Tuesday, November 28, 2006


  1. I was MOMENTARILY attracted to Nancy.
  2. I called up the most beautiful TS I could find and asked if she would fuck my girl friend.
  3. I take my laptop into the toilet most of the time.
I think that was the moment when Nancy was ready for her HDTV news appearance. That is a good excuse to cover up all the rail tracks on her face.

I love the exhausted, totally consumed look in Chanel's face, like a porn star just after shooting a Japanese style movie. I also find that's the best punishment for her when she's behaving badly - getting much more out of her than I paid her. But with some experience behind her, it's very hard work for me to get her into that state.

I needed help. So I asked if she would like to try a threesome once more, but this time she has to let the other girl work on her. She refused. I thought this is a reasonable request as I know some girls on spring break hit on other girls just to try it, even though none of them are bi.

I brought a toy once, but she ducked out of it, saying that it wasn't a proper fun toy. I was thinking of bringing her to the adult shop and pick one together. I was also planing for the future.

I would like to use a real thing on her, doubling the power, like a mini gang bang party. But I don't think I can live with it. I can't do it with someone I know. I am too cheap to pay for a male escort. I will be too jealous if she agree to find one of her client to join. I hate to find out that she is nicer to other clients and performs better. I can barely tolerate the male star in porn films, in the flesh it would be worse. So I called up a beautiful TS and asked if she would do my girlfriend. With breast implants and often butt implants, unless 'she' is very short-waisted, it can't be bad looking at perfect the three dimensions and a beautiful face. After all, I'm not the one 'she' will be doing. I may not even tell Chanel in advance and surprise the hell out of her.

'She' made sure that she understood what I wanted to do, and turned me down flatly. After she hanged up, I knew I was silly and learned something. If they have any interest in girls, they need not go through that much trouble of looking like a perfect women. For the same reason, they are not that interested in gay men too. I don't think many of them want to be a perfect woman. It's a illusion that they are in the transition for the big operation. They like heterosexual men and they want it both ways.

I don't have TV in my bathroom. Anyway, TV won't be relaxing. Browsing the net, and catching up with blogging are. 5 to 15 minutes is some useful time to save. I don't think this habit is that rare, nor that weired. But I think telling you that, and to promote it, is weired.

Can't find 6 weired things of me without killing all of you. So let me tag 3 instead of 6 - Nia Scarface and Glengarry. They don't talk much about themselves. See how weired is Gillette, who tagged me.


The Glengarry Leads said...

What did the TS hooker say, and what did your girlfriend say?

The Glengarry Leads said...

I think you can come up with another 3. Try harder!