Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Burn Notice

After discovering my private porn star, I have been picky about calling anybody. Jade satisfies me in many ways without hesitation and I can video everything if I want to. I saved myself plenty of time.

Cutting my cords for so long, having extra time at hand, I indulged in binge watching for the first time. Immediately, I searched for the series that I missed when I cut the cords - Chuck of Buymore. Even though the series wasn't a big hit with many seasons, it was not included in Netflix or Amazon. It's not a good start when you have to pay for binge watching.

As I have said before, I'm very much into believable spy dramas. I enjoy dramas with multiple personalities, and the real life personality can be confused with the professional ones. The next one I thought of was Burn Notice, whose name I couldn't even recall. When I cut my cords, I was impressed by BN, being the McGyver of the spy world.
I still remember I had some torrents of the series, and the only series. That was some years after I cut my cord. That was too much hassle and I was off TV altogether.

It was well written and credible. When you have to explain what you do when you are doing it, you can't keep churning out rubbish. Even though I never find Michael Western and Fionna sexy, I missed the series and this is the first one that I settled on binge watching.

Not only that they created climax after climax, season after season, they managed to carry on and on, when I thought they were going to end after the first few seasons. What else can you write when the couple refused to part and fight to the end under raining bullets? But they went on to complete season seven, the magic number. To get there the series have to be a hit, with a lot of loyal fans, and good actors that the audiences never grow tired of watching. And above all, decent writers to keep the plots going.

I like Western of course but I don't think he is acting well. Indeed, I pray for the scene to end faster when he encountered drama and have to act. I'm sure Fionna acted well since she is from the theater, but her character is too dramatic to the extent that I feel her exaggerating. But I like them.

Approaching the end, the couple's wish was to become ordinary people living in peace. I would think many people resonated, particularly the team who must have had a hectic life for the whole seven seasons. They made it finally at the end, a happy ending!

Kids and family are musts, even for a spy series.

Binge watching is like catching up with your life, catching up with what you have missed. I know we all have to learn to move on, but when you have the chance, why not induge in some nostalgia?

One thing I find it strange is that they were still using burner phones in the last seasons.  In one episode, they went through a lot of trouble to install a live video feed when they could just stick a phone there.

So I think they had written all the episode very early on, or their real spy consultants were old school, or just old.

It was a hard act to follow. I had a hard time to find the next target that is included in my Netflix and Amazon subscriptions.

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