Monday, July 10, 2006

One for the road

I called PL because I thought of a good excuse. By the way, PL stands for professional liar as in my previous blog, or pathetic liar, or pathetic loser. If she isn't all that, I would not have met her and used her service that long.

I was flying long haul for a vacation and sex trip. Why would I 'date' her when instead I can have several younger and pretty girls hours later? Because I wanted to sleep well in the plane. Having great sex with anybody before boarding would do the trick. She is the only one that I can call at 9 am, who might be available in short notice. So I called her not because I would miss her during my vacations, nor she was forgiven. I was going to have great physical sex, not passionate sex. I would not do any foreplay. I was not going to kiss her. I would tell her to leave right after.

I called her at 9:30 am, and she didn't pick up the phone as expected. Really, I had nobody else reliable to call. I didn't want to meet someone new and play Russian roulette before boarding. But I went into the shower anyway, still thinking of plan B.

Then the phone ranged at 10:30 am before I finished the shower. It was a pleasant surprise - PL returned my call ...

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