Monday, April 04, 2016

Helen II

Being Helen, there were more to come.

She advertised that she was working the same day next week. Unlike many other girls, she gave exactly one day's notice.  Nowadays, we have instant notification but usually I turn it off so as not to distract. I missed Lucky Star a few times, or else it might turn out differently. With a day's notice, many people can plan ahead, though confirmations on both sides would be a problem. I had a few people called in sick all at once on a Monday and wrecked my plans totally.

Too much notice leads to inaction. Who knows what lie ahead in a few days time? May be I'll check my calendar tomorrow. Also, it's a lack of confidence. Sometimes they don't turn up if they can't fill the seats to break even.

Soon after she put up her announcement, "just happened" that I was browsing the hooker pictures and saw it. Immediately I book her, pole position. Hours later she asked if I could confirm. Can I predict lightning strike? Of course I confirmed the best I could. It was probably not her but her mentor, who didn't know I would turn up except for lightning strike. If it were her hired helper she would have replied earlier.

By the way, her mentor, who couldn't be a few years older, announced her retirement soon after launching Helen's "career".

The next day, when I woke up in the morning, I PMed her to remind her about the appointment, my phone number, and giving me her hotel when she's ready. A few hours later she texted me as an excuse to see if I would turn up. I got her text an hour later and replied if everything was on schedule. It was.

After opening the door, she gave me her cheek. But I was going to DFK her there and then, all premedicated. I was going to press her on to the floor to ceiling mirror while doing it. She was unprepared, gave in anyway, but we didn't get that far, not close enough to the mirror.

I dropped my pants, my cash on the table and went for a shower. Her back was on the pillows when I got out, probably waiting for me to DFK her. I did. Then I worked on her breasts. I knew she wouldn't mind and gave her a pussy rub. Mrs Player always enjoyed it and had an orgasm evey time, without even being fingered.

Helen got wet but I wouldn't try to give her an orgasm like that. It would have to be intense that may be awkward if she got nervous instead. I did finger her gently and thoroughly.

I asked for a spoon. She seemed to understand but a minute into it she turned it into a sideway. Now her back was securely flat on the bed while I could only hold her leg up and penetrate from the side. Is that really not that comfortable for a spoon? A few girls did exactly what she did. And even for Chanel somehow I got a glimse of her face once and it wasn't pretty. "I don't like it" was written all over her face, but I was supposed to be facing the back of her head.

It wasn't bad at all. She wasn't blocking anything, I was holding her killer leg, staring at her little pyramid with a cherry on top. When I thought of something to do to it, I did it.

But that wasn't what I came back for. Instead of quantity of positions, I went for quality. I went on top of her, put my cock in, and started kissing. We had good understanding so there's no time and effort wasted for second guessing. She knows what I like and I know what she will do.

After another big bang when the universe ended, collapsed into a single singularity point, I fell from the height of civilization, rolled over downhill and ended up on a calm bedsheet. Again we slept side by side, very relaxed.

After the shower, I went for a kiss on her cheek while she was naked in bed, but she thought I was going to DFK her, giving me her lips instead. When she realized her mistake, she turned to give me her cheek, but I was re-aiming for her lips. I thought we had some good understanding? So, we kissed goodbye all over again.

Three days later, when I was ready to go out, I couldn't find my wallet! I searched over and over the possibilities in the house and nothing turned up. There's not a lot of places you would carry your wallet in the house. I then figured out where I had been. The day before I had a day off and never left the house. The last time I used my wallet was in the supermarket, the day after I saw Helen, incidentatly in the same outfit, the sagging pants. I still had the receipt. And in my wallet I had the extra secret cards and extra cash.

I wanted to kill myself for being so stupid again. This time there's no guardian angel to look after me. Fortunately, I checked my accounts and they were normal. I called the supermarket and a shoppig mall where I got out of the car for a few seconds. Nothing. I know that doesn't mean much. So I drove to the supermarket and then the mall to ask if they found anything. Nothing. Before that, I gave the house a final search before I call the banks to report lost. And then another final search. Of course I searched the car thoroughly again and again.

When I came back from the mall, my wallet mysteriously appeared on the kitchen worktop. Somebody found it in the closet. It was in the closet all along. But that was the first place I searched. I searched the shelves and I searched the floor. It happened that somebody knocked out something in the closet and the wallet came down. It was trapped in something in mid-air for the last three days. Luckily, I still hadn't call the banks yet.

I took a hi-def picture of everything in my wallet and put them on the cloud.

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