Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bird watching

I ran into a woman in a white dress shirt, not unlike that in the picture.  Maybe one less unbuttoned button.  Not that see through but you can see something.  It's sort of tailor fitted - narrow at the waist, wider at the chest to accommodate her breast and bra, without squeezing any meat.

She has hair somewhat shorter, but still overwhelming.

It was special because she must be over 40 if not more, and she is beautiful.  There must be a lot more beautiful and sexy 20 year olds that can fit that shirt nicely.  But at her age it have to be at least one in thousands.

It was even more special because I ran into her in McDonalds - she selling burgers.  Maybe she's only selling McCafe, the one competing with Starbucks.  Maybe she's the owner of the McCafe franchise.  Anyway I was shocked.

BTW, I went to McDonalds only because of the free WiFi.  I can enjoy a coffee while the bigger kids won't complain.  They can play their multiplayer games over the internet with their friends with video conference.

Earlier, in a town used to be run by little girls, I was shocked to see a college girl lookalike selling ice cream in an ice cream parlor.  She has neat flowing blond hair, in plain shirt and skirt that can be fit for office.  And she is pretty, refined.  Any older I would think she is the owner.

A little later she was gone, or maybe I went into another ice cream parlor.  Kids like ice cream.  The girls is also in her early twenties.  Not that delicate but fit cheerleader type.  She tied up her hair, in fit T-shirt and hot pants, ready for battle.  And she is cute, pretty and leggy.  Any sexier she should be in Hooters.  I can understand that if you can find some sweat hearts to sell your ice cream, you should.  But McDonalds?

Rolling back a couple of months, thanks to global warming in everybody's mind, girls and women just walk around town in bikinis.  It's very different feeling than at swimming pools.  This young woman walk across the parking lot of a supermarket.  She is dry so she is supposed to be going to swim in her bikini.  I didn't good look at her but she is wearing a fit and short T-shirt, not covering anything down there.  All the time I was focusing at her booty, in a small bikini bottom.  She was in some heels, not high heels, but maybe like shorter platform sandal with similar effects.  My eyes couldn't help tracking her across all my 3 mirrors.

On a different occasion, two teenager, still wet from the community pool or their own pool, walk into the strip mall in bikinis.  They got ice creams and sat on an outdoor table at the side walk to enjoy.  Girls menstruation at 11, with all the features well developing.  By the time they get to 16, it's difficult to tell between a girl and a young woman if you put a bag on their head, and tape their mouth.

I'm quite fond of late teens (among others) as they are quite capable of being themselves.  Even bad altitudes can be fun as long as you can get something out of them.  Some are in it for the quick money.  Others are in it for the money and they also like sex.  It's really no big deal to sell you some if you treat them well in return, and give them what they want.

The only problem is the addiction to money.  After that, it's really too pretty to do anything else.  If her other gigs didn't work out (they never did), Chanel would call her old clients on occasions to get the cash for everything in the month.  I can't imagine her getting minimum wage in a supermarket, collecting trolleys from the parking lot.  But every high end retail shop in Redo drive, Beverly Hills, Vegas will beg for someone like her, in good or bad times.  Perhaps she didn't know.  It's really not bad as you can get to a graduate's starting salary quick. Perhaps she doesn't even care. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Ashton Kutcher out of twitter

May be I'm the last one to know.  Anyway

Actually I was rather surprised he is still tweeting after the sex trafficking controversial.   And obvious he still tweets after his extra-marriage sex scandal.

It's not just me.  Everybody will know that this air head will run into troubles sooner or later (except for his 1 million followers).  Of all the troubles, he got into the Penn State child rape cases.