Thursday, June 15, 2017

College tour

Imagine it was time taking Rebecca Moody to pick her colleges! It was a drill so the place was familiar and the diversity was so much that I thought it was safe.

Unfortunately, two naive schoolgirls decided to tour on the same date. They are the reasons that I tried to stay away from schools. They really stood above the crowd, at least 5'8, natural long straight blonde hair, young and pretty. They were in modest tops that I didn't have any recollection. And so were their shoes. Even if they were in slippers with beautiful toes, I couldn't have noticed.

They were in the standard CA hot pants, tight fit, short jeans. I couldn't notice anything else but their bare legs, light caramel tan, fat-free, far from having an eating disorder, the perfect BMI that I desire. The type of high school cheerleader that I am afraid of, the opposite of NFL types. You can say they are slim, small blondes, but tall Barbie dolls are just right.

They are not the loud type but like to walk quietly in front of the crowd. So, all I could remember was their two pair of legs, every step on their way. Even though their legs looked long forever, and they looked so tall, I realized that I was taller. I understood how smaller girls often told me that I looked so tall. And I could imagine walking shoulder to shoulder with them.

Before that, I have been trying to book that type. One is in her 20's with the right kind of hair, legs, and tits, but we have yet to meet because she can't do it in the early morning even with pre-booking. I told her that I was running out of excuses to see her in the day. I would reserve that for the sure thing, likely for a video shoot. Maybe she charged too much, too old with fake pictures, she wasn't around that much.

There are other blonde dolls, but they are tiny, which isn't a bad thing at all. But they are rather elusive, like turning up a bit and left.

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