Saturday, December 19, 2015

Xmas present and auditions N

The auditions are now in a real mess, because the last one is always the best one. I tried hard to repeat but can't help discovering new favorites. I have to document everyone quick or I'll never finish before I meet a new favorite. If only stocks were this easy. But then, I have much more years of experience picking girls out of all sorts of pictures.

But first, I was surprised to find out late that Backpage can't accept credit card. Now the so called 'anti-trafficking' camp is the biggest promoter of bitcoin! What will they think of next? I hope very soon they know how to accept mobile payments, bitcoins the better.

Backpage is now the leader in advertising tech. It is very easy and entertaining (funny) to watch and browse. But the cotent is still crap. I hope the anti-trafficking camp success in weeding out those with tats left and right, piercing all over, and fake model pictures. Do they know that you can google any image to find the online source?

Actually the current round of auditions started before I met my Lucky Star. One day I was curious and went into a massage spa that I favored a couple of years ago. It was soon closed for at least a few months, and I forgot to track it. It was now a different type with pretty young girls. I got a nude handjob. Hey, what do you expect me to do?

I was going back for another pretty young girl who I think may go all the way. But instead I got a young inexperienced estate agent. I got her out to do escorting because I know she was easy. She indeed followed the money. She asked girls with expansive cars what they do for a living. And then she ended up massaging for a day or two a week, selling houses the other days. She is not at all pretty and a bit rounded. But surely she was new raw meat.

The problem is, she is too new. On the big day she came with glasses on, and never took it off! She is earger to please but highly germ-sensitive. She didn't seem so during the massage. The other girl spray my hands with disinfecting alcohol before and after I touched her naked body, inclusive in the nude massage. She wouldn't allow me to walk barefoot on the hotel room after a shower. She wouldn't kiss but encourage me to spank her when I touched her round bottom. I just have no mood to do anything. A waste of time and money.

That disappointment triggered me to get update with the current scene and find a pretty young leggy girl with potential to replace Chanel. One summer Monday morning I was all ready to go. I made contact and prepared backup. Unfortunately, someone called in sick and my plans went up in smoke. Both of them checked out when I was free.

One of them I paid good money to see her face pictures. I wowed at the time but later I noticed a nose piercing. Never saw her. I booked the other Sweet Schoolgirl again a couple of weeks later. She wasn't pretty to look at. I tried hard to savage the session. I kissed her thigh when she stretched and showed off her legs. I put my hand on her perky schoolgirl tits after sex. But it didn't work. Like many younger girls, their eager to please is just awkward. She would say things like "Thanks for coming". Maybe she read my facial expression at times so she knew I wouldn't be back. And for all the talents here, she wouldn't be able to make it here.

The same afternoon I doubled down and booked Nasty Schoolgirl. She has one of the best albums, do a lot of things, and asked a lot for it. Maybe great minds think the same - double booked. By the time I got to the hotel room, it was not her, but my Lucky Star.

She didn't claim to be new in town, nor claim to be teen. But she looked like a senior schoolgirl. Her hair isn't great, didn't put a lot of makeup on, wears the same bodysuit all the time. But she is actually prettier, in an all natural way. Except that she has a pair of pretty big enhanced breasts. She is a bit athletic, not skinny but just right sexy. More like a small traditional cheerleader rather than the skinny type cheerleader.

I also like her character most. She cared enough about how much I enjoy myself but at ease enough to tell me what she wouldn't want to do. I was trying Nasty's menu on her, only to find out she was nothing like that at all. She would kiss a bit, let me rim a bit, and play with her big toes a bit. But she is not at all germ-sensitive. Her pussy is great to eat because it looked good. She could do a mean blowjob, on and on until I have to stop her. She was earger to help to optimize my positions, except that she wasn't fond of me at her back on the spoon position.

At the time she has no competition, not even Nasty I orginally booked, and I saw her right next morning... and then some. It was after that morning I had the mood to open old letters allowing my long lost stocks to find me. The last time I saw her I stacked on top of her, attached my mouth to her cheek and fucked her like a blowup doll. I was very happy and she was happy for me too. She maybe local and has potential. But she still wouldn't kiss much and I haven't push it.

Before that I messed up. I booked another girl that looked like her with similar sounding name. I was very surprised because I booked the wrong girl, and because this is The Schoolgirl. She looked very appetitizing in sexy lingerie with pink background, black poka dot, a little ribbon and maybe a little laces. Medium curly hair. Almost no makeup. Small, skinny but with meat on her bouncy bottom. Also small natural but boucny tits. She is small but in good propotion. So much so I pulled her next to the mirror, stripped off her outfits one by one and tried the human lilipop thing on her.

But she is hardcore. She wasn't appreciating what I was doing, but will try to accomodate anway. Before that I DFK'ed her. It wasn't deep because she wasn't responding. I asked for some more and went ahead. She would kiss but just wasn't passionate. Or I should say she didn't trigger my passion.

By hardcore I mean she would kneel down given half the chance. Pull my pants and suck on my thick erect cock. She would try to gag and choke herself. I really didn't have chance to do much but letting her suck. And she is pretty good at that. Again any position is no problem at all for her but she had to warm up first by riding me. Honestly it's not easy to enter her. The first time we met I was too much consumed on all the positions. When I was hard at work at the spoon behind her, I realized I was about to come too soon for my plan. So I pull out quick, flipped her around liked a burger and climbed on top of her to insert at the front entrance. I barely managed to come inside her on the missionary position.

She started some small talk after sex, and was very keen for me to come back for her. She would talk in a girly way with an angelic accent, but I know that one wrong word would trigger her to turn into Chucky's Bride.

But it was never my intention to go back. Did I say she wasn't pretty to look at? But the strange thing is that she was the only one on my mind. My heart was debating with my head whether to go back or not, week after week. Maybe her tight pussy? I haven't done the premature thing in recent memory. It wasn't premature but I overestimated myself, doing all the positions hard on her tight pussy. Maybe her sexy legs and small feet? I did "borrowed" the best high heels I could get hold of and booked her again. The pair was over a grand, but maybe a grand just for the left.

The second she put on the heels and I got high from it. Again there's not much chance to do anything else or looking at her outfit. Again we kissed but ignited no passion. Again she pulled my pants and blew. The gagging and choking became awkard the 2nd time around. And she remembered to tone it down.

I let her warm up her pussy by riding me. Then the fun began. I did what I didn't manage to do the last time, carefully enjoying the tightness all the way. I pounded hard but not to completion. Finally I flipped her face up in the middle of bed and mounted on the missionary position. By hardcore I mean in her mind all the time was how to survive all the pounding, so she wasn't responding to anything else.

I attached my mouth to her cheek and started to fuck her like a blowup doll. Maybe I was so passionate she started to respond. Maybe I fucked her so hard she lost her mind. Maybe she read my mind that I wasn't prepared to come back. She knew what she had to do to stay in the competition. She began to turn her face towards me. I sucked her like a vacuum cleaner, deeper than any DFK. I was pumping twice as hard down there, until mission accomplished.

I made mental notes dozens of times to make sure to bring the heels back. I did say "borrowed" when I came in so they weren't mistaken to be a gift. As with last time, I'm not sure I'll be back just because I loved so much to fuck her. And I would never say never again.

My Lucky Star was a bit off the radar so I have time to look around. I came across Dom. She looked great in everything in her pictures, pretty face, leggy, great enhancement and everything else. That's when I complained that many girl didn't smile on their pictures. Her hotel room is always the biggest on the floor, if not a suite.

When I met her she was warm as a teenager, apologizing that her hair was still wet and being late. Because I was admiring at her great legs and behind she made sure that I wanted her to stand or get on bed. She looked more mature than 21 that she claimed. She is beautiful, more classic than the cute type. She has the expensive naked look but probably without the need for expensive naked look makeups. I tried DFK but has no memory of it.

She is model type with exggerations. She has long legs but bigger butt than models. She was at ease standing while I was kissing her legs, all over. Her pale round butt drove me crazy and I started to rim her, and I couldn't stop. Because she was so at ease I couldn't control myself and did the deep drilling. I went on to tackle her feet but her high heels was very difficult to undo. After I failed long time she helped to finish it. When I told her to get on bed for sex she made sure I meant it, not standing anymore - a bit submissive.

I thought she would be my favorite until I saw her the next tine. Again her room was bigger than the rest. It dawned on me that last time she looked like a Dom without the outfit. This time she looked more like it, at least for her shoes. It looked like a pair of Dom heels. I don't know why. She has great legs and don't need that high pair of heels. That's not the problem. It looked like they were more secure than the pair last time and I didn't even try to take them off.

Maybe she remembered me, for the wrong reasons. Her smiles were not that much last time, but gone this time, just like all her pictures. I wanted to suck her good looking breasts and nipples but she wouldn't be pushed down on bed. I wouldn't want to rim her again, not that much anyway, in case I gone completely crazy again. But all she did was standing up straight with butt facing me. So I was submissive like a slave, kneeling on my own free will riming her. It was like I was obeying her orders, riming harder and deeper.

Other than that she was courteous, may be a bit too courteous. She would still let me do what I like, the positions that she approved. She would say goodbye with "always a pleasure" , but not smiling. Everything about her is great, but a bit too cold for my liking, and not because she doesn't kiss.

Then I met Nat, the model girlfriend. She kissed a lot for the first time, not that passionate but full of potential. Her pictures looked like models, and she's not bad at all in person. Tall Leggy Blond. No flaw to speak of except for her natural breasts. They are my type, bigger than perky teens but she isn't teen anymore. Looks good though.

It's strange that the 2nd time I saw her, she seemed to not remembering me. Maybe she remembered me but got it wrong on some details. She released her charm on me alright, but she didn't kiss much, if at all. She seemed to remember that I liked her butt and legs. She laid flat on bed, butt up, with one feet up in the air. Her panties was very sexy with a few strings binded together into a net. Naturally I started kissing and licking, but when I was down to her toes, she would cringe the same when I was trying to rim her last time.

Now this is supposed to me my new found favorite. I couldn't figure out how she kissed the most the 1st time and the least the 2nd time. She has to be on file and I have excuse to start looking again.

Then Nasty Schoolgirl came into town. I hated her for dropping me but I thanked her for meeting my Lucky Star. Out of curiosity I booked her. This time she showed her face. She wasn't as pretty as one would hope for after seeing her body pictures. She has heavy makeup on. Maybe so her homies wouldn't recognize her. Maybe clients won't recognize her on the street some day. But the makeup has the right effect, and she looked like a cute schoolgirl, though she never claimed to be that young.

Nothing are what they seems to be that day. I didn't even know a hotel was there, and it was so good in a rustic way. It was like Euoprean family owned hotels with every decoration customized to the owner's taste. But this hotel is much larger than that, though much smaller than multistorey hotels the size of a city block.

She charged the most and that's why I was so unwilling to book her again. It's not the silly money. It's could be her ego. But that's OK as she is pretty down to earth, and she has to be. She looked like her face picture, a pretty cute schoolgirl with heavy makeup on that you liked. The problem is she would duck whenever you go near her face with the possibility to kiss her. Chanel complained that her naked look makeup is expensive and I always messed it up and she had to do it twice. I could have compensated her with better tips but I paid her good money already, as good as a regular would do, but not like a new client that is out of his mind.

I did managed to DFK her, sort of. Rather than messing up her expensive lipstick, she stuck her tongue out and let me suck. That was what Chanel did when I couldn't stop sucking her. Rather than pushing me away she did that to detach herself a little bit. I wasn't aggressive on Nasty. But with her fees she had to do what her menu claims.

I think she wore very sexy black lingerie and matching high heels. I couldn't notice much because she is another hardcore schoolgirl. After tongue sucking, I was looking at her body thinking what to do next, when she knelt down and started sucking. I had to put my hands on my waist, raised my chest, with face looking into heaven, naturally doing the post in porn movies.

I have the same porn dilemma. A blowjob wearing anything else is a waste of a beautiful body. But a naked body will cause distraction to the blowjob. I was trying to compromise when I slipped her bra strip slightly off her shoulder. I hope her bra will slip off at least a bit to fully or partially show her new breasts. Yes, they were newly enhanced.

But she just pulled off her bra, holding my fully erect cock on one hand, beating on her bouncy breast supported underneath by her other hand, like a drum and stick. Bong, bong, bong, I could not help but audiolizing the sound in my head.

Now I had to forget about anything else I wanted to do, I knew the easy way out was to hardcore all the way. So I did a low jump with back first and landed on the bed. She would climb on bed after me to finish the blowjob. Very soon I told her to do the 69. She had no problem. I liked her butt. She could have very sexy feet. I could try to rim her. But all my mind was on the 69.

Her blowjob was good. I could have asked her if she really serve come in mouth as her menu claims. But I was in top form and she wasn't likely to finish me off like that. Also I wanted her pussy very much.

She is indeed very skinny as her pictures. Very good looking skinny. Better looking than skinny models with eating disorder. But her waist is really very tiny. Her porprotion is very good so she looked very leggy in her pictures. But she is smaller in person, which made her very cute like a schoolgirl. With all that, I didn't expect her to have an easy entrance. So I asked to warm up riding me. She tried a little bit and then brought out the lube.

When she was riding, I held her tiny waist and admired her from head to waist with emphasis on her new breasts. She seemed uneasy after a while, maybe because of her baby scar. I tried not to notice and I wasn't deducting any marks from her. But I let her off her ride. Since I knew we wouldn't manage some passionate kiss, I finished in the spoon. She was at ease with that, with me holding her breasts tight. I knew she is hardcore so I stayed inside after I came, and she didn't try to pull out at once.

When I rolled over to spread my arms and legs on the bed to rest, she tried the GFE talking. You can tell the difference between a teen and not a teen. She complimented on my coming like a flood gate, my own words, and that I saved up for days and she liked that. I quite like her but not crazy about her. If she's in town again I may try to see what the tongue sucking turn into. When we said goodbye with a hug, I forgot and tried to kiss on her cheek, and she always remembered to duck so I got only her hair.

Now for the Xmas present and the lastest audition, that have to be after dinner...

I was ready to call up my Lucky Star before the shut down at the end of the year, before she forgets me. There's no other girl I wanted to see again badly. I'm also not keen on seeing new girls - they can wait. But then I browsed and fixated on Pretty Schoolgirl. She looked nothing like that in her pictures. She isn't brand new and should have a little experience. I like that - survivors who should have some outstanding qualities. She looked about 21 but really you can't tell. She is the rare ones who looks good in standing up pictures, front and back. She could be like Sweet Schoolgirl whose face isn't good to look at. But I remembered I saw her face once before that was actually sweet. She wasn't smiling but looked like she was. That was way better than trying to look like super models, not smiling once in dozens of photos.

It was a good day, good timing, her area is convenient, trafficwise, at a convenient distance where nobody could have known me. I couldn't resist.

She blew me away when she opened the door. She is 21 more or less but with heavy makeup. She didn't need that, did she? You can tell she is pretty to begin with. Makeup to kill? In high school she may be just one of the prettier girls. But this is not high school. She already has enough to be on top of the food chain as I will tell you the rest later.

I am not a big fan of fake big eyelashes. But the pair she had was big and looked good even at closeup. Her makeup was heavy but not to hide or distort her facial outline. It was to bring out the clarity and nice features of her eyes and lips. You can really say well groomed on a pretty girl.

It was a surprise that she dressed as - Mrs Robinson at 21! I had no idea why. Why pink poka dots aren't good enough? She had a two piece tiny black lingerine on with maybe some complicated connections. She had thigh high stocking that I was never fond of. But I had to say she had style, A+ for wearing all that, and looking great.

I was a little surprised when she started to kiss me. It was like a teacher told her that this is what you have to do to get an A. All I can say she was carefully DFKing me! It was not like a check on the box type kiss. She was in it for the long haul. She would keep the suction, entertain my tongue advances but wouldn't let me penetrate.  OK, A- for that. I wasn't into that that much because I was keen to get her naked and report.

After a lingering kiss, I sat on the bed and she did too. I was eager to get her naked but she started to kiss me again, more of the same. But she wasn't lying down so we were kissing sitting on the bed in an awkward position on my part. If I laid down myself I was not sure she would got on top of me and continue.

She asked me if I wanted to take of her bra when I was staring at it. Yes, of course I wanted it off but she should not have to ask. I was looking at her stocking and wondering if I had to make love with her in it? I remembered a few older women who wouldn't show their age by showing their legs, and a few semi-rip-off artists who would let you fuck but keep the minimum time and skin contact. Just as I was looking and wondering she asked me if I wanted to take them off. Sure that was what I wanted. She got up, took it off and get back onto the bed. And at some point in time she got off her panties.

All my doubts about her vapourized. Her leggy pictures was real. The pictures looked good but wasn't professional. So her pair was better in person. She had nothing to hide. Fuck, it should be great fun and rare treat to strip her off one piece at a time while treating her as a human lolilop. She had no pierecing, not a single tat. And on her young pale skin you could see no flaws.

Women would pay thousands and thousands to have an work of art enhance. But you have to pay millions to get her pair. Actually it's priceless as it is natural. It's not that extraordinary but you just can't turn the clock back. It's not much to look at with the bra on, but once liberated, they stand up proud like a pair of volcano with pinkish delicate rosey bud that you want to nip it off or bite it off. I wish she would take nipple clamps but my mouth will do nicely.

I was really out of my mind and asked her if I could double up the hours. What could have gone wrong? None what so ever. She checked with her booker with her iPhone but got no instant reply. She said there should be no problems and carried on happily. I probably won't take that long but she's worth it, it's winter holiday season and I have silly money.

Well, she wasn't keen on me sucking on her breast and squeezing them, but she didn't try to block anything. I could have fingered her while I was breast feeding but I preferred to squeeze the free one.

Previously when I came across pretty schoolgirls on the street I would try not to look in case they or their parents know me. Not even in short shorts. Maybe just a glance. Now I can't help but looking at them at a distance to see if they are 100% my type and how to get one close enough. And then how to fuck them. Really, Pretty Schoolgirl is exactly what you can pickup from high school.

I tried on her pussy but never big on that. Maybe you can visualize the cocks and condoms going in and out. Maybe not today but soon and for the previous days. After I turned her over that's another story. There wasn't open for business. Every 19 year old look alike with tight butt and tight ass reminded me of the girl who reversed herself on all fours into my face. That's when I rimmed the first time. I was expecting Pretty to resist but she didn't. I was going a tiny bit closer each time and she remained at ease. A pretty schoolgirl with a tight round butt? I just couldn't resist to rim harder, even if she would never DFK me again. But she wasn't encouraging and betting me to do it. She was just letting me. So I hadn't gone crazy and wasn't drilling deep.

I found it easier to admire (lick) her legs when she was tummy down. I remember nobody did what Grace (Kelly) did so gracefully. She would look at me every step of the way in a loving way. So I won't feel like a freak and won't feel rushed and took as long as it take to go through her long legs. She was 6 ft tall. And she would raise her feet up in the air so I didn't have to do it in any awkward position. I gave her toes a good suck, all ten, right in front of her eyes and felt so artistic. Maybe she came right from work and never barefoot on anything. Maybe she was big on pedicure and very keen on showing them off. The other one that I had a good suck on is off course Chanel. But that was after I knew her long time. Still, she was never keen on it and would sometimes barefoot on the hotel room to discourage me from sucking on her toes. But then she was big too on pedicure after all the training and attention, and would dangle her feet up in the air to entice me to patronize her again and again. Indeed it was a big draw. A lot of girl have pretty feet and toes. But they have to be prepared.

After I admired her lower leg at zero distance, I lifted it up and continued to her feet. That's when she got alarmed, turned her upper body around and seemed to be checking on her feet with her hands, or trying to say no. When she was no alarmed when I rimmed her but alarmed when I was getting onto her toes, I know that I should stop.

Now it's her turn to "admire" my body. I laid down flat on the middle of the king sized bed like a king. Any other girls knew that was time for a blowjob. The hardcore ones would have sucked long before that, when my pants was till on. She seemed to need some more hint.

But the surprise was that I had no erection. I had no worries because I had been invincible and fearless lately. Her skills wasn't bad at all but I wasn't enjoying it. I need a full erection to enjoy it with all the exposed skin and volume, and then get fuller because of the job. But it got worse. And then it got better as she was in the salvage mode. Then I was barely hard enough to get into the condom.

I didn't have high hopes but just enough to get through the sex and come back next time. She rode me and failed. It was a double fail because she is tight, I am thick and wasn't hard enough. It was a professional's nightmare and she started all her engines. She worked very hard on the blowjob again with the condom on. It didn't help much but enough to try again. I asked for my favorite position. She was cooperating 100% but she didn't seem to get it. She didn't spread her legs open so I couldn't get in from behind. I failed again.

When I was retreating again I held my cock and mastubated. She seemed to get the idea and started a handjob. That actually felt better in the circumstances. There's no difficulty for her and I felt no pressure to perform. You don't feel that somebody is sucking the life out of you when there is hopelessness.

Thinking about it, it wasn't a bad thing at all considered that how much money me and others spent on handjobs. Of course "we went for the massage" but often there is no breast feeding and often no touching. Now everything goes if I could manage. And remember how much I paid for a nude handjob earlier? Now Pretty is easily the prettiest massage girl and one of the youngest. Well, true except for the one time I willingly spent $500 on a dancer for a handjob.  I couldn't even touch her.

Pretty is not as pretty as Chanel with or without makeup, and not as pretty as another massage girl same style as Chanel. Pretty doesn't have perfect real breasts as another massage girl about 19 to 21.  This girls butt may be even more awesome but I never saw her fully naked. But Pretty is a true all rounder, and can take on and wear anything good, even heavy makeup and big fake eyelashes, and even Mrs Robinson's outfit!! She is photogenic too without professionals, or professionals in amatuer looking photos.

Now I was ready to complete the mission. I made no mistake and asked for a missionary. I put it in and it worked. With all the efforts to get me hard, she took on a cock blocking stance. She was very close to the headboard so I couldn't do any damage. I didn't think she was delibrate but she was used to it, avoiding being hurt. That's not a big deal as I can fuck like a snake.

I had no idea why she had at least of experience on record but fucked like a newbie. She moaned as if she was being punished. She wasn't keen on too much skin contact when I felt both of her nipples on my chest. But she was a good girl and managed not to react negatively. When I came she didn't push me off immediately, but pulled my cock out immediately with her bare hands. LOL. I didn't even have time to read her and could have rolled over myself.

It happened before but long ago and usually I was given the run around until it was my turn, or after a long drive. Usually it is the other problem - I come sooner than I would like. But not recently by a long short and I wasn't thinking about or preparing for it.

What did I do with the extra time I asked for? A nice beautiful thorough shower! All by myself. And I did take my time to rest on the bed before that. She was relieved when I honored the extra money but left early. She was happy and gave me a big hug, but protected her face with her hair in case I wanted to mess up her makeup on her cheek. I wondered if she had professional help to put all that on.

And I considered that extra for nothing a xmas gift.


Liras said...

You obviously had a very Merry Christmas, you delightful scoundrel. Happy New Year, looking forward to more of your adventures.

The Player said...

Welcome back! And thanks for the compliment!

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