her new nipple ring! Even though she knew that I hate piercing. If I could tolerate any of it she would have asked me to take her to a piercing parlor and pay for it. Worse, it not just the ring, at the time she had a long bing chain connecting the two rings! It was vandalism of the worst kind, and I didn't hide my feelings, though I didn't say a word. I didn't need to.

We chatted a bit in her car. She must be waiting for me to offer sex in her terms. I was just being polite. She knew I wasn't coming back. I knew she was upset when I left.

One day she called me. By that time I recognized some of her digits and knew it was her. But I didn't pick it up for the first time. She never called again.


Pete from Cal said...

I enjoyed this post Player. You're a good guy tolerating this girl for so long and being so patient with her. I'd have kick her ass to the curb long ago. She must be quite hot for you to chase her for that long. Too bad it didn't work out. Thanks for sharing! :)

The Player said...

I did dump her, but she called me for no good reasons. It's too long, but of course I multitasked. She was hot, that's why I couldn't forgive her for the nipple ring.