Sunday, October 17, 2010

Guilty? Justice!

My tag-line got an honorary mention at Sara's.  I didn't remember exactly why I picked the current tag-line, perhaps something to do with Spitzer.  But it's an over estimation of me to think that I feel guilty of cheating.  Actually I mostly feel that justice is done.

I suppose guilty means illegal.  Taking drugs is legal while buying sex is illegal.  I'm guilty in that sense.  The guilt campaign that Laura blogged about wouldn't work for me.

Do I feel guilty?  Sometimes.  It's my bank account.  But since I'm entitled to half of it only, the guilt is fractional.

Sometimes I feel guilty of promises that I cannot keep, mostly when I was asked to return.  Usually I was asked because she knew that I would love to.  But it's futile to start something with a two hour round trip in the traffic, or I didn't even live there.  Other times, yes is the easy way out.

Sometimes I feel sorry for the girls for some reasons, such as that she must be very screwed up in some ways for me to meet such a nice girl.  But that's off topic.  Occasionally I feel the guilt of abandoning a friend, even though it may be just a one night stand, or one hour.


Sarah said...

You got a mention because you are worth reading!

Sarah x x

The Player said...

I know :-)

Sarah said...

Cheeky as well eh? I like that!

Have a smile from me x x

Liras said...

Guilt is overrated. Either we do something we enjoy, no matter the prohibitions against it, or not.