Saturday, September 24, 2011

The end of advertising and listing?

I vaguely remembered some escort ads, mostly agencies.  More relevantly, there are the listings.  Craig's lists is a good example.  They know how to find you as long as you are on some lists.  Indeed you need to be on and off to have some time to yourself and a life.

Escort reviewing is way ahead of Amazon.  But sadly no body was bold enough, had a vision, or not for profit enough, to link listings to reviews.

But Amazon did it and live to tell the story.  Indeed, it forced it's model on all the online retailers.  But no one can catch up with Amazon.

Recently I brought some gadget on eBay, because it wasn't on anywhere else for that sort of price.  It was trouble.  I have a few bad experiences in a row.  It doesn't matter if the seller is excellent.  We are not buying the seller, aren't we?  We are buying the goods.  Today eBay try reviews, buying guides, rate sellers, but still wouldn't allow reviews on the goods on sale.  It doesn't matter how good the buyer's protection is, it's a waste of time.  I'm not going to get anything again if I don't have to.  Anyway, returns are processed by the sellers, so it just trouble even if they are willing.

Target, Homedepot, Lowes, Sears, they all have reviews, and most other small online retailers.  The problem is, they check your reviews before letting it out after a few days.  It's totally sanitized.  Indeed words such as stupid, may get you filtered out.

Amazon is free for all, totally uncensored (not very true).  They do check what you write, but in the past it's almost invisible.  The best thing is that you can comment on the review directly too - something that review sites dare not to do.

Does it work?  After a couple of years, it pretty good.  It's almost perfect if you are familiar with escort reviews.  You know how to interpret it.

The reviews are colorful.  True, the average ratings doesn't reflect the real features of the product.  But you can look at the reviews themselves.

Some morons rate the products with no good reasons.  Actually for bad reasons.  Because it beeps too loud, when you actually can adjust the volume or disable it.  So the crowd come down hard on him.  But he deserves it.  Everybody else beeps the same.  It could be usability, user-friendly, issues.  But once you know it, it's easy to adjust it or disable it.  Now you know it.  You can always change your review or ratings (I think).

It would be on route to a perfect world if you need to write down why you vote.  Of course anonymous if you want.  So it should be one person, one vote, one review, for others to see, like counting the vote.  You can see which candidate attracts morons.

Basically, your wife left you, your kids don't listen to you, you boss hate you, no body wants to work with you.  Your dogs want to escape.  But on voting day, you are treated like god.  So you play god.  For once in you miserable life you can do what you want and people are begging for it.  You don't need to listen to anybody.  Nobody will criticize you.  You don't need to do any homework, its hard for you.  Your opinion is highly valued, even though your vote is one of millions, and you don't have a clue.  Most likely you are brain washed and vote for the guy who give you less.


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Michelle said...

Well..we hate to say we told you so, but we told you so.
And you can thank the Greyhounds for changing the world.
WHIMPAR is no way to conduct business and if you had felt anything in your WARMAG or your WHANGOS, you might have heard .
And so, the end is near for the Queen and all her WANQQ.
And that means DOPETE.
" Assholes".
Long live DOGS, and " everywhere".

Michelle said...

Oh more thing..
Massachusetts and the United Nations is tying Nice to HER ROYAL MAJESTY!
I guess that is " watt" you call a COHMATO !
And the bee is ACE!
And the Netherlands went all " Dotty"!
And there you have it ...HERSEDOT.