Sunday, November 28, 2010

How to remove anal hair

I didn't know I have anal hair until I started trimming my balls.  I shaved lower and lower, between and behind my legs and the hairs were still there.  I could use a mirror and shave it clean but I DO NOT want to look at my ass.  And unless you use laser, the hair will keep coming back, meaning that I have to look at my ass in the mirror from time to time.

I only remember one semi-pro girl who have some hair around her asshole.  You can only see the hairs if you do a close up, but because of it she wouldn't want me to go near her ass.  Is it rare or all girls remove their anal hairs using laser?

I stumbled upon a battery operated trimmer.  They didn't say what it's for but one attachment is for nose hair.  If you ramp it into your noise and it doesn't hurt, you can use it for your ass.  Anyway, all the attachments are tiny and you can touch and move across your skin without hurting.

The funny thing is, if you put the cap on, it's like a pocket rocket.  So I have extra entertainment while shaving.  Just don't insert into anything.

Why remove anal hair?  Sometimes I got lucky.  When I'm familiar with someone, one day I would remember to check their asses.  If they are irresistible I'll rim them.  Sometimes they will return the favor as a present surprise.  I don't want anything to get in the way.  I don't usually look for that as a service menu item.  It will be a bit mechanical and will you GFE her?

The reason I stumbled upon a trimmer is because I gave everybody a hundred dollar hair cut.  Typically people see their hairdresser monthly, for half an hour depending on the amount of work.  It's me who's doing the cutting so it's not like $10 an hour labor.  I finish each cut up to a few days, lasting from a few minutes to an hour.  So the total labor will be expensive.

The reason I gave everybody hair cuts is because I figured out, or learned how to cut my own hair with style.  I hate to go to salons or barbers since I was little.  The result?  Castle cross ex-seal for myself.  Beckett cross porn star for my kids.

During the long holidays, my kids have nothing much to do and asked to ride the transformer (convertible).  I have to brag about it - we are in the Northern Hemisphere but we let the top down (transformed) in winter, at speed, sometimes illegal.  Another thing is the gas price - it's still nothing compared to Europe and Asia.  It's indeed a cheap thrill.  With all the expensive hairs flowing in the wind we were a sensation when we stopped at the gas station.

For the family dinner something unusual happened.  Free Cartier watches are no more, not even free watches.  I got a free turkey that is hard to refuse.  I also got some wedding surplus as a thank you gift.  It's a pretty good bottle of wine so it stayed at the table - but we have to put up with the bride and groom's picture on the bottle.  These were something extra to be thank you for I suppose.

Not that I like to watch Castle much.  I'm not even motivated to watch Chuck.  But surprisingly it brought back nostalgia - guys from Quantum Leap, James Bond, Terminator, are all there.  It's good to turn into vintage sometimes - many of you aren't old enough to know what I'm talking about.  On top of that, do you know what Sara has to do to keep my attention?  Victoria's secret model, massage as in a massage parlor, dress like Laura Croft, fight like Bruce Lee.  I can recognize a few classic fight moves that I done know where it comes from.  But she played a scene that is straight from Apocalypse Now.

You know you are coming of age when you are overloaded with classic TV and movie flashbacks.  The intersect is burning out ...


Sarah said...

This post made me smile. Yes, I use cream down there to remove any stray ones, but I once went even further in search of perfection and attempted to bleach my anus and turn it into a pink haven.

I have never been the same since...LOL

The Player said...

Oh yes, never thought about it. Last time I came across it, could be 5 years, porns stars do it.

No wonder. Girls who are not shy about their asses, are usually irresistible. Could be that they all bleached it, and waxing is relatively simple.

Liras said...

I wanted to remain serious but this one made me chuckle and burst into guffaws. Thank you.

(I do not bleach, shave or pluck my hindmost nether region, for the record.)