Sunday, April 04, 2010

RapeLay and Sex Trafficking

Somebody living under the well saw RapeLay and "uproared" about it. Amazon banned the sale of it. Now anybody who wants to see it saw it. It's a lesson to do gooders.

I wouldn't have seen it because as I expected, it's a disappointment. It's a poor approximation of main stream Japanese porn. Also the tech was pretty old, and I thought I mentioned it sometime ago. There's little to do with rape, except for the indecent assault at the beginning in trains and train stations. The rest and everything appears in porns all the time.

Maybe the uproar was because of that Amazon sells it. The only deterrent to kids is that they have to buy it. Now you can see what happens - you can download it everywhere for free. Also, are do gooders attempt to isolate the culture of a country from the rest of the world?

To ban the evil game you have really to filter the internet. But then you have also to filter out plenty of porn films - they are the same things with real people instead of cartoons.

Filtering the internet is really a parental thing. For small kids any porn is unacceptable. So you ask the govt to filter out everything? There are plenty of voluntary filters to join, some free some not. Whereas parents don't worry about child porn, which is highly illegal everywhere and the chance that your child come across some for free is almost impossible.

Another thing. Is it possible that attacking porn drives more models/stars into prostitution? Many porn stars are available for personal meetings on and off, depending on how well they are doing.

Sex trafficking is a bad thing, but using it as a weapon for anti-prostitution is also bad. The argument that with legal prostitution, sex trafficking is difficult to detect. If you believe that you can believe anything. Anyway, if we want to eliminate child porn, we should ban all porn, right? And they are trying already, starting with the small chested females. How about alcohol?

Parlors staffed with Asians or Eastern Europeans aren't necessarily trafficking. Indeed it's about zero chance that any public can just walk into a joint and see trafficked slaves. In where I live, with illegal prostitution, even if you want to join some private clubs for something slightly different than one hour stand, you probably need to be blind folded, pick up by a big van with no privacy, or pick up by a driver if you are VIP. Or someone will vouch for you.

Use sex trafficking to interfere with other countries' internal policy is worse. You can't make your kids to do something they don't want when you are far away. The result is probably more prostitutes being locked up, who went into the trade because of poverty. That's triple whammy.

Are do gooders running out of things to do? Are there enough homeless and pet shelters already? Things aren't always black and white. It's like medicine with healing properties and side effects. For bigger issues more people will get hurt.

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