Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yesterday my cell phone froze.  It took some abuse but nowadays they can't break that easy. It dawned on me that it was the sim card inside - the two-in-one sim card.  I cut the extra bit of two standard sim cards and put them into the tiny holding space in the 2-in-1.  That's how I hide a secret line in my phone.  Even though I hardly need this secret number, I never attempt to do anything about it because I know it will be trouble.  I know because I cut the sim cards.  It's a pretty bad job. I also avoid any reason to touch that sim.

Actually the secret line never had any great value to it.  I gave my phone number to Chanel long ago before I had any secret number to give it out to.  I never gave her any other numbers because I actually like to know when she called and to consider responding.  The secret number is normally in answer phone mode.  And she's pretty easy to deal with, cause she seems to have more to lose than me.

I met her at the time when she first set herself up in the classic way - a Beverly hills area code (that doesn't mean anything), a Cityvibe advertisement, and even a video to go with it, because she was photogenic.  She didn't make it.  She couldn't hold good clients like me, even thought she wanted to, and I liked her and gave her chances.  All she attracted was trouble and maybe stalkers.

I ran into her again when my agent called me to introduce me to a new girl that he had.  Now she wasn't after big money. She worked part time just to get pocket money.  Indeed she only worked once a week, and not even every week.  The agent will arrange enough of his clients to meet her that day, so she can return to her normal life on the other days.

This kind of agent will also do some screening - which type of guys she wouldn't see.  All his clients are supposed to be reasonable, not like newbies with impossible expectations and demands.  But in fact, sometimes when I response to an ad, the agent basically told me to pretend that I am his regular.  But that's not too bad, because only regulars know where to find the obscure ads.

It's relative easy job for her because she didn't need to provide much service.  But she didn't get much money either.

I was happy to see her, but she wasn't.  She tried to be emotionless.  Perhaps it's a bit of humiliation being found like that - instead of, say, in a Beverly Hills hotel.  Perhaps she's just sad because I will never pay her what I paid her before.

At the time I barely know how things work.  So I called her Beverly Hills number, but it was no more.  I tried my agent and there seemed to be trouble tracking her down.  I think she ducked out of it.  Of course she freelance the other days when she didn't go to "work".  Of course she cherry picked her own clients, like she said, a few is enough, considering that she lived with her mother, and that she could already have her rich boy friend and super gold card at the time.

I am not sure why she avoided me.  Maybe it's some sort of blackmail.  You can't see me for that price, and for that price I don't need you, anybody will do.  Maybe she wanted to avoid any possibility of humiliation.  She's not going to compromise her pride, for that price.  Maybe she didn't want me to feel pity or sorry for her.

Whenever I "visit" my agent, that's every week, I would ask for her, but that's not necessary, I'll settle for any good ones.  Soon she came to her senses, or may be our agent put enough pressure on her.  Again she tried to be as routine as possible, no smiles.  You ask for it and you get it, her way.  Whenever I asked her to change position she hesitated, to the point of point blank refusal, but cooperated anyway.  The maximum position was two.  I knew she treated me a little differently.  Because from the intelligence community she behaved rather good, at least with smiles, when she wanted to seduce new regulars.

I gave her a big tip, and that she was worth that much to me, without doing much.  I asked her number and she gave it to me, still no smiles nor any emotions.  That was a real number, actually her only number, for family, friends and may be a few clients.  She didn't setup a work number, and there's too much trouble to handle two lines simultaneously. 

I called her later but found out that her freelance price is a lot different.  I'm welcomed to see her on her working day for incalls.  For outcalls on any other day is going to cost me more.  So I put her on the special occasion category.  I don't enjoy she doing her routine at work.  If I wanted to have her all for myself, I can call her any time, when I am willing to pay the extra.  Once I asked her to come to my house, when I had the house all to myself.  She was happy that I though of her first, but tried to make a killing.  It didn't work out mostly because her timing and sense of direction didn't impress me.  I had better anyway.  There was no hard feelings.

So she also had my only number.  I wasn't setup to have a secret number.

At the end I saw her regularly.  She had other things going, even a rich boy friend, but she just can't refuse the extra pocket money, whether she needed it or not.  She kept a few clients and made sure that they saw her at least monthly. Going out for an "early lunch" or going for a "long lunch" was no big deal for her.  Not even being sucked like a vacuum cleaner, because she didn't need to do anything with someone she found repulsive.  Now try to eliminate that demand and supply.

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