Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Q is going to purge deadbeat members of her club. Basically it's an excuse to ask deadbeat members to see one of her team, or else ...

There are, say, two thousand members and a team of about 5. Wow, if the threat has any degree of realness, the team will be terribly busy. But Q has threatened that before. That's when she admitted that her full expedition force to the other airport was a failure. And they went for the expedition obviously because business was slow locally.

Apparently the threat wasn't carried out. That's when Q planned the 2nd meet and greet. And now basically she admitted that she took everybody in at the time. Because normally you have to see one of her team to be a member. And so, you shouldn't be able to find anybody to purge. Basically Q was taking people in so they must see someone or they will be kicked.

Now apparently the M&G was successfully. Q was planning the 3rd one, not a few weeks had passed after the 2nd. Even if the M&G was successful, it was for a week or two. Business must be slow again so Q needed to do something.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt, a new girl may not need any classified. She just post her schedule, a few hours in the morning for the whole week, before the week starts. You can argue that she was fully booked because she didn't advertise. The same thing for some other girls. They may gave a day's advance notice, and then put up an advertisement in the early morning. And that's it. Wow, if they were fully booked for that afternoon and the evening, Q would not have to do anything to drum up business.

The same girls, on other days and places, updated their classified through the day until about last call, saying "I'm available now, now, now.". What does it seem to you?

One of the girls who kept saying that is Q's newest recruit, who has been playing hard to book since she started. The veteran who joined on her own accord started asking people where she should go next to get some business. But she tried to play the game that she was fully book last week. But you have to have the technique to play poker. Basically she has shown what cards she has. For Q I still can only guess, without proof. And Kendall didn't bother to turn up this week.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Welcome, Class of 2016

Now I know why Q sent out all her troops. Just as I knew that there was the final exams, it's now end of school, all sorts of school. Q announced her big plans of the week on Saturday, instead of Sunday evening, or previously more likely small hours of Monday. I didn't realize until Monday that new raw meats were popping up here and there.

And then there were the class of 2015 who knew they will be pushed aside, more so when we are more into summer. And then the veterans who have to deal with it year after year.

So, a few new and old that I wanted to see turned up in my radar! And what did I do? Sat through it. When there are too many choices, pick no one. Tomorrow will be another day, some more choices. As the week passes, I tried to pick the first good choice instead of the best choice. Still it didn't work.

My heart wasn't that much into welcoming the new classes, my cock will deal with that. But I was sorry for those who got pushed off. Lucky Star is one. She never returned. My heart has a special place for her. Later, I met the girl who I actually booked the day when I got Lucky Star instead. That girl looked good, though over priced, tried hard to please, but we had no chemistry. I kept throwing money at Lucky Star, though she didn't do much by my current standards. I was so happy with her that I cleaned up my pile of mails and documents. That's when I discovered my long lost stocks were looking for me.

I was upset about Bridget. Her appearance became sparse and random. She suddenly popped up on a Friday before Memorial Day weekend. I couldn't make it and I thought I blew the last chance of seeing her.

She was MIA for two weeks and I thought I even saw her replacement. Or, maybe it was her copycat. You know, if a formula works, you would run it again and again. I saw another new girl with natural blonde hair, blue eyes, very beautiful face, who looked the same today as when they left high school. And of course they are the same fallen angel type.

I was totally surprised when Bridget popped up, first time on a Thursday, not Monday, not Friday, and not any other day. That was an easy decision. I wished I saw her two weeks ago. Actually I am not that crazy on her. She is porn star qualified, though she looked too angelic for that. I would think porn stars look good when they are doing it, but I don't think it's that good at the receiving end. Her attitude and technique is better than a lot of girls, but she is no Kendall or her coach, Q.

Kendall is 100% porn star who looked like a teen model, give or take :-), and who is good in what she does when you are at the receiving end. Looking back, she came out while I was busy auditing since last summer. She is the one who got away.

I asked myself, why? May be she isn't the type I was looking for. And I wouldn't know for a million years that she is what she is, judged from her profile. Some day, I might just pickup the phone and go to see her. But I know it wouldn't be the same kisses again. And I know I wouldn't perform the same. I also know I couldn't put her out of my mind because I am greedy - she satisfies most of my needs and she is affordable and local.

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Just when I was about to dismiss Q and her team, she did a great come back.

With all the fuzz about the meet and greet, I would think she would capitalize on while she could. But I already know that two team members dropped out officially, and one other probably is still on by name. Kendall actually reduced her appearance right after the M&G.

Only a team veteran and the new team member, who is herself already a veteran, came out to play. But it seems that they were on their own as if the team didn't exist. And I can see that the new member should have realized that what she was thinking when she joined the team. She doesn't need the team and vice versa. She can handle herself. Maybe she got the stamp, being accepted in the team of young beautiful girls. But I would say it's all on paper.

In addition, the team work seemed to be in disarray. New team members and non-team associates announced their schedule only to be recalled. And they didn't seem to be working when they said they were. And Q seemed to be promoting hard, hanging hard onto her newest recruit. It seemed this girl is all she has got.

I could have bragged about it but I never under estimated Q. I gave her the benefit of the doubt. May be some girls were on their final exams, or Q herself was. Or may be Q was busy sorting out her life, the same reasons she didn't want to host the M&G in the first place.

Now? Maybe summer arrived. May be school is out. May be tax-debt season is behind everybody. Q is sending all her troops out at the same time next week, and I can count 7!

Maybe she is reclaiming her relevance. Maybe she is trying to treat all her team equally. Maybe they have built up a backlog in their private messages by clueless members. Maybe she is just trying something different to stay afloat.

Is facebook of hookers a good idea? When you can see how many "friends" she has! Reviews have the same feature but it's the difference between Blogger & Facebook. Who is more popular and easier? Also you have to pay to trace who did the same ones you did. "Friends" is the first thing you can do for free, before anything else to get your money.

Now, using 5 star hotels is good, but it looks bad it it's hard to book. When there's not enough interest, there will be a no show without explanations. Or, maybe it's fully booked without explanations. I learned from Chanel sometimes, actually most of her time, explaining is worse than not explaining. But then you are not Chanel. It's not that you have to be like Chanel but it have to be personal. It wouldn't work otherwise. You just don't have that personal touch managing the whole team.

Pre-booking is good but you have to state the times and honor them. When you failed to book, is it cancelled due to lack of interest, fully booked, or some pre-sale for VIP's ? If there's no explanation, one always assume the worst. You can't pretend all the time.