Saturday, August 06, 2011

Whore fantasies

#1 give up your current life as you know it and "marry" your favorite whore

It's very real but the impractical part is to give up part of your "fortune", which = a lot of whore money, still have enough to keep everybody happy, and then just to "visit" a whore everyday that probably just want your money.  Doesn't add up, does it?

It's more complicated than that but instead of fixing a human mind that goes wrong, it's probably safer to switch to what you can have.  She turns me on, mentally grew up a lot since I knew her, but still have some way to go.  We have a lot to offer each other if she grows out of the "money" bit, maybe just a little.

A fantasy came to my mind, but I didn't think too much of it.  My whore wife offers me a treat - another whore she personally selected.  Or let me have my single's vacation if I feel up to it.  From a recent blog in my roll, it's not a fantasy after all, it's very real.

My thought/fantasy was that, since she can't make it even, so she wouldn't be jealous even a little bit.  We all know that sex with a whore doesn't mean anything, unless it's your favorite whore.

My other fantasy is whether I can stand up to the sight of she being fucked by another man, sucking another cock.  I can imagine it, substituting her into any porn film while I watched.  But the real on-site experience may be different.

"Wife" swapping, 3P and orgy parties come to mind.  I have really no interest in that.  I'm sure I will be still jealous, otherwise I why would I "marry" her?  Maybe I want to see for myself how she serves other clients.  But I actually know.  She can be an obedient angel if you compensate enough.  Or she can be a dead fish if you bargain too much.  I hate bargaining but my grandfather rate is a big bargain.  She wanted to get out of it from time to time. 

I like that she didn't try to pretend that she likes it, being an obedient angel or otherwise.  And it wouldn't work because we know each other too well.  (All the baby sitting has it's rewards.) 

In comparison, my 2nd favorite whore, who is about the same young age, has a better body, in better shape, actually likes sex I'm sure.  I'm sure she likes me too, relatively speaking, and my cock when it's stiff, but I don't know what I'd do if she asks me for a gang bang party.  I know it doesn't mean anything, but still ...

#cuddling a whore

It's not a fantasy, just a thought on another recent blog.  Or maybe it's a fantasy.  Everybody want some cuddling after climax.  If you don't, it's a wrong choice, or you are too dingy to yourself.  Or may be it is - a fantasy.  It's trivial but impractical to offer.  It is comparable to fucking with panties pulled down.

After climax, it's time to check if there's any leaks, cleanup, before it becomes more messy.

Cuddling was important to me in the beginning.  Like many others, I was in times sort of looking for comfort sex, pressure releasing sex, frustration mitigating sex, etc.

If you are in a naturally cuddling position, like missionary, you may just stay there for a while.  Otherwise it can be awkward.

Maybe it's just me.  Try to have sex once or twice a week.  I have no problem filling up the condom, overflowing at times.  Looking back, if you feel the tsunami coming under you, the first thing after it stops is to check if there's a flood.  Even if I paid enough, some will give me a gentle push or tap at my shoulder to say "get off me", two minutes after climax.

Say if you both partially cleanup, pull the condom, wipe "clean" with tissue or towel, cuddling has other problems.  Many young men will just have another erection soon if not immediate.   You don't get what you didn't pay for, so many girls will keep a distance.  Some even put their clothes back on as soon as they have the chance, even if they stay for the full hour after that.

On the other hand, when the situation is right, like you didn't book a bargain basement session, many girls want a 2nd from you without negotiation first.  They know you are a good client and you will pay for it one way or the other.  The best thing they can do is to cuddle you, arms, legs, and breasts clinging onto you, and may be talk a little if you have the mood to.

Negotiation becomes cheap in these cases.  You are not going to pay double anyway.  10% off the 2nd? 30%?  50% off?  In reality it doesn't matter what extra you tip them.  You are here already, passed the ultimate screening.  They are there, naked.  It doesn't cost them anything (much) if they spend 20 min more, and one more screw.  Even if they are fully booked the other client can wait a bit.  Whatever they get is extra.  If they negotiate, clients may come back next time with that price.

Cuddling after a massage and happy handing is really a fantasy.  If it's not, you are in a brothel rather than a massage parlor.  When caught, cuddling partially naked is as bad as having sex.  You may get in jail or being fired doing the innocent thing, which doesn't worth a bit.

The trick is to do it before.  My favorite masseuse offers feeding.  She was about 19, the type of breasts that new doctors ruin their career on, go to jail for.  I know, I have doctor friends.

When confronted with a naked pair like that during training, my doctor friend told me thoughtfully, without any pleasure, he had an instant erection.  That explains why some new or old doctors cannot refrain from squeezing them, and even suck them good in the craziness of the moment.

An advice come to mind for new doctors.  If you did not have a gorgeous girlfriend with a pair of real boobs to die for, get yourself high price hookers in the image of patients that you are most vulnerable to, until you can still control your mind during erection.

Back to my fav masseuse.  The massage got shorter and shorter, as I couldn't wait to reach for her breast.  I would sit up at the tall massage table, she standing between my legs.  I would lift her vest and bra all the way up well above her breasts.  I think it's a good thing during a raid.  You will not being caught naked.  Thank god, or LE, it's as good as fucking with panties pulled down a little.

Then I would vertically cuddle her while feeding as long as I like.  When I am very excited, she would reach for my cock.  It's hard to resist, though I know good things have to come to an end soon.  I will give her some space for her hand while clinging on to her nipples like a baby to her mother.   ... until I exploded.  You can tell you are well fed when you have no desire to suck after climax.  Until next time.