Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sluts are stupid

“There is no reason why I should suffer an aggression for the simple reason of how I’m dressed,”

I cannot agree more, but ...

THIS does not help rape prevention.

This is as stupid as celibacy.  This may be a good idea spiritually, but evolution is not there yet.  Men and women are not designed for celibacy.

Law makers should be educated, juries should be educated, dress code should not be considered in a rape case.  Potential rapists may be deterred somewhat.

But, in educating little girls, we should listen to law enforcement (unbiased experience from real statistics) and perhaps to rapists on how they pick victims.

Anyway, the usual MOA applies (motive, opportunity, ability).  Many rapists are not strangers to the victims.  Go figure.

There is a pretty thin line between a decent human being and a rapist, at the critical moment.

It's a very DNA thing.  You just notice the sluttiest girl, and the others don't seem to exist.  Sometimes you involuntarily detour a little to follow a slut, by foot or by car.  You are not thinking slut or no slut.  The magnetism varies with the amount of exposed flesh.

Little girls should understand how the mind of a rapist works.  I would think dress code is a factor in the minds of a rapist, not that he is thinking rationally.  What if I'm wrong?  Dressing modestly is not going to increase the chance of being raped.  Harmless.

Change the law, change the culture, but slut walk does not change the chance of being raped.

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