Monday, December 26, 2016

The reunion

Mrs Player was all wrapped up in Christmas coloured fancy lingerie when I returned to the bed after sneaking out trying to reply to Kendall, who surprised me with a late night text.

Thou shall not text a married man late at night, period. But I didn't have a heart attack as she is a corporation on my contact list. And there are so many spams nowadays, including shopping deliveries and school notices. Incidentally, Mrs Player doesn't silence her email notifications! So I picked up the phone on my nightstand, took a look, and threw it back on the nightstand as if it was just another spam.

I could not blame Kendall because I booked her the next day. It was "confirmed" but I planted doubt in her mind after we had some issues.

Women seem to have six senses for these things. Time and time again, Mrs Player ruined my day after I booked Chanel, hotels and everything else I needed for a day of escape. She would open up herself for sex the night before. It's hard to turn her down considering how hard it was to get into her pants. She wasn't irresistible, but it would have been very suspicious to turn her down, and she could have done worse to me to sabotage my day.

I can still perform well the following day. I have one shot to heaven no matter what. The difference is the volume and my partners feel it. On a normal day, I can flood the condom so if there's no compliment they can think of, "that's a lot" will do nicely. Some even asked me point blank, "what's the last time you had sex?"

For Chanel, it's a little different. She liked the security that I was and would be her regular, and that I preferred to see her more than anybody else, including Mrs Player. Once, she even asked who is better, she or Mrs Player. Can you imagine that? She didn't hide her dissatisfaction when I didn't reply immediately and looked a bit like a spouting kid when I said it was Mrs Player. I didn't know what I was thinking. I did give the reason that we don't wear a condom at home! Maybe it was my hint for her. Was I that clever?

Once I brought a picture of a pretty girl that I wanted her to track down for me. That was an excuse to remind her that I had many options and that she wasn't necessarily the youngest and prettiest. But she immediately thought that the picture was Mrs Player before I could say anything.

Mrs Player didn't have to wrap herself in festive lingerie; tight T-shirts and shorts would do nicely. Actually, anything will do when she allows me to grope her. I took off the gift wrap immediately, resisting the temptation to tear it off, saving it for next time, if there is one.

It's so much better at home than five-star hotels; the bedsheets are perfectly worn. You don't worry about what's the last time they washed the cosy comforter. Above all, Mrs Player is easy. She liked to be sucked and squeezed on her perky breasts, simultaneously and hard. At the same time, a pussy rub will bring her to the edge in no time. So, you know what my left and right hands are busy doing.

She would beg me not to stop before the climax, not taking my time for a detour to expose her naked body, and not sucking her toes or biting her bottom. After the climax, she would beg me to stop; that's the time when I own her. I can manipulate her into any position I want, pulling her to the side of bed, fucking her standing up, and releasing my load whenever and wherever I like, such as at the flat iron position. And then we can cuddle all night long, not worrying if she actually wants to be cuddled.

Actually, I didn't return Kendall's text. I was crossed with her and the best way to show it is to withhold my money. I cancelled the date by ignoring her text. Knowing how she operates, she had waited for my response but had to call me before the end of the day because I was the anchor for the next day. If I turned up for the early appointment, it would worth her trouble to turn up for work and any clients after would be a big plus.

Kendall texted me a few weeks earlier. I never called her after she went under the radar and we exchanged our "private" numbers. But I wanted to if only to see how she was doing. I need sex sooner or later but friends on my contact list have priority.

I jumped at the chance to see her, hoping to ignite my passion for her, and I thought I was helping her out; maybe she needed me to pay rent or the sort.

In hindsight, I don't know if I was even talking to her. I was trying to help but she seemed to fit me into her busy schedule. She gave me advance notice that she would be late for half an hour. I didn't think much at the time, assuming that she had scheduling problems working under the radar, and she couldn't afford to lose any clients.
I waited patiently only to find myself in a well "used" hotel room. But still, I thought she could be borrowing her friend's room to see me. I had absolute no complain when I met her. The colour of her outfit was subtle but it was actually sexy and fancy, only a teen model could fare well in it without drawing negative comments on the streets.

When the door opened, we embraced and kissed like long lost lovers. The day before, I thought of many things to do to her but I ended up doing mostly the same thing I had done before, sucking her perky teen model breast, biting lightly on her bottom and munching on her irresistible legs.

When she kneeled by my side blowing away, I forgot about everything. I wouldn't think of any other position while I could see her putting my cock into and out of her mouth on her pretty face. What else I would want when she was blowing so good without reservation, nothing between us except saliva if you count that. You can say we are custom made for each other. Remember that Emma, the oral fixated, had to pause at all the right moments to prevent me from getting too excited, shortening the fun. Kendall just kept at it non-stop while I was invincible.

I felt so good but once I wondered if there was something wrong with my equipment down there, preventing me from exploding. I forced my eyes open to take a look but my cock looked as big as an ice cream cone smouldering her mouth.

But... there is always but. Her face was almost raw. She might have no time to prepare or she looked like having an all night party before meeting me. I didn't think much of it because she doesn't need much makeup while looks pretty all the time no matter what.

She doesn't speak much because I am almost certain she doesn't want to contradict herself. Linsey, the possible Chanel replacement, speaks so much that it is possible for her to lie, while Chanel herself is the professional liar, not giving out any clues naturally and everything she said is believable. In hindsight, Kendall might not have recognised me! I hope it wasn't that bad but she was a bit off that day, but not unusual.

Kendall was certainly her old self when she was performing her signature blowjob on me, trying her best to please without reservation. But... she was holding her hair with one hand at times! What's that? Yes, she looked like she just left the hair salon but in hindsight, she also looked like she was saving herself for her next VIP's, fitting me in between when she had one hour left open.

There's more. Watching her blowjob is like watching porn. When I thought she liked my cock so much, worked so hard to please, so passionately done, she would take a side look at me momentarily to get some feedback. There was nothing in her eyes other than coldness, like a coroner checking the pulse of a corpse. Was she impatient that I still hadn't come? Was she worrying if she was doing it right?

When it was all said and done, I sat down resting with my back on the headboard. Kendall was doing the same right next to me, naked; she never had anything to hide. Before the day, I thought of many things to say. But all I managed was, "It's been a long time." She replied with a sweet smile showing off her dimple, "Yes, a long time." Before the reunion, I thought of doing many things after sex, but all I managed was leaving my left hand on her right thigh. I am sure she wouldn't mind being cuddled. Once I was sure she wanted it to secure her position in my list of girls, but all she managed to do was stretching her arm across the bed, which would be around me if I was going to lay down.

It took Kendall for me to really understand how some girls are so afraid of awkward silence. She is very comfortable saying nothing, even fully naked beside me. I was very comfortable resting until I thought I need to do or say something to fill the time. If I had no desire to do or say anything, I might just as well go home.

While I was in deep thought mode, Kendall brought out her phone. At the time I didn't think much of it; she was bored and she was always not the one to initiate anything. In hindsight, of course, she was answering her text backlog to see who's next. Or just to see if anybody was coming next. My advice is just don't do it. It may not feel bad at the time but soon and for the rest of your relationship. If you have to do it, find some believable excuses like checking the weather.

But anyway, I left early because she was late for a half hour. So my schedule of the day wasn't ruined too much by her and I was doing her a favour. I was still fond of her when I left, giving her a few passionate kisses on her mouth and on her dimple.

A few weeks after the reunion, I texted her in need of good sex. This time she certainly remembered me. Or, the saved messages are very good for customer relationship management. Before syncing our schedules, she joked if I wanted to be her first! I was positive for sure and we were going to have a nooner the next day.

Early in the morning, she told me she was sick and we had to reschedule. I was grateful that she was responsible and thoughtful. We were to meet on a Tuesday and we had to reschedule to Thursday; she doesn't work full-time. Apologetically, she confirmed the appointment. I also confirmed because I could, and I wouldn't think of anything else.

Somehow her words bothered me. Now that she owed me I asked her to do an outcall with me on Wednesday at wherever she preferred as long as it was before late afternoon, so I didn't have to wait another day. She politely declined with no excuses other than that she only works on Tue and Thu. When I took it further she didn't reply. That was the ignition point.

First, her number wasn't that private. It was shared with her friend, who posted it publicly if only temporarily. I am sure whoever can pay will have her number already.

At the reunion, she could have been calling everybody on her contact list when it was a slow day, only to find that she had more clients to handle that day. So I was bumped for half an hour for her good course. Maybe she was doing incall in two towns. Maybe she had to sync with her friend's schedule. But that didn't matter. She had enough time to change that and I could have refused to move my slot or I could have cancelled.

Looking back, her words when she called in sick hurt me. She texted about "priority", "rescheduling", etc. But she doesn't talk that way if she talks at all. After all, the words are meaningless because I was effectively written off for the day. I think I was cancelled because she got enough clients all of a sudden so she didn't have to drive to my town, disappointing her other clients. She was treating me like an overflow parking lot for the Thu appointment.

I was trying to tell her that I wasn't afraid of getting what she got. Occasional coughing and sneezing didn't bother me as long as she felt well enough to have passionate sex. Maybe she misunderstood me and my intentions; first, she had the flu than the cold actually. If it was a conversation, she would have got off easy. But for text, you can read the words again and again until eternity!

I booked her Monday morning, only to see her on Thursday noon. What was she thinking? If she replied my last text, I would have let her off because I confirmed. I know it didn't matter whatever I say except for money. So I decided not to see her unless she begged me or offered me something to compensate. She didn't, and she had two days to do it.

All I got was a lousy text before midnight that might turn out wrong as if she did me a favour by turning up for work just for me only because she promised, but not for the extra money. Could she just say, "I'm sorry and I miss you!"? That would work even as a joke.

Out of respect for myself, I decided to ignore her text. I could have thought of something to say when I sneaked out of bed. But ignoring is the best form of getting even, just as she ignored my text until the last minute, having to decide if she needed to turn up for work. Also, the thought of her turning up a bit off didn't turn me on. I had a lot of fun with other girls without regret. I don't understand why an hour with her could cost me so much grief. So much fail on her part.

When I returned to our bed, I realised that my decision was absolutely correct.

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