Saturday, January 01, 2011

My wish list

Talking about wish list, here is my quick list.

Hair salon gift card for her.  Chanel has high volume long hair, good looking wet or dry.  But one day I saw her in a volume-less style (a long story) and I wished to see her in that again.  You got to have a website for clueless men to pick something in their price range.  You can upload photos and mock up a suggested hair style on the card.

On the other end, nail salon gift card for her.  Same as above but this time a mandatory style and service.  Some nails are just too fancy - may lead to food poisoning.

Organic, food grade body moisturizer lotion.  Selected flavor like tuna.  Again not for me, unless someone wants it.

Dynamic wish list, as in schools, you put what you need most on top.  It can be expensive items and accept pledges like fund raising, or accept gift cards.  It can be simple items that you need to stock up in your fantasy wardrobe.  It can be your next beauty salon trip.  Bleaching or even cosmetic jobs, endless potential but impractical without enough fans.

Good as cash telephone payments.  A guy walks into a bank and take out one grand cash.  I always can't think of anything else you can use that for.  And you have to spend the money quick or hide it safely before anybody find out at home.

Mail drop off point for gifts.  Some gifts need to be exact, and there's the expectation of opening something unknown.  But buy it online, get it delivered, carrying it to the rendezvous point, and carry it home - just too much hassle and impractical.  It's nice if there's a proxy delivery address for the gift recipient instead of my own mailbox.

Disposable fashion line, eatable better.

I know cash tips is good, frequent visit is better.  But practically, if you want to spend something less than $20, or something between $20 and $40, etc, gifts can fill the gaps.  The cheapest gift on the list will always be appreciated.  The more expensive gifts will not be wasted if it's on the list.


Liras said...

You are clever and hilarious. Must be natural. (smile)

The Player said...

Yeah, I'm all natural :-))