Monday, April 25, 2016

Are you kidding me? The queen fired two more topedos! Instead of putting the girls out all at once, she learned to put them into waves, with the less able first. But only so much. She has a total of 4 girls out tomorrow.

Now both of them offically snubbed me, Kendall and the queen. I almost couldn't resist booking Kendall, but still put in some futile resistence. But then I really have no emo left after today.

All is not lost. So I am forced to resist by not booking, when I would have shot blanks if I do.

The interesting thing is that their classified is almost the same time as Martha H. Martha seems to join in the fun, while the gang seemed to wipe out the competition. Or, may be they are related by some business associates. But they can just watch each other just like I watch them all.

The best thing is that Kendall still come out to play once a week. Her late by one day got me worried.

Though I cannot book. Wait to see how I get back to you for this!

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