Wednesday, April 20, 2016

End of the world

Don't worry, I feel I'm a high achiever just by sitting here happy typing, when a few of my idols of the same age are gone. Gay, the closet homesexual and superstar even jumped from the top of a hotel.

It's a long torturous week ahead so I looked around the net and copied something for you. Have you noticed that at least a few escorts call themselves Chanel? Did they read my blog?

OK. Imagine that. It's definitely the end of the world tomorrow. There's an huge asteroid hitting the earth dead on tomorrow. Nothing could be done about it for years. Tomorrow will come, but no more.

What would you do tonight?

Of course I would say goodbye to everybody. And when all is said and done, I would devote my remaining time to solve live's mystery. I would call Chanel!

Jack:  Hello Chanel. It's Jack. Long time no see. It has been 5 years. Remember me?

Chanel: Oh, Jack! Of course I remember you. Do you want the last fuck? Do you have gas? We are running out here. There's a final sale I need to go.

Jack: Sure, but I have a question.

Chanel: Yes?

Jack: If I were single,
If you don't hate to wear my choice of costumes,
If I fought for you,
would you still marry the short docgtor with a house by the beach in Hungtinton?

Chanel: Of course I would have married you, Jack. Now bring me the gas.

Jack: cumming as fast as I can!

Chanel: One more thing, the gated community guard at Hungtinton has to be expecting you.

Which Jack are you?

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