Tuesday, April 26, 2016

So Wellington! At the worse of times, I held the guns, held the positions, and held the morals. And I knew how to pick good allies.

The queen started the first wave of the week without Kendall. Nothing conserns me. Then the queen gave all what she had, a new gun, another more able girl, and Kendall. But it was a day late. I had Martha H.

She was announcing her plans for next day at about midnight. I couldn't do anything if I wanted to. I held my guns. It's not up to me. It's up to my cock.

Then an hour or more later, I got an "advance notice" from Kendall that she is hosting tomorrow! Victory is so sweet. If she talked to me I would have done anything she asked. But it's a message. And if I got the message at the time I would have sweet dreams. But I got it the next morning, thanks to the default "do not disturb" mode of my phone.

I think I can do it again, and what can I lose? A few bucks?

BTW, she replied to my surrender last week. No way. That's ancient history. I would take prisoners but I had to troll and bullshit her first. So the next morning:

"very nice of you to tell me"
"I thought you are not coming to play this week"
"so I hit that perfect blond"
"I wanted to book yesterday but I'm not sure if I will be functioning again today"
"Give me some time to keep checking after breakfest"

The humble self humilation worked. She let down her guard.
"I tell you so you can pick the time first"
"I wasn't hosting originally but I got a new car"

Ha ha, weakness exposed. So I go for the desperation.
"Still no", I raised that question at the best moment.

Silence. After an hour, she replied with a maybe. I know it's bullshit. So I level up, "may be, but not today?" Again silence.

I know a maybe is the same as a no, but I had my victory moment. And I can go after that avenue when I can.

I know this is exactly not an advance notice. But when she is desperate as to invite me to play personally, I will make it easy on her. I picked something on the standard menu and waited in line, not trying to be the VIP I had been and got pole position.

They also admit that the expedition was a total failure. And the queen started to worry the bookings after she announced her plans. That's why I got the message an hour later. Maybe it is she who brought the new car!

After enough wait, I booked. But that's far from the end of it. Martha H and Kendall started a virtual cat fight. Martha stalked Kendall's classified since early morning. Each of Kendall's post is marked by Martha. And it's fair because the queen went into Martha's territory. Maybe it's not about me but it looks that way.

That's not all. Other girls are naturally in it. Some left town for some easier fish. Some arrived and fight it to the end.

While Kendall was timing out herself, at least publicly, I hit two of the most high profile blond on the social network. And I let my phone ding, replying all the enquiries and tried to promote them as best as I can, without lying.

It worked every time. Martha is really like Jordan. But Martha is more perfect and delivers. But sex is bland compared to Kendall.

But it's not a private matter any more between three of us, like Jordan, Chanel and me, the threesome. Kendall and our #14 DFK was world famous. I didn't name her but any smart guy will look at my data and know it's her. And anyone who tracked me will see that I have two new blond friends after Kendall. And my fans will be curious how they perform and how they compare.

It takes me at least half an hour to get into the theme park again. Worst, one traffic accident on the way increased that by 15 min. As I do not trust the Google real time alert, I hit the freeway anyway. When I did see the traffic jam, I started the detour all over again. It took me almost an hour.

I think I got the first appointment of the day anyway. But if I were VIP, she would be willing to do lunch time appointments. I was still arriving on time when she told me to give her a few minutes. I knew she arrived half an hour earlier. How do I know? Real time classified!

But I sort of told everybody this is a no no. When I was about to start in 20 min, you don't say in your classified that you are available now! Maybe you just can't tell the human advertising robot to be intelligent. I really have no idea what the game they were playing. But if she bumped me or made me wait, I would have left in no time. I made this decision when she texted me the room number. It was less than a minute later than scheduled. I would think she took care to arrive early, and made sure we started on schedule. I complained to the world clearly that it's not the waiting. It's what that looks like if you have to wait without a believable reason.

Now with my new demoted non-VIP status, I knocked on Kendall's door. BTW, this hotel has people open the entrance door for you, very untypical even for >4 stars hotels. There's no guest parking either. They let me park by the restaurant.

Kendall didn't treat me any differently. Indeed I think she was trying to win me back. I think she wanted to recreate the world famous #14 DFK. But a kiss is not a kiss when there's something in your mind.

After that, I opened the all natural baby wipe I brought along for her toes. The wiping was OK but it was mind torture. It was totally physically torture when I put all her big toe into my mouth. It was so fun. A lot more fun that Chanel. So I took it easy on the remaining four. But when I was trying to wipe her other feet, she begged for mercy. Of course not. At least I had to kiss them all.

After I finished all my fav positions, I asked how she preferred to be finished. She said, "what you like most". She learned. But may be that's a mistake. I switched into missionary and shut her mouth airtight with mine.

Before that, we broke one condom. She broke it trying to put in on for me. Well, at the time I didn't even remember she never put it on for me. Welcome to my new non-VIP status!

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