Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Good reasons to legalize happy endings at least

For some consenting sex is a human right, I found out.  UK govt paid a disabled person to have sex in Amsterdam.  I haven't checked but I think it's reliable source.

It wouldn't happen in US but if it does, states have to fly people to absurd counties in Nevada and pay for expensive monopoly sort of sex.

To uphold human rights, and to save budget money, I propose legalise happy endings for a start.  It's not bad.  I have to fight hard against addiction, telling myself that it's not real sex.  There's always those drop dead gorgeous who will not touch you no matter what.  For $100 a massage they don't need to.  There's always those who sell their massage for a living, but knowing that without happy ending it's frustration for many.  There's the eye candies staffing the hand job factories.  It's all good and you can mix and match.

For non-violent domestic abuse victims, it's more than human rights.  You can ask all you want why domestic violence victims tolerate their spouse for so long.  For the other types of abuse victims, happy ending is temporary shelter.

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