Friday, July 01, 2016

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan the clown waking up

or somebody dared to tell him that?

I wanted to write this right after Brexit, but I want to do it more after the attack at Istanbul airport. The Brits have been handling immigrants from the South Asian countries for decades and decades, but now they complain about the Poles? Texas would love them coming, but then in there welfare is determined by states and even cities. 

I would blame Erdogan. Some voters are stupid, alright. Sometimes stupid presidents are elected, fair enough. But, down the line, if you have to integrate freely with the majority of stupid people that elected stupid presidents? No, no, no.

I like Ramadan. There is always a feast after dark, and I got to start early before everybody else! Differences can be overlooked, but core values cannot. A lot of my Muslim buddy's friends came up to his room to pray 5 times a day. That didn't bother me when I was there doing my own things. And he did whatever I did ;-) The point is, what happened in Spain, stays in Spain, or Barcelona, or London, Vegas ... 

Turkey always wants to be a fully European country, and wanted to join the EU from the beginning. But what does Erdogan thinks what the EU is? A boy scout troop where you do your steps and get your badges? And throw tantrum if that's not enough? At the end, it's whether the people within EU want to accept you.

You don't shoot down a Russian jet for nothing. I'll fire you out of NATO immediately if I am in charge. In all Western, NATO, outside of middle east, countries, RU is our enemies' enemies. And any philosophy will tell you that RU may not be our friend but certainly not our enemy. I don't need to tell you how stupid it looks from outside, because now you apologized! 

I do congratulate you to be one level above Ukraine. They want to be European by starting a civil war to conquer the other half of the country. Now they have no value to speak of and no value for anybody. And for all that lost, EU regions are rebelling against having to stop trade with Russia. Money talks. Certainly there are principles. But what the hell is Ukraine's?

You don't lock up beauty queens because they criticizes you! You can never join any of my parties!

You don't sue people in other countries because they bad mouth you. I don't blame you for being stupid, but I blame all the stupid people that voted for you. They are all banned from my parties.

And Spain doesn't bomb Gibraltar, neither England does that to the Scots.

You are doing it all wrong, clown. And what bargaining chip you think you have? EU will disintegrate instead of taking you in. Not in the next century even if you are gone tomorrow.