Thursday, October 04, 2007

18, 800 Hr, 1Q, kiss, no blow

"Wooop", my Undead Messenger wakes up again. The one inch pop-up reads: 18, 800 Hr, 1Q, kiss, no blow. This means one of my contact just signed in on her MSN Messenger, the popular IM of the trade over there.

I have been receiving a few of these alerts every week since my vacation in Summer. Since then I killed all the IM's, but this one refuse to die. It must be the messenger that comes with XP, which I used briefly before I upgraded to Windows Live Messenger. I should know how to kill it stone dead, but the alerts bring back good memories, a few a week isn't too bad.

The one line profile means 18 years old. The compensation for the one hour friendship is $800. This is not the original figure, not the local currency, not the amount actually charged. I adjusted the figure to feel like an LA girl asking me for US $800. 1Q means not a buffet. You can kiss her but she doesn't do blow jobs. Of course that's not LA and so it's much more affordable to me.

They are more expensive than the most expensive girls on local Internet directories. Of course there are always more expensive girls, but that's a usual top limit on the listings. Many guys go for these plain girl next door types instead of model looking ones on the Internet. Maybe dating non-pros make them feel less like johns. The girls are young, which is always a safe bet. BTW, Chevalier take note, I would say that the numbers of attractive girls drop rapidly with age. So attractive 30 to 40 year olds are more expensive. Over there you can find some in high end clubs which charges you way over the non-pro rate which is in turn more than the top listings on the local Internet call girl directories which must be the comma drinking too much Charles Shaw Cabernet

Typically these girls fire up their computer late night, after they return from parties, or waited for their siblings to disappear in bed. They put up brief posts on the most popular message boards and leave their IM addresses.

Many girls don't show you any pictures. Some have one or a few stamp sized pictures to go with the IM. After some IM exchanges, if you are willing to take the risk, you will get a cell number and setup the meeting place. There's not much to go on because there's always too many guys for them to handle, like throwing a piece of bread into a pool of hungry ducks.

The meeting is usually at not too busy underground stations, or in front of book stores. You call the girl to identify yourself, who is nearby and can see you. If you pass her criteria, she will come over to greet you. If you like her you take her to a 4 star like hotel that have two hour rates, complimentary condoms. If not, just say goodbye. You know in advance if you need to pay her the 'taxi' fee. The hottest girls don't charge 'taxi' fees because they are seldom rejected.

When they are rejected or when they are done, they will go to Starbuck and fire up their IMs that come with every phone, to see if there's anybody else to hook up.


Anonymous said...

What country is this, China?

caroline said...

Judging by the picture I would say Japan.

LA Player said...

My point is that a thumb sized picture doesn't tell much. But Caroline can tell - it's a Japanese porn star, the first one I came across in my computer. There's no relation to where I went though.

Anonymous said...

I could care less about the picture L.A. Player. I'm curious what nation's prostitution scene you are describing. I guessed China, becuase it seems that the girls are working very hard to be discreet. Much harder than I'm used to seeing them work.