Friday, July 04, 2014

She started it all
I was bored and inactive for a long time. I gave up on finding an ATF replacement. It's as hard as looking for a girl friend or wife. There are plenty of eligible girls, but she has to settle for pocket money having no better things to do.

Appearances are hit and miss, not depending on how much money you risk. DFK is another thing. It may be passionate, it may be good, but you may forget about it the next week.

Once it happened I have time to kill and I was horny. It happens. Rather than spending time on ads I called up a booker who has a girl that had been noticing.

Yes, I do hit up those escort sites occasionally to see if their are beautiful pictures, and may be so beautiful that I have to call.

Her pictures are too good. Or actually flawless as I didn't get to see much, not her face nor naked breasts nor private parts. Her face has a beautiful outline, in good shape and shown a lot of skin, ghost white. I just don't think it's true and current. But I noticed her pictures for may be a couple of months. I almost wanted to call her but didn't.

When I needed sex she was the first out of my head of course. I called and booked her at the perfect time of my day. Then I changed my mind. I turned up near the place and asked if she's free. I was horny.

The booker was understandably not pleased. It was botherline rude. I didn't know what I was doing but asked some questions about where and when. That sounded threatening to him, threatening to cancel. I didn't mean it at all and I was always polite. But on the phone it may turn out different.

The booker suddenly realized his mistake and told me she was available immediately in 10 mins or so. I didn't believe him and I wasn't desperate. I could honor the original booking but he had other ideas.

She did turn up shortly. I was totally surprised when she opened the door. Her ghostly white was gone, and now she was caramel tan instead. This is about the most reliable indication that she was the girl in the picture. Everything about the girl in the picture was nice, attractive and nice, but that's hard to translate to a fresh and blood.

She must be over 30 but there's nothing old about her. Her hair was completely wrapped up, not loose and not covering any part of her face. She had no makeup on. But she still looks beautiful. And elegant. It's not the naked look or she applied some foundation. May be she got something on but that's about nothing. I can see the tiny lines of imperfection on her skins only when there's no makeup. She still looked beautiful. More elegant than beautiful.

That's not what I was surprised. She had a sort of little black dress on, but not black, not that tight, a bit casual but simple and elegant. It was short but not trashy. Still I wanted to hose her down there and then.

Her height is very medium but she had great legs. Not long but just great. It's not because of the 3+ high heel sandal carved out in a lot of wood. But it help to focus on her feet just as the dress helped you to focus on her legs and tights.

I remembered a photo that I liked, in which she wore a short dress too. Her legs were the center of attraction but she wasn't emphasizing the length, her height, or what was under the skirt. It was just nice, like what I just saw, and she knew how to show them.

I think I couldn't stop saying "nice", couldn't lift my head up, and then followed her wherever she took me, inches right behind her. Sure some girls have nice legs, but when you arrived they don't bother to show case it. Normally it's at most a few minutes before they got naked so they don't bother.

She was elegant, borderline cold. When she was doing things on me it was like a tea ceremony so I didn't want to disrupt her. I liked to watch her face and what she was doing. But my heart was on her legs, and thinking all the time how could I suck her toes without freaking her out.

A lot went through my mind and I knew she was going to put on the cover and penetrate me any time soon. That would be too late to do anything.

I pushed her away, went to the lower half of the bed and tried to touch her. She was alarmed and asked the very common question "what are you doing?"

So I went all the way to the very end of the bed and grab one of her feet. I kissed it and she relaxed. It doesn't always turn out good this way. Some girls don't like you to go near their feet.

I went up from there, tackled her legs somehow and finished after became big and hard.

She invited me to go take a shower and I knew she was short of time. How clever of me. I screwed up her schedule.

I got out of the bathroom first. When she came out she was in another dress, very casual, bordering pyjamas. Loose, comfortable but just as short. I couldn't help but staring at her legs and said nice.

I waited for a week before looking at her pictures and booking her. Unfortunately she never returned. She had everything I was looking for and then some. She was there for months until I discovered her. Fortunately, if I didn't go for her legs I couldn't have forgiven myself.


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