Friday, April 16, 2010

Prostitution, Abortion and Death Penalty. Thinking of other issues (just momentarily :-), I thought of trying to look at the arguments against prostitution, strong enough to justify banning it.

Politicians are useless listening to. They want it banned because they get votes. Activists are similar - they just want to ban it.

At least a blogger is honest, sounded like a moron though. Basically, she doesn't like prostitution (my words, not hers), and many men use prostitutes so women should be concerned and support anything towards banning prostitution. Of course, no comments are actually accepted despite having the function.

Looking into the Swedish model, the stat made me laugh. Before the ban, there are 300 prostitutes, probably all street walkers in the red light district at the capital. Come on, I can do them all in a trip or two. Anyone praising the results should go back to school for detention for failing statistics. Spanking is optional.

Of course it's a success. Before that they have no way to control street prostitution because it's perfectly legal. And that's only 300. They have no data for other prostitutes , or no before and after comparisons.

You can listen to politicians and activists talking about the Swedish model and results. It's your right to listen to bullshit, and what you want to hear. For the sex trafficking figure, there's no before and after comparison. Sweden has a lot less trafficking than other countries, and so is the number of prostitutes, and may be the number of johns, or may be the population size.

For many voting public, opinion is just that - I don't like it and I want it gone. I doubt anybody will bother to write down their argument, check the facts, and see if their points are defensible.

The next best is to ask one's opinions on a few "big" issues. If a woman is pro-choice, isn't it not respecting others' choice about their own body? Men use prostitutes but you can always find one who doesn't (?). 5st amendment and declaration of independence is about choice. What choice is less important than life and death?

Death penalty and illegal prostitution seems to go together, both scarifying some innocent people for the common good. Death penalty will certainly kill the wrong guy, there's no mistake about it. In illegal prostitution, prostitutes are jailed for it, or for the Swedish model, prostitutes are punished by having johns of the worst kind who have nothing to lose. I'll have the Swedish model in the picture any time.

I doubt it's too common for people who are anti-prostitution and pro-death. So it's a contradiction on grounds of sacrifice. Anti-death may be just religious. I am not aware that the bible is against death penalty or against prostitution. How about the other Mary? Christians are more anti-death may be because of forgiveness, turning the other cheek. But can you forgive other people for just having fun?

I myself seems to contradict a bit, but with reasons. I'm pro-choice and anti-death. For complex issues with no clear winners, I hate to make the choice for other people. The same for death penalty. No system is perfect and I hate to be the jury to make the decision that cannot be corrected.

For the other important issue, you know my stand. But do you notice the fact that short ugly guys are much more hard working? Certainly they want to compensation for the lack of a beautiful girl friend, or any girl friend at all. They wish to have a beautiful wife if they are successful enough. Or just enough money to spend around beautiful women. If you take away that, in 18 years the world economic crisis now will seem like a little rain.

You have been warned.

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