Thursday, September 16, 2010

Craig's List vs trafficking

I have read the odd domestic trafficking victim's account.  Before I debunk some of it, Craig's List adult services was closed down.  It's never too late.

The victim:
  • kidnaped in front of her home at gun point
  • force to sell sex in the most run down part of town
  • ran for her life given the chance
Does that deserve the most serious crime squad, FBI task force instead of local vice?  Actually Craig's List is a good lead.  All you need to do is for someone to call the number and find out where to meet.  The most run down part of town and an address not easy to run is a good indication.  (They may give you the run around, but not too far from the location.)

I don't know about your city or county.  The general lawless must be tolerated by politicians and LE.  They just turn a blind eye to that part of the city that nobody cares.  The incompentence of police blame it on CL.

The argument against Craig's List is that without it, the pimp do not have business and hence will not kidnap children.  This is wrong is many ways.  The usual argement is that the pimps will turn to the streets.  It's not any easier to run away in that part of town where no decent person will dare to enter.  If CL is any good, pimps will now know to find somewhere to advertise, Backpages, Cityvibe classfied, or the many classified online and in print.

The irony is that CL is forced to charge by anti-traffickers.  It didn't acomplished anything as predicted.  All pimps need to do is to buy a disposable phone to register an account, and pay for the ad with a prepared credit card.

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