Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Virtual cat fight 2

Is that real? Martha put up a classfied for tomorrow. Less than 15 min later, Kendall put up hers! Not exactly in the same town but it doesn't make any difference by traffic. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Kendall host where I told her I live. She may not be thinking of me but she must be thinking of getting clients like me. When I was a new hire, my boss like to pick students from my University. Many years later, my other boss went back to the agent who recruited me, after all else failed to get good people.

It would be really fun if she will send me an "advance notice" two hours later. Last time I had two days rest between seeing her. If she asks me this time it will be a days rest. I doubt very much, but if she really brought a new car ... !

Queen's other top girl also come out to play at the same time. But they know now to use different hotel in different cities. And the classfied is an hour apart. And now they know not to kill themselves by pairing girls with similar popularity.

An interesting day tomorrow. More interesting if Bridget joins in the fun next week!

No invites for me. She or the queen will be really desperate to do that to a non-VIP.

It makes no sense. Now four top girls are coming out to play tomorrow, spreading across the county, using different hotels. One is at the same location as Martha. I know there was an incident yesterday but spreading them all over seems to be counter intuitive.

BTW, got a few 411 asking for Martha, and I tried my best - "tits to die for!"

Martha did it again. Less than 15 min after Kendall's classified, Martha followed. Stalker! But since I hinted them to tone down the cat fight a bit, they did. Now, the queen comes out to play herself!

Now Martha and I are an official couple, for once. She signed up on my hall of fame, right above Kendall's. That's why my phone dinged some more. "your neighbors pretty teen daughter!", I replied them all.

Now if I can find someone comparable to Kendall, I will time her out or drop her altogether in no time. How can you mend a broken heart? Martha can do only in the looks department. She is a good fuck, but just not Kendall. However, a hot young blonde always put fear into everybody else.

Bridget is another matter. She might just be able to replace Kendall. I couldn't wait to check her out some more when she comes back to town next week. She cost me more, but hurting others without benefitting self is my speciality.

Wow, after I posted a comment to pass time, Kendall updated her classfied within the minute. Then Martha's followed one minute later. Wow. It can be explained in some ways, but what does it look like? Sorry, I did my duty on Mon and Tue so I can't on Thu. And it will be hard to pick which cat call to answer.

Two down! Two to go. Two of Kendall's teammate's classified since yesterday was gone. It could mean all time slots are filled up and they don't take anybody any more. But from insider knowledge, there's nobody asking and they don't even bother to turn up. What left is Kendall and the same other girl who worked on Tue. I doubted if they had turned up already. If they do the usual word is available now!  Whereas Martha is different. I think she always check in first.

BTW, Martha matched Kendall's rating of me, check box by check box. And they are the only two who bother to spend the time doing that! I know the queen do that to everybody, but Martha may just be learning.

Now, a silly guy just poped the question, are the two girls who's classified went down this morning all booked up for today? It's possible and I have been giving them that. If you ask, the official answer is of course they are very popular and they are fully booked shortly after their classified are up. When they are fully booked, they will not answer messages and their classified will be taken down.

The answer itself is not logical. If the classified is taken down when there is no slot available, then nobody will contact and nobody will be disappointed. It have to be a very incompetent operation. Incompetent is ok but they can start the 3rd world war like that. The logical thing is to decide early on and take bookings into the next morning before checkout. But the queen said they will decide later if they will accept next day bookings. With the classified taken off?

The reality is, they will not turn up if there are not enough slots filled. They may reply when they have enough bookings.

All that doesn't matter. Kendall is surely not fully booked. So I can get to her some way.

There is always the clueless trophy hunter index to check. These girls like to be verified and return the favor. They even verify guys who haven't verify them yet. So you have a good idea of when and how many new clients fucked them.

So for the "fully booked" girls, all of the clients would be old ones! In this case, they don't even need to put up the classified because there is a free subscription service. Or, they messed all new clients. For not responding to messages, they are probably gone or never turned up. As for carrying on the next morning, they may get the room for cheap from others who check out early, or to get the most out of the room they already had.

In any case, I think they get the marketing and pricing all wrong. Nothing good will come out of the operation. Fuck is good though.

Now when I was browsing the "social network", the girl who worked this morning kept dinging my phone with her new classified. And then Martha follows. I think at best they have the number of people browsing. At worst, they can see my handle.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

So Wellington! At the worse of times, I held the guns, held the positions, and held the morals. And I knew how to pick good allies.

The queen started the first wave of the week without Kendall. Nothing conserns me. Then the queen gave all what she had, a new gun, another more able girl, and Kendall. But it was a day late. I had Martha H.

She was announcing her plans for next day at about midnight. I couldn't do anything if I wanted to. I held my guns. It's not up to me. It's up to my cock.

Then an hour or more later, I got an "advance notice" from Kendall that she is hosting tomorrow! Victory is so sweet. If she talked to me I would have done anything she asked. But it's a message. And if I got the message at the time I would have sweet dreams. But I got it the next morning, thanks to the default "do not disturb" mode of my phone.

I think I can do it again, and what can I lose? A few bucks?

BTW, she replied to my surrender last week. No way. That's ancient history. I would take prisoners but I had to troll and bullshit her first. So the next morning:

"very nice of you to tell me"
"I thought you are not coming to play this week"
"so I hit that perfect blond"
"I wanted to book yesterday but I'm not sure if I will be functioning again today"
"Give me some time to keep checking after breakfest"

The humble self humilation worked. She let down her guard.
"I tell you so you can pick the time first"
"I wasn't hosting originally but I got a new car"

Ha ha, weakness exposed. So I go for the desperation.
"Still no", I raised that question at the best moment.

Silence. After an hour, she replied with a maybe. I know it's bullshit. So I level up, "may be, but not today?" Again silence.

I know a maybe is the same as a no, but I had my victory moment. And I can go after that avenue when I can.

I know this is exactly not an advance notice. But when she is desperate as to invite me to play personally, I will make it easy on her. I picked something on the standard menu and waited in line, not trying to be the VIP I had been and got pole position.

They also admit that the expedition was a total failure. And the queen started to worry the bookings after she announced her plans. That's why I got the message an hour later. Maybe it is she who brought the new car!

After enough wait, I booked. But that's far from the end of it. Martha H and Kendall started a virtual cat fight. Martha stalked Kendall's classified since early morning. Each of Kendall's post is marked by Martha. And it's fair because the queen went into Martha's territory. Maybe it's not about me but it looks that way.

That's not all. Other girls are naturally in it. Some left town for some easier fish. Some arrived and fight it to the end.

While Kendall was timing out herself, at least publicly, I hit two of the most high profile blond on the social network. And I let my phone ding, replying all the enquiries and tried to promote them as best as I can, without lying.

It worked every time. Martha is really like Jordan. But Martha is more perfect and delivers. But sex is bland compared to Kendall.

But it's not a private matter any more between three of us, like Jordan, Chanel and me, the threesome. Kendall and our #14 DFK was world famous. I didn't name her but any smart guy will look at my data and know it's her. And anyone who tracked me will see that I have two new blond friends after Kendall. And my fans will be curious how they perform and how they compare.

It takes me at least half an hour to get into the theme park again. Worst, one traffic accident on the way increased that by 15 min. As I do not trust the Google real time alert, I hit the freeway anyway. When I did see the traffic jam, I started the detour all over again. It took me almost an hour.

I think I got the first appointment of the day anyway. But if I were VIP, she would be willing to do lunch time appointments. I was still arriving on time when she told me to give her a few minutes. I knew she arrived half an hour earlier. How do I know? Real time classified!

But I sort of told everybody this is a no no. When I was about to start in 20 min, you don't say in your classified that you are available now! Maybe you just can't tell the human advertising robot to be intelligent. I really have no idea what the game they were playing. But if she bumped me or made me wait, I would have left in no time. I made this decision when she texted me the room number. It was less than a minute later than scheduled. I would think she took care to arrive early, and made sure we started on schedule. I complained to the world clearly that it's not the waiting. It's what that looks like if you have to wait without a believable reason.

Now with my new demoted non-VIP status, I knocked on Kendall's door. BTW, this hotel has people open the entrance door for you, very untypical even for >4 stars hotels. There's no guest parking either. They let me park by the restaurant.

Kendall didn't treat me any differently. Indeed I think she was trying to win me back. I think she wanted to recreate the world famous #14 DFK. But a kiss is not a kiss when there's something in your mind.

After that, I opened the all natural baby wipe I brought along for her toes. The wiping was OK but it was mind torture. It was totally physically torture when I put all her big toe into my mouth. It was so fun. A lot more fun that Chanel. So I took it easy on the remaining four. But when I was trying to wipe her other feet, she begged for mercy. Of course not. At least I had to kiss them all.

After I finished all my fav positions, I asked how she preferred to be finished. She said, "what you like most". She learned. But may be that's a mistake. I switched into missionary and shut her mouth airtight with mine.

Before that, we broke one condom. She broke it trying to put in on for me. Well, at the time I didn't even remember she never put it on for me. Welcome to my new non-VIP status!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Are you kidding me? The queen fired two more topedos! Instead of putting the girls out all at once, she learned to put them into waves, with the less able first. But only so much. She has a total of 4 girls out tomorrow.

Now both of them offically snubbed me, Kendall and the queen. I almost couldn't resist booking Kendall, but still put in some futile resistence. But then I really have no emo left after today.

All is not lost. So I am forced to resist by not booking, when I would have shot blanks if I do.

The interesting thing is that their classified is almost the same time as Martha H. Martha seems to join in the fun, while the gang seemed to wipe out the competition. Or, may be they are related by some business associates. But they can just watch each other just like I watch them all.

The best thing is that Kendall still come out to play once a week. Her late by one day got me worried.

Though I cannot book. Wait to see how I get back to you for this!
The queen usually anounces her plan early on Sunday. There's nothing this weekend. Perhaps she is busy unretiring. Maybe I am too smart. I got a call on my bat number! A man with a deep voice left "hello hello" on my voice mail. I'm not worried as all I have done is friendly.

Ding! My phone's alert. The new blond sex toy from Friday report to duty early in the morning! Immediately I booked her but no reply. A good start.

Ding! Bridget M report to duty. When I was worrying who to pick, whether to cancel blond sex toy. I realized that she is at the other airport. Good, she has to wait for next week. Ding! Ding! Ding! The whole day I kept get messages asking about her. I turned on notification for every such messages because yesterday I didn't want to miss anything.

Ding! Ding! Queen bee was moving her troops. The rebellion was just a show. They are making up. They need each other.

Kendall J was missing. I checked her history and it is most likely that she is unpopular. I may be the only one that booked her. She has two few clients for her to come out to play. So, may be sometimes she cancelled, or decided to come at the last minute. I don't know what's her problem. I'm quite happy with her except for the little thing that I couldn't get over.

That's why she or her helper sort of begged me to book. If we were on the phone I would have booked. A message is another matter. She might have one other client that day.

On the other hand, she may be one of the popular ones, who only need to post classfied when she wasn't all taken up by some secret club members. I have no idea. If queen bee is so powerful why she need to unretire? I think I get more hint that she unretired.

The queen bee hadn't officially snubbed me. Kendall didn't turn up so she couldn't have done anything even if she wanted to. We have to wait and see.

The new blond didn't reply since early morning. I began to worry. I begin to think of Kendall, but I didn't miss her that much today. So I started to write this. And in the middle of this...

Ding! It was the new blond. So I went to see her, then back to finish this.

I was shocked when I saw her at the back of the door. She must had feel very uneasy for a while. She looked like one of the pretty daughters in the neighborhood. A sterotypical Midwest Schoolgirl, if there is such a thing. Long straight blond hair, natural or expensively colored. She is wearing the exact pretty flowery dress as in her profile, very innocent fairytale sort of dress. Yes, and we are in the theme park again.

Martha H was trying to handle the situation like an old hand, but turned out to be looking like a schoolgirl trying to be adult. I went to wash my equipment, and when I came out, I was shocked again.

Her naked body was exactly as in her pictures. How can that be? Flawless, almost white skin with three delicate pink spots, silky to the touch. She doesn't have Kendall's legs, but she could kill with a skirt.

Maybe she is just too young. Sex is funny. She put lube inside the condom, and finished with a record breaking short blowjob. But she is a total piece of prime tuna, and was at ease when I enjoyed the full body sashimi. She promised to refine her nails next time.

Penetration was great. I was fucking a perfect life sized barbi doll. I almost didn't want to change when I first fuck her with full fontal body contact, holding her close with both of my hands. But I remembered the spoon. She was at ease with it. I got to hold both of her perfect breasts while looking at her perfect ass and tights. How perfect? If you can't decide on small natural schoolgirl tits and work of art enhancements, she is perfect. Perfectly natural, two large pyramind with two large pink cherry on top. I sucked them enough while she said "be gentle, gentle". Now I got to squeeze them both, at the same time.

The lube was a bit much, but I just lasted longer. But I had to go back to missionary to excert my full force to get it done. She was such a doll to hold and pound.

Martha is super, but she is only my #3 for now. Kendall is always my #1. If she is missing for another week or longer. I'm not worried. Martha is a new arrival and Bridget will be around for a while.

I was high when I sort of "liked" her on the "social network". So, once the dings due to Bridget dies down, Martha's dings started. TER is so yesterday. This is the new version of take one for the team. I was almost being asked for comments when I was in the parking lot.

When I thought I was on the upper hand, queen bee counter attacked. She introduced a new girl. Not bad at all.  But doesn't look like to be my cup of tea. May be the real person looks a lot better. May be they use fake pictures to throw people off. Even for Kendall, her pictures were probably somebody else. If I didn't meet her I didn't know she looks like a model.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

On a lazy Sunday, with a glass of wine in hand, I'm waiting for queen bee's next move. There's not much she can do. After returning from ghost chasing, they camped where I wanted to be, at the time I wanted. But there's no Helen, so beat it. Now Helen's name is officially changed to Kendall, just to confuse everybody.

If Kendall does come out to play next week, I'm not disappointed. I have the chance for many things, depending on how it turns out. I hope Angel comes out to play instead. Definitely I will see her, now renamed Bridget.

There are also two tryouts last weekend. Both appeared for a few hours out of nothing, and then gone.  I would have hit them if time allowed. But most likely they will be back to join the games. One is a younger version of Bridget. One is a version of Kendall with real age. But it may be the same person since how many has Kendall's legs?

If Kendall comes to play, it will be more interesting. I'll get back to her kindly. Maybe I will find some excuse to put her on waiting list. As of this very moment, I am not desperate to book her. I have a soft fish bone in my eye. It will go away but before that it may affect my erection.

Live update: nothing. Nobody announce any play plan. But watching the live classfied, you learn something. It looks like that the classified starts to grow with hotel check-in times, even on a Sunday. And it could be the queen bee coming out of retirement to play again. That means the retirement and the wedding is a fake.

I also discovered a suspecious handle associated with her, doing very fishy things. If it's not her it's her mate.


Eros is doing well but it's so yesterday. Imagine that, a girl cannot easily do one day a week, or just over the weekends when there is not much homework. If you find the right girl, you have to check if TER has review and if her picture is real. Then you have to figure out what she actually does.

And TER is so yesterday because if the girl gives you her menu and price down to the alphabets, why would you pay TER for hearsays? With these info, what's left is to rate her like an app, whether she does what she says and if you like her.

Backpage is the Walmart of Eros, but it serves new puposes. It she's available now, it doesn't guarantee she will be available next hour.

So you can see why Cityvibe is struggling to be everything and failing. Once upon a time when you post a beautiful classified on Cragslist, they have somebody to invite you across to Cityvibe classified. CV also tried to run a review site but rumour has it that they will run into facilitation if they do both.

But locally, they can have some all in one's without LE finding out. Or they leave small potatoe alone. Like My Red Book, it's a dangerous game but worthwhile.

It's like the Uber of escorts has arrived. If you see a girl that you like, you can set to get an email when she turns up. You can message her privately about what the long list of alphabets that she does, and of course the price. After the deed, you can verify each other and for the world to see. It turns out to be not cheap. Both sides need to pay for everything. If you have less than a dozen pictures, it will be suspcious.

You would think old school girls will be against it. That's the opposite when the Internet thing started. Now you have to give out so many info and give up so much control. But the younger crowd likes it. Lucky Star mentioned that she is on it with a smile, like it's cool.

Of course the real Uber type apps are already there. If you want a paid arragement or a paid date, you can just use the phone apps. What's the difference between a compensated date and you know what? It's the same situation. Good luck for you to assemble a team to check if anybody promised sex for money when they are arranging a date. The danger can be removed if people can rate other people. Thanks for Backpages for keep diverting attention.

Friday, April 22, 2016


A corner in the nightclub
I sit alone with the darkness as company
A few tables away
There is a pair of young lovers

The nightclub is now playing
A song that you used to hum
My broken heart is broken again
Alone, I slump into dispair
I close my eyes thinking of the past

Absolute emptiness
Like a ruin, nobody touches me
Absolute emptiness
My love, to whom do you belong tonight?

I still love you
I never blame you
My love for you never expires
I still love you
But without you
The world becomes bland all at once

I wish I have no past
I wish I have no memory
Never think of you again

Angel Face is really something. I don't remember a tall blond satisfying me in so many ways. But ... it seems to only last a day. My mind is on Helen again.

Don't be mistaken. If you put them side by side, I still have a hard time picking. I want them both. The problem is, Angel Face showed signs of retreat. On average, these girls last a month to a few. I forgot about this because I remembered that she is around for a few months now? And when we were pillow talking, she sounded to be local, working about once a week with a proper job. This seems to be the normal story for everybody. And she bothered to do the pillow talk, looking like she wanted regulars.

But still, even if they are local, they may not put themselves out for long. Some do not have enough clients, and it's not worth their while. They may take a break for months at a time. Helen is obviously local, but she is around for half a year now. Will she disappear all of a sudden?

Now without Angel Face, I will be defenceless. So what do I do? I actually found another tall blond, looking very delicious. I can't see her face, I don't know her work history. But still I want to book her. Extraordinary times need extraordinary moves. But she wasn't interested in talking about tomorrow.

I wanted to appeal to the queen bee with a concise and precise message. But it ended up a wall of text. Deal with it! She must have received it. There is no reply to my surrender or to my surprise attack.

In the end, Helen needs to be involved. So if she hasn't turn up yet the queen bee has to ignore me. But if the queen bee already know that the answer is no, she could be torturing me. Ignore is more polite than refusal. Ignore is worse than rejection.

The bottomline is that it only matters to Helen if she turn up for work. She didn't turn up yesterday anywhere. She may be the hidden battleon with the expedition force. She may not need to advertise at all. Next week will be clear. But then the whole gang may do a west coast tour!

Why would I bother with this rollcoaster feeling? It's free! The failed projects never bothered me and never cost me much. If I need a good fuck I can always back to Helen. Feelings keep you feeling alive. RIP Prince.

My love, to whom do you belong tonight? I am jealous of Chanel's more VIP clients. But I never have this feeling of who she is fucking tonight. Maybe I got over it long ago because she was a failed project for a long time. And she's not that good a fuck. She doesn't blow well. I can do rough sex but not rough flatironing and the like. But I need a delicously beautiful woman. I was happy with what she has to offer.

I do wonder who is fucking Helen tonight. It's like the feeling of kids fighting for toys. I'm not fighting. I'm just want to fight for a fair share.

I can easily forget about Chanel with Helen or Angel. Angel has long legs, Helen's a killer pair. Chanel's pair is weak but her expensive collection of heels can't be beaten. Helen can blow your mind off. Angel can take flatironing like a dress, though she has the delicate look too. I think these two girls are interchangeable. I just didn't have to chance to do everything. Helen or Angel may even be prettier than Chanel. Angel actually has more than an angel face, that of a victoria's secret European model. Helen is Kendall Jenner. But Chanel knows how to makeup without looking like it. And she is neat down to each eyebrow hair, flawless beauty, but not without expensive makeup. She has killer eyes, maybe enhanced though.

Now I can do nothing except to book the girl whose name I can't remember for now. I hope she will be around tomorrow. This will make my weekend better.

Intrigue ahead! I did Angel on Thu. But the high lasted for one day. To avoid an absolute empty weekend, I was still looking. In the late afternoon I discovered a young delicious blond. I wanted to hit her today but she was gone. She is great to take a sovenior picture together and then edit out the face. That cost extra.

I should have hit her yesterday. This morning there's nothing. Then all of a sudden in the late afternoon, a girl came up with all legs. There's pictures of nothing else except legs and a fashionable jacket. Come on, how many girls have Kendall Jenner's legs? The age is different and the claimed height is different. So is Angel, claiming to be 5" shorter. I think this is a bat signal.

I'm responding to the call no matter what. But today is just too tired. Now I know I did a lot on Thu with Angel. But if that's Helen, there's no need to rush and she isn't going away any time soon.

I always know girls don't show their face for many reasons. If they have two tier fees, they have to look like two different people.


Do you remember 3 battleon started the expedition march and only two reached destination? Rebellion! Queen had to kick people out and my Helen is save.

The feeling is mixed. I hope it was Helen who rebelled so the queen will tell her to be more customer oriented. I hope the queen does have her powers to hold onto them. And nothing I like more than an independent, rebelious mind, who still treats me good that is. But then I don't hope that the queen kick her out. If she does her own bookings it's good. I do want to see her disappear.

So it was another girl. So not everybody will do what the queen says. So I can sense that Helen does want to stay with the queen. So I can get to her via the queen.

And the queen is a fellow writer! I am going to move her with an essay. But perhaps she will say to herself, "what fuck is that!" But if she cares enough, she will reply, "Babe, we can't change the past, can you get over it for me? I'll open a brand new VIP lounge room for people just like you. Is that OK?"

OK, my shit is coming. Don't let it hit the fan!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

How Waterloo was won!

Queen bee sent an expedition force of 3 battleons to chase ghost. They lost one before reaching target. There's nobody home to accept my surrender, nobody to cut a deal with us. You think that's the end of it? You think that I have no conditions? I have well reserved forces.

My ally came to the rescue. And with my reserved forces, we topedoed everything!

Very patient and intelligent readers will know who my new ally is, Angel Face. I even thought she has been dueling with Helen all along. They turn up on the same day of the week. Last time I had to pick Helen instead of AF.

They are so evenly matched. They all lied about their height, one to a few inches more than they say they are. Both are 5'9 to 5'10. One brunette, one blond. AF is slight older at early to mid-20's, but the school girl fantasy is there that she promotes.

Ah, before we met, AF sent me that appeared to be a perfect resume customed to win over me. It is possible that she read my epic online rants and put them to good use.

I really can't say who fucks better. The younger one has superior oral skills so far - unexpected.

Today is about charging against the enemy. I charged in the doggie. I charged in the flatiron. I regrouped in the spoon. Finally I charged in the missionary, and let my mouth and hands did what they can do at that position.

This day, I dedicated my charges to the artist previously named Prince, who left us early at 57. I also made tribute to my generation of idols who were gone prematurely, especially the Gay, and to those artists who could have been, like the Prince I wrote about, who could have hold his first major concert 30 years ago, all because of one stupid sentence. One for the Queen too, happy birthday!

This girl can take some intimacy. I could kiss her on the flatiron, face, lips, ears, hair. When all is said and done, I discovered my fingermarks on her white breasts. I wasn't trying to do any rough sex. I asked her if she was OK all the time while I was charging. She always said, "yes, yes, yes".

At this point, I really have no perference who to fuck. It's rare. Take any two on the streets and you will have preference.

Helen, I can time you out at least a few weeks if AF is around. I can hold the line for another week if I choose to. If one of you disappear I will not dispair at all.

But then why not organize a threesome again?

These days I sang the Silhoutte song less. Instead:

Woo woo woo woo Waterloo!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Another poem/song/lyrics:

Meeting each other is also fate
You should not beg over and over
Fruitless to be self-trapped by love
Reunion and then separation
There's no need to regret
How can good dreams taken as real?

And who would be willing to keep the promise
To be with you forever?
How can you marry your first meet
And stay together till eternity?
Wind, flower, snow, moon
Romantic sentiments are just the passage of time after all

Separation is also fate
You should not beg over and over
For his pity
Who takes love seriously?
There's no need to hate
Real love in the world is the hallucination of fake

Who could have expected
How high should be the price of each affair
How deep should be the resentment left by each dream
Living in the world like sojourning dust

The young idol has the most beautiful voice, a very nice girl that your parent will approve. She was never in the superstar league. Now she is a classy lady and looking good. Obviously she has a good life.

What's the point of this poem? Actually this song is very hot in the redlight district! Most of the female singers perform this song many times.

Introduction, separation, reunion - see the point?
love -> lust
marry -> sex
Romance is for passing time only.
Real love is hallucination.
The price of love is high.
The regret after dreams is deep.
There's no need to beg for pity.
We all live like sojourning dust.
Who takes love seriously?

And nearly all the singers change one word in the song.
Fools take love seriously!
And they sing it with most passion at that point as if it's their life experience.

Who could have expected, this is the song of the red light district?

Oh Helen!

We are destiny
Give me one more time
The lust will last forever
I will pay the price
I beg you
There's no regret
We are just sojourning dust

What the fuck about fate?
I met Chanel when she advertised for the big time. But I listened to my pimp wana be friend to wait for her fall first. And she was rather expensive at the time. She did fall, but she didn't want me to see her like that. She didn't need to. But since she could not afford not to work, she must turn up when I booked her. I didn't remember how and when. I just got her number. It was a no no when she was with an agent.

This is one fucking agent. Yes, he has some good clients like me. But he is ugly, doing it because he is desperate to fuck women all his life. And, he is jealous of me! What an agent to deal with.

He knows girls like Chanel I will just take it and go out ourselves. It's against the rules but I told him that is what I wanted and I will compensate him handsomely for introductions. He knew there is something between us. He asked me to book Chanel, even though we were meeting secretly behind him. When I got there, he told me Chanel had just left with her boyfriend. So, I had the idea that Chanel had a boyfriend. But years after, I asked Chanel how is her boyfriend. Because we may be talking briefly about Mrs Player. Then she couldn't wait to tell me everything about her rich boyfriend. Before that she frozed for few seconds when I told her that incident. She became speechless.

From her reaction, I think the agent try to split us up. Yes, split us up like splitting up a couple! The agent made up the boy friend. Maybe he didn't tell Chanel to turn up. He made up the whole thing to get me to see another girl and tell me that Chanel had a boy friend. He knew I wanted arrangements and he always advice me against that with whatever reason he got.

Chanel was frozen for a few second, speechless. She could be bringing back old memories that she wouldn't want to tell. She may be totally puzzled by what I was saying. She probably hadn't a boy friend at the time. And what could have been if I didn't think that she had a steady boy friend. And certainly her rich boy friend wasn't that boy friend years ago.

It wouldn't be any different. Really I don't mind if she had a boy friend or a husband, as long as I am fucking other's girl friend or wife. Why would I? Also, Chanel knows these things. Men like me won't leave my wife and kids for anything. Affordability is another thing. And if Mrs Player found out that I cheated, she told me that will be probably OK. That's correct. But if she catches me in bed with a naked beautiful young girl, that will be the end. She actually said "get us caught like this" while we were sleeping naked side by side after sex, pillow talking. May be she figured out that is the only way we had a chance.

I wasn't thinking about anything. But when Chanel asked me how much kids I have, I always said one, or may be two. Even on the final phone call, she got to ask about how many kids I have. It was a blurr but initially she was like talking how is your family. But actually she tried to reminded that I have a wife and kids. And so do not bother her again.

I think we do have something between us. If not, how come I know so much about her rich boy friend? And she really really don't want to get married. They broke up because she went for an exotic holiday destination secretly with her friends against her boy friend's wishes. He checked up on her and her mother couldn't cover it up. She was trying to win him back and I adviced her to and to get marry.

Am I that insensitive? When a girl tell you that she really really don't want to marry. And she had a lot of "improper" friends, sisterhoods in her game, gold diggers, etc. She really didn't need me as a sounding board. And may be for my insensitivity she treated me badly from time to time for reverge.

And once she asked if she was right that I had a 6 figure salary. I did but I wouldn't count on it unless she wanted to settle as an ordinary surburban wife, who don't wear Chanel shoes going out shopping. And who could forget the day we spent several hours in the hotel room, me on top of her talking. Then we went for lunch until all the other patrons left. Obviously I lost the sense of time and she had some conspiracy I knew. I felt something wasn't right, gave her a stack of cash and never called her for a couple of months. Looking back it looks like I was afraid of commiment. She waited and waited until I feel safe again and called me up to continue my normal duties.

There were worse things that the agent did. He had to show me the pictures of online mail order brides that he is considering. Come on, to make me jealous? He was modest not telling me if he ever fucked Chanel. He fucked some of his goods and he told me that. Once after an appointment he showed me a gorgeous babe in a gorgeous dress. Younger and probably more beautiful than Chanel. I think it was those $10,000 per week recruitment ads. She came up for the interview with full gear and got the job there and then, being fucked. Maybe not the first day but close. He asked me if I wanted to fuck again that day. Of course not. But the next time I asked for her, he said she was gone.

Then he told me how he fucked her, how juicy was her and she had an orgasm even though she tried to hold it. Such a fucking moron. He also told me in a way that he wouldn't trust me for the introduction. We will just went off leaving him with nothing. That's true. But then he had no use for me for sure. And since he hadn't produced goods like Chanel for a long time, I left him without mercy.

End of the world

Don't worry, I feel I'm a high achiever just by sitting here happy typing, when a few of my idols of the same age are gone. Gay, the closet homesexual and superstar even jumped from the top of a hotel.

It's a long torturous week ahead so I looked around the net and copied something for you. Have you noticed that at least a few escorts call themselves Chanel? Did they read my blog?

OK. Imagine that. It's definitely the end of the world tomorrow. There's an huge asteroid hitting the earth dead on tomorrow. Nothing could be done about it for years. Tomorrow will come, but no more.

What would you do tonight?

Of course I would say goodbye to everybody. And when all is said and done, I would devote my remaining time to solve live's mystery. I would call Chanel!

Jack:  Hello Chanel. It's Jack. Long time no see. It has been 5 years. Remember me?

Chanel: Oh, Jack! Of course I remember you. Do you want the last fuck? Do you have gas? We are running out here. There's a final sale I need to go.

Jack: Sure, but I have a question.

Chanel: Yes?

Jack: If I were single,
If you don't hate to wear my choice of costumes,
If I fought for you,
would you still marry the short docgtor with a house by the beach in Hungtinton?

Chanel: Of course I would have married you, Jack. Now bring me the gas.

Jack: cumming as fast as I can!

Chanel: One more thing, the gated community guard at Hungtinton has to be expecting you.

Which Jack are you?

Did I say I'm seriously considering to surrender? I would be proud to hold the line for exactly one week! But I could be royally screwed. Brilliant move! The whole gang is moving out of town into the city this weekend. Helen hasn't reported for duty yet.

1) I can't screw her
2) I have to waste several hours driving time if I really have to screw her

Totally unprepared for this. It's logical if the queen bee wants all her subjects to turn up. You can't tell them to drive several hours two-way. And since they have been active locally for several weeks, it's time to move on a bit. The saving grace is that even if you are fully booked, you can't keep it up week after week. Now, does Helen don't even need classfied if her slots are filled via early notices.

Latest: I officially handed in my unconditional surrender offer. It is still better than asking when is she coming out to play again. If she has early notices and if she gives it to me than I'll know. But then, I know she will have another advance, early notices that is earlier than early notice! It's only natural if she doesn't response. I will be totally scewed until she replies, or until her classify turns up. I hope she is taking up time to make up the notice now, hehe. Being ignored is the worst.

Screwed screwed screwed. I have been ignored for an hour. I noticed that my surrender notice was wrongly typed too. So, there's excuse to surrender again. It can be a few days and then it could be much worse if Helen doesn't turn up anywhere. The not knowing. But then it could just be that there's no notice to give you. The saving grace is that I saved money! Are you in it for the money?

Over two hours now. I hope when they come back to deal with tomorrow advance booking they will give me something nice to hear. Chanel will do that. That's free. Now it will be a long torturous weekend ahead. And it's only Wednesday afternoon!

Fuck, what a difference a week make. First week she smashed all my other girls. I have to see her right next week, keeping my seven day rule. I was still OK. I was planning to see her every month. But the next one should be in 3 weeks time. I missed her but I got a sexy MILF instead. The reasons are complicated. The bottomline is that I don't want to see her every week for three weeks. A bit much? And I don't want her expectation too high. I was still planning to see others. And I missed her already and I couldn't have got through the week without fucking something. That MILF is the polar opposite and it was fun. But nothing compared to Helen.

But seeing her having fun, I missed her very much. So I booked her right next week. It was when the #14 DFK happened. And the rest is history. The next time my phone dinged, I just booked her. Then I realized that I just saw her 3 days ago. But it's all worth it. I saw her in that model outfit, high heels and air floating in the wind. Now, I am still singing that silly Silhouette song every other day when I'm alone. Unforgettable.

Hehe, there was worse. It's a secret. For our meeting before the last, I was waiting for my phone to ding and I booked when it happened. I didn't check anything. I didn't check the date. I didn't check the schedules. I didn't check the secret account balance. I thought I don't have to. But it was Mrs Players day off!

To spare time for her too I have to leave early. What do I do? I engineered the car so it made strange noises. I also lead witness into riding in the car a little bit. So I have a solid excuse and witnesses to leave early and do whatever I please. Theoretically, there is a infinitesimal small risk for all my passengers. But I know what I'm doing and I wasn't racing on the freeway. When I left I reset my car and did race on the freeway. I ended up half an hour late! She tried to shift my slot for me but I asked her to keep it as it were. It doesn't matter as long as I see her. She can always make it up to me later in any way if she want to. That's the day when the #14 happened. But the next time she was late for half and hour and I had to leave on schedule. Ouch!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sweet surrender

Count down to surrendering! I always had plan B in case I torture myself too much. Chanel is a good lesson. All love and hatred doesn't matter any more when I lost her. Plan B is to book Helen first and then figure out the rest. Maybe wait 15 minutes after her classfied is posted to save some grace.

I was proud of myself for rejecting her sweet offer that contained nothing. I was proud to say no. Luckily she came online early. If she came later I may have lost any patience and resistance. And I was on the upper hand all along so it's not hard to bear. I can always switch and book Helen instead. I was holding well.

And her competition and her friends are just too bad. I noticed her new studio pictures and I go horny on every one. I don't even have any feelings looking on most other pictures. Even if I have a erection, I don't think we will kiss that well with a stranger for the first time. I was invested in and bonded with Helen. Or, like a dog trained to the sight of a bone.

Look back at the big data, her friend who I wanted to book did have something to show for. She could have been fully booked, or near capacity so she didn't risk annoying me one more time. Can she be more popular than Helen? Did Helen break too many hearts? Was she picky?

Now if her classfied pop-up I am not sure I would do. If it's not today then it would be tomorrow till late. If she plays again next week I will miss her more. But if I can do one more rejection by inaction, I would be proud of myself. But I'm already selecting costumes for her!

The story about the Prince and the Gay teaches us that all doesn't matter at the end. It doesn't matter who got the last laugh. It only matters who can still laugh, turn around and take a defiant smile at fate.

Looking back at my failed projects, Helen really isn't bad at all. I never got much out of Jordan. She liked to make me miserable to get ransom money. I had been generous to her but yesterday doesn't count. At the end I never got to her toes even though I booked a fancy room, got her into the bathtub, and laid a path from the bathtub to the bed with kitchen towels. I'm so original! We had our moments though. I enjoyed the hangout, a bit of dinning and shopping. I felt I was forever 21 driving her around, and into her favorite restaurant - McDonald's. And it's a true story - I picked her birthday clothes with her inside the changing booth. A birthday present. That was before she realized that it was a big giveaway of her time that she could have billed me. You know how bad it is? I deleted every trace of her phone number so I couldn't possibly call her even if I changed my mind. That was after I picked up the phone for the last time on Colombus day.

The strange thing is that I never thought of getting them to DFK. Maybe there are just too much to do. I was happy getting to their toes. I hangout with Emma a lot, free, like a couple but her make up signals not over there. I just don't know why I didn't think or attempt, not even when we were laying naked side by side on her own bed, in her upscale town house, watching basic cable TV. Of course I wasn't that fond of her. She is a great catch as a civilian, great body, with an oral fixation complex.

Take Chanel. It was after we went steady for a long time when she gave me chewing gums and started it all. She decided to keep me and she need to give me DFK to do it. It took longer before I got to her toes.

Helen is the most awesome of them all so far. How can I forget the #14 DFK of that day? I know why I got that "phew, wow, what's that?" feeling. Even though she didn't want to get into the bathtub, even though she was unease about it, she was all cheerful, all smiling, receiving all the kisses with a smile and lips and tongue. Maybe standing up helps. There's no holding back or it cannot be done. She even lowered herself one inch throughout so I can kiss her comfortably. Maybe after the #5 I asked how tall is she. She smiled, "five ten". Really not bad for a natural born heartbreaker.

Another genome decoded!

Heart breaker of the naturally born kind!

How did I crack the code? In the bathroom of a fairy tale hotel near a theme park!

I must have kissed Helen dozens of times. On that day I dragged her hands gently into the bathtub. She resisted but not physically. I wasn't thinking of DFK. I was after her feet. But I DFK'ed her anyway. May be 7 or 8 in a row. I held her closer and closer, not tight but fuller and fuller body contact. She didn't resist a bit. She had a good grip on me too as it takes to tango inside a shower.

Some how I forgot that she had breast and pussy. All I have in my mind was kissing her. Actually there was probably nothing in my mind. Somehow she forgot that I have a penis, so she was afraid of nothing dangerous, gripping me closely, not avoiding any contact.

After the 8th DFK, the next one made my mind goes phew, wow, what's that! The next instant we pause to breath, I actually told her, "I'm coming back tomorrow." She apparently didn't know what I was talking about. I wasted no time to explain and went for the 10th, 11th, ...

She was reciprocating to my kisses consciously and unconsciously, for a moment she was really a girl friend experience.

Normal people reciprocate. If you treat them nicely they will reciprocate. I estimated that the evolution rate of this specie is some 10 to 50 times ours. So a heart of steel is an underestimation. Heart of diamond? Or even some even harder alien material they picked up from the stardust? If you hit their heart with a diamond bullet, it will turn into dust.

NBH's doesn't reciprocate. If you are nice to them, they may think, "yeah, nice, wait till you find out what I did last night!" Or they just don't care. You are just after my body.

They will let you DFK them in any way to keep you. They will keep up the suction and add in vareity to pretend not to be a dead fish. They will stop when you are satisfied, and come back. Chanel even threw in some back caressing when she sensed that she need it.

The moment that they forget who they are is rare. They don't even know it. But I can feel that. They have to feel so safe and you are so nice that they put down all their defences and calculations. I am not trying to be what I'm not. I am a harmless and fair and sensitive person. And they may momentarily feel guilty and reward you with something that you may not even feel it. Then the snowball started from there.

When you mind goes phew! wow!, that is the time your heart got infected. Most often you get infected anyway without knowing about it, or the moment it happened.

The problem is, the infected heart may go boom, broken, for nothing, at any time. It can be some meaningless trigger. A word. A look in her face. She is not going to prevent it. She is not going to mend it. She doesn't care. Most likely she wouldn't know about it. She may likely feels good when you suffer, to see how powerful she is, and to see you get punishment for sucking her toes far too long.

The only cure is money, "Honey, would you like me to call you first next time when I'm in town". More money, "Darling, would you like to take me out for a weekend for a special discount?". Yeah, right, special. Or just money, "Dick, do you want to do a quickie on my way home?". Or, "Dick, My Daddy is late, can you give me a quickie first?".

Battleship topedo attack

Welcome to live blogging from the battle field, which is like the game to sink the other fleet by topedo coordinates without knowing where the ships are deployed.

After I refused to surrender to her empty sweetness, I wait a few minutes and contact the queen bee. I asked for her recommendation. She immediately gave me a name but didn't give me further details that I asked. Good, so I have excuse to observe.

To estimate the other fleets' strength, you can see what the admiral do. She threaten to do house cleaning and kick people of the discount privilege. Is that a strong sign? Of course not. But individual battle ship may varies in strength. Also, they are moving to cheaper hotel areas. It's extra few minutes's travel time than the central locations. There may be advantages but it's not the best of images.

At the same time queen bee is organizing a meet and greet party. I don't think it serve big marketing purposes. Surely I wouldn't attend these things. Financially, does it make sense when one girl can earn a couple of hundred per hour?

They anounced who's playing but in a subtle classified section. Not a lot of people will prebook by that.  And those would prebook will not need that classified. You have to see what they follow with com Monday.

Helen comes out to play only for a few hours at most. In the morning, she didn't even advertise in the premium section.  May be she just needed to put up something anyhow and she can fill all her time slots. I doubt it very much. It may be a silly mistake but her classified is inconsistant, appearing in two cities. She may be fishing for her 1st client and goes to the cities he prefers. All her other friends advertised in the premium section.

I waited at the last minute to contact the girl queen bee recommended. After all the too and fro questions, I hit the book button. But then after she answered all the questions, she came back telling e mshe is all booked up. I have to comeback the next morning. Good! I don't have to do her for now. I can and I have no reason to confirm her. I told her I got to go.

Then her friend's classfied keep coming up, dinging my phone. It sounds like, "Fuck me, fuck me." I have no reason to fuck her either. She is not the recommended one. But you can see it's bullshit. One is booked up while the other is free? It's possible that the house cleaning message brought out many clients but I doubt it. It is likely that my recommemded girl doesn't have anybody lining up so she is not going to get a room just for me.  After our conversation, she changed her classfied to come back tomorrow. Another topedoed.

Helen have another non-premium classfied in the early afternoon, with a city different from the one in the morning. If you are that good, you don't need one in the morning and one in the afternoon with different cities, and not in the premium section. Is she aiming for low overhead because of the low volume? This is her last classfied of the day. She could have filled all her slots, but more likely not. If not then you should do the premium and do it more often. Is that they want the elusion of fully booked rather than admit that they are not that good.

One good thing that came out is that Helen must have used my money to do a photo shoot. Great pictures that I can savour. More importantly, she will be around for a while because she put more effort into it.

The evening is usually quiet because they would stop early so the hotels will not bother them.

But I went crazy and wrote a lot of rubbish and that I couldn't get laid on the board, excuse me, social network. You know what, three of her friends put out their classfied for tomorrow. Two of them in the early morning. That puzzles me. It's not like before check out time. It's across that time and into the rush hour but not into the evening.

To start in the morning is unheard of except for check out day, and unless you score totay, i.e., have clients after check-in time. That they should have. But start in the morning means they have or expect to have clients in that time. Maybe queen bee's house cleaning works. May be they want me to change my mind. I told everybody I'm going to jerk off tonight because I didn't get laid.

As usual Helen don't work that much. If she has other successful gigs she wouldn't care about working with her friends. May be she really isn't that popular. May be she doesn't need that much money but filling all her slots is better than empty slots. So, she has needs and there is opportunity.

Another friend joinned the battle at the last call of the classified of the evening.

What I now think is that they are totally messed for the tax deadline, totally unprepared. This left them with empty hotel rooms and have to make it up the next day. They got the hint last night so the queen bee bring out the social event and the house cleaning threat. If they are fully booked or if they are totally messed, it's good either way. You cannot make the same threat over and over again. You have no other alternative.

In the morning they indeed get up early and honor their morning commitments. But then things get interesting. Soon they cut the time in the morning and now starts in the afternoon. One fish in another city at the classfied.

The impossibility is endless. Say the recommended one. She was fully booked for 8 hours yesterday? Fully booked for some 5 hours in the morning? And want to continue for the rest of the day? Super woman. Latest, now her classified is deleted. Can she work two full day straight, fully booked? Not possible! I think she have no takers in the afternoon and has to check out first. Just now, another friend announced yesterday takes her place.

After analying the post game social data, her friend probably didn't lie. She could have been fully booked and turned me away. Or she is almost fully booked so she wouldn't risk annoying me again. Fully booked or not the next morning, it's time to go home for a rest in the afternoon. The others? Not so much. So I was lucky she is popular too, or I had to do her, meaning nothing for me.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Did I say looking for a Chanel replacement in my auditions? No. I'm finally surely over her. I was just looking for some pretty live sex toys to play with.

Did I say my auditions are in a mess? I forget about the last one when I meet another pretty young thing. Then, the gorgeous tall blond about 30 got my heart. But when I decided on her and booked her again, it was well over a month. She put me low down on her favorite list. I had to work my way up again. Instead of doing that right away, I did some more auditions.

Lucky Star has the looks, but she doesn't go far with it alone. I had a crush on the Schoolgirl's feet. But after BYOS, bringing your own shoes plus a few visit, my crush was completely satisfied. No amount of DFK can hook me on. I settled for Pretty Schoolgirl as a satisfying sex toy, but she hadn't come back for a couple of months. It would have been different if she came back and open up her mouth.

Helen is different. I picked her just as I picked the other pretty young or mature things. I booked her 3 times, three times!!! without success, and no reason was given. Then I met her four times in four weeks. She shifted the appointment time twice, and the last time late for half an hour. I am so fucked.

I wasn't complaining and didn't keep these things in my mind. Once we met, I was so into her that I tracked her advertisement instantly. I know this is not a good idea. Temptations. You should go surfing only when you are horny or have some opening for rendezvous.

Once she turned up online, my phone will ding. I was like having an Amazon Book Her Button and couldn't resist pressing on it as fast as I can. Once I hit on it anyway even though I saw her just 3 days ago!

Why I'm boring you with all this? This is about the time she would turn up to announce her schedule for next week. And this is about the time I hit the book button every time for the last few weeks. If I have no problems with her I could have took the initiate and PM her to book her. Now I'm waiting for her to start my plan. But she could be appearing a little later, up until late evening. And the tax deadline may totally screw up her schedule and my plan.

It's not a very good start of a plan, is it? But waiting must be part of it if you want to play hard to get. Just when I was looking for things to fix to kill time, my phone dinged. It wasn't even a proper announcement. Was she waiting me to press the book button? Looking good. But hotel is far.

Her friend is out too, closer. COMPETITION! But can I do her? Sure, but before I met Helen. Why would you have a piece of meat instead of a model? I like meat too but now I am not sure if I can be passionate. I can do it. But it's like hurting others without benefiting yourself. Why? I have to do something to get even and get over it.

"I have a special request", shot fired! It could be tomorrow afternoon if I get a reply at all. Fingers crossed.

Now she is online. More friends coming to play tomorrow, ignoring tax deadline. Will she be not smart enough to get my message or choose to ignore it?

She got it and asked what I want. Going well.

I got the rejection. But I rejected her back, "OK, I will get over it soon :-)". Poetic! Now the next step.

Wow, with her helper's help, she writes like Chanel talk. Of course I wouldn't fell for it. I did last time because I wasn't prepared for the rejection. I said OK, saw her, and then regret it.

Everything as planned, hitting on her friend.

Now they are surprised. Good move. I think she is seriously considering letting me get my way. Or, her friend is preparing her resume to send it to me.

The Prince and The Gay

Literature let you acquire experiences that you never have in real life. I can't say my writing is literature but I do have something to share.

Can you believe that? In between complaining that Mrs Player doesn't play any more, doing homework with the kids, doing the boring taxes and financial planning, I actually digging up old old love songs on youtube and listen to it. I got jealous all because of a teenage girl. I doubt very much she is teen anymore but she got the teen model look. Although they are all in it for the money, what they offer is allowing me to relive many feelings I have when I was younger - Grace, resentment, love, hatred. I feel more alive, less feeling living like a robot.

The feelings are very real though you may think I am too silly and too crazy. Maybe I am. But think of it as a total immersion experience, like in a virtual reality where you can touch and smell (her pussy that is). No glasses and no gloves needed. Think of Echo in Dollhouse!

Because of the tax deadline, my plan may be delayed. Not that I need to meet any deadline, but most people won't be doing anything else that day. And maybe because of that, she moved her play day a few days ahead.

In the meantime, I discovered that the legendary song Silhouette is even more legendary at many levels.

First, what do you feel when a few of your top idols of your age died of overdose or sucide? And I totally understand why. I lived high and low. I can imagine that after living like a superstar, my boring life as of now isn't worth living. But my anchor to the real world is my kids. I want to prepare them and leave them something so they won't have to compete head to head with Helen and the like.

And life is tolerable. There won't be fans who recognizes me and stirrs up memories of the long gone glory days. There won't be haters coming up to see my sorry state. My critical moments of life won't be on youtube to remind me all the sorrows.

Silhouette is the Prince's most famous song. He was tall and handsome for the girls, but not so much for the boys. He made girls cry and boys have to go along with them. He is a good singer. He is the Prince on a white horse. Then one day, while he was hosting the equivalent of the Grammy's, he said:
A spark of the moment is not forever
This is his response to the award that the Gay just got. I don't remember what Gay did. May be he bragged that he got the award, not Prince. Gay is always full of himself and over the top, but rightly so. He is out of this world handsome. Very stylish too. He is the most popular bad boy in school Girls want him and boys want to be him. He got all the best songs but his singing sucks. That didn't stop him from being the hottest singer of the time for a long time. He and the media kept his gay secret well for his fans.

Because of that stupid quote, Prince's career ended. Even though his fans and many people think he is the hero. But perhaps it is the record companies and the media couldn't have that. He is being punished as an example for getting out of line.

Gay announced his retirement at the peak of his career. Maybe his team predicted that the next wave of new singers were unstoppable. Gay was hot for a long time and he couldn't tolerate being second best. He went on to make some handsome movies and everything seemed to be going great for a retired singer. He surpassed the pay of the then highest pay actor. That's when he made a trilogy and remembered as the hero in it.

One day he jumped from the top of a hotel! He is the hottest of my age. And he wasn't the only one whose life ended early. That hurts. That makes you think about your whole life, the universe and the meaning of everything else.

Looking at the archives, he went to a far away city and lived in a small apartment. He ran out of money. He actually did a world retiring tour when he long passed retiring. It was heart breaking to watch. It was like singing in a backward club and grab whatever money while he still can, for the last time.

I supposed he wasn't starving. The problem didn't seem to be with his gay partner. But just that his live wasn't worth living any more. That was long ago.

The Prince faded and disappeared after that incident. But decades later, he was resurrected. He just had his largest concert right last year! It's a bit awkward for a very middled aged man to sing his most famous songs when he was 19. But he was younger than me. And with sunglasses and nice suits, he was doing fine on stage. His fans were - what a sight! Remember those teenage girls when he first got to the top? Yes, they are fans forever. Here they are. Middle aged women waving flags and light bars as if they were teens.

But it seemed to be true that the Prince had mental problems all along. While fans and others feel happy for him to be confident, feeling vindicated, he didn't get along with the people who help him back to fame. It's not money or credit issues. He is just mental. He would tell a very famous guess singer to look at his audience, "my fans are more than yours now!". He wasn't grateful to his concert organizers nor his fans so they can't even dare to organize his next concerts.

Maybe he's crazy, but he's not out of line to sing one of Gay's song on stage! You can say he got the last laugh. But he may be standing there 30 years ago if he kept his mouth shut. Everybody signs what could have been!

It could be Gay who ordered to boycot Prince. He is always the bad boy and nobody will blame him. And he can because he's the top superstar. Who wouldn't get back? But a simple order went out of hand and ruined Prince's life. Nobody remembered and bothered to ask, can we hire Prince now?

It's really not about who got the last laugh, but who can still laugh. Most people will still love both no matter what they had done. Fate always get the last laugh but once a while we can turn back, smiling at it defiantly, like Helen had to stand up on the hotel room carpet for a brief moment after I washed her toes thoroughly and carried her to bed.

What a decades long story, and the quote that stated it all!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

The monster raising it's ugly head

I hurried up writing up all the good stuff because I may not be able to continue about Helen for long. Jealously!

It was almost a disaster that day she was late for 30 minutes. If she wore that outfit taking any calls in the morning, I can forgive her. She did, in a way, wear that outfit to get a fairy tale room for me, see me in that, and give me her undivided attention for the hour.

But she made a decision on top of that before the meeting. It's a simple personal matter that nobody can blame her. But I could have dumped her then. I could take that out of my mind at the moment because I already had the urge to see her. Nothing could change that.

But now I am back. I liked her more. But I cannot get over that decision, worse by the day. In this industry you have to be very careful to treat everybody equally on the surface. Jealously is a thing that is very hard to control. It's no body's fault but she could easily made it up to be. I know making exceptions for me may be a disaster, but without that I'm already felt being unfairly treated.

Will I dump her? Probably not, not yet. I could even exploit dead fish. But all I can think of now is getting even. Does Helen care for me? Probably not so much. Does she care to lose a good client? No big deal. But I'm plotting. If I can make myself feeling better I can continue seeing her.

You would think Chanel and Jordan care about nothing? Probably. I conspired to bring them together for a threesome!!! I knew Jordan cared about the money, curious about how to be a proper hooker like Chanel. Once I got Jordan on-board, Chanel couldn't resist the fact that if she didn't come along, she wouldn't have my regular income that month. She is just practical.

Incidentally, both have about a quarter French genes, easily about the two most beautiful girls I had sex with. Both have flawless fair skin that girls would kill for. Though, they cannot look more different. One blond and one brunette.

The result? Even though Jordan ripped me off so many times, she let me fucked her like a sex doll. Even though Chanel liked to be at the receiving end of everything, she pushed me down on bed, got on top of me and trying to had rough sex with me.

The sex wasn't that good as I am a shy person. I would rather DFK Chanel and suck her toes for hours, OR lick Jordan all over for hours. Not at the same time with the other watching.

I felt so good, so even, for teaching these two natural born heart breakers a lesson. Maybe at the end I was still heart broken, but I had my sweet moments to savor for a long time. Soon after, during my regular meeting with Chanel, she tried to ask causally, "Where's the little blond?". I knew I got to her big time. "She's still around. Do you want a threesome again?", I went in for the kill. "No no no", she must had regretted very much asking. But she couldn't resist asking, or she would never know, never knowing why I still saw her when I could have the little blond! She still didn't know. She even murmured that she felt so old. Thinking about it, they may be both 21 at the time! I spent time with Jordan at her birthday!

It was a downward spiral for Jordan. If she treated me nicely I would return the favor more than she bargained for. But she seemed to have some demons more than the others. She enjoyed treating me poorly, even for showing off. I know in her heart I am a nice person but she couldn't open her heart to like a client and let a client like her. At the end I didn't pickup her call on Columbus Day. That was it!

Rapunzel, the girl with ass long blond hair, was all about money grabbing. She wasn't going to be around for long so she sort of ripped me off on our first date. It wasn't her plan. She got the chance nd took it. But at least she felt guilty and tried to avoid me. Then it was about fair trade. We had out sweet moments, a lot of it. At the end she knew she could get away with anything from me so she ripped me off at the end.

It wasn't a ripped off as such. She might be also trying to treat me poorly to get even. She used a client to made me feel bad when she could so easily avoided it. She asked her client to drop her off at our meeting place, very late. I tried to pretend I wasn't there but I couldn't let a little princess looking all over for her prince. When she undressed she was in a state of - after rough sex. So we took a shower together. I carried her wet body to bed so she didn't have to touch the floor. I dried her starting from her juicy toes and wanted to start. But it was her attitude. She could have made up some acceptable truth to make me feel better. She could have simply said sorry and makeup for it. She was like "you liked my toes? suck it now!".

I couldn't carry on. I didn't bother to get back the money on the table. I wanted to make her know that she was about to lose a big spender client. All I wanted was to kick her out and lick my wounds quietly in the room before going home. But adding salt to my wound, she asked to to drive her probably to her next client, because in a rush she didn't drive herself.

That was it. I think she avoided me after that just as she avoided me after we first met. She was afraid that I would get even in an ugly way. But I thought she knew me over a summer. I am harmless. And if she made it up to me in any way, she could have earn herself much more money than she owed me. I heard she was gone soon after.

Helen is the most innocent. She wasn't trying to treat me badly but I was caught up in it. So, I am going to ask her if she would make it up to be one way or another, as a privileged regular client. She would probably refuse again as at the last time I saw her. Then I will tell her I will take a little time to get over it, before I can see her again. Then I will fuck all the girls she know, in turn, and repeatedly until I feel better. Then I will offer her the chance to make it up to me. And then the cycle will repeat, until I miss her, find another one with better chemistry, or she be gone. It starts tomorrow, unless I really get starting on the sugar baby sites, which is the fad of the moment.

The catch is, she may not get the wind of what I am trying to do. She may not be smart enough to take a look who I am fucking if not her. But if all else fail, she will get an invite to a threesome or foursome!!!! She will get an invite every time unless she say she doesn't want the money!

PS Where are all my Indian Agency fans? Did Google got rid of them? Did they move on to some social network? Are they afraid of me finding their match locally? Or they saw me ran off the rails and gave me up?

Thursday, April 14, 2016


I must admit, I don't seem to be able to find the freeway entrance in complicated situations. For example, I just couldn't get into the correct lane early enough to get in. I have to U-turn in heavy traffic, often keeping turning right first! I even have to turn on the GPS for just getting into the freeway.

And when I got in, I miss my exit to go home! Google seems to be infected too. Instead of going straight into the freeway, it asked me to get off, drove at the opposition direction to a toll road. But before that, I have to take a winding hilly road in an residential area. It took twice the time to get home compared to the usual route without traffic. I just listened to Google without the spirit to fight it.

I must admit the resurrected tune Impression isn't the worst. The other one is - you guessed it - Sihouette. I hated it so much because it made teens girls screaming.

Watching afar at your passing sihouette
Look! The city lights shining in the night sky
A ray of lost in your bright eyes
Made my eyes follow helplessly

Staring at your strides so beautiful
Hair on your shoulders floating in the wind
Sad dreams in your bright eyes
Seems to bring out a little arrogance

I hope not to lose you ever
Staring at your talk and smile
Following you in and out of the city lights
I hope to know you and fall in love together

Walking briskly by your side
The city lights look more beautiful and elegant
Your clear eyes bright like the stars
Add beauty to the night

I hope to be with you morning and night
By your side when you talk and smile
By your side in and out of the city lights
I hope you will fall in love with me

There's more coincidence than fiction. All of a sudden she decided to come out to play the 2nd time in a week. I didn't get any confirmation the night before, even though I told her I promise to leave her toes alone.

It wasn't really about the toes. Last time I asked her to play in the shower and she agreed unwillingly. She let me washed her private parts and her feet and other harmless things. Then I carried her to bed, still very wet and still with soap on. I dried her legs and below while she dried her body.

She was rather obedient, fairly cooperate but with a moment of defiant like a kid. She stood up by the side of the bed for a split second. Everything went perfect after that. I got what I wanted but I remembered that instant of defiant.

My message about the toes showed her that I am a flexible and easy going person. And also I asked for pole position but again I said it's not necessary.

I tried to book the pole position at lunch time. She replied late the next morning. Before and after her replies, her ad still read starting at 1pm. That is very unsettling. If I book 1pm you should say starting at 2! Are you inviting double booking or worse, threeosme without my consent?

Then later she said she can do 2! What does it look like? I booked her the night before but some VIP took my pole position? OK, I can live with that. I told her my booking is flexible and I do mean it. But letting another guy go first when I actually book in advance make me very jealous. If I have evidence  that she actually did that I would tell her how I feel.

She told me that her check-in time was 2pm. Knowing Chanel so well, I know this acceptable truth is good to hear. But I know it's not and difficult to disproof. It's like being stuffed a dead cat into your mouth and you can't do anything about it.

I was early, almost an hour early. It was suddenly a very hot day. Too many tourists. A few degree hotter than my own city. What do I do? Massage of course! I tried to find one palor that doesn't want my cock via the internet. It is easy but I have to pay for membership. It was just too darn difficult to find a secret card and enter all the details on a 5" phone. I gave up and wasted time leaving only a possible half hour session.

So I drove to the nearest one with good review on YELP!!! It was very silly as women don't like it. The men who like it may be sock puppets. But some say the place is nice and clean so I tried. My woman is actually quite attractive in comparison.  30's with decent face and skin. A bit of meat with good curves. Tight jeans with gorgeous behind. It was a good massage and she tried to antice me to do the hour. But I had to go. I tried to hug her at the shop front but she refused gracefully. Maybe I return for a massage and check her out.

During the massage I got a message that she would be late for 5 min. It wasn't just 5 min. I had to wait in my car under the hot sun. She texted to say that she was sorry, waiting for checkin in the lobby!

Well she told me she was checking-in at 2pm, and was running late like 5 min. It was more like 25. What does it look like? Somebody trumped me for the pole position. And he had such a happy time that they ran over time, big time. And I had to wait in the parking lot under the intense sun. I was boiling over.

I wasn't going to revenge or something. I just want to let her know that I'm not stupid and please cut that crab next time. I considered to leave but I liked her anyway so I cooled down.

I went to the lobby to cool down. The massage palor didn't even have cool enough air-conditioning. It was a tourist area and the hotel is built like a fairy tail city. I entered the lobby and immediately blamed myself for being so unlucky.

There are two thing you hate most when you go into a hotel. (1) The other guy's escort is much prettier and maybe cheaper too. (2) A slightly overweight young woman, or a hot slightly middle-aged woman passed you with a smile. You could have got it for free if you just go ahead and chat her up.

I saw a tall model checking-in, very out of place in a tourist area in the middle of the day. And she was single. Looking around, you can see old people from other countries, kids, and a few teenagers who I thought was Helen's group of friends checking-in together.

Fuck. Somebody's fucking sugar baby? How model was she? Well over six, feet total. Not just half an inch over. 3 or 4 inch high heels. Not stripper style but classic killer spike style. Perfectly straight hair falling below shoulder, flowing in the air. Obviously well gloomed even at afar. She was wearing a body hugging dress! From neck to knees, hugging! A little flesh on the neck and shoulders. So sexy and so classy. Exactly like a teen model! What's the fucking chance you met other's super sugar baby when your hooker flakes on you and worse, thinking that you are a stupid shit?

I was trying to sit on the waiting area to have a better look. It wasn't full but you will be sitting next to some women and children and teens so it won't be easy to check her out. I went at the far corner and without glasses, I couldn't see a thing. From that distance, she seemed to be a super teen model but all dressed to meet and kill her sugar daddy. I watched helplessly as she quickly walked out of the lobby.

It did cross my mind that she could be Helen. Of course she could be, but it was so wishing thinking I didn't allow myself to think about that for more than a split second. I know she is in the fashion industry, but maybe a cheap labor selling probably jeans. She is tall but I always saw her wearing socks. The first time I saw a pair of dirty socks in the bathroom. The 2nd time a pair of pure bright white socks to go with her bright white bra. Not the best to go with killer high heels. And above all, why would she dressed like that? I'm not at that league yet. Maybe I'm, but I'm not going to spend that sort of money on superficial things.

I wished she was Helen. Then she was telling me the truth all along, checking-in at 2, being late, and had to wait a long time in the lobby. No games. It could be true as all the people sitting in the lobby was waiting to check-in after all. There was only one receptionist and everybody was in slow motion, so much so that you don't know they were waiting for something.

Now if, a big IF, she was Helen, I would think she had some other secrets and would hide everything so I wouldn't ask questions. I had no way to know. I had experience of these things. Some hide their expensive cars, some dress like a poor college girl. So you wouldn't think that it's all about money. And that they need help for college or something. That's OK. All is about money. But I would like to enjoy the outfits too since I contributed to it. I like costumes! Killer heels!

I got her message with the room number soon. The timing was right if she was really Helen. I was telling myself no no no, it couldn't be. If it was she, it would be my proudest moment walking around with her in the hotel parking lot.

I had a lot of lunch with Chanel, and Grace at 6 ft invited me to lunch more than once. Both are super and made me proud, but not the proudest. Not the woman in leather pants who had the aura of Ivanka Trump when she was in her 30's. Not the girl with perfect body that asked me to shop with her. If she wear a skirt or short shorts on high heels I will look like a millionare with a misstress. She isn't that pretty though but her makeup makeup for it. So far the proudest moment is the girl with ass long blond hair who gloomed herself like a princess. She also liked to spend her money on expensive clothes and didn't hide it. She looked like a atheletic cheerleader, pretty too. And she learned to be a makeup artist so she always look best in school.

My proudest moment was when I drove her around, got off to 7/11, asked the teen boy for direction to the nearest motel, and brought some condoms too! Meanwhile she strolled causually around the shop to get herself a drink or a snack. I must be god in his eyes.

So I checked the room number on my phone, so as not to disturb tourists. She opened the door and hide behind it as usual. When I turned around, I was shocked.

The super sugar baby teen model was Helen.

She was even showing off. She kept the dress on, while usually she took everything off except for her panties and sometimes the bra. She took off her high heels but put it in front of the bed.

She said sorry that she was late, driving back from LA. Isn't the truth is the simplest and sweetest? No games. She was telling the truth all the time. One look at her and I asked, "Looking for a job in LA?" Immediately fear came to me. I was afraid she wouldn't be around long.  I told her LA isn't that far away. We can always set something up, and bla bla bla.

It did crossed my mind that she was doing an outcall in LA. I remembered the Czech girl I met. She fitted me in for cheap between $700 agency calls. She brought a suitcase of clothes for that. But for me she went for the girl next door look. She is less tall, holding my arm and said "let's go" when we met. Helen is undoubtly more model like.

I just couldn't visualize wearing that in the morning for an outcall. For a showoff evening? Yes. If sneaking around in the morning, I wouldn't ask for that outfit. And if she does that, she could have relocated to LA.

I took a good look at her and her dress. Proud moments. So proud of myself. Then put down the funny money from tourist ATM's. Went to the freshly clean bathroom to take a nice shower.

But I slipped off the tub. Four limbs pointing at the sky. Because the tub wasn't deep I fell out, hitting my ribs on the tub wall. And because the tub wasn't deep, the fall wasn't that great. If I'm any older it could be fatal. I seemed to be OK except for a little pain at the ribs that hit the wall. But it had to be. I don't care if I have to go to the hospital later on. I was OK for sex, for now.

Chanel's DFK is mermerizing for her beauty. She would rather be on the receiving end of everything as being fair punishment. Helen's DFK is mermerizing for her cheerfulness and willingness. She likes to do things rather than you at her back.

I let her stay dry this time but I still went after her toes gently. My crush was satisfied last time and I wasn't at all intense, but it would be different if I wash her feet thoroughly again. She was encouraging because of the message I sent her.

After I rested, I DFK's her again. I don't know why I didn't try it with Chanel. But once I demanded to DFK her for 10 mins at least as a condition for booking. She refused and challenged me if any other girls would do that. I always let her off easy. But Helen received my DFK cheerfully. The other reason maybe Chanel and many others find it a good time to cleanup while I was resting. So, no more intimacy after that.

Then I attempted some pillow talk. I got an confesson out of her. She has helpers for her email and messages. Of course we all know that. For emails, most. Messages, not so much. She was like confessing to her parents that she did something wrong.

I think she confessed because she doesn't want anymore embarassing messages to get to her circle of friends. And that's why my message is so subtle, but effective.

I got to the bathroom and showered very carefully! And that's the time I had trouble getting into the freeway. And once I got in, Google asked me to get out!

I know why girls cry for the song. They all want to be that girl. And they all want to meet their prince on a white horse like that, and fall in love! But they know that most of them aren't and won't! I can't say I cried for Helen but I had goosebumps. She is all that with a twist that she is a hooker. There is a little sadness but I'm happy for her. She got talent, and she is gifted.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Who made me act like an idiot that night?
Excuse me, I couldn't help myself.
But I felt very nervous all because I met you.
All of a sudden, who made me full of imaginations?

That was part of the lyrics that I long forgotten of a song. The tune resurrected itself in my head after I saw Helen again. I don't even ever like the singer and the song!

That was somewhere between Smooth Operator and Endless Love! OMG! I have chicken skin thinking about it. Yulk!

Instead of hard acceleration, I speed smoothly humming the tune. Swinging smoothly 3 lanes right at 90 mph, passing everything, then back to the fast lane. Normally, I ram into the front car at 100 mph and it will avoid me before that.

The feeling I have for Helen is different from Chanel. With Helen is strictly professional, maybe because I just saw her a few times.

But Helen is so much better in everything. Even her face is comparable without makeup and without alleged enhancements.

Chanel couldn't have survived today if she had not retired. She knew it because she was just not interested in blowing. Either she had to cope with it or, like she did, went into semi-retirement with just a few clients.

In a way, I feel sorry for the girls nowadays. Competition is just so intense. You know what? Angel Face, looking exactly like a blond high school tiny cheerleader, offers her back door. I couldn't have imagined she doing that. Indeed, I heard that it was a disaster! But both party were cool with it and no harm done.

Did I say I wanted to hit her before no matter what? But Helen always got in the way. Every time I prebooked Helen and then Angel Face turned up. Now I know why some girls don't even turn up.

Lucky Star and Pretty Schoolgirl are doing more and better than Chanel, but without DFK there can hardly be any bonding. Helen just trumps them all. But she isn't the best bang for the buck I'm sure.

On the other hand it's good for them in a way. They know they are not making absurd amount of money. They are not doing full time, nor for the long haul. In the TER era, if you have a good review, people will lineup all day, every day, paying $400+. Just take Helen. She is as awesome as anybody I saw that time, and don't cost that much.

Did I say I felt on foreign soil? Come to think of it, you can make a fortune in the sex tourism industry luring people to USA with all American local girls, whatever that means. Sure you can get better offerings overseas, but without a social network, it's hit and miss. And they don't look like that!

Remember Club Black? I'm still getting hits from that article every other day. I can easily pick a dozen girls from my short list and beat them all.

I must declare I hate social networks. Imagine FB for escorts and clients! Horrible! So I was late to the game. But one can never be late. I'm still able and willing. And I have the means to indulge in the scene for many years. But I doubt very much. I have been there before.

Monday, April 04, 2016

Helen II

Being Helen, there were more to come.

She advertised that she was working the same day next week. Unlike many other girls, she gave exactly one day's notice.  Nowadays, we have instant notification but usually I turn it off so as not to distract. I missed Lucky Star a few times, or else it might turn out differently. With a day's notice, many people can plan ahead, though confirmations on both sides would be a problem. I had a few people called in sick all at once on a Monday and wrecked my plans totally.

Too much notice leads to inaction. Who knows what lie ahead in a few days time? May be I'll check my calendar tomorrow. Also, it's a lack of confidence. Sometimes they don't turn up if they can't fill the seats to break even.

Soon after she put up her announcement, "just happened" that I was browsing the hooker pictures and saw it. Immediately I book her, pole position. Hours later she asked if I could confirm. Can I predict lightning strike? Of course I confirmed the best I could. It was probably not her but her mentor, who didn't know I would turn up except for lightning strike. If it were her hired helper she would have replied earlier.

By the way, her mentor, who couldn't be a few years older, announced her retirement soon after launching Helen's "career".

The next day, when I woke up in the morning, I PMed her to remind her about the appointment, my phone number, and giving me her hotel when she's ready. A few hours later she texted me as an excuse to see if I would turn up. I got her text an hour later and replied if everything was on schedule. It was.

After opening the door, she gave me her cheek. But I was going to DFK her there and then, all premedicated. I was going to press her on to the floor to ceiling mirror while doing it. She was unprepared, gave in anyway, but we didn't get that far, not close enough to the mirror.

I dropped my pants, my cash on the table and went for a shower. Her back was on the pillows when I got out, probably waiting for me to DFK her. I did. Then I worked on her breasts. I knew she wouldn't mind and gave her a pussy rub. Mrs Player always enjoyed it and had an orgasm evey time, without even being fingered.

Helen got wet but I wouldn't try to give her an orgasm like that. It would have to be intense that may be awkward if she got nervous instead. I did finger her gently and thoroughly.

I asked for a spoon. She seemed to understand but a minute into it she turned it into a sideway. Now her back was securely flat on the bed while I could only hold her leg up and penetrate from the side. Is that really not that comfortable for a spoon? A few girls did exactly what she did. And even for Chanel somehow I got a glimse of her face once and it wasn't pretty. "I don't like it" was written all over her face, but I was supposed to be facing the back of her head.

It wasn't bad at all. She wasn't blocking anything, I was holding her killer leg, staring at her little pyramid with a cherry on top. When I thought of something to do to it, I did it.

But that wasn't what I came back for. Instead of quantity of positions, I went for quality. I went on top of her, put my cock in, and started kissing. We had good understanding so there's no time and effort wasted for second guessing. She knows what I like and I know what she will do.

After another big bang when the universe ended, collapsed into a single singularity point, I fell from the height of civilization, rolled over downhill and ended up on a calm bedsheet. Again we slept side by side, very relaxed.

After the shower, I went for a kiss on her cheek while she was naked in bed, but she thought I was going to DFK her, giving me her lips instead. When she realized her mistake, she turned to give me her cheek, but I was re-aiming for her lips. I thought we had some good understanding? So, we kissed goodbye all over again.

Three days later, when I was ready to go out, I couldn't find my wallet! I searched over and over the possibilities in the house and nothing turned up. There's not a lot of places you would carry your wallet in the house. I then figured out where I had been. The day before I had a day off and never left the house. The last time I used my wallet was in the supermarket, the day after I saw Helen, incidentatly in the same outfit, the sagging pants. I still had the receipt. And in my wallet I had the extra secret cards and extra cash.

I wanted to kill myself for being so stupid again. This time there's no guardian angel to look after me. Fortunately, I checked my accounts and they were normal. I called the supermarket and a shoppig mall where I got out of the car for a few seconds. Nothing. I know that doesn't mean much. So I drove to the supermarket and then the mall to ask if they found anything. Nothing. Before that, I gave the house a final search before I call the banks to report lost. And then another final search. Of course I searched the car thoroughly again and again.

When I came back from the mall, my wallet mysteriously appeared on the kitchen worktop. Somebody found it in the closet. It was in the closet all along. But that was the first place I searched. I searched the shelves and I searched the floor. It happened that somebody knocked out something in the closet and the wallet came down. It was trapped in something in mid-air for the last three days. Luckily, I still hadn't call the banks yet.

I took a hi-def picture of everything in my wallet and put them on the cloud.