Thursday, November 23, 2006


I don't normally do visiting escorts, which resembles one night stands. I don't normally have references. I have ways to get around it. References also mean screening, which is not for me if I have to give out my full name and where I work.

But this girl is so tempting. All the pictures passed my screening, with detail backgrounds, no airbrush except for the similar effect of heavy makeup and real tan. Her reviews got 10's in all departments. As with most visiting girls, they have to offer a good deal to lure away regulars from local girls. She charges a surprising $300 that is hard to decline in LA. Though she's from North Cal, and the price is a bit lower up there due to the semi legal atmosphere with lots of competition.

But I didn't even try to apply. She need TWO references from escorts who also need references. She's here for a day or two and application is via email. There's not enough time to get around it.

I wonder what some of my girls would think if they ever receive a call asking for references. I don't do that many one night stands now so if I have these girls for references, the date of the meeting may be too old to be good, provided that they still remember me. It's also scary if they keep my name and details on their computer. Or may be a respectable local girl being asked for references from 10 of her clients to see the same visiting girl.

And how about Chanel, who took me for granted as a regular source of income. She would be so jealous (about the money) that she would come along. That's how I lured her to do a threesome once.

PS Forget about another reason that I don't fancy traveling girls. She returned to my area for a day and a half. She posted about that at short notice, and before she even arrived, she was fully booked until 9 pm the next day. I don't fancy lining up to do it, especially if I know about it.


Gillette said...

Hey..I tagged you. Stop by and check out what it's all about.

LA Player said...

6 weired thing? Too hard, I'm a very upright normal person LOL. Or too easy, but I'll have to kill all my readers. Scratching my brain ...

Anonymous said...

So who is that traveler in the picture? Do you have a link to her ad? I am in SF and wouldn't mind a date with her. She passes my tests as well...:)

Dr Pepper said...

My regular FREAKED when I used her as a reference. I hadn't gotten together with her for a while -- and I thought I would start up with someone new. THINK AGAIN!

Also -- I agree with you about the "cattle call" phenomenon that develops with "touring" providers. No thanks. I ask to be the ONLY call of the day. Even if I have to pay more.