Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dollar Destinations

Buenos Aires and Club Black are popular hits on my blog. I have been wondering why. Something to do with the dollar? I can think of one other destination for non-Spanish speakers that is great if you hold US dollars, even better if you hold something else.

There are at most a few things that I agree with the global flash packer and now author of a NYT best seller. His favorites cities are San Francisco, Tokyo, Frankfurt and Buenos Aires, in descending order of living expenses. I have to agree, though I haven't been to all of them. But if you are a player like me, you know he's a player too, just looking at his favorites. But I'll add London at the top. And if you like part-timers, UTRs, non-pros and semi-pros, you have to add many other cities in the islands.

The weather is about perfect in BA now. It will get hotter towards December, requiring air conditioning. It's also about perfect in Hong Kong now. It's unbearable hot and humid in summer, and can be chilly later in winter. By the way, the dollar is roughly fixed at 8 HKD, whereas the yen isn't. The RMB is a ticking bomb which could have rocketed if the Chinese let it.

Hong Kong has Club BBOSS, formerly Club Volvo, which was the largest hostess club in the world. Then it became the largest club outside of China. Then one of the largest club in China and the world. The entrance is like a glass doll house complete with fairy tail princesses. You are taken to the lounge area by a replica Royal Royce electric car.

There is the Bottoms Up topless bar, which James Bond appeared in The Man with the Golden Gun. Now the bar relocated to make the movie geologically correct.

25 years go, the director did not have enough money to film Blade Runner in Hong Kong. Now they are really selling high tech toys like junks in the market. They have the best price in iPod (reuters), though the price of land and living expenses isn't far from Tokyo. To get those things you have to walk a little away from the skyscrapers, pass the market, go through narrow stairs and into malls with narrow passage, low ceiling, and tiny shops that couldn't hold all their sale persons. All sorts of electronics are stacking there and hanging there like junks. 24 hour suits are famous but you can order your custom Core 2 Duo PC, get it assembled and tested within the hour, before it's available in US. Not to mention that it's a dumping ground for new Japanese gadgets. If you think people lining up for days to get the iPhone for nothing are not clever, the Asians are worse.

There is the 5th busiest international passenger airport, 1st in Asia. I bet it might be 3rd within a couple of years. The current site is just a couple of years new. By the way, LA has the most non-connecting passengers in the world. So I can see the connection here, a lot of Los Angelians flying to Heathrow or Hong Kong.

There's the world's top call girl site, which used to be consistently in the world's top 100, before whole heartedly closed down by law enforcement. Now the servers are all overseas. Now it's truly bilingual, including reviews and discussions.

You may prefer the IM crowd if you can take a little risk. They may go to movie and dinner with you if they like you, or get stood up in front of the book shop if they don't.

The price is roughly $300 to $3000. At the lower end the price is comparable to BA, but because of the more ideal market, you have more fun. For the price you walk into Club Black and walk out with someone, you can have arguably model materials from all over China a phone call away. By the way, you can have Japanese and Koreans too. You can find other Asians in girlie bars.

However, it will cost you a fortune if you get hooked to the clubs and their hostesses. But I have to agree with Sigmund Fuller and his friends. As I have written in Looks 1,3 &3, your tastes may change depending on your experiences. If you reward a dog a bone or a monkey a banana every time, you can teach them to pick anything.

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