Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Trafficking Advertisement?

Before Craig's List closed down adult services, Backpages has a steady stream of revenue, and Cityvibe is doing pretty good for free.  The latter is better than CL in many ways.  Which makes you doubt about the reason for closing down CL.  Soccer moms don't want to sell their stuffs along with escorts?

Racial profiling has many problems.  Take Koreans for example.  They have hole-in-the-wall drinking places.  They build big churches in the most expensive real estates.  They drive german cars.  They have real LV bags.  But the MP girls have the same things.  You can't tell if you are clueless, especially visiting other cities.

It's a pretty good deal if they work in US MP's instead of back home.  Visa's are pretty easy to come by.  Married, have a job, have a bank account.  There are a lot of alternatives.  You know ageism is pretty serious in the East.  But girls at their late 20's or later, are still very much popular at US MP's.  That's their working holiday.  Boy friend visas are easy too.  For college age girls, a student visa is absolutely no problem.  And language schools are big business regardless of age.

Compensated dating is quite common in the Far East.  Sooner or later they will discover the new silk route.  But because of the law here, you need to be quite mature to deal with difficult customers.  But once in the semi legal San Francisco, when you walk into a brothel on the main street, it looks like a cheerleader team is waiting for you.  Some play the role of cute Japanese porn stars, and play plain exchange students.  For the more mature ladies, they have to look good in a bikini, and they wear just that, right by the main road.

They don't need any coercion.  On the black market, it was reported that smugglers charge $75,000 to smuggle Chinese to US, and $40,000 to EU.  It doesn't make sense to compete with the freelancers.

There are more organized forms of prostitution, but as a rule they don't advertise.  My estimation is that they are bigger than CL and all escort malls combined in terms of man-hour, pun intended.  But still, they are still remotely related to trafficking.

The karma of anti-trafficking has already appeared.  If you lock up prostitutes in far away countries, and interfere with aids-work, who suffers?   You are driving them aboard where the money is, when the risk is the same.  You look at cityvibe and you will understand.  The theory may be wrong, but who can rule it out?  Also, when you get to know a guy, ask him for his passport.  I doubt if anybody will want you to know where he spent his "tour of the world" in the same few countries.  Not using a condom is stupid, but understandable when he thought he got a demure girl friend.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The real Craig's List

What's the big deal about Craig's List and trafficking?  Many Johns and Janets don't even like it.  TER is only forced to accept reviews of girls advertising on CL.  In the beginning they don't accept it as a valid form of advertising on the net.

Johns don't like not being able to talk back.  Hence the popularity of TER and now the local social networks.

Some hookers view CL as dragging down the price.  Some don't even like Internet in the first place.  In the beginning those compete on lower rates receive hostile phone calls from competitors.

CL served it's purpose and it's not a bad thing to rest in peace.

The majority of CL ads are continuation of the intra-state organized ripoffs.  I have been to some cities where 100% phone book and 100% newspaper classified are ripoffs, organized.  If not, there are independent ripoff artists.

Many hookers do not like to advertise on CL if they don't have to.  Non-newbies know where to find the local social networks, discussion boards, review boards. CL is trouble in comparison.  But of course newbies can be good things too.

You know Disney World tourists took a wrong turn at the airport and got killed.  How many John's will dare to go to the most run down of the city?  The more practical issue.  You have to park your car there.  And somebody knows that you will not come back for 30 minutes or more than an hour.   My friend went to the Embassy(!) in town and he lost a wheel.  Losing the wheel is not the real issue, but why you were there is the issue if you call home for help or call the police.

Here most of the transactions are incalls in hotels, CL or not.  It was CL making it easy for traveling girls, now picking up by the local boards, Backpages, and Cityvibe classified.  When people see conventional advertising they assume that someone will answer the phone.  Without these listings, there will not be these traveling girls and you have to drive a long way for incalls.

Most of these hotel incalls are at hotel clusters, like near the airport.  If you pick a hotel out of the ordinary Johns' may doubt.  And they may not arrive in time.

The next popular meeting places are the best apartment complexes.  You know those guys in TER have so much self importance for $300.  At the cluster of most safe cities, next to the most happy place on earth, they say, "oh, there is not safe".  These are really the best, with all the security, underground closed parking, and one even cannot access without going through a toll road.  It's still a bargain compared to hotels if you have that much business.  Some traveling girls keep one in town and take turn to visit and host.

Even for the not so best apartment, the owners will decorate the house themselves or ask others, so it doesn't look like a whore house.  In the picture frames you can see stock photos of families!  If you walk in, you will feel that it is a private apartment of the girl.  Even if she share it with one other, they will avoid letting you see anything.  It will be highly unlikely to have helpers.

Massage parlors like to be in clinics in medical plazas.  Anyway a nice house/apartment downtown could worth more than one in the suburbs because all the business owners fight for it.

Especially for the parlors in old town, they have fences and CCTVs, perhaps with uniformed guards, or along the main road, to make you feel safer.  Nobody want to lose a wheel with their massage.

Even for the amateurs, they will have a decent gated apartment.  It's hard to find one without a gate.

So it's pretty impossible to hold someone against their will, or not to give them chances to escape.  Most girls will open the door and see you to the door.

I'm sure someone will want to find trafficked girls.  But it's pretty ineffective to find it in CL, in many areas.  If they have a codeword for it, they do not need CL at all.

The other main thing is what you want when you buy sex.  In some cultures it's also called buying smile, as in the Land of Smiles.  The common complain of "she just laid there" may be fitting the profile of being trafficked.  But many willing and able girls started just like that, that men do not want in general.

There are always men who want to satisfy their darker desires.  As far as the investigations go, it's not cheap as in CL.  Pimps / agents are fairly protective even for girls who works because they have a lot of money to repay.  They do not want their goods damaged or diseased.  Dress them nice and put them in a nice apartment and they will do just fine without having to do extra admin work and take extra risk.

There are pimps/agents who advertise and promise you to earn $10,000 in a week, and put you in a large whore house.  But that's another investigation.  Not on CL anyway.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Craig's List vs trafficking

I have read the odd domestic trafficking victim's account.  Before I debunk some of it, Craig's List adult services was closed down.  It's never too late.

The victim:
  • kidnaped in front of her home at gun point
  • force to sell sex in the most run down part of town
  • ran for her life given the chance
Does that deserve the most serious crime squad, FBI task force instead of local vice?  Actually Craig's List is a good lead.  All you need to do is for someone to call the number and find out where to meet.  The most run down part of town and an address not easy to run is a good indication.  (They may give you the run around, but not too far from the location.)

I don't know about your city or county.  The general lawless must be tolerated by politicians and LE.  They just turn a blind eye to that part of the city that nobody cares.  The incompentence of police blame it on CL.

The argument against Craig's List is that without it, the pimp do not have business and hence will not kidnap children.  This is wrong is many ways.  The usual argement is that the pimps will turn to the streets.  It's not any easier to run away in that part of town where no decent person will dare to enter.  If CL is any good, pimps will now know to find somewhere to advertise, Backpages, Cityvibe classfied, or the many classified online and in print.

The irony is that CL is forced to charge by anti-traffickers.  It didn't acomplished anything as predicted.  All pimps need to do is to buy a disposable phone to register an account, and pay for the ad with a prepared credit card.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Spell (and tongue scraping)

Sex work has a lot to do with spell.  It's not exactly addiction.  Sex workers use various way to make you come back for more, for the same girl.  Not so much for main stream escorts, with main stream prices.  Their nets are wide.  You lose some but you easily win someone else.  GFE is a kind of spell.  If you do that you have a lot less competition.

Strippers and masseuse depend on spell more, the lesser "extra" they provide.

In a strip club, I was sitting on a "public" VIP area, on the same bench with other customers.  The stripper next to me sit right on her client's dick, legs around on his back, arms around on his neck.  They speak softly occasionally and he just enjoyed the moments.  I can't see much in the dim lights but she had a nice outline and if her face wasn't up to standard, she wouldn't be sitting face to face.

He must be her regular.  Of course this was also self advertising.  If I returned to the club, who would I ask for?  You don't get anything if you don't invest enough time and money, which is something I am afraid of.  Once the spell works, it's not easy to get out of.  Strippers may go out and go all the way, but with a price.  If that stripper would go all the way, she wouldn't be wasting time sitting on her client's lap.  I'm sure I would enjoy that sort of thing, just like her clients.  But at the end it would not be totally fulfilling.  It isn't worth the investment, well, before you get any spells on you. 

Massage is different.  At least you get a massage.  An escort once hinted to me that a professional one hour massage cost $50 to $100, more in a spa.  Giving you a nice long massage plus fucking just don't add up for the going rate.  I agree.  But I tend to find two girls who are best at their specialty.  Imagine how happy I was when I discovered a secret clubhouse down the road from my fav masseuse's place.

I'm quite afraid of masseuses' spell.  At the end of a massage a client is very vulnerable.  They know how to give you the best view of their face and their hair.  If they want an erection, they know where to push your buttons legally, with you having no options.  If they don't, they know where your floaty air valve is,  and you will never have an erection.  I have done things and girls that I'm not proud of - and that's an understatement.

Once my fav masseuse's place was temporarily closed down by the city.  The city will find any excuse to close them down.  But I wish they provided any extras.  The next door business owner gave me a business card.  The massage parlor's owner also own another "clinic" about 20 miles away, where I worked.  So I tried.

The masseuse came, who looked outstanding.  Tall and slender.  Very long stylish hair.  Better than my fav except for the face.  She never took off her doctor's white coat.  The room was pretty dark.  And she managed to avoid showing her face in one full hour.  Without my glasses I can't figure out how she looked.

Her technique is professional, they all are.  But she didn't want to be there, and I'm sure it was me.  I don't fit her typically client profile so she wasn't motivated.  Middle aged, well to do clients, with love handles to show for it, know how to tip enough.  Without decent tips it's a very miserable job.

The other reason is that young single datable guys are very much potential troubles.  I have seen college guys come to hit these college girls, 19 year old come to hit on 18 year old, etc.  Older guys are more likely to come for the massage only, though hard working pretty girls get all the clients.

The place is so strict that I can't even have the chance to tip her.  She walked out when time was up.  I had to leave the standard issue from the ATM down at the night stand.  I could have saved the money but I might come back, curious to see her face and how she looked with the doctor's coat off.  There's no other places to go anyway, for the massage.

The next time I asked for Christina but the owner wouldn't give her to me.  I knew because I often walk in at the best of times.  Miss Plain came in instead.  It was a big disappointment.  She was so plain that it could have been deliberate.  She is a little small so she could be in high school.  She is very polite, obedience and must be a teachers' pet or parents' dream.  There's nothing sexual about her appearance, hair, clothes, shoes included.  But she isn't ugly, fat, or tomboy.  She is just ... plain.

She is those silent workers who gives 100%.  Maybe she can't compete on other levels.  I couldn't break up a standard ATM bill for tips just because she wasn't that beautiful.  I was happy getting her a few more times.  When I got the spell and ask for Miss Plain, the owner wouldn't give her to me.  Even though her girls are the most trust worthy I have seen, regarding extras, she didn't trust them to me.

Christina came in instead.  Just when I bounded with Miss Plain, the owner tried to break us up.  You have to know why the owner didn't trust her most trustworthy girls.  Christina came in like a different person, giggling, and close the door as if she was locking the door and throwing away the key.

It is one of those times that make you wonder if not wearing the ring is an advantage.  At the least, during the dreadful hour, it gives her the chance to fantasize to have such a boy friend.  Then she could be shopping instead of giving the massage.  Let the other pity girls do the massage.

She gave me decent foot massage - that nobody at her age (and much older) did.  My fav didn't even touch my legs much.  Her killer move was the abdomen press, as if squeezing semen out of your dick.  You have to try it sometime.  I really wanted to show her my erection, but I couldn't.  Maybe I was really really tired, that's why I came for the first place.  Or she knew how to deflate a floaty first, before doing any moves that have sexual side effects.

She respects that I don't talk much, but still trying to strike up some conversation.  It came up something like I am so tired and I feel so good.  She said in a very cute girly amusing voice, "But it's only Monday!".

That's the last time I saw her.  I was afraid that I would be checking into Hotel California, and may never leave.

My fav's parlor reopened after they sort out the legal troubles.  I told Sam that I went to the other place.  She was almost angry.  "They are very good.", she exclaimed, and I know.  Probably they are from the same massage school, and corporate trained by the same owner.  I understand from Sam's viewpoint that I have no reason not to see Christina instead of her.  Worst of all, I worked near Christina, while Sam was at least 20 miles away, much more than an hour's round trip in traffic.  I calm her by saying that I travel a lot, and her place is just a turn off the freeway on my way home.  That's almost true, when I'm seeing other escorts worth seeing, except for Chanel and Emma.

It's a pity that so many nice things hit you all at once.  Caught between Sam and Christina, I hesitated and hesitated, and at the end didn't see any of them any more.  After all, Chanel's spell is irresistible (and unfortunately more expensive).  Going all the way with a pretty girls isn't that unusual.  What irresistible about Chanel is that she does tongue scraping, mutual of course.  But I can't say it's really mutual with her all the time.  She is a natural when it comes to giving you just enough to keep you.  She isn't that calculating, but have that natural instinct.

When she took me for granted, she would stick her tongue out after some DFK, like a little girl making a funny face, without the funny part.  You can scrap whatever you want but don't expect that she would reciprocal in kind.  But when she sensed that her number one position is threatened, she would scrap you back, more suction DFK, more intense nipple sucking, even a little wet ball kissing, but not scraping it.  But she can't even blow well, and you never expect to cum anywhere else except in the condom.

So, if your dictionary don't have tongue scraping, scrap it.