Friday, April 01, 2016

Angel Face and three great saves

My dream girl announced online that she would turn up the next day. So I sent her a private mail and went to sleep. This is the third time I tried to book her. But her name is Flakey Fake. But it doesn't matter because a new girl Angel Face appeared online right after her. They are in the same area, just the place I would be going about my business.

Angel Face looks really like a senior high schoolgirl or a college freshman. Natural blond hair and faint blue eyes. She is pretty enough so I didn't mind her not putting up stand up full body mug shots. Indeed she doesn't turn me on, but I'm sure I can find something that I fancy on the spot. I can even exploit dead fishes.

So, I was all ready to score. Then all of a sudden I have a stomach upset. Must be caused by a weekend of excesses. I had a little upset earlier, too little to be called upset. I went to the bathroom at home and it was gone. I didn't remember that it was an upset.

But this time I was driving and I needed a bathroom fast. And I couldn't predict how I would feel after that. So, my scoring plans all went up in smoke. I drove home, instead of hitting one of the two birds.

It was raining heavily when I got into a deep spiraling up ramp. In the middle of it I lost control probably due to hydroplaning. No, it wasn't because I was thinking of Angelic Face. Sure, I was thinking of her pictures. But sure I didn't lost control because of that. If it was I would have died everyday. During the struggle with the steering wheel, I could feel that the car was slowing down, only to absorb all the kenetic energy, and then release all at once, shooting the car down the void in the middle of the spiral.

I know this because I had experience. I thought skidding as in the movies was easy, and trashed my 1st car. My car shot across the lane, and then back, and finally 20 feet into the bushes on the side of the road.

This is the 3rd time I hydroplanned. The first time it was I think exactly the same ramp! I got up the ramp completely and was entering a two lane toll road. The car lost control and was shooting across the two lanes. I wasn't even fast in an entry ramp in heavy rain. But you need some gas to go up against gravity. It's not fast when you are walking, but when you slip and fell, you feel ten times faster.

My bike driving instanct took over. The number one lesson in biking is that you don't turn the wheel to steer. If you do, you will fall flat on the ground immediately. You have to command your intention, feel the force, and adapt to it.

When I was doing the stunt, two lanes of traffic had to stop and watch. I was sure I did a lot, but not like trying this and that. Any mistake, I would have crashed. The car ended up crossing the lane I entered, faced the other direction, parked exactly parallel to a concrete wall, a few inches away. If I told the spectators I didn't know what I was doing, they wouldn't have believed me. I think they were all stunted. I had plenty of time to start the car, did a u-turn and drove off.

That was many years ago. That happened again when I was driving down the hill, entering a main road in heavy rain. The banking is right if you drive along the main road. But if you are turning into the main road, the banking is totally wrong. The traffic is coming up on the main road, making it dangerous if I shot across the lanes. And I found it difficult to regain control since the car is running down in the first place. When I had the chance, instinctively I ran the car squarely into the sidewalk. The kerb stopped the car on it's track. The impact was strong, but not enough to cause any harm to me. I thought I left a piece of shit from under the car. I even turn back to have a look. But nothing.

This 3rd time is different. My semi-classic is way under insured. Unless, like the 1st time, it didn't lose a hair, if it falls, the insurance company is likely to give me some money instead of fixing it. So much memory. And I actually feel safe doing a hundred in it. And ninety-five in most days.

After some reflex manuvering, I felt that the car was under control, slowing down and not sliding. I knew the next few seconds were critical. The car had to stay inside the circular ramp or it would be total. Then I found myself turning the steering wheel faster than the car was moving. It was like a boiler was building up energy, going to explode, shooting everything around into space, and I was racing against time to unscrew the release valve.

After many fierece turns, the car stood still calmly in the middle of the ramp. Another great save!

I never saw Angel Face again. Maybe she just didn't turn up for a few weeks. But if she did I might not want to check her out. Flakey Fake turned out to be something entirely different.

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