Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Gillette had some posts about looks. I wanted to add that one's preference on the looks of the opposite sex (or same) changes over time, though someone must have commented on that. George Clooney versus the Supernatural stars is a big give away on the stage of your life journey.

My theory is that at the beginning of your life cycle, you are most affected by others and society, which in turn is very much affected by genetics. Then it's the self discovery phrase. I have the opportunity to see lineups of attractive women, and slept with women all over. When you are in such a totally liberated state, when nobody else know what you pick, when nothing matters after the deal is done, my pickings surprise myself sometimes. So I end up knowing what I think I prefer isn't very right, and understanding why I always end up with something else. Ok, back to the theory. When it's time to reproduce, genetics again takes over. In Gillette's comments you can find a lot of references to babies. But then are the preference in looks at this stage of life the same as the goal of making big beautiful babies?

In the beginning I like tall women, curvy with meat but not fat. I would think that is very typical. I think surveys after surveys on men show that model thin girls are not as sexy. They have the advantage when wearing clothes. Cute tight shirts and short skirts looks a lot sexier with meat bursting out the seams. I would call them big as compared to smaller girls but I learned never to use the word again when ordering.

I was immature for my age so I didn't get the bigger girls, though they couldn't wait for me to grow up :-) I held out rather than getting anything available to ruin my reputation. As the guys with girl friends seldom show up on social occasions, my circle of friends got younger and younger. Guys always hide their little sisters from me, but their girl friends don't.

I ended up with a small girl, the less than 5'3 sort. She was still too young to wear makeup, but her sister put some on her to show off sometimes. Once I was left alone with her wearing a basketball vest and a volleyball short in my apartment. She is small but everything is in good proportion. She is beautiful. She has the theory that small girls has to be much more beautiful in order to be noticed. She was so cute that I couldn't help taking her out as a playmate, to Seaworld and Disneyland that sort of thing. But very soon, after the 2nd date?, we were making out all the time. I wanted to keep my hands off her but she was like a magnet to me. All the time I was thinking how do I dump her and get out of the situation.

Going out with her was a sensation, sort of. In restaurants we would get VIP service. She is attractive alright. But if she goes out with family or friends, she wouldn't get so much attention. She is so cute and she is probably on a date. Boy waiters come near us often to find out. Men waiters come near often to watch out for her, might be to stop me from doing something indecent on her. I think there are some male fantasy and jealousy in it.

When we were in a water theme park, a little boy, barely 40" high, kept following right after her at lineups. I didn't know I should be proud or beat him up. But anyway, I was so horny myself. She is small, tits are not big at all, looks slim, but she got some meat on the right places, and a killer waist. Her one piece swim team swim suit showed it all. I couldn't wait and pulled her into a pool corner, hidden by a water fountain at waist height, and made out. I was kneeling down in the water, holding her floating, as in space. In the bus, a group of small boys, her size, kept checking her out from beside our seat and behind. I think they have mixed feeling, hoping that she wasn't on a date, but she was so delicious that who else could I be? They became restless and annoying so I put my arm around her shoulder, held her waist with my other hand, and almost lifted her legs on top of mine. They were like just lost a ball game and laid flat on their seat.

Her sister wasn't worrying, neither were her parents. But before I took her to my apartment when my parents were out, we liked to break in a local high school after dark, and made out. Then I took her back to her home nearby.

I should be proud but I was ashamed to be seen with her in public. I wished she was taller. Maybe we didn't look like a couple - I wasn't 5'5. And maybe I should find someone of my age. I had a teenage TV model chasing after me. She had great legs, told us she did a TV ad for jeans for a second or two, without showing her face. Maybe she wasn't beautiful enough but I found her attractive always wearing makeup. But I felt like her little brother beside her. I had a female friend's little sister crazy for me. She is a lot taller at 5'6? She got the perfect body and went on to teach aerobics class when she was at college. She was real jealous of this little girlfriend of mine that she met many times. She is just a few inches taller, a year or two older, face is her weak part but I found her rather cute. She didn't know why that small girl got all my attentions. Neither did I.

Later I learned something about myself when I paid and picked women that I desired over a large pool of different sizes, shapes, and ages.

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Anonymous said...

Are tall girls really that much better than short? Are other guys embarrassed to be with short girls?