Sunday, January 21, 2007

If I were to sell my body ...

I would dye my hair Scandinavian blond and go to Asia, or put on a black straight wig and go to Scandinavia, with even higher impact I was told.

Let's say Asia. If I can leave anytime with a foreign passport and I don't owe anybody any money, I will be pretty immune from gangs and corruptions.

I'll keep a day job that is good for my hooker resume. I can afford to wait for the best offers.

I'll apply to join the Pearl Elite. At that part of the world I will be a monopoly. I'll be getting referrals from all the other pearls who have clients doing business over there.

Or I'll look for a fancy international agency, whether they have agents over there or not.

If I am going the independent route, I'll play the non-professional card, charging a fee that the top tier professionals would bark at. My down to earth looks will be a great advantage - girl next door, or sexy office admin. I'll make the most of my 3G phone, IM my potential clients without disclosing my phone number. I will even demand them to appear on video as a screening process. Or if I see at a distance that they are too fat or too ugly, I'll tell them to go home. I'll also maintain the illusion that I will go out with them for movie and dinner if I like them. And if I ever do, I will make sure that the guy post it on the internet.

Once I called up a part-time model on my foreign trip. Either they claim to be 18, 19 year old students, or 20 something models. She's not available and the same for most of her friends at the time. There's a friend Rainbow who can come, 20 something. There's no further description and that this girl demand a taxi fee if I do not want her. Even though she lowered my expectation a lot on the phone, I went ahead with it as I didn't have that much window of opportunity. Rainbow didn't have any makeup on, and she looked as if she never did. Plain hair style, plain jeans and T-shirt. I joked that if her mother didn't born her that tall, 5'7, she looked like a kid. She asked what her friend told me about her. I said her friend told me that she's 20 something and that's all. It seemed that Rainbow was going to defend herself, that she wasn't 20 something yet. But she could only manage, "almost, you can say that", almost unintelligible. I think she's 21. She's a far cry from "hot" and "model material". Or maybe she is, but I didn't think of it that way. She has a slender body that will likely not disappoint. She isn't particularly pretty or cute. But there's something about her, one of a kind attractiveness, that I had to have her right there. So we held hands and walked to the hotel. On the way, I asked her price because I forgot. She naively said she didn't know and consulted her friend over the phone. Her friend of course punished me for that. The price was set symbolically a little lower than that of her friend, a part-time model. I could have gotten Rainbow cheaper, because I could sense her lack of confidence. But still, her price would be higher than the top dog on the local internet.

The most promising may be the top hostess clubs. Japan has exclusive clubs with all foreign hostess, from countries such as Britain, Australia, etc, with some ex-flight attendants. Most affluent cities have high end clubs, some of which are listed on the local stock exchanges. The top clubs often have some blonds on offer. In many clubs, including the top clubs, hostess are allowed not to offer sex, and many clients want it that way. Of course you can offer sex, to the best bidder discreetly. I don't even need to take cash. I'll show my most loyal clients my empty flat and he will fill it with furniture. I'll take them to the most expensive shops and they will get everything that I need and them some. I can always return the excess for cash. I'll keep the jeweleries though. He who spent enough can go to bed with me. If anybody complains of not getting laid, I'll threaten to return all their gifts to them.

Interesting thought. Thanks Kitty for the inspiration.


caroline said...

Damn you are good but I will take credit for the inspiration.

Thank you for the links, if it all goes wrong I will sue you.


LA Player said...

Responsibility comes with a fee, I'll take cash, credit or service.

caroline said...

I would like to express that you should not put me in an acquired situation but keeping in mind the possibility of me suing you it may back fire.

I don’t have cash, don’t like to use credit and will only have you responsible if it goes wrong.

What kind of services where you thinking about?

LA Player said...

I'm sure it's on your mind always - copulation of course!

caroline said...

I am not going to tell you what is on my mind in regard to the above

However in regard to your post, on second thoughts I have to disagree with you on making someone post it on the internet. Do you think it desirable to be publicized to the masses?

Would you not say it would be better to be an exclusive secret to few then the property of everyone?

LA Player said...

The local culture is that, if the client spoil the girl enough, with frequent visits and lots of gifts, the girl may reward him with extra bonus, such as going out together sometimes. If the other guys know via the internet, they may become competitive in spoiling the girl.

It's equally valid to keep it a secret so the ordinary clients won't feel left out or cause trouble. But the more exclusive the girl is, the less likely that this will be the case.