Saturday, February 26, 2011

New year resolutions

Yes, I'm fashionably late.

Helping people - I will still be writing something, elsewhere if not much here.  Suddenly I though of sugar babies.  You can have a lot of useful information if you open your eyes (and open your labels).  If you only listen to sugar daddies and other sugar babies, it's like let trusting the captain and crews of the titanic.  [stepping down of the soapbox]

Drink enough red wine.  My belly is growing to a state that I have difficulty buttoning my pants.  It all started when I switched to beer because an alcohol free version is pretty good.  My belly didn't shrink when I went back to red.  I can also be a guru here.  If you have one kid with perfect body mass index, it's by chance.  More than one you can be a guru.  But probably it's genetics.  For the same reason, but different subject, I should have gone back to their private pre-school and demand a multi-year endorsement contract dating back to when they were there.

Mrs Player sees the world a bit.  She mostly sees young, tall, big breasted, leggy girls, a bit threatening to her ego.  She fought back in her own way.  One day I saw her standing right next to my beautiful kid.  You will wonder why anybody will care about age or younger girls or the size of breasts.

When I manage to button up my pants, I still got hits from all sides.  Modestly dressed girls in their twenties looking for similar thinking men.  But I dressed modestly because I don't want to attract attention at my age.  Otherwise they will turn covertly hostile or out-rightly hostile after they have the chance to check my ID.  And of course single mothers, divorcees, teachers and even a cute headmistress.  I can all be in my head though.

And I will be going into the net, with nettops and netbooks.  I would have a true netbook and a true nettop many years ago.  My "netbook" was only used to surf the net in bed and for my kids to play games.  They broke it and we have no use for it.  They are bad in bed and bad for games.  I hate to carry around something unnecessary that I could leave behind, like my ring and watch.  The player syndrome?

I'm the one who upgraded from Windows 95 to Windows XP and still refusing to upgrade to anything.  I upgraded because of Movie Maker that came with it.  Now I can't do anything worse without Windows.  There's not much to upgrade on the hardware side either - the net is the bottleneck.  It would be a true Linux nettop if not for Mrs Player who is a pain in the ass when asked to do something differently.

This time the difference is that Mrs Player will approve of the sexy net-whatevers instead of my junks, and I can have as many as I like, and she can have more shoes.  Indeed, inspired by my kids' dentist, I may be mounting a decent over the top monitor in the bathroom, and mount a nettop to go with it.  What I want to do with a computer in the privacy of the toilet?  Go figure.

I'm sure not ALL my apps can be done via a nettop.  But for everything else, there is Amazon.  It's even free for a whole year.  I can use a faster OS on my nettop and start anything else on Amazon when I need to.  I can have a much bigger free hard drive without losing sleeps. Why you want to play with more junk machines in the cloud?  It's better than washing the heat sink.  And my skins are too delicate for the huge power supply.

My kids have moved in a way.  I'm totally fed up with satellites and cables.  I got rid of them all.  I got the idea when my little kid tried out Netflix all on her own in a game box.  The motion sensor is a super remote control that any kid can use like a professional channel surfer.  So all the other boxes other than the TV and all the buttons are gone.  It takes a while, if ever, for the old Movies to have HD.  But they don't care that much.  The advantage is, when they can watch anything anytime, they don't.  Me neither.


Sarah said...

Women always see large breasted long legged lovelies as competition. They don't use their brain at all. If they look back to how they looked when they met their husband they will know what he likes best..No?

It never occurs to women that men do not like huge knockers. But some men do not. there is more to a woman than her boobs IMHO.

The Player said...

I had some choices, but it's not like I have a lineup to pick from when I lived with my family ;) I don't now if it's just me, I usually neglect size in dating.

From my school days, those who don't get laid are more picky. They are more likely to be "influenced" by porn. They have plenty of time to "consider" what they will go for if they get lucky.