Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Virtual cat fight 2

Is that real? Martha put up a classfied for tomorrow. Less than 15 min later, Kendall put up hers! Not exactly in the same town but it doesn't make any difference by traffic. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Kendall host where I told her I live. She may not be thinking of me but she must be thinking of getting clients like me. When I was a new hire, my boss like to pick students from my University. Many years later, my other boss went back to the agent who recruited me, after all else failed to get good people.

It would be really fun if she will send me an "advance notice" two hours later. Last time I had two days rest between seeing her. If she asks me this time it will be a days rest. I doubt very much, but if she really brought a new car ... !

Queen's other top girl also come out to play at the same time. But they know now to use different hotel in different cities. And the classfied is an hour apart. And now they know not to kill themselves by pairing girls with similar popularity.

An interesting day tomorrow. More interesting if Bridget joins in the fun next week!

No invites for me. She or the queen will be really desperate to do that to a non-VIP.

It makes no sense. Now four top girls are coming out to play tomorrow, spreading across the county, using different hotels. One is at the same location as Martha. I know there was an incident yesterday but spreading them all over seems to be counter intuitive.

BTW, got a few 411 asking for Martha, and I tried my best - "tits to die for!"

Martha did it again. Less than 15 min after Kendall's classified, Martha followed. Stalker! But since I hinted them to tone down the cat fight a bit, they did. Now, the queen comes out to play herself!

Now Martha and I are an official couple, for once. She signed up on my hall of fame, right above Kendall's. That's why my phone dinged some more. "your neighbors pretty teen daughter!", I replied them all.

Now if I can find someone comparable to Kendall, I will time her out or drop her altogether in no time. How can you mend a broken heart? Martha can do only in the looks department. She is a good fuck, but just not Kendall. However, a hot young blonde always put fear into everybody else.

Bridget is another matter. She might just be able to replace Kendall. I couldn't wait to check her out some more when she comes back to town next week. She cost me more, but hurting others without benefitting self is my speciality.

Wow, after I posted a comment to pass time, Kendall updated her classfied within the minute. Then Martha's followed one minute later. Wow. It can be explained in some ways, but what does it look like? Sorry, I did my duty on Mon and Tue so I can't on Thu. And it will be hard to pick which cat call to answer.

Two down! Two to go. Two of Kendall's teammate's classified since yesterday was gone. It could mean all time slots are filled up and they don't take anybody any more. But from insider knowledge, there's nobody asking and they don't even bother to turn up. What left is Kendall and the same other girl who worked on Tue. I doubted if they had turned up already. If they do the usual word is available now!  Whereas Martha is different. I think she always check in first.

BTW, Martha matched Kendall's rating of me, check box by check box. And they are the only two who bother to spend the time doing that! I know the queen do that to everybody, but Martha may just be learning.

Now, a silly guy just poped the question, are the two girls who's classified went down this morning all booked up for today? It's possible and I have been giving them that. If you ask, the official answer is of course they are very popular and they are fully booked shortly after their classified are up. When they are fully booked, they will not answer messages and their classified will be taken down.

The answer itself is not logical. If the classified is taken down when there is no slot available, then nobody will contact and nobody will be disappointed. It have to be a very incompetent operation. Incompetent is ok but they can start the 3rd world war like that. The logical thing is to decide early on and take bookings into the next morning before checkout. But the queen said they will decide later if they will accept next day bookings. With the classified taken off?

The reality is, they will not turn up if there are not enough slots filled. They may reply when they have enough bookings.

All that doesn't matter. Kendall is surely not fully booked. So I can get to her some way.

There is always the clueless trophy hunter index to check. These girls like to be verified and return the favor. They even verify guys who haven't verify them yet. So you have a good idea of when and how many new clients fucked them.

So for the "fully booked" girls, all of the clients would be old ones! In this case, they don't even need to put up the classified because there is a free subscription service. Or, they messed all new clients. For not responding to messages, they are probably gone or never turned up. As for carrying on the next morning, they may get the room for cheap from others who check out early, or to get the most out of the room they already had.

In any case, I think they get the marketing and pricing all wrong. Nothing good will come out of the operation. Fuck is good though.

Now when I was browsing the "social network", the girl who worked this morning kept dinging my phone with her new classified. And then Martha follows. I think at best they have the number of people browsing. At worst, they can see my handle.

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