Saturday, December 31, 2011

My top posts

Blogger doesn't list top blog posts for the year, but the all time popular posts and top posts of the month are basically the same.

By a huge huge margin, Club Black of Buenos Airs, Argentina leads the pack, together with other clubs and posts.  Being discovered by the media is one thing, showing that there is a market for that is another.  We all know the bargain basement sex tourists and their boards.  I don't mind being one, looking at what the other 50% does (or experiencing it?), but you get hostile reactions from them, as if you alone can ruin their pocket.  Now if someone can tell me where to find Thai university students in their sexy uniforms asking for compensated dating, I will get there on my next break or detour.

I have no idea why my soft porn post is so popular, relatively.

Advertising is a hot topic, meaning there are always new girls thinking about it.  If I write about it more I will be assisting cheating.  Girls know about these things.  They often put up a few ad in different places and markets with different names.  They know how their ad is doing.  Basically get them to the door and get them to stay with your charm even if they are a little disappointed.  Sometimes new girls don't know what pictures are stocks, highly photoshopped, or real.  They don't know their competition and used the wrong strategy.

Ah, I don't know that flat chested woman is so popular, or the thought of what to do with them.  Pinching, pinching, pinching. I do that to my wife, so I am not trolling.  In the heat of the moment she can take it well.

Nevada brothels capture American's imaginations.  I'd rather remain silence as I never set foot in it.  I don't live there nor I have a deep pocket.

Surprise, surprise, many of you have anal hair problems.

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